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This site will bring you some interesting and timely posts about what is going on in the Heavens — I love studying astrology, and I enjoy passing on the information I have gleaned from the moving planets in aspect to the sun and moon and each other.  Even if you feel this kind of post isn’t for you — if you give it a try, you might find it amusing, informative, downright accurate, or just a good way to pass a couple of lazy minutes on your computer. 

I have found over the years that much of what goes on in the ether does affect the happenings here on planet Earth — much depends on the sign you were born under and what aspects are in your own personal natal chart.  You can get your natal chart free from many sites on the internet — and learning where your sun and moon are located, along with the sign that was rising at the time of your birth will give you a heads up as to what cycle you are now going through. 

There are many cycles that the planets bring to us, Saturn, for instance (I call it the “learning” planet — has a cycle of approximately 28 to 30 years) — by the time we are 30 we have experienced the planets influence in each house of our natal chart.  It’s no wonder that the Hippies of the 60′s quipped “Don’t trust anyone over 30″ — we are changed because of our having been through the many and varied, sometimes difficult lessons of Saturn throughout our charts.

Also there is a magnificent opposition from the planet Uranus at age 42 (give or take a year) that challenges us — can we say “mid-life crisis”?  This year is often fraught with changes that we might be less that anxious to have happen.  Yet the planet Uranus doesn’t bring a change unless it is going to build us a newer and stronger foundation.  It is part of the building blocks of our journey throughout this lifetimes path. 

We can accept and grow with the help of the Universal forces, or we can challenge the energies and find ourselves at odds with our true and natural path.  In astrology there is a saying “As above — so below” … this doesn’t mean we have no free will — it only shows us that by following the natural harmony of the galaxy, we can flourish and meet all of our expectations — or we can rale against the forces and be held accountable in many formidable ways.  The stars may impel, but they do not compel any actions or beliefs. 

The world is our oyster, there is so much for the taking, so much beauty, knowledge, fun and happiness to be garnered from our lifetime here, if we but choose to be aware and partake of its bounty.

I hope you will join me in opening up the mysteries and secrets of the Universe as we all travel on this tiny blue planet called Earth — it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to get it right, we have the choice, the right, and the means to become our best selves, and to find our place in the Universe.  Lets all gear up and promise ourselves we will choose to become the ultimate human being we are meant to be — awesomeness is an option — let it be you!

Welcome fellow searchers for the truth — it is out there…


Arise to the Occasion — A Hallowed Week

After the confusion and angst of our Lunar Eclipse on the 15th, we enter the special time of the Passover Seder and our Easter celebrations. There are some especially poignant and helpful aspects that can help us traverse this passage with kindness and love. However, we should all be aware that the Cardinal T-Square with Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto will crest on the 20th! This confluence has the potential to stir up controversy that has been smoldering on the back burner of our lives — and there could be a potential dust-up if we aren’t using our most loving ideals and highest traditional standards throughout this time span.

First the good tidings — on the 17th the Moon goes into the sign Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter it raises our good feelings about our fellow men, and uplifts our spirits to embrace all of mankind in a loving and understanding way. We can use the spiritual, knowing, and loyal aspects of this sign to help us accept the good-will that abounds. Venus in Pisces in good aspect to Jupiter, also helps us to impart our most loving feelings towards others in a magical and ethereal manner, to encompass all who enter our realm. As Venus moves on to an encounter with Uranus we become more able to allow a sense of exploration to surround us, and we can feel the frisson of energy that will enhance our mental acuity. Moving on to the Venus encounter with Pluto we plumb the depths of our familial relationships and embrace our humanity with an open heart and an open mind. The Moon’s positive encounters with Mars, Mercury and the Sun throughout our weekend will enhance our abilities to enjoy and embrace the ideals and history of these exceptional days.

The only caveat will be the Cardinal sign T-Square that might ruffle a few feathers throughout the 20th –however with faith in your ability to surpass any negativity all will turn out well. Calm any rancorous or irate outbursts from others with a composed and serene manner. Allow the true lessons of these celebrations to encompass every cell of your being, and you will be the guiding force in allowing peace to reign. Believe in the lessons of history and mankind at his finest and most beneficent, knowing that any trials will turn out for the best. Family bonds and loving ties will bring assurances of safe passage, a renewal of faith, and the knowledge that we are always secure in the tender care of our nearest and dearest.

The practical Moon in Capricorn on the 20th will help us coordinate our efforts into a celebration of honor, faithfulness, and overcoming any odds. We will be made aware of our strengths, our commitments, and our loyalty to our families, friends, and to our humanness. Enjoy the closeness and loving ties of your journey here, now, in this place. We do not travel alone on our pathway throughout this lifetime, but are joined with those who will do the most to allow us to evolve into our greatest and most loving selves. Peace!

Full Moon Eclipse in Libra/Aries — April 15, 2014

The Full Moon Eclipse this month is in the Cardinal sign Libra at 25 degrees, and crests on April 15th at 2:43 AM EST (add one hour for DST). This is a powerful and energetic Full Moon, and for this reason I am posting a bit early because I have found that much of the activity stirred up by the Full Moon phase begins a few days before the actual opposition of the Moon and Sun! To me it is kind of like watching an accident almost happen — the peak of emotion is just before either the “hit” or the “miss”. Once the actual incident is over either way — the emotional impact starts to wane a bit. The aftermath of either situation begins to lessen — handling the issues of a fender-bender — or allowing the adrenaline that has built up to slowly drain away.

So for our purposes — being aware of the coming Full Moon is especially important in noticing any risks, unusual activity or threat to your safety. NOW — most of us will sail through this sensitive time period with little notice. However anyone who might have the Sun, Moon or a Planet at 25 degrees of either Aries/Libra axis is urged to be a bit more attentive to what is going on around them. Avoid those who seem angry or out of control, watch out for distracted drivers (so much more prevalent with the advent of phone calls and texting), and generally use common sense in all of your interactions with others.

The positive news about this Lunar Eclipse Moon is that the Moon goes void of course after it crests and the Moon enters the sign Scorpio at 11:21 AM EST. This change will thereby help to disperse the combustible energies of this Full Moon as much as possible, by literally throwing a watery Scorpio blanket over it. Still there may be some unfinished business or feelings still ruffled by the earlier intensity of the Lunar activity. For most of us it will be best to hold our tongues, keep a low profile, and just allow any adversarial ongoing to pass over us. Getting into the middle of any controversy will have the potential to become larger than its original issues. So use your “Spidey” senses, all of your instincts and if a situation seems to be unraveling and getting out of control — remove yourself and any others you deem to be in jeopardy. Forewarned is forearmed, and we can use our common-sense to avoid any drama that might be taking place! This time span also hosts Jupiter squaring Uranus and opposing Pluto (Cardinal T-square)– which will be exact on the 20th roiling up the already combustible confusion and unexpected happenings.

On a positive note, weather permitting, we here in North America will be able to view the Lunar Eclipse throughout its totality. We also have Mercury our Planet of communication meeting up with Uranus during this coming week, and we will be able to use our creative minds to understand any disconcerting situation with our enhanced mental acuity. Venus in Pisces will for a brief time be trying to help us see the beauty and emotional depth of our commitment to our loved ones, and will soften our responses if challenged unfairly.

The Moon rules our emotions, and hence a strong Full Moon will increase our anxiety and our concern when there is controversy or uneasiness. Look to the swift thinking of the Mercury/Uranus merger, and the loving kindness of the Venus/Neptune match-up to garner the kinder, warmer and more loving emotions needed to keep an even keel throughout these few days of disquiet.

We can sail through the rough waters of our Lunar Eclipse Moon — if we but keep our heads, listen to our inner voice of calmness, and send out only loving messages of concern and acceptance. We all have the ability to influence our own lives — we can avoid calamity and bring balance into our realm. Be the guiding light of knowledge and understanding — a beacon of Universal light!

Venus Through the Signs — March 5th to December 31, 2014

Originally posted on Astrology Notes from Nancy:

Venus has left her long stay in Capricorn, and moved on to the sign Aquarius — our Venus in Aquarius has a very different appearance than she did in staid and practical Capricorn — Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, will subtly change our loving Venus into a quirky, artistic, free-thinker — she will wear flowers in her hair and bedeck herself with flowing scarfs and electric colors. No shrinking violet here, she is who she is, and she likes who she is! Loving, giving, sharing, a bit wary when choosing friends, she accepts all of mankind with whatever flaws — and befriends all those, who like herself, believe in mankind’s goodness and creativity. She embraces the world, but may have trouble finding the “one”! Very particular in many ways, fixed in her opinions, she isn’t easily swayed into any sketchy schemes. Wise beyond her years, with the knowledge she has garnered…

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April’s Planetary Activity — 2014

April 2014 is an active month featuring a Cardinal sign T-square that amps up our issues with relationships, our needs, and globally creates unrest. Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn are all coming together this month with an energetic pulse of power that leaves us a bit unbalanced. We will have difficulty in combining our needs and those of our loved ones, and perhaps with our jobs taking up more space in our personal time. We are being pulled in several directions, and it seems everyone needs a piece of us. The antidote to help resolve this turmoil is to keep a positive outlook and perhaps smile a little broader. Use the innocence of your inner child to draw in only positive people and experiences. Make sure you are sending out the most powerful love and acceptance to all you encounter.

Globally, unrest and unresolved issues are still widespread with little positive work being done to resolve them. There seems to be an underlying agenda to keep petty things roiling, perhaps to avoid addressing larger issues. Look behind the scenes to “see” the real picture of what is going on worldwide. Manipulation and special interests are at the forefront, while the good of the common-man is lost in greed and speculation for the select few. There is no panacea for those who would use their positions to worsen the lives of the already downtrodden. Only when good men speak out will there be a change for the better.

When powerful Pluto goes Retrograde on the 14th to September 22nd, we may see a lessening of the reins of power. The artifice of those hiding behind their masks of working for the public good will come off, and we will be able to see the dark side of those who fabricate and are hypocrites of the highest form. They will be unmasked and their spurious actions will out. There will be a price to pay for deceit and corruption.

In our personal lives we will begin to see the interplay between our egos and how they impact our loved ones when we don’t use our highest moral standards. Any subterfuge will be discovered, and there will be consequences to be paid. Think about your own actions and take heed — repair, recover, and restore honesty and openness into your relationships. Look closely at your own behavior and begin to sincerely take responsibility for your own actions. Now is the time for truth — now is the time to validate your earnestness with all of your loved ones. Your journey here on Earth is entwined with others in a karmic and predestined way. We are with those who will help us to grow and evolve into better human beings. We must listen to what destiny is requiring of us — we must be aware of our interconnectedness with each other and the Universe.

There are two significant Eclipses this month — a Lunar Eclipse on the 15th with the Full Moon in Aries — (visible here in North America) — and an Eclipse of the Sun during the New Moon in Taurus on the 30th (only visible from the southernmost areas of the Earth). Trying to get a project off the ground before an Eclipse will have imbedded issues and may have to be totally restructured. Best if you can, to reschedule a later date, until several days after the volatile energies of the Eclipses have abated somewhat.

On the 20th there is that onerous Cardinal sign T-Square we mentioned earlier, in full effect creating disharmony and angst. At 13 degrees of the Cardinal signs we have a vortex of Universal energy being expelled by the ether. We will feel our independence is being thwarted, and our identity is under fire. How best to handle the negative energies affecting us will be to remain unruffled, do not allow anger and rage to be put forth, and look within yourself for the truth. Don’t lash out indiscriminately, first take a step back to really appreciate and understand what is going on. Is someone pushing your buttons to bolster their own ego? Let it go! Nothing positive is garnered with vituperative words and angry uncontrolled outbursts. Especially as families are gathering to celebrate Easter and Passover — let bygones be bygones and look to the long term goals that you are pursuing. Leave despair and anger in the dust of the past. Look to the light of a burgeoning future full of joy and anticipation. Live in the most positive mindset you can engender, and let any minor issues fall by the wayside in the wake of your forward passage.

On a most positive note, our Planet of Love Venus will be riding along Neptune in Pisces from the 6th until the middle of the month — this time will be well spent in connecting with our loved ones, finding a way to enhance your familial relationships, and renewing your deepest feelings of love that may have been ignored in the daily grind of eking out a living. Take this time to acknowledge how lucky you are to have your nearest and dearest in your life. Allow yourself to be immersed in the harmony of your love. Breathe in the essence of compatibility and companionship that is so necessary to we humans, and give thanks for those who support, comfort and sincerely love you for yourself.

When sprightly Mercury meets up with quirky Uranus in Aries mid-month, your mental acuity will be piqued, your thinking processes will be innovative, and you may find you are thinking outside-of-the-box! Use this time as a springboard of opportunity in creating a new pathway for further evolution. Allow yourself to find unique ways of sorting out your problems, finding new solutions to old issues, and believe in your own ability to fulfill your dreams. Draw in the positive energy of Mercury’s vitality and élan. Tune yourself in to the rhythm of Universal harmony. Keep ahead of the crowd in preparing for your future and the happiness you deserve.

With the New Moon Eclipse in Taurus ending this volatile month — only our best intentions and awareness will be enough to move us in a positive and forward direction. Money issues may come to the fore, be circumspect with any financial dealings. Be conservative and careful of your privacy and any monies that are to be distributed. Keep an eagle eye on your personal financial statements and income. Be on your best game — play to win — but remember your humanity at all times. We don’t traverse our lives here alone — even the most insignificant encounter can bring the greatest joy. Be aware, be vigilant in your quest for the best life has to offer. Be that person all others look up to — create your pathway in this life to reach the highest of moral integrity, the most empathetic of human caring, and the greatest gift of all — love!

New Moon Reminder — March 30, 2014

Our second New Moon in March crests at 9/10 degrees of Aries, on the 30th at 1:45 PM EST (add one hour for DST). We all can use the power and energy of this fiery New Moon to move forward on our pathway here on Earth. It only takes a few minutes of thoughtful meditation, and reaching into your innermost depths to truly find not only what you desire, but also what you need. We are here to complete our personal growth, and to learn to bond with our nearest and dearest, to whom we have a karmic connection. We are always evolving and learning, we all have experienced a few backward steps — yet we continue to have hope and are willing to bravely persist onward. With the vitality of an Aries New Moon we have the opportunity to enhance our life with the love and power of Universal energy and consciousness. We are all connected! It behooves us all to keep working toward our highest moral ethic, our most loving persona, including our loved ones along the way.

Aries epitomizes the strong, courageous, and stolid individual who can surge forth alone into any catastrophe or danger, yet we all have that power innately when it comes to fighting for our families. We can be a force to be reckoned with if we feel there is any threat to those we love. We must use this natural power in a loving and dynamic manner to reach for the highest rung of the human ladder. We can all be heroes to those we love and who love us. Open your hearts and minds to the pinnacle of your evolution. Don’t settle for second best in this lifetime — it is your life! Knowing how to lovingly enhance your life makes all the difference — breathe in the gentle breezes of the Springtime air — settle yourself into your favorite place, and surround yourself with the white light of love. SEE yourself and your loved ones in the next year — see yourself as happy, content, with less stress, less controversy, and more peace, love, and kindness in your life. ALLOW yourself to dream, wish, and affirm your basic needs. Give yourself the gift of hope and optimism. FEEL the essence of Universal love entering every cell of your body — then and only then prepare to write out your affirmations, unique to your own desires.

Work with the natural flow of the Galaxy, and all of the energies expelled during a New Moon phase, and you can influence what happens in your life and the life of your loved ones. Give out the purest and most wholesome vibrations to others — and they will be returned ten-fold. Eliminate anger, hostility, bitterness, and guilt — these negative emotions cannot bring you anything of value. Dig deep into your psyche to find your strength, love, and motivation for all that is good in your life and move forward with the knowledge that you will not only endure, but thrive in the Universal radiance of harmony and love.

The afternoon hours of the 30th, and all day on the 31st will be the most beneficial for writing out your affirmations, dreams, wishes and hopes. Dream big — hope for the best — and be positive about your karmic pathway in this life. Believe you are here now — just where you should be! Live your life to the fullest, love and be loved. Find your bliss — the magic is in the ether — use it well. Believe!

*Here in the Boston area we lost two brave firemen — may their spirits be free — and may their families find some semblance of comfort knowing their heroic loved ones gave the greatest gift mankind can give — to give up one’s own life for another. Peace!

New Moon/Blue Moon in the Sign Aries — March 30, 2014

I’m posting this a little early because the sign Aries is so powerful, and increases our awareness of where we are and what we are doing. The Spring of the year is the time when there is heightened growth and renewal on the Earth, but also within ourselves. The Moon expands our emotional quotient, and in Aries awakens our zeal in pursuing our agendas here on the Earth plane. This early boost to our egos, our feelings, and our needs is apparent in our preparing to move forward, in tune with the cycles of the Universe. We are part and parcel of all that goes on in the Galaxy — and we should be taking advantage of what is being offered. Use these moments in time well — expand your intuition, your understanding, and your abilities in crafting your own pathway here on Earth.

Our Blue Moon this month rises on March 30th, at 9 degrees of the sign Aries, at 1:45 PM EST (add one hour for DST). This gives us a second chance this month to express our affirmations, promote our wishes and dreams, and allows us to influence our own lives with positive and constructive thoughts that can enter the ether and become manifest. Such a simple undertaking, but one that we should be using to enhance our journey here on Earth. These New Moon time-spans are delicate and ethereal — however, they pack a powerful wallop from the Universe and we should take advantage of every moment there is to help ourselves, our loved ones, and any need that may not be being attended to with sufficient notice. As you become more attuned to just how much influence you really have in this area, you can tweak your affirmations to the sign that is prominent. Especially if you know your own chart, look to the area where the New Moon is cresting each month. Blend the energy of the Moon’s sign, and the particular facets that the Zodiac house rules. For instance if Aries is in your 9th house and the New Moon is highlighting it this month, you may want to find yourself becoming more spiritually aware, or you might have a child looking at colleges — and by doing your affirmations specifically related to these issues will help you to hone in on just the right way to approach the school of their choice, or the writings of those who will pique your interest in some new spiritual path. Or if there is some legal issue awaiting a final answer, write down just what you want to happen specific to your case. Believe in your own abilities to change your life and affect the outcome of whatever is on your agenda at this time.

The ether is active with a T-square involving the Cardinal signs — we are aware that we need to do more to find our own place on Earth, but we must take into consideration those whom we love. We are in a quandary as to how to complete those things that we want to do, and yet not ignore the needs of others in our lives. With Jupiter going direct in Cancer, our way is somewhat eased with the positive vibes from this jolly giant Planet. Feel the abundance of energy pouring out of the ether and into our Earthly realm. Avoid the attitude of “It’s my way or the highway” — it simply will not work! Compromise and adjustment will be the rule if you are to move forward while including those who mean the most to you. The lone-wolf mentality wont work for long, and you will find yourself left in the dust of egoism, a cold and bitter place of lost possibilities.

If you feel a loving connection to those around you and they reciprocate in kind, you are on the right path. Beware those who would use your kindness and benevolence for their own needs alone. Loving companionship is the blending of two souls who only want the best for each other, and will sacrifice by consciously allowing each to be themselves, yet be joined mentally, physically, and emotionally to bring out the best in each other. I recall an anonymous quote I always rely on, “Love is physical and mental attraction, in the place of emotional security” — if you don’t have that — you have nothing.

Our New Moon/Blue Moon this month gives us the unique opportunity to begin this year’s renewal and regrowth. Plan your requests and affirmations carefully — think about the year ahead — where do you want to be when this year comes to an end? Allow yourself to be active in enhancing your life and loves with positive and personally meaningful wishes and dreams — they can come true! Aries is such a strong and energetic sign, we can begin to stir the pot of unfulfilled ideas, wishes and affirmations with its potent Mars dynamism. Feel the power entering every fiber of your being, and sit in a quiet place with no distractions (yes turn off your phone or other techie devices) — breathe in the vibrancy of the ether — allow yourself to be immersed in the cycle of the Universal flow — ask yourself — “What do I truly want to manifest in my life?” “Where do I want to be by the end of the year?” “Who do I want to accompany me on this journey throughout my life span?” “How do I reach my goals and full potential?” Meditate on these and any other questions or ideas you may have. Write down notes, thoughts, inspirations you might have. Give yourself time to really dig deep into your psyche to find those desires that will bring you the life you deserve. Then and only then — sit down and begin to write out your affirmations and wishes after the New Moon crests. Be precise in your requests — detail just how you “see” these dreams manifesting within your life. Yes — it takes a few moments from your busy schedule, but the rewards are great — and the more positive you feel within yourself, the more pure love, respect, and admiration will manifest in your life.

Claim the bounty that the Universe so willingly gives you — take the actions that will bring optimism and beauty into your realm. The afternoon hours will have the most clout — but you can write out your list all day on the 31st also. This is the gift of the ages — the ability to bring just what you need for yourself and your loved ones, to continue upon this Earthly karmic path together. Peace!