Hello world!

This site will bring you some interesting and timely posts about what is going on in the Heavens — I love studying astrology, and I enjoy passing on the information I have gleaned from the moving planets in aspect to the sun and moon and each other.  Even if you feel this kind of post isn’t for you — if you give it a try, you might find it amusing, informative, downright accurate, or just a good way to pass a couple of lazy minutes on your computer. 

I have found over the years that much of what goes on in the ether does affect the happenings here on planet Earth — much depends on the sign you were born under and what aspects are in your own personal natal chart.  You can get your natal chart free from many sites on the internet — and learning where your sun and moon are located, along with the sign that was rising at the time of your birth will give you a heads up as to what cycle you are now going through. 

There are many cycles that the planets bring to us, Saturn, for instance (I call it the “learning” planet — has a cycle of approximately 28 to 30 years) — by the time we are 30 we have experienced the planets influence in each house of our natal chart.  It’s no wonder that the Hippies of the 60’s quipped “Don’t trust anyone over 30” — we are changed because of our having been through the many and varied, sometimes difficult lessons of Saturn throughout our charts.

Also there is a magnificent opposition from the planet Uranus at age 42 (give or take a year) that challenges us — can we say “mid-life crisis”?  This year is often fraught with changes that we might be less that anxious to have happen.  Yet the planet Uranus doesn’t bring a change unless it is going to build us a newer and stronger foundation.  It is part of the building blocks of our journey throughout this lifetimes path. 

We can accept and grow with the help of the Universal forces, or we can challenge the energies and find ourselves at odds with our true and natural path.  In astrology there is a saying “As above — so below” … this doesn’t mean we have no free will — it only shows us that by following the natural harmony of the galaxy, we can flourish and meet all of our expectations — or we can rale against the forces and be held accountable in many formidable ways.  The stars may impel, but they do not compel any actions or beliefs. 

The world is our oyster, there is so much for the taking, so much beauty, knowledge, fun and happiness to be garnered from our lifetime here, if we but choose to be aware and partake of its bounty.

I hope you will join me in opening up the mysteries and secrets of the Universe as we all travel on this tiny blue planet called Earth — it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to get it right, we have the choice, the right, and the means to become our best selves, and to find our place in the Universe.  Lets all gear up and promise ourselves we will choose to become the ultimate human being we are meant to be — awesomeness is an option — let it be you!

Welcome fellow searchers for the truth — it is out there…


Lady Venus Enters Libra — August 29th 2016

Delightful Lady Venus in Libra will start on the 29th of August at 9:07 PM EST, bringing beauty, artistry and love to one and all. Since Venus also rules Libra, there will be like-mindedness and compatibility whilst Lady Venus remains therein. However her reign here is rather shortened because she quickly moves into Scorpio on September 23rd with an entirely different attitude. Use the imaginative and creative abilities of Lady Venus in Libra to enhance your own appearance, renew your home decor, and bring a smile to everyone you meet with your upbeat and accepting attitude! Look to your chart to see where Libra lives and you will find how Lady Venus will work her magic there. If you are lucky enough to have a Libra ascendant, you will be looking your best, your persona will attract compatible folks and an enigmatic aura will surround you! People will find you fascinating and want to get to know you better. Be ready to pick and choose your true love, because — yes there will be more than one ardent suitor — however — don’t let yourself become unbalanced with the heady and steady streams of prospects — keep your eye on those things you want out of life. Lady Venus in Libra will be offering you love and companionship — it’s your duty to choose carefully. Be aware that Retrograde Mercury will shortly be in effect — so take your time to really get to know all those who come into your life now.

Having Lady Venus in Libra is like having your cake and eating it too! Airy, artistic, well-balanced, fanciful — ruling music, drama,  social events, especially courtship and marriage — yes — Venus in Libra will have her mythical flowery vision and will use her magical charm to create the most loving couples and the most joyous celebrations throughout her realm. Also Lady Venus in Libra will insist upon beauty wherever she goes — into a beauty parlor, a chi-chi furniture gallery, or a high-end clothing outlet. Lady Venus in Libra brings a certain sense of excellence and style that cannot be mistaken. When you enter a fancy boutique and the decor takes your breath away — you know you are in the presence of Lady Venus in Libra. Filled with flowers, lace and antique furniture — having a warmth and sense of comfort and peace — giving the feeling of something exceptional and singularly unique — that’s our Lady Venus in Libra’s doing.

We all long for that sensitivity in our lives that fills us with the knowledge that we are special, and that is what Lady Venus in Libra can do with elan! She brings us a natural beauty, She can understand our deepest desires, and She fulfills our dreams and fantasies with real world treasures. No flash-in-the-pan — indeed — our Lady Venus in Libra has sustained us for centuries with those indefinable moments in our lives that speak of wonder, love, belonging, brilliance, and forever lifetimes of loving and close companionship.

Our first New Moon in September crests on the 1st in the sign Virgo and is a solar eclipse — bringing a plethora of energy and an intensity that will make us want to improve ourselves both physically and emotionally. Lady Venus in Libra can help us with these issues as She wants us to be our best selves at all times. There will also be an increasing necessity for being detail oriented and extremely fastidious in all of our daily duties. The Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Pisces will occur on the 16th, perhaps bringing confusion and some emotional concerns into the ether. There may be a hazy miasma that befuddles us with unclear communications and ideas. The second New Moon ( A Blue Moon) in September crests on the 30th in the sign Libra, bringing us back into a more normal stasis with our eyes open and our minds active, however — be aware that balance in all things is a Libra issue — so stay on a steady course.

On September 7th Lady Venus in Libra is in a moderately good aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius in the early morning hours, if you are awaiting a legal issue to be resolved — today might be the day — however Mercury in Rx motion may throw a spanner into the works! Later on in mid-morning Venus clicks with Neptune in a Karmic fashion that might bring less than honest folks into your realm — just be aware of any scheme or person that seems “to good to be true”! On the 18th in the wee hours of the morning, Venus in Libra clashes with Uranus in Aries creating a need for excitement and drama — make sure that any “scene” is played out only upon a stage! The work week begins with Venus and Mars (love and passion) meeting  casually during the rush hours of the AM — perhaps creating a morning commute that is full of confusion and disorder — drive defensively — also an early morning meeting might find you with very attractive and sociable people — there may be someone distinctive in the group that catches your attention! Later in the morning a coffee break might find you thinking about or actually enjoying a tete-a-tete with this person! Mercury goes Direct on the 22nd, and the 23rd finds both Mercury and Venus having a tenuous meeting at 9:25 AM EST, that may find you with a new Karmic connection that has a socially beneficial meaning for you. Lady Venus leaves adoring Libra on the 23rd to enter sexy and passionate Scorpio at 9:51 AM EST in the morning! Get ready for some sizzling banter and some extravagant love interests!

Lady Venus in Libra helps us to feel good about ourselves, and our loved ones. The Venus/Libra vibration is one of unity, acceptance, loving kindness and beauty in all things. Enjoy this unique time-span and bring your A-game to the fore when meeting new people, or moving on in a present relationship — this is a time for true love to shine — in truth, loyalty, a gentleness of spirit and a deep desire to please the object of one’s affections. Love is a two-sided conversation carried on in a aura of sincerity, a conscious need to do what’s right, a deep and forever love, and a meeting of two devoted spirits!

The best saying about true love I ever read says:

  ” Love is both a physical and mental attraction, in the presence of emotional security!”

If that’s what you have — you are one of the lucky ones — enjoy the heady and intoxicating passions that are aroused, and believe in your destiny to be loved forever.

 Hint — find your Lady Venus in Libra love in a flower shoppe, at a spa, lounging at a lake, baking chocolate chip cookies, as the president of your bank, piloting your plane, refurbishing your favorite restaurant, at a fashion show, buying antiques, at the theater, getting emotional at the latest kitten or puppy video, having lunch at a vegetarian cafe, in a bridal shop, or listening to a violin concerto!

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo — August 30th to September 22nd 2016

Just want to give everyone a heads-up because Mercury will make it’s Retrograde station on the 30th of August at the karmic 29th degrees of Virgo at 5:25 AM EST — creating a longer period of time in one of the signs it has rulership over. Indeed the whole month of August has seen Mercury in Virgo wherein many of our everyday projects have had us keenly aware of the details and issues that make up the sum of the whole. When Mercury is in Virgo it seems many of us are in a hyper-mode of being picky, extremely fussy and overly critical of the way things are going, and perhaps of others that may be involved with our projects or even our lives.

Mercury will be in Retrograde mode until September 22nd at 12:29 AM EST, when it will have reached 14 degrees of Virgo, before moving on to the sign Libra on October 6th. As you can see, this is a long run for Mercury in one sign — all of August, September, and into the first week of October. Mercury in Rx mode can make our day-to-day lives difficult — there may be confusion about plans (double check), our cars or any form of transportation can be compromised, communications might be chaotic with little understanding between folks, modern forms of all connections may be compromised — email, fax, even our beloved cell-phones may let us down. Of course, we may just forget to keep them charged. Our computers are extremely vulnerable under a Rx Mercury. All the data, information, programs, codes can be hacked, infected and damaged whilst Mercury rolls backwards.

Our awareness of all of these possibilities allows us to prepare as best we can — have the car checked out — change the oil — make sure your brakes are in good working condition. Also allow extra time when going to and from work, when meeting someone, or when traveling by plane, train, or automobile. Make sure your passwords are safe and as difficult to break as possible — back up your work several times a day (maybe that’s what the Cloud is for?) — watch out for any abnormalities in your devices and be sure to check out anything suspicious.

On a personal note, a Rx Mercury can have us being misunderstood on so many levels — make sure people know exactly what you are saying by reiterating your position, double check any times and dates for meetings, phone calls, parties, social occasions. Especially if it is a new acquaintance, company, or somewhere you are not familiar with — check out your route, the venue, and try to arrive early!

If you need to purchase an item that is pricey ( homes, cars, computers, TV’s, etc.) — perhaps you can put it off until Mercury goes Direct on September 22nd (allow a few days for Mercury to really start rolling forward), otherwise — do your homework — check out exactly what it is you’re buying, what the best price is for the item, and if it’s possibly going on sale soon! Especially vulnerable are cars, computers or any tablet or pad — phones — and mechanical things. Also, if you have any litigation that is ongoing, try to get it settled before or after Rx Mercury. Try not to sign any contracts while in the throes of a Rx Mercury in Virgo — there may be flaws in the language, or a hidden clause you miss that might cost you later on. Double checking everything is the only option!

Well — I’m sure you get the idea — on the beneficial side of a Rx Mercury transit is that we might have the ability for a “do-over”, especially if something went wrong with a plan, purchase, or meeting at an earlier date — you may find the opportunity to “fix” the problem. With Virgo’s stellar ability to find the tiniest imperfections, we have eagle-like eyesight to spot and correct any issues you may come across. We also may get the opportunity to re-apply for a job, school, or position that we just missed out on. A long awaited goal may be just around the corner.

Mercury goes into Rx mode at least 3 or 4 times a year, and we always seem to get through them with aplomb — since Mercury is in Virgo — this may affect those born under that sign a bit more than other signs, except its opposite sign of Pisces! Since forewarned is forearmed — be acutely aware of your surroundings, your schedule, and drive defensively at all times. It especially helps if one can take some of these minor glitches with good humor — Good Luck!

Lady Venus Enters Virgo — August 5th 2016

Lady Venus’ whirlwind tour of Leo will come to an end on August 5th when she enters the more staid but elegant sign of Virgo at 10:27 AM EST (add one hour for DST). She then sashays through Virgo until entering the beautiful, balanced and beguiling sign of Libra on .August 29th at 9:07 PM EST. If we wish to take advantage of Lady Venus in Virgo — where she is take-charge, no-nonsense, and immensely practical — we have to work quickly to get our ducks in a row as She is moving quickly through the Zodiac during these few months ahead. Capturing the essence of Venus in Virgo will allow us to “see” just how we can improve our health, our appearance, and our coping abilities.

Lady Venus in Virgo has so much potential for us to find ourselves in better stead when she is through with this transit; we can find ourselves better organized, with a new look and attitude, and on the road to a plan to improve our physical health with a revamped diet and exercise program. Especially as the weather is still cooperating here in New England, we can get out into the open air and take a walk on our lunch hour, get to the beaches, or bicycle on the many paths exclusively set aside for this activity. Lady Venus in Virgo will urge us to get moving in order to perk up our metabolism and our psyches. As an old adage states “Motion and Emotion” keep one balanced and at the top of your game. So get out those walking shoes, renew your gym membership and work on improving yourself through movement. While working on our own purview of perfection, we may just meet someone of like mind that will turn into a love-connection.

Diet is also one of Virgo’s specialties — always concerned about overall health, our Virgo brethren usually are aware of their daily menus and tend toward healthy fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish for their daily fare. Of course, we all know that special Virgo who loves their sweet treats — but if you observe them on a daily basis, you will note they are very concerned with only taking a modest portion — no giant-sized portions for them — moderation is their mantra. We all would do well to emulate the fastidious and selective manner that our Virgo folks use in choosing their daily fare. Of course, Lady Venus is all too aware of her appearance and demeanor at all times, therefore keeping fit is just one of the ways in which she ensures her overall “put-together” look.

The elegance and demeanor of our Lady Venus cohorts cannot be overstated — indeed when we observe someone entering a room looking entirely well put-together from head-to-toe — you can be sure that there is a strong Virgo influence in their chart. They seem to have a natural ability to know just what looks good on them and an uncanny ability to simply choose items that compliment their style and make them stand out in a crowd. If you have a friend with Venus in Virgo — they will have insight into what would work for you also! If you can take the slight reproach about your less than perfect  choices, they will be able to point you in the right direction for you to find your own fashionably elegant style.

This knack of having general good taste and refinement also works within their homes, usually an oasis of sedate charm and old-fashioned comfort. However, it can be sometimes too formal and uncomfortable for those of us who have a higher forgiveness for clutter capacity! If you want serene, uncluttered, and elegant — you should check with your Venus in Virgo acquaintances for some household hints. However, you better be ready to implement them posthaste.

On the 6th Venus in Virgo has a dust up with Mars in Sagittarius after the dinner hour, if there are some issues on the back burner, now is not the time to address them — indeed wait until you are in a calmer state before airing grievances. On the 13th Venus tussles with Saturn in the morning — perhaps a sleepless night has you or your partner cranky and at odds with life right now — go out for your morning coffee and just take a little time to review your criticisms. The 14th around the noon hour Venus opposes Neptune — you might find a goal or opportunity has slipped from your grasp, fear not others will soon follow that will be better and more in tune with your future plans. In the early evening hours of the 17th we find Lady Venus in Virgo in good aspect to Pluto in Earthy Capricorn –bringing us an awareness of our practical and earthly needs — love, good food, and a not so humble abode! Venus nears the end of her Virgo experience on the 27th as She rides along with Jupiter at the dinner hour — giving us a warm and amorous meeting of the minds with our loved one or a new acquaintance who may become an important part of our life. Leaving Virgo for beautiful Libra on the 29th at 9:07 PM EST, we begin another chapter of Venus’ yearly tour throughout the Zodiac. Following this lovely lady during the year as she traverses our charts can show us where love, good taste, and practicality can come together in order to keep our lives in order and on track. Use the movement of Lady Venus’ journey as she brings us her verve, her spirit, her elegance and her down-to-basics attitude. She is a wonder to behold, and brings us our truest loves and desires all through our lives — Lady Venus in Virgo Rocks!

Hint – find your Venus in Virgo love at the gym, at the health food store, at an art gallery, seeing the newest play or drama, at the country club dance,being coifed and pampered at a spa, buying flowers at the farmer’s market, shopping for elegant clothing, at an upscale chocolate shoppe, buying new furniture, driving an all white sophisticated but practical SUV, helping at an animal shelter, at the dentist office, taking cooking classes, or taking a class on retirement strategies.

New Moon in Leo Reminder– August 2nd 2016

Just a heads-up to remind everyone that today the New Moon crests at 3:45 PM EST — so there is plenty of time for you to begin to think about and write out your affirmations and desires. With the New Moon in the sign Leo, we have limitless subjects to wish for — Leo has rulership over luxury, gold, jewelry, our hearts, new romances, children, vacations to warm places, and those folks close to our hearts.

Also with a Leo Moon we can express ourselves elegantly in order to explicitly describe our deepest desires. Write out your affirmations with optimism, a positive attitude, write from your heart, and — yes — roar loudly so your wishes are heard throughout the land! The Universe is tuned in to our heartbeats and our spirit — feel at one with the cadence of the Galaxy’s harmonics and blend your psyche with the millions of souls that have preceded you. Like every star shining in the night sky — our souls shine like a beacon of love and light, evolving ever higher in order to reach our own Utopia.

We are Karmic beings — belonging to each other, knowing each other and co-dependent upon each other. Sometimes we are in a dance-macabre, solving old issues — other times we are in complete accordance and feel the happy and lilting glee of a Scottish reel. Wherever we are on our pathway during this lifetime — this is the time we must use to the utmost. Soothe old wounds, repair angry relationships, and honor those ancestors who have shown the way — most of all — enjoy each and every moment of your todays — they race so quickly into the future!




New Moon in Leo — August 2, 2016

Our New Moon this month crests at 3:45 PM EST (add one hour for DST) at 10 degrees of the sign Leo. Leo is a Fixed Fire sign that has sway over our upper back and our hearts — it also rules authority figures, business, can influence our social standing and our advancement in our field of choice. For those born near this date it is a new lunar cycle that can bring opportunity, love, children into you life, and the impression you make on others. Look to your chart to see where Leo lives to see how it can impact your life. Working with the Planets as they interact with one another can give you a heads-up about where you may find success and/or difficulty. Using the harmonics of the Galaxy can and will enhance your chances for a smooth and loving journey throughout this lifetime. Ignoring the cadence of the planetary movements can impede your forward motion. Of course, the entire Zodiac chart with its intricate levels of interactions can often flummox our best intentions.

Still, New Moon energy is one of the most applicable to our Earthly life — every month the Universe kind of gives us another chance to “get it right.” We get a waft of ethereal power handed to us, to do with as we will. Leo is such a bright and sunny sign that it brings us optimism, ego, bright ideas, a willingness to work hard, and the vigor and bravery of the Lion for whom it is named. Tap into this magical power to enhance your present-day life — allow yourself to physically and psychically connect with all that the Universe is offering. How do you do that? Just sit quietly, let the natural harmonics of the Earth energize your spirit,  feel the pulsating heartbeat of the Earth as it rotates throughout space and time. Connect to your inner being and release any angst or disbelief that it is possible for you to bond with the measured rhythms as we spin atop our home Planet. We are born on Earth and immediately we become attuned to the innate harmony we have entered. Our heartbeat and the harmonics of the Universe are in sync as we learn to accommodate ourselves to our new environment. Here we can grow, learn, and thrive within the dynamic movement of our Home. We are, as are the plants and animals, an integral part of all that is Earth. As we breath in the air, we assimilate the atoms that were here when the Earth was formed — we become as wedded to our Earth as the mountains and forests. Believe in the rightness of your being!

As with every New Moon we get the opportunity to write out our affirmations, dreams and wishes in order to allow them to enter into the Universal ether to become our reality. Our biggest and smallest wishes can come true — and the New Moon energy can spur us on with its fresh and immense power! Leo is the sign that rules children, chance and romance — you can write out your desires in your own words in order for them to come from your heart. Leo can bring opportunities for new jobs, new romances, it helps with our self-confidence and it can massage our egos. You can wish for anything though, don’t limit yourself if you have a special need or desire. Sit in a quiet place and really think about what would enhance your life and the lives of your loved ones. Be as specific as you can — details can only better your chances for a good outcome. And — believe — in your own power, in the generosity of the Universe, in the goodness and love of your family and friends, in that amorphous energy that exists in all of us and in the ether surrounding us. Use the gifts that are freely given by our Earth, our Galaxy and our Universe!

The New Moon crests at 3:45 PM EST, on the 2nd of the month. So all afternoon and the next day will retain the most powerful energy for you to write out your affirmations. Be bold, be brave, and be audacious in order to reach your goals — use the courage of the Lion — roar with vigor and strength — the Universe will be listening!



August’s Astrological Activity

We open the month of August with a New Moon on the 2nd at 10 degrees of the sign Leo, cresting at 3:45 PM EST (add one hour for DST). Having the Fiery Leo Moon’s energy wafting through the ether will help to clean out any residual angst or issues left over from the past month. We can, if we wish, begin this month with a clean slate — writing upon it anything we wish! Use this time span well, in order to restart your agenda with fresh eyes and a purposeful outlook. Write out your affirmations with renewed vigor and the optimistic assumption that what you are creating will be of benefit to yourself and your loved ones. Let us hope that this New Moon in gregarious Leo will shine some beneficial light on our ability to see through all of the chaff that is clogging up the atmosphere, and will help us find our own truths!

The Full Moon this month crests on the 18th at 4:27 AM EST at 25 degrees of Airy intellectual Aquarius, bringing us a mighty wave of new ideological concepts that will favor the innate feelings that it is a time for total equality among all members of the human race. There will be more acceptance for those whose lifestyles differ, whose religion is different, whose color is diverse, whose politics – outlook – traditions – clothing – customs — and behavior may be divergent from our own. The World has become our village, town, hamlet, city, community, neighborhood, and family. Tune into the ethereal atmosphere and feel the positive and optimistic movement of the times we live in today. Let go of petty irritations, of minor squabbles, of bitter hatreds — and feel how free it is to be accepting and loving to all. Bask in the ultimate white light of loving kindness and you will be reborn into the evolutionary being you are meant to become. If this doesn’t sound like a Full Moon forecast — it may be because the sign Aquarius is so misunderstood — that the most maligned of us will be welcomed into open arms when we realize that we are all here on a quest to find our true pathway. We wont find our way giving in to our basest selves — we must aspire to be that being that brings light and love to all of the World — or at least to a tiny portion of our own realm — it’s a start!

Mars has entered Sagittarius once again and these two Fiery entities will work in concert in order to “fire” us up to reach our goals. Uranus is in Rx mode and therefore not bringing its usual chaos into the fray — a small breather as it were — still with Mars rumbling forward with his usual take no prisoners demeanor, we all should avoid “knee-jerk” reactions when faced with any dilemma. As usual we prefer that everyone take a deep breath, count to 10 or 100 if necessary to avoid conflict and violence. Tune in to the peace and beauty of Neptune in Pisces — put on your dancing shoes and let your hair down. A cautionary word for the 24th when Planetary forces are quite disorganized and chaotic — take your time in any physical pursuit, drive defensively, and thwart any who would choose to start an altercation, with words not fists. Just breathe!

Perhaps this month is best used to create a place of peace, quiet, contemplation and relaxation — OK — I can hear the voices saying “Whoa — that’s not my lifestyle” — there is work, family obligations, car-pools, overtime, classes, shopping, getting ready to go back to school — and, of course, you are right! Still — if we choose to go about our days in chaos, that’s where we live in our heads and hearts — wouldn’t it make more sense to try to find a way to unclutter our lives with a little planning ahead? That is all I am trying to say — being on the edge all the time is debilitating and exhausting, and eventually leads to crises — creating a little oasis of calm somewhere in our realm will bring huge (I know that word is overused) rewards. It can be as simple as a family meditation time (15 minutes of quiet contemplation) — then go back to the busyness. If anyone wants to talk about their thoughts after the “time-out”, then something good and wonderful might happen — real conversation! What? Seriously — reconnect to your loved ones in a moment of true mind-melding empathy and understanding.

Saturn will remain in Sagittarius until December 19th 2017 — look to your chart to see where Sagittarius lives and there you may find the delays and restrictions surrounding you now. Try to immerse yourself in the lessons that Saturn is trying to impart and bring your “A-game” to help yourself move through this time-span with decorum and strength. Saturn often gets a bad rap as being too harsh, too mean, or too burdensome, yet once we get through one of Saturn’s more onerous periods, we find we are in a better place mentally, physically and emotionally. It is worth the effort to put forth your best self when under the gun of Saturn’s imposing his wisdom!

Mercury will be turning Retrograde at the end of the month (August 30th to September 22nd), however, those sensitive to its interference while in this mode may feel it a week or two earlier. We know that we should have our cars in top-notch condition, our bills paid on time, our travel plans solidified and with a built in cushion of extra time, and since Mercury will be in fussy Virgo — we are cautioned to take our time in any physical endeavor. Also, we may want to revisit any plans we have made during the month to see if there is something you missed or something you can improve upon.

The first week of this month is a busy one — on the 1st there is a nice Sun trine Saturn aspect that can bring us some commendation at a lunchtime meeting. The 2nd has Mars entering Sagittarius followed in a few hours by our New Moon in Leo giving us big ideas about what we can do to improve our future — forging our pathway into a new lunar cycle of appreciating our families, our good health, and our optimism in moving ahead. On the 5th Venus will enter Virgo riding along with the Moon, giving us a precise idea of our true journey where we can be sure we are on the right track. Mercury trine Pluto on the 10th gives us the mental capacity to truly understand our goals and help us move with assurance and confidence.On the 13th during the mid-morning hours, we may want to hold our tongues as Venus squares Saturn, we may not be on the same page as our loved ones — but time will help to bring different concepts together. The 14th will find us at loose ends as Venus opposes Neptune, what we thought was real and good may prove to have been an illusion. The 16th brings a boost as the Sun trines Uranus putting a sizzling pep in your step — feeling good and reaching out to those who can help you in your quests. The 17th has Venus trining Pluto allowing us to reach deep into our psyches for that magical and elusive faith, that believes that love is all. Enjoy the energy of this Full Moon in Aquarius on the 18th — but keep in mind it is a Full Moon with all the ramifications that entails. Mercury conjunct Jupiter on the 22nd in the early morning hours can bring a positive message our way, a job opportunity, or an old friend or opportunity back into your life! Mars squaring Neptune on the 26th in the wee morning hours can bring a misreading of a situation or a knee-jerk reaction that is overdone and can lead to conflict. Venus trine Jupiter on the 27th at the dinner hour can bring family or friends together in concert for a happy time. Mercury conjunct Venus in the wee hours of the morning can find us karmically connecting with past life cohorts — it’s a loving comfortable moment. As said earlier, Mercury turns Retrograde in precise Virgo on the 30th at the breakfast or commuting hour — so caution is advised — in Virgo we are better able to be more aware of our surroundings, and more willing to take it a little easy.

As we head into September, the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo is on the 1st — bringing that cool, collected energy for our daily needs. It crests in the early morning hours so we might want to head for the gym, clean out the dusty cobwebs in our minds, decide to eat better, and prepare for a busy and detail oriented month ahead.









Weather Gal — By Jone Victoria — September 2, 2009

Controlling weather is what I like to call “Big Talent”. As a child I was fascinated with the weather and how it affected my body. When late summer hurricanes formed, I could feel the barometric pressure changing with a strange hissing buzz inside of my head. People talking would sound like my head was underwater, and cause a slightly sickening feeling within my stomach.

Rain, depending on what kind it is, impacts me as well, always did. If it’s a torrential downpour, with thunder and lightning, the hair on the back of my neck gets all tingly and charged up. My scalp can feel the static electricity as it moves along the shafts of my hair to the ends. Not unlike Medusa, my hair gets all charged and my skin feels prickly.

If it’s a light rain, nearly silent and windless, then my lungs feel open as if I am breathing pure oxygen; it makes me giddy and high.

Pelting rain is refreshing and cleansing. I love how the water hits the pavement with such force it bounces back up into itself. Witnessing this, I wrote “Water popcorn bursts from hot tar.” …yeah, nobody got that, but isn’t writing really therapy for yourself?

Then there’s the strange weather, the weather that slips onto your body like a black oilskin Duster. The colors of a black, blue and kidney red sky blocks out light with a cloaked sensation. The dark energy rides on the swirling wind making you look behind you with the trepidation of seeing something other-worldly; something invasive that doesn’t belong. It’s the sense that you aren’t alone and that unseen beings have been let out of the gate from the Underworld.

When I was a teenager, I read that weather witches of old would dip their broom bristles in the sea and reciting incantations would raise their broom to the sky to call forth storms. One day I went to the Cape with my broom in hand (no, I didn’t fly there), and tried it knowing full well the forecast called for a clear, star filled night. Within two hours a storm came from an easterly direction and rained to beat the band. The power of intent.

Another time I was taught a song that was guaranteed to make it rain. I used to sing it quite a bit to keep in practice of storm raising — it rarely failed me.

Then there is using your mind to dissipate small clouds, or using your crystal weather wand to move large bands of cloud cover quickly, allowing the Sun to shine for your outdoor event.

Weather manipulation — some have it, some do not. America’s Got Talent, I laugh upon you.


Here in New England the weather is a constant topic of conversation — especially during those heat waves of mid-summer, or the wintry snowy storms of deep winter. We always check our weather shows (or nowadays our apps) to see if there will be a sprinkle of rain, or if there is an oncoming hurricane — a dusting of snow or a full blown blizzard. I’m not sure if this is the same throughout the States, but in New England weather is our one constant companion — the most frequently heard statement is “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute” — a paean to the capricious changes often happening without warning!

Of course, controlling the weather is a wondrous thing — I remember when our large extended family would plan a reunion — usually in the Summertime when most folks have time off — and I would begin my mental gymnastics in order to have good weather for the event! For several occasions, the day was sunny but quite hot 90 degrees F or more — and on one such reunion, my cousin Willy asked if I was focusing on good weather — I answered in the affirmative, and she said — well so am I — perhaps just one of us could try — and it would be sunny but less hot! We both got a chuckle out of that — and I left the weather for the other reunions in her able hands.

I have to admit to a checkered ability in adopting my own agenda with the weather; when two of my daughters were graduating and we planned a double party — I really wanted it to be sunny so we could use the outdoors and the pool — Mother Nature over-rode my requests and it poured every weekend for several weeks prior to and including our party date — on the occasion, our house was over-filled with family and friends (and even some drop ins), since everyone was so frustrated and burnt out from the many rainy weekends preceding our event. I believe it might have been one of the most successful and enjoyable times we ever had. Everyone was so happy just to be out of their usual routines, that they all were ready to party and enjoy every minute!   So perhaps sometimes Mother Nature knows best!