Hello world!

This site will bring you some interesting and timely posts about what is going on in the Heavens — I love studying astrology, and I enjoy passing on the information I have gleaned from the moving planets in aspect to the sun and moon and each other.  Even if you feel this kind of post isn’t for you — if you give it a try, you might find it amusing, informative, downright accurate, or just a good way to pass a couple of lazy minutes on your computer. 

I have found over the years that much of what goes on in the ether does affect the happenings here on planet Earth — much depends on the sign you were born under and what aspects are in your own personal natal chart.  You can get your natal chart free from many sites on the internet — and learning where your sun and moon are located, along with the sign that was rising at the time of your birth will give you a heads up as to what cycle you are now going through. 

There are many cycles that the planets bring to us, Saturn, for instance (I call it the “learning” planet — has a cycle of approximately 28 to 30 years) — by the time we are 30 we have experienced the planets influence in each house of our natal chart.  It’s no wonder that the Hippies of the 60’s quipped “Don’t trust anyone over 30” — we are changed because of our having been through the many and varied, sometimes difficult lessons of Saturn throughout our charts.

Also there is a magnificent opposition from the planet Uranus at age 42 (give or take a year) that challenges us — can we say “mid-life crisis”?  This year is often fraught with changes that we might be less that anxious to have happen.  Yet the planet Uranus doesn’t bring a change unless it is going to build us a newer and stronger foundation.  It is part of the building blocks of our journey throughout this lifetimes path. 

We can accept and grow with the help of the Universal forces, or we can challenge the energies and find ourselves at odds with our true and natural path.  In astrology there is a saying “As above — so below” … this doesn’t mean we have no free will — it only shows us that by following the natural harmony of the galaxy, we can flourish and meet all of our expectations — or we can rale against the forces and be held accountable in many formidable ways.  The stars may impel, but they do not compel any actions or beliefs. 

The world is our oyster, there is so much for the taking, so much beauty, knowledge, fun and happiness to be garnered from our lifetime here, if we but choose to be aware and partake of its bounty.

I hope you will join me in opening up the mysteries and secrets of the Universe as we all travel on this tiny blue planet called Earth — it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to get it right, we have the choice, the right, and the means to become our best selves, and to find our place in the Universe.  Lets all gear up and promise ourselves we will choose to become the ultimate human being we are meant to be — awesomeness is an option — let it be you!

Welcome fellow searchers for the truth — it is out there…



Uranus Enters Taurus — Through the Zodiac Houses — May 15th 2018

The unpredictable, innovative, genius, eccentric and tech savvy sign of Uranus will leave Fiery Aries on May 15th and will remain in the sign Taurus except for Retrograding back into Aries from November 6th), then returning to Taurus on March 6th 2019, and then continuing on in Taurus until April 25th 2026. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was 84 years ago in 1934. This is a major change for Uranus who isn’t fond of staid, Salt-of-the-Earth, hard-working But — Oh so cautious Taurus! Indeed, Uranus truly loves the unpredictable, exciting, adventurous and unexpected — everything that has Taurus shaking in his practical boots! How will these two ever, ever work together? That is the million dollar question — an estimate much too high for practical Taurus to even contemplate — hmm, this will absolutely be a tour-de-force for both participants. We also must remember — this is a longer time for Uranus in Taurus, as it is usually a seven year cycle. Uranus circles the Zodiac in approximately 84 years, which the ancients felt was the “normal” lifetime as Uranus would then return to each sign. I have always also considered that at age 42 (when Uranus opposes itself in our Charts), was often a time of forced change, or some watershed activity that alters our course or outlook. For those over the age of 42 (think back — between the ages of 41 to 43), you may be able to look back and remember an occurrence that opened your eyes or completely changed your life.

In the Grand scheme of all things Zodiac — both of these signs are Fixed, one (Uranus/Aquarius) Air — the other (Venus/Taurus) Earth. With the sign of the Bull in house, there will be some butting of heads — although the Water Bearer has much wisdom and strength also, still both are mightily determined to get their own way! Different methods perhaps, but the goal for each of these signs is to prevail in their own decisions and ideas. NOW — this might be a pretty even match if it were not for Uranus total unpredictability — which Taurus simply cannot abide! Taurus would much rather take all of his stuff and sit out the next seven years in one of his many real-estate holdings. However — the die is cast and the Heavens will move on, and the Planet Uranus will indeed have to deal with mundane Taurus, and Taurus will have to adjust to Uranus eccentric and unpredictable behavior! This will be one for the record books as we all will be a bit shaken up by this combination of Taurus self-reliance, steady forward motion, love of beauty, interest in banking and real-estate– and — Uranus need for adventure, shaking up the status-quo, and generally creating a bit of chaos in order to rebuild on a stronger foundation. Being Fixed signs, neither of these entities will want to give up their personal outlook and/or ideas about what is proper and required. Of course, their ideas are totally at odds with one another — and so the fun begins!

I am rather looking forward to this combination of two mighty warriors vying to outdo one another. Indeed as I, myself, have mighty Uranus in the sign Taurus on my MC — I am anticipating some outlandish circumstances within the time span of this transit. It will be a Uranus return, as it has taken 84 years for Uranus to find himself back in Taurus territory. I feel my interest in Astrology was piqued by this aspect in my chart, and combining the two has made me more practical and less likely to be overwhelmed by what is going on in the Galaxy. Hmm — well we shall see what the Universe has in store, as I have a few years before reaching my 84th year. Stay tuned!

On a world-wide scale Uranus will likely be stirring up some controversy, perhaps some “explosive” environmental happenings, economic changes (i.e. banking), real-estate adjustments, and perhaps a spiritual awakening to a higher consciousness. There will be attempts  made in our banking systems, trying to get folks to conform to the new technology, and we may be more inclined to speak up for ourselves when our personal space, morals, or identity are being impinged upon. Also the massive national debt may have to be addressed in no uncertain terms. Buckle your seat belts — we may be in for a rocky (but exciting) ride!

Now to some of the ways Uranus in Taurus will affect the individual Zodiac Houses — if you know where Taurus lives in your Chart — that will be the House that Uranus might change for the better — in the long run.

Uranus in Taurus in the First Zodiac House — herein we have our hopes and wishes, our public face, our self promotion, success in the public realm, popularity and leadership talents. People often judge us by our appearance here, and with Taurus they may think we are proper, staid and conformist — although Taurus has many facets that will “color outside the lines” — they can be invisible to others because of their need to “fit” in. Now comes along fabulous Uranus with his flair for the dramatic, need to upset the apple cart, and willingness to cause a bit of chaos in order to find a better way to integrate the Taurus persona.

Your Taurus friend, family member, or cohort may begin to find a new way of expressing him/herself — and it may be in a dynamic and entirely innovative manner that nobody saw coming! Indeed, finding themselves with a new sense of power and individuality — our neat, tidy, and conformist Taurus may begin to dress, think, and present themselves in a unique and interesting way. Physically they may have a complete makeover that projects their own new sense of self. This might be off-putting to some close family members or friends, as our newly inspired Taurus is finding their way into exotic territory! Also, opposite the 7th Zodiac House of partners, your environment and the possibility of a change in these areas.

Of course, a change may be as subtle as getting a sportier car, wearing brighter colors, or finding a new hobby or interest. Also, you may find that they are now more interested in reaching a long-term goal — whether a longed for vacation, new home, or winning the lottery! Uranus in Taurus has many ways to put his spin on your lifestyle. Be prepared to be amazed at the wonderful and exciting journey you have in store.

Uranus Surprise — A dream comes true!

Uranus in Taurus in the Second Zodiac House — our Second Zodiac House holds our self-earned monies, our inheritances and gifts, financial issues, personal belongings and possibly changing homes or buying a second residence. We may find we have either more or less spare money as prices seem to be rising, and our income may have been stagnant for a while. We may look to find new ways of increasing our income through hobbies, other interests or there is the possibility of some inheritance coming your way. Someone may want to take a chance and will back an idea that you have been working on lately. Think about how to enhance your own earned money and start to work on anything that piques your interest, talents, or abilities.

Opposite the Eighth Zodiac House of regeneration, renewal, death and taxes — there seems a serious side to Uranus in Taurus placement in your Second House. Indeed, many areas can be stirred up with Uranus sudden ability to cause change. It probably isn’t the best time to borrow money or take out loans if you can avoid it during Uranus reign in Taurus — if it is a necessity — be sure you crunch all the numbers and payment schedules so that there are no surprises (like a balloon note, payments that suddenly rise, or initially low interest rates that then become much larger). Just be sure to protect all of your assets, whether financial, personal items like jewelry, artworks, real-estate, or memorabilia.

With Uranus in Taurus in the Second House you may be in for a novel new way to earn your own money, it you are tech savvy and/or able to turn a hobby into a way to earn a living, you might find your skills are wanted and needed. Be open to any new acquaintance or old friend who gives you some leads or ideas. Perhaps you may find a mentor who sees your potential. Don’t reject any avenue that might just lead you to developing your skills or learning new ones — a simple phrase you hear or item you see on line or in the news, might serve you well. Be that innovator that you know lives within your soul and find your true calling.

Uranus Surprise — Unexpected inheritance!

Uranus in Taurus in the Third Zodiac House — the Third Zodiac House rules our neighborhood, brothers and sisters, short journeys, family announcements, your own environment, your personal ideas and moral codes, correspondence with family and friends, and learning from past mistakes. We work with our community in this area, and we are committed to keeping in touch with kith and kin. It is herein where we connect to our friends and family in order to keep our heritage and ancestral story alive and well. It is also here that there seems to be a boomerang effect, as what we give out seems to come back to us in various ways. Negativity and anger get short shrift here — and it is best to look for the beauty and kindness that helps to make our lives better. With Uranus in Taurus, there may be a fly in the ointment that we will have to deal with during its seven year stay in this sign. Perhaps a sibling isn’t doing too well, and it’s up to us to keep an eye on them. Or a neighbor may be elderly and in need of extra help or maybe just a daily phone call. Whatever we are called upon to do, we must try to live up to our highest standards.

Opposite the Ninth Zodiac House, we may be planning a long-awaited trip to visit far off relatives, or one of our children is going off to college soon. We may be questioning our religious upbringing, and we are trying to find that delicate balance between perhaps a rigid moral code and today’s modern laxness. Now is the time to search your soul for the right answers for yourself. You may have an epiphany that lets you know the most positive path for you to take, and suddenly, everything in your life seems to fall into the right place. If you have some difficulty with the law, there might be an unusual outcome that leaves you amazed and grateful for those higher authorities that cleared everything up for you.

Uranus in Taurus will bring perhaps unexpected happenings that you will have to deal with for some time, however, in the long run, you will realize that all the angst and perhaps frustration brought you greater knowledge, idealism and joy! You are in a better position to enjoy the rest of your life with your new awareness.

Uranus Surprise — The vacation of a lifetime!

Uranus in Taurus in the Fourth Zodiac House — this is such an important House, it is our foundation, our family roots, our first contact with our parents and those who would care and nurture us. Sometimes our most prominent parent (opposite the Tenth House) — our siblings and first awareness of family and traditions. Our heritage from ancestors long past — our unique sense of self and our identity, and where we feel welcome, and loved.

It is within this Fourth Zodiac House we begin to learn about morals, values, family dynamics, our basic security, our grandparents, and what is expected of us as part of the family unit, the neighborhood where we live, and our community. Opposite the Tenth Zodiac House, where we find our jobs or careers — Uranus in Taurus could bring sudden changes. Also our standing in the community and our social connections may be in for some unique opportunities. Depending on whether there are Planets in these Houses that will be in aspect with Uranus — you could find yourself on a completely new pathway. If you are in the market for new lodgings, home or a vacation hideaway — you may find some unusual help coming from outside sources. Let people know if you are looking for a job, raise, home, car, or anything that will bring some joy and perhaps more responsibility into your life.

This is such an active and important House that there could be some amazing changes that will work out for the best in the long run. Most of us don’t really like too much change — so we shy away from it. But with Uranus in Taurus in residence — you may be truly encouraged to find a new and unique way of dealing with many areas of your life now.

Uranus Surprise — You could find the home of your dreams and it’s within your budget!

Uranus in Taurus in the Fifth Zodiac House — Most of us like the Fifth Zodiac House as it holds those things that make life fun for us — children, hobbies, pleasurable pursuits, our soul mates profile, our skills and abilities, and our own self aggrandizement. Of course, herein also lies some of our most addictive issues — gambling, alcohol, our compulsions, and habits we cannot seem to control. Depending on the Planetary makeup within this House and/or any negative or positive aspects from Planets in other Houses, we can find a way to offset any negativity if we truly want to work at it full time. Unfortunately — with Uranus in Taurus in crossing this House, we may be faced with dire circumstances if we haven’t been able to control some phase of our life. Uranus may indeed bring about some unexpected happening that will make us take a long look at what we are doing — and in Taurus, there will be a reckoning if we continue on our wayward path.

However, as stated many times — the Planet Uranus doesn’t shake our lives up just to be difficult, no — Uranus is the beacon of change for the better, and in Taurus we may find we have a price to pay for our trespasses, but if we are sincere in our atonement, our lives will be improved and reinvented on a much stronger foundation. There will be helpful folks in our lives that will be sure to lead us by the hand into our new reality , our new way of thinking, and will be a light for us to follow in order to reclaim ourselves.

Now on a lighter note, Uranus in Taurus may bring about a lifelong dream, that once-in-a-lifetime vacation, hitting the lottery (don’t count on it), you may finally find you are expecting a longed-for child, you become a community hero, a hidden talent is uncovered and you are in the spotlight for your artistry. So many ways that Uranus in Taurus could bring about a positive and joyous change in your life while posited herein.

Uranus Surprise — A wished for baby — or your Soul Mate!

Uranus in Taurus in the Sixth Zodiac House — This Zodiac House is so important in our day-to-day life having rulership over our daily jobs, our health and fitness, and in opposition to the Twelfth Zodiac House, may hold some hidden secrets to our well-being, past lives and impediments to our health. With Uranus in Taurus in the Sixth House you may find your daily routine is thrown completely off because of an unexpected work issue, your health needs attention and it is important that you follow your doctors orders for rest or other treatments. Also, if you have been fighting some health-related problems, they may suddenly be improving and you are now free to live life as you wish.

If you are responsible for an elderly parent or relative you might find that you cannot continue because of their declining health issues and must find another assistance program for them. Anxiety may rise due to the conundrum of your having to make such serious decisions. Still, Uranus doesn’t bring trials for us without having a game plan in place that will allow us to once again find a safe passage forward. Even an aging pet may influence your usual routine, as you feel that you must be there for them.

The main message of Uranus in Taurus in the Sixth Zodiac House is that we must first take care of ourselves before we can begin to take care of others. If you aren’t eating properly, or getting enough exercise each week, you may have to begin to address these shortcomings and begin to take charge of your own diet and fitness. You may perhaps find a unique way of responding to your own needs — possibly a new program for yourself, yoga, meditation, tai chi, or any number of new curricula that might appeal to your inner being and spirit.

We mustn’t forget that your job, the way you earn your daily bread might be challenging — perhaps a new supervisor with new ideas, a promotion with more responsibility, or you feel restless and want something different or more challenging. Sometime that comfortable groove we have made for ourselves has become a deep and destructive rut that is eating at our psyche and our soul. With the help of Uranus in Taurus, you may find that what you’re looking for is just around the corner. Seek out those who would help you, and those who know what you have to offer.

Uranus Surprise — A clean bill of health or major raise in pay.

Uranus in Taurus in  the Seventh Zodiac House — In the Seventh Zodiac House we find our partnerships both personal and business. On the other hand it can also hold our nemesis and rivals. Alliances of many kinds can be found herein and depending on whether or not there is a Planet ensconced within this realm, or positive aspects are within its borders, we can be sure there is a lot of our life’s story to be told by this House. Opposite the 1st House (our hopes and dreams), leadership qualities and our optimistic outlook, it behooves us to be aware of those we are allowing into our life and into our realm.

Cooperation is in this House, and the more we learn how to accommodate others, the more we can influence our own lives. Of course, we don’t want to be so pliable that we don’t get those things we need and want. It is here where we can find our emotional balance and our social composure. Our mentors and even our soul-mates can be found here, however any Planets that lies within will influence our choices. With Lady Venus beauty herein, we can be sure we will attract those who appreciate every kind of beauty — both natural and man-made. If Mars holds court here, you may find passion and a thirst for adventure are more prominent in those who seek you out.

If Uranus in Taurus is moving through your Seventh House you can be sure there will be issues and perhaps shakeups with your partners, lovers and even family. But be of good cheer, as the Planet Uranus never brings us chaos without a plan to rebuild ourselves, and our lives on a stronger and more formidable foundation. Opposite the First House of our hopes and wishes — we could find our dearest dream coming true in an absolutely outrageous or individualistic manner.

Uranus Surprise — a marriage proposal or great job opportunity.

Uranus in Taurus in the Eighth Zodiac House — The Eighth Zodiac House is a bit tricky with Uranus in residence — since the Planet Uranus is one of unpredictability and surprise, and this House rules basically death and taxes! Of course, there are levels of its importance in these two bastions of our lives — opposite the Second Zodiac House of our own earnings, savings and budgeting skills, the Eighth House is more about other peoples assets and legacies that may influence your life. Also, any borrowed or lent monies, joint accounts, and investments. So, how will Uranus in Taurus behave herein? Well, fortunately, Taurus is a very staid and practical Earthy sign that will modify Uranus sudden need for change! This combination may bring out ideas of saving for retirement, using ones funds more efficaciously, and finding new ways to increase income.

Thinking of investing in any scheme that sounds to good to be true, will probably end up in a loss! At this time when Uranus might be titillating your need for a more comfortable cushion of ready cash — it will behoove you to take your time to find a financial manager that can guide you to some potential income boosters without throwing caution to the wind. Be aware of those who might want to persuade you to take a flyer on a “sure thing” that hasn’t been vetted. Use your good common sense and a legitimate broker to help you with anything you are thinking of taking a chance on with your hard-earned money.

Now, with Uranus in Taurus moving through this area (especially if you have a Planet within), could possibly find there is a gift, inheritance or hidden treasure that will come your way. It could be a windfall, an inheritance from a family member, or a token of affection from a treasured older relative who is giving those they love some remembrance of themselves. By and large though, it will be up to you to keep an eye on your own financial health and perhaps begin a budget that will help you increase your savings, so that you will have a prodigious nest-egg when the time comes for you to retire.

Uranus Surprise — You experience a psychic phenomenon that soothes your spirit.

Uranus in Taurus in the Ninth Zodiac House — This is such an important House as it covers so many varied areas of our lives. Herein lies our higher education, our religious or spiritual beliefs, our legal issues throughout our lives, our long-distance travel whether for business or pleasure, and plans for your future. Oh — and last but not least, your in-laws! Opposite the Third Zodiac House of our neighborhoods, siblings, aunts and uncles, and short journeys, there is a symbiotic relationship between these two — our early education, our childhood relationships, and memories of our relatives when we were young. With Uranus transiting in Taurus over the Ninth House we will find the activities it rules will be enhanced.

Perhaps your vacation of a lifetime will become reality, you or a family member get into the University or College of your dreams, you begin to question the validity of your parents religious beliefs, and begin to study other forms of worship. You may have a spiritual awakening through some esoteric happening in your life, that makes you realize that death is not the end of our existence, and you want to learn more. On a more negative note, any pending legal issues or court proceedings may become more intense and/or eliminated because of new circumstances. Be aware that you should always have proper legal counsel if facing any civil or federal court issues.

Also — you may be traveling to see distant elderly relatives who are in need of your services or just want to touch base with you to give you information and/or family facts that haven’t been discussed or have been hidden for years. You may have older parents that need extra attention, and there may be some legal ongoings about wills, trusts, and inheritances. It may be a time of reconciliation, if you have been estranged from your family members for some time. There may be a feeling of anxiety if you feel time is running out.

Uranus Surprise — you find some interesting facts about your ancestors.

Uranus in Taurus in the Tenth Zodiac House — At the top of our Zodiac Chart, the Tenth House is one of great importance. Our social standing is here, as is our job status. Also, it is one of the areas where the world sees us and what we have accomplished. Any honors, or tributes we have garnered during our lifetime will be noted here. There could be big changes in one’s life whilst Uranus in Taurus is in residence. For instance — career changes, job promotions, needing to find a new home, downsizing, finding yourself in local politics, being honored for your good deeds or working ethic! A business opportunity may open up that you have been waiting to take advantage of for a long time.

Also, more responsibilities may await someone who is already on the ladder-of-success — if Uranus is transiting your Tenth House, you will want to be prepared for any and all new prospects that are presented to you. Hone your abilities, your skills, and your mind-set in order to be able to respond to any and all opportunities that are opening for you in the next few years.

If you have any new ideas or projects in the works, be bold in offering your brilliance to those who have the power to give you a chance to show your stuff! Thinking outside the box will bring you to the attention of those who are willing to work with you in order to find the best and most innovative ways to move forward. Let your imagination soar as you scale the heights of whatever pinnacle you are trying to climb.

Where do you see yourself in 5 – 10 – 15 years? Preparing while Uranus in Taurus is giving you the most inventive yet practical, pioneering yet homespun, and original yet useful concepts and ideas that will bring you to achieve whatever magnificent, influential and ground-breaking project your imagination can render.

Uranus Surprise — Finding yourself receiving a major honor for work well done.

Uranus in Taurus in the Eleventh Zodiac House — Holding our friends, larger pets, hopes and wishes, and some business income, honing our educational pursuits, some of our more casual social life, meeting new people and seeing our future in a pragmatic manner. Whew — for a House that follows that stellar 10th Zodiac House, there is still a lot of business to attend to herein. Indeed, it is here that we find our closest and longest friendships, we improve on our basic education, it’s also where we have some of our most social and relaxed fun with those we have most in common, it’s our love of horses, larger dogs and any large pet, and it is where we begin to get serious about our life’s journey — whether career-wise or just future goals.

We can also find  some new interest in activities we hadn’t thought about, opposite the 5th Zodiac House of recreational pursuits, hobbies, romantic acquaintances, creative activities, and speculative ventures — you may start some new classes or undertakings that stimulate you physically or mentally. In the long run, these new interests might take you to an entirely new outlook on how you can truly enjoy your life.

Our biggest challenge with Uranus in Taurus traversing this area might be that we are finding we have outgrown some of our old pals, or our life has taken a turn — and we no longer have as much in common with a certain group of friends. You may have to make some difficult choices if there is a large enough gulf between where your interests have taken you, and where it may have left your friends in the dust. It will be up to you to pick and choose how to handle these divergent paths. Of course, if you have moved far from your childhood home, it may just be that you cannot keep in touch as frequently with your old friends because of distance. Whatever the chasm — you will have to make up your mind about how to proceed and/or find unique ways to honor long-standing connections from the past.

On a positive note, you may be finding new opportunities within your company to make your way up the corporate ladder. Be open to any new assignments and offers that come your way. Or — joining a new club or social group might lead you to your bliss.

Uranus Surprise — Meeting up with a childhood friend may lead to romance!

Uranus in Taurus in the Twelfth Zodiac House — As we follow the natural order of events in our lives — this aspect may bring the biggest changes for you. Our Twelfth Zodiac House has sway over contacts with Hospitals and Prisons (any confining physical or natural structure), our personal self-limitations, our self-analyzing abilities, Karma from past lives, confidential information and secrets, focusing on the negative side of life, lacking compassion, and keeping aware of our employment situation.

This House also often makes us question our faith, religious affiliations, and perhaps other idealistic concepts we have grown up with, and have never really thought about before. Uranus in Taurus will be testing the waters here for us, in order to shake our mundane and unfocused day-to-day moving through our life, and not really living it with purpose or delight.

There may have been some major happening that made us aware of our inability to face our own inner demons, or actual bad habits. Uranus in Taurus will be able to shake our plodding along, and make us take notice that we are not taking advantage of all that life has to offer. It may be that someone has a health scare, or has gotten in trouble with the law, or has just had themselves a revelation about life! Whatever has aroused your curiosity about your own lifestyle, there will be changes! Working with Uranus in Taurus can get you on to the right track and help you find those who will be able to help you on your way. Indeed, this may be the time for you to totally renew your commitment to your family, your church and most especially to yourself.

Be open to any new concepts that stimulate your curiosity, interest in bettering your current situation. Get to know yourself better during this duration (7 years) of Uranus in Taurus, and by the end of this run, you will be better prepared, more aware, and physically able to control your own life and future.

Uranus Surprise — A wonderfully new positive outlook on life, love, and your future!

Uranus in Taurus will be in effect for seven (plus) years — so there is a lot of time for the effects of this aspect to infiltrate the Zodiac House its is transiting within your own Chart. I find it exciting and look forward to whatever Uranus in Taurus might be planning. I feel the sign Taurus will have some moderating effect on anything Uranus might have in mind. If we embrace the awesomeness of all that life has to offer, we can anticipate an interesting time ahead for ourselves and perhaps for the world.


New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer Reminder — July 12th 2018

This is such a powerful New Moon that we all should ready ourselves to write out our affirmations, wishes and desires after the Moon crests on July 12th, at 9:45 PM EST (add one hour for DST). Since the sign Cancer has so much to do with family, nurturing, home life, short trips, water sports and boating, we can use this as a guide to formulate our wishes. However, on a New Moon Solar Eclipse there is little we cannot wish for and put out into the Universal ether to root, and begin to flower into our own reality. Our personal thoughts have a weightiness that begins to create a scenario that can blossom and grow into an actual event in our lives.

Keep an optimistic outlook, use positivity in your wish and affirmation list, and truly believe that you have the ability and capacity to allow that spark of creativity to evolve and produce those outcomes that will bring you joy, comfort and blessings. Garner all of your inner grit and find that spiritual spark that you know will begin your journey forward into your own enlightened future reality.



New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer — July 12th 2018

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer, crests at 20 degrees of the sign, at 9:48 PM EST (adjust for DST) on the 12th of the month. The sign Cancer has so much to do with home, family, mother, compassion, and nurturing that all of the above can be included in our affirmations, wishes and dreams. Also the safety of our children, homes and neighborhoods will be highlighted during the next few months.

It may also be time for some who have been holding on to a grudge, or squabble to just let it go! Embrace the energy of the lights in order to move forward on your own Earthly journey. Release any angst or anger, so that you may free yourself of this burden you have been carrying around. Forgiveness is as freeing for the person who forgives, as for those who are pardoned. It will be as if a weight has been lifted from your heart.

This New Moon Eclipse is opposite powerful Pluto, perhaps bringing some governmental departments and/or big businesses into conflict — there may be a moment of chaos as those in charge take a moment to let the dust settle, before making any statements or rulings. For we mere ordinary folks, it may be wise to put off any major plans until after the Eclipse runs its course. A week or so after the New Moon might be best to reconnect with those with whom we want to do business, or just have a nice chat.

Of course, the New Moon is the time for all of us to put to paper our hopes and wishes for the future. Any affirmations to help our families, to improve our relationships, to find a new abode, and to find a way to reestablish warm connections with our kith and kin. But thinking outside the box — we can use our imagination to find unique ways to enrich our journey and pathway through this lifetime. If you want or need a new car, a new job, a raise in pay, roomier living quarters, a closer relationship with an old friend — you can write out your affirmations, dreams and wishes for anything that you believe in your heart and soul, would improve your life and the lives of your loved ones. After the New Moon crests and for the next 24 hours is the best time to write out your wish list.

Also covered by the sign Cancer is our innate instincts, our gut feelings, our “Spidey senses” — that are there to help us understand our world better. Intimacy, love, compassion, caring are all under Cancer’s realm. Our homes, our self-empowerment, our ideals are also able to be tapped into for our wish list. Don’t be stifled by feelings of inadequacy, humility, or shyness — be bold in your affirmations as you feel your own power flowing out into the Universal ether to become your reality. Each thought has a weightiness and a force that can be tapped into for our own personal growth. Dig deep into your inner core to find those things that mean the most to you — and write your statements clearly, concisely and with the intensity of your most ardent feelings. Try to “see” how your life would be better when these wishes come true! Believe that you deserve to be happy during this gift of a lifetime here on Earth. Believe in your own strength of character, your integrity and your decency!


Lady Venus Enters Virgo — July 9th 2018

Lady Venus will have some adjustments to make after Her luxurious stay in Leo’s royal realm. Indeed, having had more than Her share of elegance, extravagance and indulgence, moving into Virgo’s practical although fashionable abode will no doubt be a quantum change. Whilst in Leo, our Lady Venus pretty much ran the show, finding Leo’s lifestyle much to her liking, and being able to manipulate our lovesick Leo with Her feminine wiles.

Virgo will not put up with Lady Venus’ frivolous ideas — and although they both love and expect only the best quality in any of their homes, Virgo knows how to shop for a bargain, a characteristic that Lady Venus can’t quite seem to learn. There will be tears, and perhaps a hissy-fit or two before these ladies find their common-ground in fashion, healthy-living and doing good works for those less fortunate.

Lady Venus in Virgo is a force to be reckoned with, as they journey together from the 9th at 9:32 PM EST (adjust for DST) until She enters Libra on August 6th. If you have any plans to redecorate or refurbish your home or wardrobe, using Lady Venus in Virgo will help you find the best quality for the best price, and items that are now not only in fashion, but on sale! Of course, continuing on into Libra is another of Lady Venus’ most ardent stays, as She and Libra seek beauty, balance and romance!

While in Virgo we can use the more practical side of Lady Venus, and let our loved ones know how much they mean to us in a no-nonsense manner. Also, this is a great time to begin or reinstate our healthy routines of exercise and diet. With the Summer produce bursting onto the market shelves or roadside stands, we can find healthy alternatives to perhaps offset some of the effects of our backyard Barbecues full of burgers and ribs!

As Lady Venus quickly moves through Virgo, She will encounter an exciting aspect with Uranus in Taurus on the 11th late in the evening, you might have met someone interesting and they call — or one of your favorite off-beat movies is on and you will indulge your senses with watching it while  enjoying a bowl of home-made popcorn. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer crests on the 12th, time to consider your affirmations and wishes. On the 14th after midnight Lady Venus connects with Saturn that may solidify a long-term relationship, or bring an older mentor into your life. Later in the morning Lady Venus encounters Pluto, and finds some impediment to enjoying the day as She had planned — perhaps your boss wants you to come in to work on a project — sigh! The 22nd finds Lady Venus and Jupiter on good terms, it’s in the wee hours of the morning, you may perhaps have had a brilliant idea or dream that will help you find a solution to an ongoing issue. Lady Venus and Neptune aren’t happy with one another on the 24th, after the lunch hour, perhaps someone hurt your feelings, or your idealistic outlook has been dimmed by a naysayer — ignore any negativity! Mercury goes Retrograde on the 26th followed by the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius  on the 27th — maybe a time to hold-your-tongue even when feeling strongly about what is going on at the moment — a time will come when you can speak your mind! After the dinner hour on the 30th Lady Venus and the Sun find civility in jeopardy — try to cajole anyone who seems to be emotionally fragile, and allow them to blow off steam without judgement. Before She slips into Libra on the 6th at 6:28 PM EST (adjust for DST), Lady Venus and Jupiter find that too much of a good thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be — choose moderation in all things and life will go a little more smoothly.

Enjoy Lady Venus’ time in Virgo as herein She is fastidious, more practical, a tad wiser, and much more in control of her desires — much can be accomplished with this amazing duo!

Hint — Find your Lady Venus in Virgo love at a shopping mall, having a pedicure or massage, buying shoes, reading to toddlers, having a small ice-cream cone with sprinkles, at the gym or jogging, in a health-food store or farmer’s market buying fresh veggies, reading in a quiet corner of the book store, having an afternoon cup of green tea, driving an arctic white sports-car, sitting in the shade at the beach, and listening to jazz at a neighborhood club.


July’s Astrological Activity — 2018

July will prove to be a busy and perhaps difficult month for some, with both a Solar Eclipse on July 12th at 20 degrees of Cancer, and a Lunar Eclipse on July 27th at 4 degrees of Aquarius. The July 12th Eclipse will oppose Pluto in Capricorn bringing some rather uncomfortable world-wide vibrations. Also, the Lunar Eclipse on the 27th conjoins passionate and warlike Mars — anyone who has their Sun , Moon, or any Planet near these degrees will have to beware of difficult decisions and problematic happenings. Be sure to know what is in any legal documents, and double check with a professional about your responsibilities.

Fortunately on the 10th Jupiter in Scorpio will turn Direct at 13 degrees of the sign, those who have the lights or a Planet in aspect to mighty Jupiter will enjoy some momentary beneficial growth and achievement. Especially highlighted will be the other Water signs, Pisces and Cancer, look to your chart to see if perhaps some good luck is on its way to you. The energy built up by the oncoming Solar Eclipse on the 12th may bring some difficulties in any new project — be sure to check every angle. Mercury will turn Retrograde on the 26th at 23 degrees of Leo, for its usual 3 week stay ending up at 11 degrees of Leo before returning to Direct Motion on August 18th late in the evening. As usual, we suggest that nothing of major importance is started during Mercury’s Rx period — if you can manage it, delaying any new major purchase, home alteration, or even vacation might be for the best in the long run. Dishonesty is rife — use your “Spidey Senses” to really hear what others are saying — check all references and “values” — if it sounds to good to be true — Hmm — well I’m sure you know the rest of the adage.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees of Aquarius, on the 27th will bring an excess of energy and can be troublesome if you have any Planets near this degree. Remember to use your discretion, and if possible find creative and unusual ways in which to handle any off-putting events. For most of us this will pass without note, but for a few there might be more intensity and difficulty with day-to-day activities.

Perhaps the best advice would be to continue on with whatever projects, plans or actions you are already working on for the future. Be aware that any new information or offers could come with strings attached — still, with close inspection and given enough time you may want to follow through to see what any offering might bring. There will be some positive vibes being sent by a Jupiter/Neptune connection allowing us to get in contact with our deepest desires and wildest dreams, also a Saturn/Uranus blending can get our creative juices flowing. Working within the confines of the current Astrological movements, we can find strength, and see an opportunity where perhaps others cannot see them.

Jupiter turning Direct on July 10th in Scorpio may uncover some hidden secrets, If we have been sensing and learning the lessons of Jupiter as it has allowed us to recap our past actions this year, we will have gained new insight into just how we might move forward with renewed vigor and an appreciation of how far we have come.

We should all attempt to get in touch with our inner spirit, and renew our affirmations with our transformed enlightenment.The New Moon Solar Eclipse crests on July 12th in Cancer at 9:48 PM EST (adjust for DST). Remember to write out your wishes, dreams and affirmations with the mighty energy of this New Moon. Sensitive, compassionate and nurturing will be highlighted, perhaps you can find a way to help someone in need, or just try to put a smile on someone’s face. We may find that our feelings are overwhelmed by a kind gesture or unexpected compliment. Enjoy the moment!

Lady Venus will enter Virgo on the 9th, not Her usual happy place, especially after dallying in the luxurious realm of Leo. However, our Lady Venus finds a way to use Virgo’s classic sense of fashion, and her need for fastidious perfection. Since Virgo has a penchant for keeping especially healthy, we can all take a page from her book whilst Lady Venus primps at the mirror trying to look and feel Her best.

The Moon is in Aquarius as the month begins, giving us free-rein to allow our thoughts to imagine the most fantastic things. Allow yourself to dream big, find your creative happy place, and try something your heart has longed for that will bring you joy. The 5th brings the Sun and Jupiter together in a mind-meld, allowing you to awaken with a new sense of enthusiasm, and confident that things will go your way. Don’t listen to naysayers who try to burst your balloon — they are just feeling left out of your aura of positivity. On the 8th, during a late breakfast, the Sun and Neptune blend to bring you a new appreciation of that elusive feeling of being happy for no discernible reason. Perhaps you have turned a corner with a health issue, resolved a spat, or just realized you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. Lady Venus and Uranus find common ground on the 11th late in the evening — you may be thinking about a chance encounter with an interesting new acquaintance. In the wee hours of the 14th, Lady Venus and Saturn are getting along, perhaps an older mentor gave you some good advice, and you now have a roadmap to your future. Don’t allow Mercury and Pluto’s uncomfortable meeting on the 16th to start your week off on a bad note — think before you respond to someone who isn’t in a good mood. The 23rd brings an early morning feeling of joy, as Lady Venus and Jupiter team up. People are going to find you attractive, and will be willing to see things your way. However, on the 24th Lady Venus and Neptune have fallen out of favor temporarily, and after the lunch hour there may be confusion about someone’s true feelings. Bide your time before making any decision. Drive carefully on the 25th as a morning rush hour meeting of the Sun and Uranus might make for distracted drivers or unexpected traffic disruptions. With the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 27th your day may feel chaotic and out of control, but you can assuage this excess energy by keeping calm, being optimistic, and finding ways to be of service to others. Mercury and Lady Venus spend some quality time together on the 30th after lunch, you may have had lunch with a charming companion. Or a co-worker may be showing a lot of interest in you!

August starts off with an Aries Moon full of can-do power and a fiery outlook, you might feel a bit astounded — you will, however, be able to use this energy to get things accomplished.

This year seems to be flying by — summer will be over before we know it — enjoy these lazy, sunshiny and spirit sustaining days!



An Exultant and Joyous Summer Solstice — June 21st 2018

Looking over the dour expansive, empty moors of England on a day that was gloomy and overcast, I still felt that frisson of power as I approached the massive and ancient monument of Stonehenge. How amazing it must have been for those early people to gather together during the Solstices and Equinoxes during the year. You can almost feel the weight and mass of those mighty Sarsen Stones and crossbeams as they rise into the Heavens with their prehistoric forces. I could feel the energy moving in a clockwise motion, as I stood in front of this magnificent site. There were few tourists about this day, and I could just close my eyes and imagine the majesty, gravitas and solemnity as those ancients began their incantations, prayers and affirmations. Feeling the rays of the Sun touching their faces as they watched the primordial movement of the Sun appear through the Keystone! I can still recall that magical moment when the vibration crossed in front of me on its endless journey around this hallowed ground. It was a physical sensation with a warmth that seemed to settle around me for a moment as it swept along on its limitless path.

Today there are those folks who still find the time and necessity to acknowledge these days with prayers, incantations and ancient chants — there seems to be a need to rally the forces of hope for their future, as they supplicate before this nascent altar. They beseech those powers that be, for protection, bounty, courage and faith that their future will be full of optimism and reward. It seems that all human beings search for acceptance, kindness, appreciation and love during their stay here on Earth. We all try to find those ways in which we can become part of a whole, belong to a clan, find our family roots. We want to not only survive, but want to thrive in a safe, protected, and bountiful place, where we can raise our children in the light of a loving Divine presence and with an innate love of Nature’s blessings.

Our Summer Solstice begins as the Sun enters the sign Cancer on the 21st at 5:06 AM EST (adjust for DST), and the growing season is coming to fruition. We recognize those things that make our lives meaningful and joyous — Good health, happiness, hope, harmony, also Caring, kindness, compassion, and charity — Family, friends, acquaintances, and like-minded folks, but also the Magic and Wonder of our World, the majesty and immensity of our Galaxy, and the eternal limitlessness of the Universe.

We are in awe of the magnificence that surrounds us every day — we luxuriate in the minutiae of those little things that make life worthwhile. A butterfly, a newborn babe, a snowflake, a tear of atonement. We realize that we are all humans in a wonderland of mystery and enchantment — we are blessed beyond our ability to understand how extraordinary it is that this life of ours can even exist. Divine circumstance, evolution — none of these fully explains how meaningful to us that we have this gift of precious life.

There are those times when it seems we can connect to the infinite, and understand our place on this Earth and in this World — and it is these times when we should contemplate our mystical and tenuous existence. Life isn’t forever — life is short — and we must acknowledge our human deficiencies and our strengths with a fierce acceptance of the limits of our abilities — yet breathe in our holiness, our sanctity, our spirituality and the essence of our infinite existence within the Heavenly astral plane.

Take a few moments on this Summer Solstice to reestablish your connection to your ancestors, forebears and bloodlines — savor the ancient cadence of life, and rejoice that you have been chosen to exist during this challenging time. You are special, you are akin to the most amazing miracle of all — humanity!

Revel in the Divine love that has been bestowed upon you — Peace!


New Moon in Gemini Reminder — June 13th 2018

Hope you all have prepared a list of affirmations, wishes and desires early, so you can take advantage of this exhilarating New Moon in Gemini’s energy and power. The New Moon crests at 2:44 PM EST (add one hour for DST) — you can write out your affirmations after the New Moon has crested, and for the next 24 hours.

With Gemini’s feisty attitude, brilliant IQ, and unmatched energy — you can find that infinite power that will send your thoughts and ideas into the Galaxial ether to become reality. The Universe is handing out this gift of evolutionary energy into your hands, in order for you to have a say in your own future.

Write out your dearest, wildest and most heartfelt wishes, so that they may materialize for you here on Earth.