Hello world!

This site will bring you some interesting and timely posts about what is going on in the Heavens — I love studying astrology, and I enjoy passing on the information I have gleaned from the moving planets in aspect to the sun and moon and each other.  Even if you feel this kind of post isn’t for you — if you give it a try, you might find it amusing, informative, downright accurate, or just a good way to pass a couple of lazy minutes on your computer. 

I have found over the years that much of what goes on in the ether does affect the happenings here on planet Earth — much depends on the sign you were born under and what aspects are in your own personal natal chart.  You can get your natal chart free from many sites on the internet — and learning where your sun and moon are located, along with the sign that was rising at the time of your birth will give you a heads up as to what cycle you are now going through. 

There are many cycles that the planets bring to us, Saturn, for instance (I call it the “learning” planet — has a cycle of approximately 28 to 30 years) — by the time we are 30 we have experienced the planets influence in each house of our natal chart.  It’s no wonder that the Hippies of the 60’s quipped “Don’t trust anyone over 30” — we are changed because of our having been through the many and varied, sometimes difficult lessons of Saturn throughout our charts.

Also there is a magnificent opposition from the planet Uranus at age 42 (give or take a year) that challenges us — can we say “mid-life crisis”?  This year is often fraught with changes that we might be less that anxious to have happen.  Yet the planet Uranus doesn’t bring a change unless it is going to build us a newer and stronger foundation.  It is part of the building blocks of our journey throughout this lifetimes path. 

We can accept and grow with the help of the Universal forces, or we can challenge the energies and find ourselves at odds with our true and natural path.  In astrology there is a saying “As above — so below” … this doesn’t mean we have no free will — it only shows us that by following the natural harmony of the galaxy, we can flourish and meet all of our expectations — or we can rale against the forces and be held accountable in many formidable ways.  The stars may impel, but they do not compel any actions or beliefs. 

The world is our oyster, there is so much for the taking, so much beauty, knowledge, fun and happiness to be garnered from our lifetime here, if we but choose to be aware and partake of its bounty.

I hope you will join me in opening up the mysteries and secrets of the Universe as we all travel on this tiny blue planet called Earth — it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to get it right, we have the choice, the right, and the means to become our best selves, and to find our place in the Universe.  Lets all gear up and promise ourselves we will choose to become the ultimate human being we are meant to be — awesomeness is an option — let it be you!

Welcome fellow searchers for the truth — it is out there…


August’s Astrological Activity — 2021

The Month of August opens with the Sun and Mercury conjoined — there may be a lot of opinions, viewpoints and beliefs being touted, all with a bit of attitude. It might be better to just wait until later in the day when Saturn rears its dogged persona and the atmosphere has changed, and so have those resolute outlooks. Or, we have moved on and will allow others to continue the debates with a modicum of reason.

August always seems like a transitional month — still some having warm Summery days but cooler nights, we start to notice that the skies are darkening sooner, and of course, the children are preparing for getting back to school. There is some hesitation to completely let go of Summer’s lazy days, but we know that when September arrives our lives will once again be on a “normal” schedule. How did August get here so quickly? Weren’t we just sitting by the ocean, lake or pool? Weren’t we just celebrating the Fourth of July? Didn’t we just get out our Summertime toys, clubs, clothes, furniture out of our closets and sheds? Somehow I am not looking forward to these quickly changing seasons, they seem to fly by with supersonic speeds, not allowing us to get immersed in the moments of bliss that we envisioned as the Summer began. Sigh! Well, I do enjoy the Autumn foliage — so there’s that!

In the wee hours of the 3rd, Lady Venus and Uranus are totally in sync, we may have unusual dreams of grandeur or there may be unique and unusual ideas for reaching out to your loved ones. Or you might come up with a fantastic new recipe for a dessert that will become a family favorite. It’s just that kind of an aspect, open to suggestion and imagination. Later on in the late evening Mercury and Uranus are a bit off-key, it might be better to just get to bed early. The Sun and Uranus are just not feeling it after the dinner hour on the 6th, it may be a precursor to some surprising news in or around our neighborhood. As we are approaching the New Moon in Leo on the 8th, we may be feeling some angst, as this New Moon in Leo has some extra power. Mercury is nearby and may be bringing us new creative ideas or is just making us itchy to move on. In a wide opposition to Saturn we may have to weight our options and with Uranus in Taurus stirring the pot, there may be some unexpected news or outcomes to ongoing projects. Still, I find that the New Moon in Leo power can and will hold sway over us, and we can with confidence write out our affirmation list in order to have our own say in our life!

Lady Venus and Neptune are in a standoff on the 9th, as we relax to watch TV, perhaps we had a tiff with our spouse or partner, and we just want to mindlessly merge with some offbeat show, in order to wind down after a busy Monday. We can hope all is forgotten or forgiven by the 10th when Mercury and Jupiter are not in sync, just as we are preparing to go to bed — if not another spat could ensue. We can look forward to the 11th when Lady Venus and Pluto find agreement, the air is cleared and we are back on track. Friday the 13th could be iffy around the noon hour, as Mars and Saturn need appeasing — no one is perfect — seek serenity. As we are getting up on the 14th Lady Venus and Jupiter are sensitive, maybe have your coffee before talking to anyone! Later in the evening, The Sun and Neptune interact with some exasperation — use this time for creative writing and ignore any pointed remarks. Lady Venus and Uranus are negotiating on the 15th after the dinner hour, the best outcome would be to try to accommodate any reasonable suggestion. Lady Venus enters delicately balanced Libra at 12:26 AM EDT on the 16th bringing more beauty and congeniality to us all. However, there may have to be some adjustments on the 16th after the dinner hour, as Mercury and Saturn are at odds. Some lingering difficulties may ensue on the 17th as Pluto isn’t friendly with Mercury or the Sun during the morning hours — you may have to soften your adamant ideas in order to move forward. Ditch the ego and realize you aren’t the expert. At the end of the day on the 18th, a magnificent conjunction between Mercury and Mars in the sign Virgo, can help to lift our spirits and bring us new hope for our plans to better our health and with the Planet Uranus at a standstill in good aspect to these two, we might receive some unexpected help. Silver linings abound! Although the Sun and Jupiter are exasperated mid-evening on the 19th, we still may find the energy of these two orbs bring a desire to throw caution to the wind and we want to find our true calling. After midnight on the 20th Mercury and Uranus seek to give us another boost of energy to move forward, we may have a dream or actual “light-bulb” moment that helps us see our pathway with more clarity and insight. Another early morning breakthrough on the 22nd might be stimulated by Mars and Uranus in sync, especially as Uranus is slowly reversing motion. This Earthy combination will energize our commonsense, and ability to focus on the basics. Also the Full Moon in Aquarius crests today at the breakfast hour, bringing thoughts of humanity’s purpose here on Earth. Later in the day the Sun enters Virgo enhancing our practicality and ability to see reason.

Lady Venus and Saturn have a strong connection on the 23rd, as we are heading into work, perhaps we are seeking answers to a romantic conundrum, or we are focused on what awaits us in the office. In the evening of the 24th, Mercury and Neptune just aren’t feeling it — we may be talking at cross-purposes and just not hearing one another. Sounds like the best choice is an early bedtime. Mercury and Saturn are in a snit on the 25th mid-afternoon, minds may already be made up and there is no argument that will change minds, also Lady Venus and Jupiter are agitated around the dinner hour and we may feel under-appreciated. Mercury and Pluto have an encounter on the 26th, mid-morning, conversations may be intense but bring answers. On the 27th Mercury and Jupiter are seeking clarity just before the noon hour. Maybe you can put things on the back-burner, and go to lunch where you may realize the answer is a simple “yes”. Lady Venus and Uranus meet up on the 28th after the lunch hour — someone exciting might have entered your sphere, and you are interested. However with Uranus in the mix, take your time to figure out your attraction. Mercury and Uranus are ho-hum on the 29th mid-evening, you may feel a bit foggy and tired. Mercury will enter the sign Libra on the 30th trying to bring more balance to our thoughts, We may have awoken after a restless night on the 31st as the Sun and Saturn were just not into each other, try to shake off any irritation — the day improves and we begin to feel better, September will usher in the grandeur of Autumnal foliage — a time of Nature’s most colorful displays!


Mars Enters Virgo — July 29th 2021

Mighty Mars leaves generous Leo to enter into Virgo’s pristine realm — arriving at 4:32 PM EDT, and staying until moving into Libra on September 14th — Mars may need a moment or two to adjust to His new environment. After enjoying Leo’s bounty and lavish lifestyle, our Mars ego may have to be put aside for a moment as He realizes that in this Kingdom one might have to work for their rewards. Of course, Mars in Virgo is no slouch when it comes to hard work, keeping on the right track and precisely finding the best and easiest course to take for any project that comes along. It’s hard to beat Mars in Virgo passion for getting things right the first time — whilst in Virgo — Mars may learn that there are no shortcuts in seeking perfection. Indeed, being in Virgo probably will make our noble Mars a bit more picky, more defined and much more particular about his manner of going about his duties.

If you run a business, you will want to hire a Mars in Virgo persona in order to get things done in a timely fashion, enjoy being able to pass on some of the responsibility to someone who will do all they can to “get it right”, and will also be totally detailed oriented and honest to the core. Sounds perfect — however — sometimes a Mars in Virgo will get so bogged down in details that they cannot see the Forest for the Trees. With a modicum of detailed instruction, our Mars in Virgo will get any job done with enviable attention to detail.

Actually Mighty Mars makes a Grand Entrance on the 29th around the lunch hour with an opposition to Jovial Jupiter — both at the critical 29th degree of Leo and Aquarius — these Fixed Signs are determined to hold sway and shake up any stagnation that is holding us back. When Mars enters Virgo later in the day we know what we want and how best to reach our goals

.August 1st arrives with a conjunction between the Sun and Mercury in Leo, around mid-morning we might find there is a lot of talk, but little action as both soon oppose a somber but strong Saturn later in the day. The 2nd finds the Moon and Mars at odds as we are getting into the office, the less talk the better all around. The Leo New Moon crests on the 8th at 9:50 AM EDT at 16 degrees of the sign — this is a New Moon with ego and purpose. We can use it to our advantage when we write out our List of Affirmations. Make a note of this date in your calendar!

Mars and Saturn meet up on the 13th, after the noon hour, there is some irritation and hesitation in getting anything done. We are frustrated and stymied by our own ‘analysis paralysis’. The dissatisfaction continues on the 14th mid-morning when Mars and Pluto butt heads, we just can’t seem to find our happy place today although we seem to be going through the motions. Mercury and Mars meet up in Virgo on the 18th just before the midnight hour, we may be planning to seek out new ways to improve our health and fitness. We are inspired and hopeful for beginning a more healthy way of living. In the wee hours of the 22nd, Mars and Uranus are in sync, perhaps our plans for a healthier life are paying off in unusual ways, or because Uranus just turned Retrograde on the 19th, we may become even more determined in our quest. Also being a Full Moon in Aquarius day, we might find some tension — especially as the Full Moon in Aquarius is at the critical 29 degrees, just before it changes signs. This degree holds a lot of power, and we might be feeling some anxiety, especially as the usual Sun/Moon opposition is enhanced by the Moon being conjunct the Planet Jupiter. There may be some instability within the government, health-care, social situations and perhaps news of note on the World stage. On September 2nd, Mars and Neptune are just not in a happy place mid-afternoon, we may feel a little foggy or unsettled. We might be better off to just go with the flow and accept life as is — and not rock the boat. The 3rd sees Mars and Saturn in flux, later in the evening — we might want to just go to bed early. The 5th finds Mars and Lady Venus getting along, around the noon hour — your lunch might prove to be very interesting and maybe a tad romantic. Following up, the 6th sees Mars and Pluto companionable shortly followed by a pleasant Lady Venus and Jupiter hook-up, perhaps romance is in the air or a job offer is in the works. Later on in the late evening, Mars and Jupiter are comparing notes in order to find the perfect way to reach a goal. Mars and Uranus create some annoyance in the wee hours of the 14th — our dreams may have been erratic and we awaken feeling groggy and dissatisfied. But soon, Mars leaves Virgo’s tidy realm at 10:13 PM EDT, to enter social Libra’s Kingdom where we feel loved and supported. Enjoy Mars in Virgo’s transit by attending to your health, fitness and personal needs — but also remember to find your inner warrior for good!

Mars in Virgo’s Love Style — Mars in Virgo is the ultimate family man, interested in doing everything He can to keep the family well-cared for and safe. There may be a subtle need for perfection within His persona, and that can lead to some difficulties within the family group — but — our Mars in Virgo always needs to feel His family is protected and able to enjoy life’s little pleasures. Loyalty is a given, as Mars in Virgo takes their time in choosing a lifetime partner, and a partner who unequivocally has an equal say in all things within the family circle.

Mars in Virgo are honest to a fault, find it difficult to live without their own “code of honor”, and want everyone who is connected to Him and His family to be above reproach. Indeed, this family man cannot imagine a life without a law-abiding conscious. He tries to treat people fairly and expects the same in return. Always attentive to the needs of those He loves and His friends, He will be that someone who can be called day or night for any issue. Perhaps a bit too precise in His own surroundings and persona, He doesn’t hold everyone to His high standards. He can live and let live! Hard working, devoted, loving in His own subtle manner, caring and kind — our Mars in Venus isn’t someone who wears his Heart on his Sleeve — but nevertheless has passionate feelings towards those He loves — but sometimes cannot express enough.


Lady Venus Enters Virgo — July 21st 2021

Leaving Leo’s golden realm is difficult for Lady Venus, as She has been pampered and indulged in Her every whim. Loving and generous whilst under Leo’s munificent care, our Lady Venus will have a bit of an adjustment when She enters Virgo’s kingdom. Of course, Virgo’s domicile is also quite magnificent, yet in a stately and practical way. Once ensconced in Virgo’s realm, our Lady Venus might be put off by the strictness of behavior expected, and the genteel manner in which Virgo prefers her abode to be enjoyed. Still, once Lady Venus understands the decorum expected within, She will begin to appreciate the fastidious good taste of Virgo’s appetites, the extremely well-run manner in which the kingdom is decorated and the eye for fashion of Virgo will be most pleasing to the Fashionista persona of Lady Venus.

Whilst in Virgo, Lady Venus will express Her love with kindness, a readiness to be of service to others, and will keep a practical eye on all Her surroundings. Indeed, Lady Venus actually begins to enjoy Virgo’s ability to take control of a situation and to find a perfect solution. Of course, there may be a debate on what perfection means — is it love, beauty, practicality, knowledge, ability, strength or being always right? Sigh, sometimes life gets complicated and we search for that amorphous combination we know is just right! The question is — “Who is it just right for?”

Indeed, while Lady Venus is in Virgo, until August 16th when She enters Libra, we must be able to maintain a rather open-minded viewpoint, in order to not try to overrun someone with our conviction, that our way is “right”! For sure, Lady Venus in Virgo can be quite the adamant negotiator, and will have all of the facts and figures to prove her point of view — however, it sometimes just isn’t what we ourselves need or want. It might be difficult to deal with Lady Venus in Virgo, they may be a bit controlling, critical, and/or demanding. Still, they only want what (they believe) is best for everyone, their heart is usually in the right place.

Lady Venus is opposite Jupiter on the 22nd as we enter the office, perhaps someone catches our eye and we are intrigued. With Mars and Pluto trying to hard to get along, we might want to take a moment to breathe and truly “see” the situation clearly. Lady Venus meanders through Virgo without much interference until the 30th when Lady Venus and Pluto just aren’t feeling it mid-morning, we may be feeling concerned about a loved one and don’t have any answer. Later on in the morning Lady Venus and Saturn are a bit solemn and thinking about ways to be a better listener. We may have to decide how to handle a family issue, or relationship concern.

The month of August opens with Mercury and the Sun meeting up in the sign of Leo in mid-morning, perhaps we should think before we speak — just saying! Sill it could be a good time to clear the air if it can be done in a loving and sensitive manner. Later in the day Mercury and Saturn are not happy with each other, it could be difficult to get your message across to a loved one — patience will work wonders.

On August 3rd, Lady Venus and Uranus are compatible in the wee hours of the morning, our dreams may be full of fantastic imagery that could hold a message for you. And — there will be a practical and advantageous usefulness when you realize that the Universe was speaking directly to you in a way you truly understand. Just a heads-up about the approaching New Moon in Leo on the 8th — usually a bright and positive moment to share — and I still feel that New Moon energy is a source of optimism — on the down side — this New Moon in Leo is square the Planet Uranus, bringing in some unexpected activity — and opposite the Planet Saturn — perhaps a wake up call to change some negative habits that have formed recently. There will be some controversy swirling about from the 6th and whilst the New Moon energy is being expelled on the 8th. Just be prepared for a bit of a roller-coaster ride during this period. On the 9th Lady Venus appears in opposition to the Planet Neptune later in the evening, our focus might be a bit off as we are indulging in dreams of romance, yet have a feeling it is all just a fantasy! Lady Venus being in practical Virgo will help you to find the true answers if you but listen! As we are getting into the office on the 11th, Lady Venus and Saturn just aren’t in tune, there may be an issue awaiting your notice – be prepared. Also, as you are leaving work, Lady Venus and Pluto are very chummy, allowing us to share our thoughts without feeling vulnerable. As we awaken on the14th, Lady Venus and Jupiter are in a snit — perhaps we didn’t sleep well and are still tired, you also might be cranky — try to keep to yourself for a couple of hours — maybe take an extended shower or long walk. You will feel refreshed and more ready to communicate after a break. The 15th finds lady Venus and Uranus at odds, after the dinner hour — we may be feeling restless, but know we still have responsibilities to loved ones. We will probably opt to take care of our duties. Lady Venus enters the sign Libra on the 16th after the midnight hour, bringing us a whole new persona — and one that inspires Lady Venus to bring her “A”game!

Hint- find your Lady Venus in Virgo Love at a local church thrift shop, helping at an animal shelter, buying practical shoes for long walks, finding peace while doing yoga, helping the elderly with their computer skills, trying to be more proactive in their own health programs, finding new interests while on vacation, sending notes of concern to an ailing friend, being a positive role model for younger siblings, finding her bliss in meditation.

New Moon in Cancer Reminder — July 9th 2021

The New Moon in Cancer crests at 9:16 PM EDT, bringing a pulse of Lunar energy that can help us move our lives towards our future goals. At 18 degrees of the sign, all those who have a Planet or the Lights at this degree of Cancer in their Zodiac Charts will have an extra boost of power when writing out their affirmation and wish list. Of course, we all have a Zodiac House where the sign Cancer lives, and that is the area that may be more impacted by our New Moon wish list.

For instance — if your 10th Zodiac House is in Cancer, your best bet would be to concentrate on your job and career, also your social standing. If Cancer is in your 5th Zodiac House, you might want to seek a new romantic interest, think about going on vacation, seek out a new hobby or play a game of chance! If your 2nd Zodiac House is highlighted by Cancer, it might be time to take care of your budget, make sure your valuables are in a safe place, and perhaps find you will be getting a bonus.

Each Zodiac House has its own personality, areas of strength, and major area of importance — knowing what each Zodiac House rules can help us when writing out our List of Affirmations. Also — since the sign Cancer has so much to do with our emotions, family, friendship and love — these are also interests we can write about.

The best time to write out our affirmations is right after the New Moon crests at 9:16 PM EDT — but the next 24 to 48 hours will still hold on to the Cancer New Moon energy.


New Moon in Cancer — July 9th 2021

The New Moon in Cancer will crest at 9:16 PM EDT, at 18 degrees of the sign, bringing sensitivity and nurturing into our realm. Indeed, the Moon in its own sign is a powerful source of our need to feel loved, secure and safe. Especially within our family circle where we need to feel wholly accepted, well loved, and appreciated. The New Moon in Cancer is a chance for us to continue to fulfill our current goals, but also to explore new ways of doing things. Sometimes, the sign Cancer can get stuck in a routine that is comfortable and safe, but also a bit of a rut. With the New Moon in Cancer, we can begin to adjust our thinking in order to find new avenues to express our needs and desires. Although the sign of the Crab is tenacious and determined — sometimes is is good to shake up the status quo in order to help us advance to even higher aspirations.

With the New Moon in good aspect to the Planet Neptune that rules imagination, magic and creativity; we can tap into our intuition in order to find our own truths. Never discount your own “gut” feelings when trying to make a decision, whether mundane or personal — we have our innate ability to sense when something is amiss, and ignoring these mental or extrasensory cues is tantamount to ignoring an out of control vehicle. Allow yourself to pay close attention when your head may be telling you one thing, but your intuition is telling you something else. Take the necessary time to “see” the situation clearly.

We also have this New Moon in Cancer slightly opposite the Planet Pluto, perhaps we are feeling a little repressed or under pressure — don’t ignore your own emotions — either find the cause and correct it as best you can, or allow yourself to embrace the anger, frustration, irritation or sadness — and work through all of the elements that are causing these feelings. You are the arbiter of your psyche and you can help yourself to find the answers you know will be able to free you of any useless or ineffective emotions. Take charge with the energy of this powerful New Moon in Cancer in order to move your life in the positive direction that you want to go!

Of course, whilst the New Moon is in effect, we will want to connect with our loved ones, close family and friends in order to reinforce the fact that we are indeed loved and appreciated in our own realm. Furthermore, we need to realize that we all need help at one time or another and it is OK to ask for it. We know in our hearts that we would be there for those we love in a heartbeat if they were in distress. Home is so important — it is where we learned our first words, had our first connections with others, learned what love is all about. Home is safety, security and our sanctuary. Our base of operation and succor are to be found at Home. The New Moon in Cancer brings back all those memories of our childhood and upbringing — our foundation during this lifetime.

The New Moon always brings us the opportunity for new beginnings, opportunities and new prospects for a better future. It is under the auspices of New Moon energy that we can begin the process of helping ourselves to a brighter future. Our senses are heightened and we are able to be clear in recognizing our goals. We know what we need to improve our lives and what will bring us the happiness that we seek.

The New Moon in Cancer brings our thoughts to those we love, the things for which we have deep feelings, our need to feel secure and safe, and we realize that we must concentrate on our long-term aspirations. With the energy and power of the New moon in Cancer we can draw upon the penchant of the Universe to enable us to write out our affirmations, dreams, wishes and desires in order that they may become an unyielding force for our benefit.

Take the time to think about those things that would improve your lifestyle, bring happiness into your realm and simply bring more joy into your life. Write out your affirmations, wishes, dreams and desires while the New Moon in Cancer is the most powerful, right after it crests at 9:16 PM EDT — as the waves of its influence is at its strongest. You can write out your affirmations for the next 24 -48 hours — but the most potent time is when the New Moon crests.

Be clear and concise, but also write in the most positive and optimistic manner you can manage, this is within your ability and skill to precisely write out just what you feel will be the best way forward for you during this lifetime. Keep a positive attitude as you write each wish, feel the Universe listening to your requests, know that your voice is being heard and recorded in the annals of time.

Just imagine your best life — and go for it!


July’s Astrological Activity — 2021

Here in New England July is truly the beginning of the Summer season — the kids are out of school, the beaches are all open, there is excitement in the air for our Independence Day celebrations, and I think everyone is ready to relax and have a good time! We always try to have a 4th of July barbecue for the family — it is sometimes difficult to get everyone together — vacations, work, other plans, all can interfere. But this year it seems the whole family will be able to attend the festivities. It will be so exciting to have everybody together from one-year old babies to great-grandparents! Of course, the expectations are high — everyone has a favorite dish or dessert that they are expecting to appear. We usually can bring all of the elements together for a rollicking good time! NOW, if only the weather cooperates. Sigh!

We have been having extremely high temperatures of late — I believe the weather folks are saying it will be our hottest June ever recorded. Whew! With temps running in the high 90’s throughout the month — I can believe it. Of course, we New Englanders are used to extremes of weather — and often use the quote: “Don’t like the weather, just wait a minute”! Yes it can change that fast!

Still — whatever vagaries come about — we will celebrate the Holiday and each other — with appreciation and love!

July begins with a bit of confusion as Mars and Saturn are at odds on the 1st and then on the 3rd Mars and Uranus are in a snit. There will be pressure — perhaps that we put on ourselves, still — it may be difficult to traverse these days without some kind of hiccup or interruption keeping us on our toes. The Mars and Saturn debacle starts as we are getting into the office, we may want to moderate our response to any in-depth question, or we may find that we are stymied by an unexpected difficulty. The Aries Moon on the 2nd can prove a positive help in clearing up any leftover business or any Aries area activity. The 3rd finds Jupiter and Uranus bringing a positive change into the atmosphere, alas — later in the evening Mars and Uranus are not in sync and we might find ourselves trying to correct something that went awry earlier in the day. The 4th of July is quite hectic in the morning hours as the Taurus Moon is shadowing the vibrations left from the Mars/Uranus meeting. Things do calm down as the Noon hour arrives and there is some acknowledgement that “Life Happens”!

Shortly after 12:00 AM on the 6th, Mercury and Neptune are not friendly, your dreams may be filled with old anxieties or are just keeping you restless and and fidgety. Also Lady Venus and Saturn have a difficult moment late in the evening, perhaps piquing our social schedules, and letting us know we may be burning the candle at both ends. The 8th finds Mercury and Pluto around the Noon hour bringing up old wounds, time to let it go! Later on in the afternoon, Lady Venus and Uranus are unhappy and we may be trying to figure out what we really want in a relationship. Take your time!

The New Moon in Cancer crests on the 9th at 9:16 PM EDT, we can use this New Moon energy to enhance our connections to our family and friends. We have the opportunity to find new ways to interact with each other on a more positive and loving level. Also — it is a good time to be aware of just what it is we feel we need in order to become our most loving and caring selves. Taking care of others is to be applauded, but we must remember to take care of ourselves also. Indeed, during the past difficult year, so many have been focused on helping others, teaching, healing, and generally giving of ourselves. With the most positive vibrations of this Cancer New Moon we should find ways to be good to ourselves. We know we will always be ready to take care of those we love and cherish. Now you may want to indulge some secret or special treat for yourself — whether it’s a day at a spa, or just in coddling yourself with your favorite chocolate or ice cream! Our intuition may be high with this Watery Moon, and we can feel those things we may not actually see. We could also be overcome by our emotions — happy or sad, confused or certain, and silly or serious. We can find answers within and without — using our commonsense and rational, we will find the right course. Remember to make your wish list so that your own thoughts and dreams can become you new reality.

Mercury and Uranus are fractious in the wee hours of the morning on the 11th, perhaps leading to a restless night, or you may awaken to a great idea for a future project. The 12th has Mercury and Jupiter in a happy place in mid-afternoon, tuning in to these compatible vibrations will help you to find peace and comfort with others. On the 13th Lady Venus and Mars connect as we enter the office, we are confident and sure of ourselves, in business and Love! A Sun/Neptune trine on the 15th around dawn allows us to awaken feeling all is well with the World. Personally, you feel connected to family and friends, and are content and happy! A Lady Venus and Neptune link on the 16th in the wee hours of the morning may lead to a confusing dream about a relationship that makes us reflect a moment. the 17th sees the Sun and Pluto in a funk, our emotions are in flux and we have to find a way to admit to ourselves that we feel under pressure — then begin to reorganize and find our own truths. Early on the 18th Lady Venus and Pluto are finding they are not on the same page — strong feelings are being examined — and perhaps we find we need to find the strength to move forward with more perspective. Later on, mid-afternoon Mars and Neptune bring a bit more to think about — but we can handle our emotions with more equanimity. As we awaken on the 20th, Mercury and Uranus are in sync, and stimulates our minds with many ideas on how to proceed with any issues we have been dealing with of late. As we are getting ready for bed, Mercury and Jupiter help us to consider just what it is we truly believe! We may be ready to allow our intuition to help us, sometimes a “gut” reaction is right on the mark. Lady Venus enters the sign Virgo on the 21st in the early evening. Our Love Live is about to be scrutinized by us — we need Lady Venus in Virgo to cut through all of the flotsam and jetsam to find the actual reality of our feelings. Lady Venus in Virgo does not suffer fools — commonsense will reign.

On the morning of the 22nd, Lady Venus and Jupiter are at odds as we are getting into the office, we don’t want beneficent Jupiter to sway our feelings — take a deep breath and pause, because Mars and Pluto connect just a few hours later bringing a spate of bewildering information that confuses everything we thought we knew. Take a moment this evening to congratulate yourself for enduring a demanding day with the help of the new Leo Sun’s connection with Jupiter cresting early on the 23rd. Also we have the Full Moon on the 23rd, in the Airy Fixed sign of Aquarius cresting at 10:37 PM EDT, there is a push to begin anew, or change where we thought we were going. Take your time in deciding your pathway, as this day also holds a creative Mercury and Neptune trine, that stimulates our artistry and imagination. You might want to start a journal — interested? Mercury will oppose Pluto on the 25th just before the dinner hour, it might have been a busy day and everyone is tired — try not to give in to petty issues that really should be put aside. Mercury and Jupiter find their more compatible natures on the 27th in mid-evening, sigh — maybe your favorite TV show is on, or you have a movie to watch that is uplifting. On the 29th, Mercury and Jupiter are in opposition around Noon, we feel we need to renew our goals and ideals. We know our worth — and we won’t settle for anything less than rave reviews. Mars will enter the sign Virgo around the dinner hour — we become even more sure of what we want out of life. The 30th sees Lady Venus interfacing with both Pluto and Saturn during the morning, making our feelings stronger about our pathway through this lifetime. We leave July on the 31st with Mercury and Neptune egging us on to keep true to ourselves and our ideals.

Enjoy all of these Summer months, as they go by so swiftly — enjoy family times, lazy times, fun times, busy times, but especially those moments of introspection and self-awareness.


Lady Venus Enters Leo — June 27th 2021

Lady Venus enters the Fiery Fixed sign Leo on the 27th at 12:27 AM EDT, bringing passion and generosity into our lives, remaining in Leo until July 21st when She scampers off to Earthy Virgo. Lady Venus loves the excitement of Leo’s lifestyle of extravagance and lavish living, especially after Her stay in Cancer’s Realm where Her role was more of Mother and nurturer. Indeed, our Lady Venus looks forward to being pampered and adored for the enticing female She personifies whilst She remains in Leo’s Kingdom.

Perhaps the only drawback is that our Lady Venus also might be a bit more needy for appreciation and approval from her adoring fans. Alas, nothing is ever perfect even when living sumptuously — there seems to be wishful thinking that there should be even more. However, Lady Venus is always quite flirty and open to new relationships in Leo’s realm, and often finds a new romantic interest during Her stay. Lady Venus persona becomes a woman of exquisite tastes, passion, duty, and loves all of the attention She garners whence residing in this exciting and exhilarating area.

Lady Venus will do Her best to immediately meld into the Leo lifestyle, finding new ways to enhance Her already regal and stately appearance. Fashion will be in the spotlight for our Lady Venus in Leo, as will an interest in decor, art, and all of the finest things life has to offer. Lady Venus will be at the top of Her game when appearing in Leo’s magnificent garb. Flirtatious and playful, coy yet worldly — Lady Venus is in Her most dynamic persona under the auspices of Leo.

Lady Venus and Jupiter are adjusting on the 28th, at dinner time — we may find the work week started well, although busy and we are ready for a little self-indulgence. Fire up that grill and relax while you can. On July 6th Lady Venus and Saturn are just not feeling it as you are getting ready for bed. Perhaps we feel a bit discombobulated and disconnected with our loved ones, we need clarity and simplicity whilst Saturn turns our thoughts to our communal responsibilities. There is no love lost on the 8th when Lady Venus and Uranus clash mid-afternoon, their ideas are in opposition — we will have to be careful not to hurt someone’s feelings, and be respectful to those in charge. Lady Venus and Mars connect on the 13th as we are getting into the office, there may be someone new who has caught your eye and you are excited to continue the flirtation. There is a lot of emotional content between these two Planets, you may want to take it slow! But that isn’t the nature of this duo! In the wee hours of the 16th Lady Venus and Neptune are not in sync, you may have been contemplating a current relationship’s value, possibly with Neptune’s mystic qualities you may find an answer in a clairvoyant dream that will give you an answer. Lady Venus leaves generous Leo to enter the Earthy Mutable sign of Virgo, where She shines with perfection!

Enjoy generous and passionate Lady Venus while she transits Leo’s magnificent realm — we all need the powerful input of loving kindness that this duo brings into our lives.

Hint — Find your Lady Venus in Leo love at a boutique buying hand-crafted jewelry in gold, entertaining her young nieces and nephews with dinner at an upscale restaurant, enjoying an evening with friends in a small Tapas Bar, sending flowers to an ailing co-worker, helping at a food pantry, buying exotically printed scarfs for a special occasion, being a good friend to someone who is going through a tough time, listening to new-age music while taking a bubble bath, responding to an invitation to join a new gym and finding the perfect bathing suit for a summer vacation.


Spiritual Summer Solstice — June 20th 2021

Still, silent, sunshine and shadows, somber — the Sun slowly enters the sign Cancer to begin a season of renewal. Time stands quietly by as Mother Nature pauses to reassess, and garner strength with the Summer Sun’s warmth and rebirth. There is a soulfulness and serendipity to this moment, as the passage of time brings an ancient cadence into our lives. The Earth takes a long breath as it begins to rev up for the coming need to quicken, and prepare for the enigmatic magic that will be the fertile stage ahead.

There is a spiritual aura during this time-span of being on hold, of waiting for a signal, of pausing to reflect — the Sun finally enters the sign Cancer (20th at 11:32 PM EDT) — and there is an awakening of the Earth. We are further held back by the ongoing Retrograde Mercury until the 22nd, and the Retrograde action of the Planet Jupiter in Pisces beginning at 11:05 AM EDT. We are to pause, to feel the vibrations of this time, to review the past few months, and we must try to find those myriad things we did right — and in retrospect those things where we may have missed the mark.

This has been a sacred time for centuries — as the Spring planting and preparation of the soil must now bear fruit. We depend on the blessings of Mother Nature to be kind and abundant in producing the next harvest. Our ancestors depended on their own hard work, the fertility of the land, but needed the collaboration of the vagaries of the weather in order to find success!

Here in New England there is a short period for our crops to flourish — and our New England weather can be quixotic and unpredictable. The Ancients with all of their hard work, planning and preparations were still at the mercy of what the season would bring. A good year meant survival and continued existence — a good harvest meant they would be able to survive the hardships of a bitter Winter — with food enough for themselves and their animals.

A poor harvest would forecast all manner of difficulties — from the necessity to mete out every morsel of food — to the extreme of just barely surviving the sometimes seemingly endless Winter months.

This day — this Summer Solstice is when we realize all that is at risk — will there be sustenance and provisions provided in plenty in order for our survival? Perhaps today it isn’t about our food supply, or our ability to get through a rough patch — but rather for us to reconnect with the past and find that spirit that got our ancestors through those tough times. To pause and reflect upon how our lives are progressing — are we rooting ourselves in good soil, preparing ourselves for a future of plenty, realizing that this Earth we live on is a finite source of everything we need to exist. Are we doing all we can to make sure that everyone who lives on this Planet will not only survive, but thrive?

Experience this silence, embrace this slower pace; life is holy and we are to find the spiritual nexus that make us all one. We are the arbiters of our future — prepare for the harvest by sowing the most loving and caring expectations for all of humanity.


Mars Enters Leo — June 11th 2021

The Planet Mars enters the Fiery Fixed sign Leo on the 11th at 9:34 AM EDT, and will begin to change His persona from being in the Watery Cardinal sign Cancer for such a long time. Indeed, once ensconced in Leo, Mighty Mars will begin to feel the complimentary Fire of Leo and His demeanor begins to feel the passion and verve that He missed whilst in more sensitive Cancer. Mars will only be in Leo from the 11th of June to July 29th, still He will be impassioned in all that He does. Mars will truly enjoy his transit into Leo, as His confidence blossoms anew, He know what He wants and will go after His goals with ardor and confidence. Mars will not heed any naysayers while in Leo’s Realm, within this sphere Mars wants what He wants and He wants it Now!

Not much for patience while in Leo, our Mars will use all of Leo’s vigor, drama and haughtiness to get where He wants, when He wants and with whom He wants. No holds barred while Mars enjoys full power and a massive amount of egotism as is Leo’s custom. Mars will luxuriate in Leo’s idea of extravagance and opulence — and will enjoy all of the perks of living large with endless opportunity. Perhaps a little short of patience while in Leo, Mars will make up for this shortfall by using His spirited love of life!

We can all tap into Mars in Leo’s magnificent spirit by looking at our own Zodiac Chart to see in what House Leo lives. Depending on the House and what it rules — you will be able to find how Mars in Leo will impact your life. I am sure the extra Fiery energy of Mars presence will bring new ideas, creative moments and adventurous fun! Try to find positive and inspired ways in which to use this Fiery Duo — reach for your most outrageous dreams and you may find the most innovative and magical way to make them come true.

Mars entry into Leo so soon after the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini may have kept some transient energy in the air and we may need a moment to adjust to this new Mars persona. Mars and Jupiter meet up on the 14th bringing some unsettled feelings as Jupiter in Pisces may be fogging up your thoughts and ideas — or perhaps it’s just the nagging Rx Mercury that is impeding our forward movement. Patience might be the best choice for a few more days. Mars and Neptune connect on the 24th, as we are getting ready to leave work — we feel a bit afloat — perhaps it’s knowing tomorrow is Friday and the weekend beckons. On July 1st the fireworks start early as Mars and Saturn oppose one another as we prepare for the Holiday weekend ahead. We might want to reassess some of our plans and make them a bit less complicated. Don’t allow anyone to spoil your weekend with dire warnings or pique your temper with unnecessary criticism. Rise above any discord — and go your own way! However, Mars and Uranus are also at odds on the evening of the 3rd — perhaps the fireworks will be spectacular — or the disconnect might be in trying to do too much — take a deep breath — let it out slowly — and remember this too shall pass. Tomorrow we celebrate the Nation’s liberty with celebrations, parades, and family gatherings. Rise above the fray and remember what is truly important in your life. Find that gratitude for being where you are right now — in this moment — with these people — in this place — knowing you are loved and appreciated. The New Moon in Cancer on the 9th brings us a fresh breath of air cresting at 9:16 PM EDT, we can be assured that family get-togethers will be planned. Mars and Lady Venus conjoin on the13th as we are getting into the office, bringing loving thoughts and perhaps a new romantic interest. Be open to new acquaintances and perhaps old friends who come back into your life. Mars and Mercury are just not feeling it on the 15th as we head for home — be particularly aware of distracted drivers — and perhaps hold-your-tongue if someone challenges you at home. Mars and Neptune are not in sync on the 18th, mid-afternoon — it may be a ‘sundown’ period with us thinking about going to work tomorrow. On the 22nd, Mars and Pluto are just a “no-go” around mid- morning — we may have been mooning over someone we just cant have. Snap out of it! Sigh! A Mars opposition to Jupiter may bring things to a head on the 29th, around noon — we may be ready to change our outlook and/or our plans. We want to move forward and stop revisiting our past relationships and failures. We have but to wait until Mars enters the sign Virgo later on in the day, when we will find ourselves with more resolve, confidence and resilience with our plans for the future. Enjoy Mars in Leo’s elan and flamboyance, but prepare for Mars in Virgo’s practicality, determination and resolve in order to put your plans into direct motion.

Mars in Leo Love Style — Mars in Leo is ardent and sure of Himself, that said — Mars can be a tad into Himself and might see the World as a stage for His own life and occupation. Still, Mars in Leo is a family oriented persona, although Mars family should be a reflection of His particular perceptions and opinions. Mars in Leo will do anything to make His family happy — but there may be exacting standards that Mars expects to be displayed. Seeing everything as relating to Him will often be a drawback in relating to others, however — Mars in Leo is perceptive in noting any criticism and will take it to heart. The best way to handle a Mars in Leo is to find those areas in which we can always compliment His knowledge, abilities, and intellectual capacity.

Of course, Mars in Leo have the biggest heart and warmest emotions available to we humans. It’s just that sometimes their sensitivity over any supposed censure can make Him hide this vulnerable inner child. A fragile persona is right under that “take charge” being that nothing seems to bother. Deep in the inner recesses of our Mars in Leo friends and family members is a delicate soul that just wants to be loved, appreciated and admired. there is lots to love about our Mars in Leo companions — they will always have our back, will always have a deep respect for those they have chosen as partners, and will always be needy in ways that most of us find difficult to understand — because of their outer bravado.

We love our Mars in Leo kin — they love us deeply, frustrate us infuriatingly, and truly are desperate to be loved in return. We must always be aware of how much we all need to be loved — and find that deep loving spirit in every human being. Life is difficult, but so worth the effort we put into it every day. What we give out — surely comes back to us. Love is our journey — for ourselves and others.


New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini Reminder — June 10th 2021

Today is the day to write out your Affirmations, Wishes, Dreams and Desires with the energy of the New Moon in Gemini — we will have an uptick in communication, education, literature, publishing, contracts and transportation. Especially since this New Moon is conjunct the Planet Mercury, we will have opportunities and perhaps issues as Mercury will still be in Rx motion until the 22nd.

The best time to write out your affirmations will be after the New Moon in Gemini crests at 6:52 AM EDT. It’s as easy as sitting down and penning your hopes and wishes for the future. Just consider what you need, or want in order to reach your personal goals.

A mighty force will be at your service with this Solar Eclipse — write your affirmations in a timely fashion — there is magic in the air!