Hello world!

This site will bring you some interesting and timely posts about what is going on in the Heavens — I love studying astrology, and I enjoy passing on the information I have gleaned from the moving planets in aspect to the sun and moon and each other.  Even if you feel this kind of post isn’t for you — if you give it a try, you might find it amusing, informative, downright accurate, or just a good way to pass a couple of lazy minutes on your computer. 

I have found over the years that much of what goes on in the ether does affect the happenings here on planet Earth — much depends on the sign you were born under and what aspects are in your own personal natal chart.  You can get your natal chart free from many sites on the internet — and learning where your sun and moon are located, along with the sign that was rising at the time of your birth will give you a heads up as to what cycle you are now going through. 

There are many cycles that the planets bring to us, Saturn, for instance (I call it the “learning” planet — has a cycle of approximately 28 to 30 years) — by the time we are 30 we have experienced the planets influence in each house of our natal chart.  It’s no wonder that the Hippies of the 60’s quipped “Don’t trust anyone over 30” — we are changed because of our having been through the many and varied, sometimes difficult lessons of Saturn throughout our charts.

Also there is a magnificent opposition from the planet Uranus at age 42 (give or take a year) that challenges us — can we say “mid-life crisis”?  This year is often fraught with changes that we might be less that anxious to have happen.  Yet the planet Uranus doesn’t bring a change unless it is going to build us a newer and stronger foundation.  It is part of the building blocks of our journey throughout this lifetimes path. 

We can accept and grow with the help of the Universal forces, or we can challenge the energies and find ourselves at odds with our true and natural path.  In astrology there is a saying “As above — so below” … this doesn’t mean we have no free will — it only shows us that by following the natural harmony of the galaxy, we can flourish and meet all of our expectations — or we can rale against the forces and be held accountable in many formidable ways.  The stars may impel, but they do not compel any actions or beliefs. 

The world is our oyster, there is so much for the taking, so much beauty, knowledge, fun and happiness to be garnered from our lifetime here, if we but choose to be aware and partake of its bounty.

I hope you will join me in opening up the mysteries and secrets of the Universe as we all travel on this tiny blue planet called Earth — it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to get it right, we have the choice, the right, and the means to become our best selves, and to find our place in the Universe.  Lets all gear up and promise ourselves we will choose to become the ultimate human being we are meant to be — awesomeness is an option — let it be you!

Welcome fellow searchers for the truth — it is out there…


Lady Venus Enters Sagittarius — October 7th 2021

Leaving intense and dedicated Scorpio for more jovial and lighthearted Sagittarius, is always a happy leap for Lady Venus, as She can now shake off the deeply passionate robes of Scorpio, and unveil Her lighter, more cheerful and buoyant persona. Although a Mutable Fire sign, Sagittarius also is a less extreme and over-the-top individual than other Fire signs, finding joy and adventure in living life to the full. Indeed, Lady Venus in Sagittarius fulfills many of Her dreams, as She finds truth and honesty in seeking compatible companions and suitors. Being in Sagittarius, Lady Venus can let her hair down and become the outgoing, adventurous and dashing Goddess of Love, that will be able to find that Karmic spark in someone with whom She will have a forever Love. Together, Lady Venus in Sagittarius will be a force to be reckoned with as they finely tune their personal ideals, morality and ethics, into a fabulous duo who will need to find the perfect partner. This is a fun-loving, family oriented and dedicated union that will never settle for anything but the best.

Lady Venus enters Fiery Sagittarius on October 7th at 7:21 AM EDT, staying there until moving into more staid Capricorn on November 5th. Lady Venus does need more personal space whilst in Sagittarius, freedom is a cornerstone of Sagittarius own high standards and character. Another aspect of Sagittarius imposing presence will be that Lady Venus will insist upon meeting those of a similar intellectual capacity. A love for all things artistic, inspirational, creative and idealistic are a hallmark of this duo — they seem to bring out the best in each other.

On the 9th, Lady Venus and the Moon catch up to bring us a karmic connection in the afternoon, keep an open mind. The 12th sees Lady Venus and Saturn in good stead in mid-afternoon allowing us to feel more in charge and we seem to know the right path to follow. Lady Venus and Mercury find compatibility on the 16th, mid-evening — allowing us to find common ground by truly listening to each other. Lady Venus and Uranus are ill at ease on the 19th after the dinner hour, we may be feeling restricted and want to find more ability to do our own thing. There may be some misunderstanding on the 26th as Lady Venus and Neptune are at odds mid-evening, our ability to “read” someone may be being fogged up by Neptune’s mists. The 28th finds Lady Venus and Saturn in a snit as the Sun is rising, maybe we just aren’t ready to start the workday today. Later on Lady Venus and Jupiter are just having fun, we feel a kinship with all mankind. Early after the midnight hour on the 3rd, Lady Venus and Uranus are not in sync, your sleep may be disturbed by noisy neighbors, or your dreams are unsettling.

The New Moon in Scorpio crests on the 4th, bringing us a new lunar cycle — we can prepare ahead of time in order to be able to write out our List of Affirmations. Lady Venus will enter the sign Capricorn on the 5th, changing Her Sagittarius sense of abandon and joy to a more serious and practical demeanor. Of course, our Lady Venus will begin to alter Capricorn’s usual “no-nonsense” persona with Her attentive and always loving outlook.

Hint — Find your Lady Venus in Sagittarius at the gym, kayaking on a local river, bringing food to a shelter, taking her dog for a walk, at a neighborhood craft fair, buying warm winter clothes, singing karaoke at a club in Her area, volunteering to help clean up a nearby park, jogging every morning, taking in a high school football game, cooking a hearty stew for a pot-luck dinner, and driving a sporty but practical indigo vehicle.

New Moon in Libra Reminder — October 6th 2021

Today is the day to write out your List of Affirmations, Wishes, Dreams and Desires in order to get your own spin into the Galaxial mists. The New Moon has already crested — so any time today will be the most potent time to write out your list. Of course, tomorrow will still enjoy much of the energy being expelled by the New Moon in Libra!

Just do it!


New Moon in Libra — October 6th 2021

With the New Moon in Libra, we all have a chance to move forward with this beautiful Cardinal Airy sign as it brings a waft of freshening air into our lives. Cresting at 13 degrees of the sign at 7:05 AM EDT, we have an opportunity to use this power to place our own wishes into the atmosphere. Lighting a tiny spark of light into the Galaxial flow will begin to start our journey to fulfilling some of our most desired goals. Libra rules balance, diplomacy, relationships, tact and resolving problems. Who amongst us couldn’t use a little help in getting some balance and normalcy into our lives?

The Libra New Moon will bring us so many ways in which we can use this primal energy for our own desires. Also the Planet Pluto goes into Direct Motion today, possibly bringing an intensity that increases the potency of this time span. We also have Mars conjunct the New Moon bringing a tamped down fire that could erupt at any minute! Mars isn’t all that happy in Libra, and may feel a bit frustrated at Libra’s need to find balance and answers to conflict. Then we throw the Planet Uranus in Taurus into the fray so there may be some unexpected ongoings that come out of the blue. All in all this is a very active and dynamic New Moon in Libra that may bring us a new outlook, throw us for a loop, or begin to allow us to find discreet balance and poise. In order to be able to handle all of the different aspects of this unique New Moon we can, if we wish, find the ability to be able to deal with all of the various aspects with aplomb and composure. Libra is all about diplomacy along with social matters, beauty, art, drama and of course, courtship, romance and marriage. This New Moon will give all of us the ability to seek out unusual ways of getting to the crux of any issues.

Especially those who have a birthday on or near this New Moon at 13 degrees of the sign will be experiencing a new Lunar Return, so they will be able to use this positive aspect to find their true pathway. There is an undercurrent or frisson of energy that will enable all of us to seek to understand our current situation, and where and how we can ultimately find the way to change or enhance our present lifestyle. Opportunities will appear that are sometimes a subtle instinctual hint, or a full-blown wake-up call that insists we act now. However, whilst Retrograde Mercury is currently in transit, we may want to take a moment to reflect on any changes we may think we need until out of the Mercury Rx shadow period — a few weeks after the 18th of the month.

Many of us may find that our instincts are more intense, we can sense a change in the air, and seem to “Know” the right direction to follow. Of course, much depends on the Zodiac House where Libra lives in your Chart — for whatever that House has rulership over can have a strong impact on what areas we are being led to in order to bring about positive change. Those with a Libra Ascendant will also find that there is a strong pull in the direction of finding one of their long term goals being positively activated. Perhaps, a change in career, a marriage, an opportunity they never thought they would get, all coming to fruition. Of course, timing is everything — and being ready is the deciding factor.

So to recap — the New Moon in Libra will be extremely potent with Mars close at hand, bringing an opportunity to move forward. Only you can be the arbiter if what is offered is right for you at this time. Fortunately, we all can get in on the action by writing out our List of Affirmations, Wishes, Dreams and Desires. It is a simple formula to create a spark of optimism with our own words and feelings.

We can write out our Wish List any time after the New Moon in Libra crests at 7:05 AM EDT, and for the next 24 to 48 hours. Of course, the closer to the time of the New Moon will be the most potent and powerful time to write your own personal list. Take a moment to meditate, breathe, settle your mind, and then begin pen in hand, to write your wishes. Feel the energy from your mind entering your hand as you fulfill your list. Be clear and concise, but with enough detail so that there is no doubt about what it is you truly desire.

The Universe is listening, and it’s up to you to find the right words that express your deepest longings. Good Luck!


October’s Astrological Activity — 2021

We start October under Mercury Retrograde aspects, if you haven’t yet felt the effects of this Libra transit of Mercury in Rx, consider yourself lucky. Not that there may have been huge issues, rather our day-to-day work may have been impacted. Computers down, transportation hiccups, escalators moving in reverse, communications just not getting through, traffic jams especially with impatient drivers, an excess of work coming in all at once — are all part of Mercury’s Rx doings. Indeed on the 1st — Mercury Rx in Libra is squaring off with Pluto in Capricorn around mid-morning, so even though it is a Friday — we may find that there has been a hitch in material that has already been sent out, or we are getting a plethora of work coming in — perhaps all to be finished by the end of the day! Being forewarned can allow us to be forearmed. Keep an eye on the ebb and flow of your daily work duties, and be prepared for a late in the day hassle.

The 2nd sees Lady Venus in Scorpio in good aspect to Pluto, mid-afternoon — if we are trying to find some deeper meaning in a relationship, we may be off course or the feeling is mutual but problematic. After the dinner hour on the 3rd, Mercury and Jupiter are in sync, communication should go well, there may be good news you’ve been waiting to hear that comes to fruition. Mercury and Neptune seem to need some help on the 5th, when they meet up mid-morning — be clear in what you are looking for from a co-worker or a friend. You may have had a restless night whilst Mars and Uranus were seeking answers in the wee hours of the morning on the 6th, however the New Moon in Libra (7:05 AM EDT) can help us find our resolve to balance our emotions, find new ways to attend to disputes and become more attuned to our relationships. We also can begin to write out our List of Affirmations in order to project our own thoughts and wishes into the Universal flow.

Also on the 6th Pluto in Capricorn goes into Direct motion at 2;29 PM EDT, after a long Retrograde cycle, eventually bringing us more personal power, but is just one of Four Planets that will return to Direct motion this month. On the 10th Saturn turns Direct in Aquarius at 10:17 PM EDT, enhancing our common sense, and a rooted in reality demeanor. The 18th will see Jupiter moving forward in Aquarius at 1:30 AM EDT, with positivity improving, and confidence restored — and finally, something we all look forward to happening — Mercury will go into Direct Motion at 11:17 AM EDT in Libra — patiently improving our outlook, balance and perhaps romantic life. With all of these Planets now in Direct motion we might be more optimistically able to see that Silver Lining for our goals, our outlook, and our immediate future.

On the 7th Lady Venus leaves Scorpio’s realm of mystery and secrets to move into Sagittarius more outgoing and friendly kingdom. Happy to be able to shake off the heavy and serious robes of Scorpio, Lady Venus looks forward to a jovial and adventurous time whilst in the Centaur’s territory. At the Midnight hour, the Sun and Mars link up in Libra, bringing a bolder attitude and the ability to feel the depth of our own power. The 9th may prove to be a busy day, as the Sun and Mercury meet up around the noon hour, we may have made plans with a friend or acquaintance that we are looking forward to, for some great conversation or banter — later in the early evening, Mercury and Mars also meet up, it may be difficult to keep on an even keel — don’t rise to anger — allow yourself to actually listen to what is said — it may not be what you imagined at first thought. Breathe! The 10th may be a day for reflection as Saturn turns Direct — we may feel that we have lost some time in moving towards our goals — but just think how far you have actually come. We have Lady Venus and Saturn in good stead on the 13th, we may feel a love for all mankind, and have a personal boost in our confidence. Very late in the day the Sun and Neptune connect, a book we are reading, or a program we are watching just before bedtime, may enhance our idealism and bring visionary dreams. The 15th finds the Sun and Jupiter delightfully in tune, the Airy combination might allow us to dream big dreams, find solace in our beliefs, and make us realize we do have the power and knowledge within us to find our Bliss. Mars and Neptune are in flux on the 16th bringing frustration after the dinner hour, but Mercury and Lady Venus are seeing eye-to-eye a little later allowing us to seek a better way of discussing differences with a loved one. It’s all good! Jupiter turning Direct on the 18th will definitely help us get back on track and allow us to feel good about our pathway. Later on, mid-evening Mars and Jupiter have a heartfelt connection, that boosts our spirits and opens the door to opportunities. Lady Venus and Uranus find themselves in a quandary on the 19th after the dinner hour — we may want to find a way to release some of our fears and find new ways to enhance our income. The potent Aries Full Moon crests on the 20th mid-morning, perhaps bringing some angry words that lead to hasty decisions — we may want to take a breath before saying something we may later regret. The Moon changes signs and moves into solid and stable Taurus this afternoon — when calmer heads may prevail. Mars and Pluto aren’t helpful on the 21st, we may feel a tad overwhelmed by all the activity yesterday and just want to find an “out’. The Sun entering deep and intense Scorpio on the 23rd may help us look inward, in order to find what we want on a spiritual level. We may find that our psyche has changed in the last few months, and we feel we need a transformation both emotionally and physically. On the 24th Mercury and Uranus connecting in the early afternoon, brings us a new perception of what our future could become. We feel a renewal within ourselves that brings satisfaction and contentment. Enjoy this seminal moment, as Uranus insights may be fleeting. Lady Venus and Neptune aren’t feeling the love on the 26th mid-evening — our emotions are in a state of confusion over a new romance or someone we fancy. Take your time — you may not be getting an accurate picture of this relationship. On the 28th Lady Venus and Saturn just aren’t in tune as the alarm clock goes off, your sleep may have been interrupted and you are not ready to start the day. However, later on in the early afternoon, Lady Venus and Jupiter are totally on board, and looking for adventure. The 30th begins with the Sun and Saturn in a tiff as dawn is rising, but it is Saturday and we can cover our head with the blanket and get another hour’s sleep — perhaps when we do arise — the day will look better. Mars will soon enter Scorpio and will begin to energize our inner being. Halloween on the 31st is always a treat for the youngsters and many who find the celebrations more about the spirit world. After the midnight hour, November 1st sees Mercury and Jupiter in good stead that will keep the thoughts of our Halloween tricks and treats swirling around in our dreams for a pleasant start to “All Soul’s Day”!

Happy Halloween! May you only receive treats!


Mercury Goes Retrograde — September 27th 2021

If you’ve been feeling some angst lately about things just going awry, you are right on schedule — the Planet Mercury is slowing down before it turns Retrograde, and we may be feeling our daily activities are hitting hiccups from out of the blue.

With Mercury coming to a halt on the 27th and beginning its Rx period from the 27th to October 18th, we all will have some interruptions in our lives. This is a long transit in the sign Libra for Mercury — having entered Libra on August 30th and not leaving the sign until November 5th. Mercury in Libra can be tactful, but have difficulty in making decisions. Also, we will have to be wary of making new purchases whilst it is in Retrograde motion — many things seem to go wrong while Mercury is in Rx. Especially in the areas of communication, travel, technology, some business dealings, and even romance.

Although Mercury Retrogrades at least three times a year, it is usually for a much shorter stay in any one sign. Perhaps being in Libra for such an extended period, we are all being moved to think carefully about any new project, relationship, and travel plans. Of course, all of the above can be considered with the caveat that we keep our eye on the details and specifics — and cross all the “T”s and dot all the “I”s.

If your Sun or ascendant is in Libra, you may feel this aspect more intensely — but we all have Libra in our Zodiac Charts — and it is in that realm where delays or issues may show up. Planning is the key in trying to keep everything running smoothly — some may not notice anything at all — and others will be scratching their heads and thinking — “What is going on?”

I have found that often when Mercury is in Rx mode, I drop things — pens, keys, soap in the bathtub — just daily annoyances that seem to be more irritating than usual. Since balance is one of Libras tipping points, we may find that we feel out of control, or working at cross-purposes with others. Another aspect of Mercury in Rx is that our communications get truly mixed up — what we hear and what is said just don’t match! We show up at the wrong time – place – day, or we just get everything muddled. Planning a vacation or business trip can be troublesome under this aspect, so the advice is check, and recheck every date, time, place not once but several times.

I know I might sound a bit overbearing about all of this — but — we are all perhaps meant to realize or find some strategy to confound Mercury’s coquettish and frustrating mind-set whilst Retrograde in Libra. On a good note — often when Mercury goes Rx, we have an opportunity to correct or find answers to things that have not gone our way recently. A new chance to bring about a cherished dream or project that has been on hold. This is the Silver Lining of a Rx Mercury — a second chance at something you missed out on, or had to miss through no fault of your own. Mercury can be quixotic and a bit frivolous in Libra, and the ramifications of any delays or upsets can truly be frustrating. Especially if we are the type that “always” checks everything that we think could go wrong.

The best way to handle getting through any Rx Mercury period is, I think, with a wry sense of humor, a wink and nod at the powers that be, and always remember — this too shall pass!

Happy Autumn — Peace

Harmonious Autumnal Equinox — September 22nd 2021

EQUINOX — a word echoing the past, reverberating with ancient knowledge, deeply ensconced in our psyches — a period of hope and anticipation. Our ancestors knew that if their efforts over the Summer months were to be wanting, they faced a difficult Winter ahead. They prayed that the Harvest would show the abundance of their hard work.

Every year at this juncture there was that moment of Truth they would have to face. Depending on the vagaries of Mother Nature in allowing them to have optimum, or at least a fighting chance of weather patterns that helped them bring in a bumper crop. As they entered their fecund fields the bounty could be plentiful or wanting. Immediately they knew in which direction the future would beckon. A hearty crop meant an easier, but not completely given road to surviving the harsh New England Winter. The Autumnal Equinox merely the bell-weather of their long road of enduring the difficult and determined efforts to make a home in this New World.

Beginning with the end of last Winter’s brutal snow storms and unforgiving natural hardships, our forebears would, with the Spring Equinox begin their yearly ritual of once again tilling the soil, planting their seeds and plants, in order that their efforts would bring forth with the help of their Faith, hard work, and belief that they were indeed meant to be in this place now and forever — a plentiful Harvest.

And now, as this magical time of year has arrived, they begin anew their ancient toil of collecting and harvesting the fruits of their labor. The Autumnal Equinox has always been a time of testing and assessment — have their efforts been enough for them to enjoy Nature’s ability to give them succor throughout the long Winter months ahead.

Harvesting their crops was not the “be all and end all” of their chores — indeed — everyone in the family was called into action because each had a role to play in their obligation to help their community to survive and thrive. There were preserves to be made from the fruits that were picked, potatoes – squash – pumpkins – corn — all to be stored properly to last through the cold months to come. Hay had to be gathered for fodder to feed the animals, meats to be salted and smoked to last for the duration of their fallow time.

Faith, hope, and courage allowed our ancestors to face every hurdle, task and duty with the brave knowledge that their very lives depended on each and every one of them. No one could sit by the wayside — everyone pitched in with their own particular know-how or talent. Together they were an unstoppable force that could overcome all obstacles that Nature could throw their way. Together they would survive and become a beacon of light during a darkened World.

Today, we wonder if our supermarket shelves will be getting empty — if new cars will be coming soon — if this Pandemic will ever end! Sigh — still — thinking of what our ancestors endured in order to create a future for themselves that would one day lead to our current World — we should all be as happy as Kings!

Perhaps we can all try to remember the sacrifices that were made by all those who have come before us — in order for us to now be able to find our own truths, faith and hope for the future. We do have a debt to those brave and courageous colonists, pioneers and rebels who never gave up on their dreams for a better future for all humanity!


Mars Enters Libra — September 14th 2021

The Planet Mars will enter the sign Libra on September 14th at 8:13 PM EDT, and will remain in this sign until October 30th. Of course, Mars isn’t keen on being in Libra’s beautiful realm for any length of time. This Fiery Planet finds Airy and Cardinal Libra to be to indecisive and often quite willing to negotiate their position on anything. Mars prefers those kingdoms where the rulers are strong, decisive and able to rule with their courage and perhaps arrogant persona. This transit through Libra will nonetheless begin to soften Mars harsher edges, find the Gallant hero, and perhaps the Sir Galahad side of Mars psyche. It won’t be a walk in the park, however, as Mars will try to hold on to his macho and manly facade in order to maintain his machismo.

Having Mars in Libra may add to our confusion a bit as so many of the Outer Planets are in Retrograde motion, and will continue throughout the month. Jupiter and Saturn are Rx in Aquarius, Neptune Rx in Pisces, and Pluto Rx in Capricorn — soon to be joined by Mercury Retrograding in Libra on the 27th! Our plans may have to be adjusted, any purchases may not be what we expected them to be, and transportation issues may abound. This time span is positive for introspection and reflection, an ability to look back at what we have accomplished and/or haven’t done. We will be able to “see” where we may have gotten off our true pathway, but there will be plenty of opportunity to realize how we can reconnect with our future goals. Mars in Libra will be a period of adjustment, as Mars figures out that His usual manner of moving forward often without forethought is being tweaked. Indeed, Libra will bring our macho Mars to his heels as His psyche is slowly brought about to start to actually think before He leaps. A more introspective and mannerly Mars is quite the change, but one that allows us to find ways to communicate with others in a respectful and kinder way.

Having Mars in Libra is a gift to all of us and will influence most strongly the Zodiac House in your Chart where Libra lives. We can see more beauty in that area, perhaps connecting with friends we have missed, finding that perfect table for that weird nook we’ve been looking for, and being able to refresh ourselves with a more balanced outlook on life. On the 20th Mars trines the Gemini North Node, and we can find someone who shares our ideals, or perhaps it will allow us to share something that has been on our mind for a while. Of course this is also the Full Moon in Pisces today, so choose your time and subject carefully. However, as we are at the breakfast table on the 21st Mars and the Aries Moon are at odds, we may find that little things can trigger our anger. Try to hold your tongue before lashing out and then regretting your outburst. Breathe! On the 25th a beautiful Mars/Saturn trine around the dinner hour gives us a burst of energy that can be put to good use, and later the evening may be filled with good friends and lively conversation. The 27th sees Mars and Jupiter in a flux, especially if you are an early riser — perhaps you were awakened by the phone or some loud noise — and are a bit confused.

The early days of October are a tad hectic, with several of the Retrograde Planets starting to slow down, there is a period that will try our souls. Several actions on a national scale will bring controversy and anger in some cases — there is a sense that some positive solutions are just not moving forward in a timely manner. Frustrations may be rampant and patience at the breaking point for some. There is a feeling that we aren’t being listened to appropriately, and it is more than a mere annoyance at this time. On the 6th as the Rooster crows, Mars and Uranus just aren’t feeling it, and there is a sense of restlessness and a need for some positive attention. Pluto is stationary today just before leaving Retrograde and moving forward, adding a bit of hesitancy to the day. Mars and Neptune are in a period of adjustment around mid-evening, on the 16th. Our optimism may be down, however later in the evening there is time to readjust and straighten things out. Mercury will be Direct, when on the 18th, Mars and Jupiter are blissfully in tune later in the evening, and we feel our spirits being lifted. We can begin to see a Silver Lining in the future. Mars squares off with Pluto on the 21st, setting us back a bit, we might need to be more practical in our decisions. Mars will enter the sign Scorpio on the 30th around mid-morning — changing once again Mars bold and masculine persona — of course, the sign Scorpio has its own agenda as Mars will soon discover — stay tuned.

Mars in Libra Love Style — Mars can become the dashing hero once ensconced in Libra, the gallant gentleman, the gentle and attentive partner. Also happy to entertain and to tend to the Barbecue or bar — a gracious host, loves playing with the children — especially in sports and outdoor activities, possibly has a hobby in the arts — local playhouse, art connoisseur, or fanatic fan. Family is always an important part of a Mars in Libra person’s life, and He is always an important part of everything the family chooses to do. Mars in Libra wants a forever love, and usually won’t settle for less.


Lady Venus Enters Scorpio — September 10th 2021

Lady Venus will enter the Fixed Water sign Scorpio on September 10th at 4:39 PM EDT, shedding Libra’s Airy mantle of balance, beauty and marriage. Indeed, Lady Venus will reinvent Herself once out of Libra’s wistful realm into a more modern self-made woman, someone who knows what She wants and how to get it, and yet — still looking for that passionate romantic partner that will fulfill Her need for the ardent love of a soul-mate. There is a conflict between Lady Venus in Scorpio’s need for independence, and her perhaps all-consuming desire to be in a relationship that can be totally immersed in the need for one another.

Lady Venus in Scorpio has the ability to pick up nuances from others in an almost psychic manner. She can easily see through those who are not being honest and up front. A Lady Venus in Scorpio’s direct stare can be most intimidating as She can seem to be looking directly into our souls — and it is a definite possibility that that is true. Discriminating in Her moral code, dress code and emotional quotient, our Lady Venus doesn’t suffer fools easily. Her persona is one of direct and honest information and personal credibility, which She expects from others.

It takes a special kind of person to befriend a Lady Venus in Scorpio individual, as they will need to comply with a fairly conventional set of rules to live by! Of course, there is also the Lady Venus in Scorpio who will always be pushing the envelope of any conformity and will possibly be the “Life of the Party”! Yes we are seeing a separation of two distinct Scorpio personalities — and yet — they can share so many traits in common — a dichotomy indeed.

Lady Venus in Scorpio will be in sync with the Moon in Capricorn on the 14th, mid-afternoon making any connections pleasant and productive, with Mars entering Libra we can feel a friendlier vibe all around. On the 16th, Lady Venus and Neptune interact after the lunch hour, you may have learned something that will help us later in the week. The Moon in Pisces and Lady Venus have a positive connection on the morning of the 19th, perhaps you are looking forward to enjoying the day ahead. On the 20th we find Lady Venus enjoying a mid-morning cup of coffee with a co-worker who is always upbeat although it is a Full Moon day! However, on the 23rd Lady Venus and Uranus are not getting along as our alarm clock goes off, perhaps we are not keen on getting into the office today with a busy project in the works. Or on a personal level, we may have doubts about an ongoing relationship. Lady Venus and Neptune are totally into one another on the 29th around the noon hour, we feel loved, we can feel a streak of creativity rising in our soul, and we are ready to put our ideas into action. A negative aspect between Lady Venus and Jupiter may interfere with our evening on the 30th, try to keep your cool if someone is needling you about some supposed indiscretion. Entering October, we encounter Mercury in Libra in retrograde mode, throwing a spanner into our lives. However on the 2nd Lady Venus and Pluto are in good stead, yet we may be uneasy about a close relationship in mid-afternoon, try to find common ground and move on from there. Lady Venus will exit deeply passionate Scorpio on the 7th and move on into Sagittarius lofty realm, once again changing Her persona to a more accepting and outgoing adventurous Lady! We can look forward to some joyous and fun-filled occasions with Lady Venus in Her Sagittarius facade.

Enjoy Lady Venus in Scorpio as She finds her passion, feels empathy for those in need, and seeks that special someone who will enhance Her own persona and who will be that soul-mate throughout this lifetime.

Hint — Find your Lady Venus in Scorpio at her lawyer’s office making her will, shopping for a new Fall wardrobe in deep maroon and rust tones, attending a Reiki class to enhance her own healing abilities, dancing in a dark nightclub to sensual music, volunteering at an animal shelter, creating Her own reading club — specializing in mysteries, seeing a Psychic to help with a decision between two suitors, finding excitement at a County Fair with a niece or nephew, indulging Her need for an ice-cream sundae, and being a mentor to younger women in the workplace.

New Moon in Virgo — September 6th 2021

The Earthy Mutable Virgo New Moon crests on the 6th at 8:52 PM EDT at 14 degrees of the sign. All those born on or near this date will be especially able to use the energy of this New Moon in Virgo to help achieve a desired goal. Check your Zodiac Chart to see exactly where this New Moon lies, and the House position will give you a hint as to what area of your life will see the impact of its power. If you have a Planet at this degree, you also will be able to use the forces of this New Moon in Virgo to help improve your life in a dynamic manner.

The New Moon in Virgo, usually thought of as quite restrained and proper, has instead a unique and intensifying facet that can bring more unusual activity our way, as it is closely trines the Planet Uranus. Can we say “Surprise”! Indeed, there will be more oomph and vigor for all of us. Virgo is most often thought of as a practical, neat, and predictable sign — one that we can count on in a pinch. We love our Virgo’s because they will always “show up” for us. Of course, they will also tell us where we are lacking in responsibility, planning and generally “Not doing it the Virgo way”! Still, they are often quite right about our more casual lifestyle, but we all can’t be the perfectionist that can be our Virgos.

That said — this New Moon in Virgo can be of service to all of us — if we but take the time to think about what it would mean if we could reach this goal, get that job, find true love! Using the magnanimous energy of this New Moon can help us get a head-start on moving forward with our desires.

The exact trine to the Planet Uranus in Taurus, will give us an extra boost of unpredictable power, and can be a life-changing happening or a subtle (although Uranus is not know for being subtle, it is in the sign Taurus which tamps down some of Uranus volatile nature), nudging for us to follow a new or previously unfamiliar path ahead. We can experience some new or unusual feelings or are more sensitive to nuances that are coming our way. Also in a wide opposition to the Planet Neptune in Pisces will bring us more ability to use our intuition, sixth-sense, and psychic abilities for our own personal goals.

Together, these divergent aspects can seem to be an overwhelming conflict in the making, yet the signs Virgo and Neptune are at their core Mutable signs that can find common ground in extraordinary ways. With Uranus in Taurus, we have an unusual diplomatic ally — rooting us on to find our most amazing talents. Working with these Universal gifts to us, we can find our way to our most dynamic and constructive lives.

Now to the nitty-gritty manner for us to get the most positive and useful energy from this Virgo New Moon, we can do our planning early (so Virgoan), get all our ducks in a row, know what it is that would improve our lives in the best way possible, and take the time to think clearly about our own Truth and our Bliss! Meditate for a few minutes before writing out your own personal list of affirmations, wishes, dreams and desires.

The most opportune time to write out your own personal list under the auspices of the New Moon in Virgo will be right after it crests and the energy is at its highest — after 8:52 PM EDT will be the most powerful and potent time to get your affirmations written down.

Of course, the next 24 hours will hold a lot of this extremely dynamic energy also, but the most bang for your buck will be right after the New Moon in Virgo crests! Do what works best for you. Write succinctly and clearly, making your thoughts and wishes unique to you! We all can find some positive and practical value in getting our most desired requests into the Galaxial Flow, to become our new reality.

Write with every fiber of your being involved, feel the words carrying your own Truth and Reality. Believe in your own power with the help of these ancient bodies that surround our World and influence each and every one of us on a daily basis. Use your most intuitive feelings in order to propel your thoughts into the Cosmos.

May the Force be with you — one and all — Peace!

September’s Astrological Activity — 2021

With the Virgo Sun still strong in the sky, we start September looking forward to new beginnings, indeed for many it will be starting the new school year, and we are also moving toward a New Moon in Virgo on the 6th that will encourage us to “get our life in order”. Of course, as this month progresses we will be eagerly awaiting the Autumnal Equinox on the 22nd that heralds our change of seasons. For many New Englanders, Autumn is the best season of all, as the air loses the heat and humidity of Summer, becomes crisp and fragrant with the many Fall crops — fields of pumpkins, and orchards full of ripening apples, fresh rows of corn and cranberry bogs brighten the landscape. The majestic trees begin to turn into towering temples of glowing color — yellow, orange, red, maroon and browns of many shades. The yearly trek of the “Leaf Peepers” will begin as thousands drive to see and appreciate the magnificence of Mother Nature in Her Autumnal robes.

On the 2nd, Mars and Neptune are not in sync, we have a passion for a project, but perhaps aren’t seeing the many roadblocks ahead. Take a little time to perfect your vision. The joyous Leo Moon on the 3rd brings optimism and fun, however, later in the day a couple of aspects — Lady Venus and Neptune, and Mars and Saturn meetings may bring confusion and distress. It might just be the end-of-the-week exhaustion that is exacerbating our feelings. Try to think positive thoughts and realize — it is the weekend! Tomorrow evening, the 4th, we find Mercury and Saturn in sync, helping us to review any issues in a stable and practical manner. Feelings may run high on the morning of the 5th, as the Moon in Leo is not happy with Jupiter, you may want to opt out of any family discussion that is getting heated. Later on nearing the midnight hour, Lady Venus and Pluto just aren’t feeling close, if someone is being unreasonable it might be best to decide to agree to disagree — and hope the morning brings better ideas and decisions.

sThe workweek would usually begin on the 6th, however as we are celebrating Labor Day, and many have the day off, this may prove to be a blessing. Mars and Pluto have a connection around the breakfast hour that will help us hone in on our immediate plans — and a Lady Venus and Jupiter meeting that can open up our eyes to new opportunities in business or in love. Later at 8:52 PM EDT we have the Virgo New Moon cresting at 14 degrees of the sign, drawing in some energy from the Sun and Uranus. We may find this New Moon brings a breath of fresh air of opportunity and originality, it is up to us to use this special time to write out our affirmations in order to bring our own ideas and dreams to reality. The best time to write out your list of dreams, wishes and desires is right after the New Moon has crested.

On the 10th we find Lady Venus entering the sign Scorpio at 4:39 PM EDT, where Lady Venus becomes more passionate and intense. Earlier, around the noon hour, Mercury and Uranus are in flux as we try to communicate, but just don’t seem able to reach our audience. Early the next day the vital Scorpio Moon and Uranus are not getting along, our sleep may be disturbed with uneasy dreams and fantasies. The 11th also sees Jupiter and Pluto in close proximity, as we awaken. Our dreams may have opened our eyes to the true nature of our beliefs and how we can best serve ourselves and others in order to achieve our highest ideals. We may have a day to reflect when the Moon enters Sagittarius on the 13th, bringing its usual optimistic outlook into our psyche. Early in the wee hours of the 14th, the Sun and Neptune are off-key, we might awaken with some uncertainty about our true pathway, and our thoughts on exactly how we are going to keep on the right path. Use this time to engage in some soul-searching! With Mars entering balanced Libra later on in the evening, we will be prepped for more diplomatic conversations.

You may have to make some adjustments on the 16th as the Sun and Jupiter are a bit confused, you may have heard something that just doesn’t sit well. Time will be the arbiter of this news. Lady Venus and Neptune are uneasy after the lunch hour, you might just want to concentrate on your work. This evening the Sun and Pluto are totally in sync and we feel we can handle our own responsibilities without a doubt. We are somehow more confident and see the reality of our situation more clearly. The 17th sees Lady Venus and Saturn in a snit in the wee hours of the morning, perhaps we had a few negative words with a loved one and sleep is evasive. Again the early morning hours of the 18th may find us in a tizzy as Mercury and Neptune are at sea — we can’t seem to make sense of anything. Since it is the weekend, we might find that enjoying one of our favorite activities may help settle our minds. The Moon in Pisces on the 19th might help us to find our faith will help to bring some clarity and simplicity into our heart. On the 20th, Mercury and Jupiter are bringing us a chance to renew and refresh our minds around the dinner hour, we can enjoy feeling good about ourselves and what we have accomplished. This is also the day of the Full Moon in Pisces, at a very karmic degree — it crests at 7:55 PM EDT, and may bring us some insight into how necessary it is for humanity to become whole. We should not be broken up into tiny islands of disenchanted entities, rather we should be trying to become one with the true nature of our spiritual and physical mortality. The 22nd brings forth the Autumnal Equinox, as the Sun enters beautiful Libra, we remember that our ancestors celebrated this time of plenty as their crops ripened in the fields. Still they understood that soon there would be winter storms and winds blowing when the land was barren and cold. Their lives depended on the success of their harvest and they rejoiced that they would make it through the difficult days ahead. Feasting and dancing, they would acknowledge their debt to Mother Nature’s bounty.

Mercury and Pluto are not friends on the 22nd as we are getting into the office, you may want to avoid having any conversations and just head to your own desk or office. A touch of anxiety may continue into the 23rd, as Lady Venus is in opposition to Uranus as your alarm is going off — a relationship issue may have reared it’s ugly head and you are confused and/or perhaps hurt as some truths are being revealed. You may be feeling uneasy and aren’t looking forward to “the conversation”! The 25th may prove to be a make-or-break day with the help of Mars and Saturn in good aspect, we will have the fortitude to do what is best for us. On the 27th Mercury will begin its Retrograde motion in Libra until October 18th — during the duration we can find a rational way to handle our relationships, be able to use diplomacy in any conflict, and find a fair and equitable way to engage with others. The workweek begins on the 27th with Mars and Jupiter seeking adjustment as we get ready for work, we want to find compatible folks to work with us but also to find our independence and autonomy. The 29th finds Lady Venus and Neptune allowing us to find a comfortable relationship with family or a special individual, or our creative juices are flowing and we feel quite invincible. However, by the dinner hour with the Sun and Saturn in sync, our practicality and commonsense will keep us on an even keel.

The 30th may be a bit too much too handle, with the Sun tweaking Jupiter in the early afternoon, our nose may be out of joint because of someones thoughtless remark, and later in the day Venus and Jupiter are just not feeling it — making us realize we may have been too extravagant and now is the time to pay-the-piper. Well — it may be that dealing with Retrograde Mercury has us frustrated and discouraged — we may have to rethink our choices, and look forward to October’s more forgiving and balanced outlook. We can always look forward to Halloween — who among us doesn’t remember the fun of “Trick or Treating”? Go for the little pleasures of each and every day — and live without regret!