Hello world!

This site will bring you some interesting and timely posts about what is going on in the Heavens — I love studying astrology, and I enjoy passing on the information I have gleaned from the moving planets in aspect to the sun and moon and each other.  Even if you feel this kind of post isn’t for you — if you give it a try, you might find it amusing, informative, downright accurate, or just a good way to pass a couple of lazy minutes on your computer. 

I have found over the years that much of what goes on in the ether does affect the happenings here on planet Earth — much depends on the sign you were born under and what aspects are in your own personal natal chart.  You can get your natal chart free from many sites on the internet — and learning where your sun and moon are located, along with the sign that was rising at the time of your birth will give you a heads up as to what cycle you are now going through. 

There are many cycles that the planets bring to us, Saturn, for instance (I call it the “learning” planet — has a cycle of approximately 28 to 30 years) — by the time we are 30 we have experienced the planets influence in each house of our natal chart.  It’s no wonder that the Hippies of the 60’s quipped “Don’t trust anyone over 30” — we are changed because of our having been through the many and varied, sometimes difficult lessons of Saturn throughout our charts.

Also there is a magnificent opposition from the planet Uranus at age 42 (give or take a year) that challenges us — can we say “mid-life crisis”?  This year is often fraught with changes that we might be less that anxious to have happen.  Yet the planet Uranus doesn’t bring a change unless it is going to build us a newer and stronger foundation.  It is part of the building blocks of our journey throughout this lifetimes path. 

We can accept and grow with the help of the Universal forces, or we can challenge the energies and find ourselves at odds with our true and natural path.  In astrology there is a saying “As above — so below” … this doesn’t mean we have no free will — it only shows us that by following the natural harmony of the galaxy, we can flourish and meet all of our expectations — or we can rale against the forces and be held accountable in many formidable ways.  The stars may impel, but they do not compel any actions or beliefs. 

The world is our oyster, there is so much for the taking, so much beauty, knowledge, fun and happiness to be garnered from our lifetime here, if we but choose to be aware and partake of its bounty.

I hope you will join me in opening up the mysteries and secrets of the Universe as we all travel on this tiny blue planet called Earth — it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to get it right, we have the choice, the right, and the means to become our best selves, and to find our place in the Universe.  Lets all gear up and promise ourselves we will choose to become the ultimate human being we are meant to be — awesomeness is an option — let it be you!

Welcome fellow searchers for the truth — it is out there…


New Moon in Aries — March 27th 2017


Our New Moon in Aries crests at 9:57 PM EDT on the 27th at 7 degrees of the sign. The New Moon in Aries always seems so vital as it starts off the yearly cycle of our New Moons with so much energy and, of course, Aries Cardinal passion. It is our opportunity to once again put our own spin on what our future can become. We have the ability to write out our positive affirmations, desires, wishes and hopes so that they may enter the ether of the Universal flow where they can manifest within our own reality. All of our thoughts have weight and substancejust thinking about something plants a tiny seed into the rich soil of our existence. Given repetitive input, our thought-seeds can germinate and  start to grow into an actual event or happening!

Conversely — negative thoughts can also evolve — and start us on a destructive pathway. It behooves us to choose our thought patterns carefully, to opt for the most optimistic, constructive and helpful ideas that will inevitably help us to reach our goals. If you have never taken advantage of the New Moon energy that is dispersed each month you are missing out on one of the Universe’s most beneficent gifts to all of us. It’s an easy method that we can use for our own benefit and for that of our loved ones.

Find a quiet spot to sit and think about what would help you at this time in your life, and write it down on a piece of paper (or on the computer) in order for your specific wish to be entered into the realm of possibility! No matter what it is you think would help you at this time, just write it out — in simple detail — think about how it could help change your life for the better, and send it off with love. Write out as many positive and optimistic affirmations or ideas that you might have — as close to the time of the New Moon as possible. The New Moon energy will last for 24 to 48 hours depending on the aspects surrounding it, but the most auspicious time to write out your wish-list is as close to its cresting as possible.

With the New Moon in the sign Aries you may want to create your affirmations around Aries strengths — i.e.; courage, passion, our physical bodies, audacity and verve. Also, your deepest desires, a goal you hunger for, anything you truly are invested in having come to fruition can be mentioned. For instance, “I want the courage to ask for a raise” – “I wish to draw towards myself only those people who will help me become the successful person I know I can be” – “I want to command respect and admiration for the work that I do so diligently”. The more personal, the better — it is as if the Universe is listening and knows about our desires and goals, but also knows what would serve us best in order for us to fulfill our karma here on Earth. When we put our own thoughts into the Universal ether, it sets up a positive vibration that begins to fertilize our affirmations — it strikes the right chord in the Galaxial harmonics meant just for us, and that tiny thought-seed begins to grow. Sometimes there is an instant response to our requests — other times it needs to be repeated as if to show that we are serious about this journey. Positive output brings back positive input — on the contrary, negative output definitely brings back negative consequences. Anger, hatred, frustration, ire, rage are all negative triggers that will break down our ability to keep the flow from the Universe moving in a constructive manner. When writing out your affirmations try to eliminate all negativity, don’t think about anything or anyone who knows how to push your buttons! Indeed — try to keep only loving thoughts, happy ideas and a peaceful demeanor within your spirit when writing your wishes.

There is, at this time, a Saturn in Sagittarius trine (good aspect) to Uranus in Aries going on that can bring unexpected rewards to those who have been in tune with the dynamic flow of Universal harmony and have listened to the lessons that Saturn is trying to impart to us. Sagittarius is always thinking about the future and how it is going to manifest, whereas Aries just wants movement and advancement and damn the consequences. Saturn will try to ameliorate the antics of Uranus, but it is kind of a  skirmish between these two to have their own agenda. If we can harness the genuine desire of Saturn in Sagittarius to find a higher calling, and somehow tweak Uranus in Aries into doing our bidding — we may create magic — however, we all can attempt to work within the guidelines of these two behemoths with Sagittarius and Aries cooperating whilst Saturn and Uranus each want their own way! Using the ancient knowledge of Saturn to enhance the creative and unique qualities of Uranus can bring us to our ultimate goals.

Mars in Taurus is trying to help us to use our energy wisely, as Taurus likes an even approach to all situations it encounters. Mars wants to increase the stoic pace of Taurus in order to break through any angst or hesitation that Taurus seems to feel. Again, working within the boundaries of the Planetary actions can bring us an awareness of just how to reach our goals — use Mars power and Taurus determination to jump-start your journey into greatness.

The New Moon in Aries is all about confidence, action, self-awareness, energy and moving forward on our pathway throughout this lifetime. Use these moments in time to find your own sense of personal evolution — what is unique to you — now — in this moment. Only you can define who you are, what you desire, and how and what you are willing to do to achieve your bliss.

Since the New Moon in Aries crests at 9:57 PM EDT — the rest of the evening is the most powerful time to write out your affirmations. Try this simple method to help you on your way to personal happiness, fulfillment and joy! After all — you deserve it!


Vernal Equinox — March 20th 2017

We in New England are always happy to celebrate the Vernal Equinox as it heralds the beginning of Spring and the end of our long cold Winter! However, it seems as it often happens, our Winter is loathe to give up its hold on our bitter temperatures. Indeed as I sit writing this at my computer, the outside is gloomy (chance of snow) and rather chilly — not quite having hit the freezing mark of 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Brrr!

Tomorrow, the actual day of the Equinox as the Sun enters Aries at 6:29 AM EDT we are promised a more moderate temperature — perhaps reaching into the 40’s! It has been a strange winter with the Boston area experiencing its 5th warmest winter on record! Still — there has been a bit of a roller-coaster effect as several weeks have presented us with record highs and lows! Snowfall has been modest, but always an impediment to travel and outdoor plans, that do not include skiing or other snow activities.

As you can imagine — just the thought of the first day of Spring puts a bounce in our steps and a happy note in our hearts. We are ready for the more moderate temperatures for our outdoor activities — and look forward to those balmy days of Summer that surely are on their way!

Today — under gloomy skies and a brisk wind, our family will attend a St. Patrick’s Day Parade as we have for the past several years — followed by a hearty corned-beef and cabbage dinner with all the “fixin’s”! It’s always a happy and joyous time as the family gathers together to catch up on the latest news, admire everyone’s wearing of the Green, and honor those veterans who faithfully march every year in the parades — veterans from all of the wars and conflicts that the US has been in since WWII. I remember the Parades when I was young with the young men marching, many going off to war, and those who had been tempered by being in the battles. Vast arrays of armaments thundering along the street, feeling the impact of their weight as the vibrations could be felt under our feet. There was a sense of patriotism, pride, community, family and purpose that seems somehow to be lacking today. But I, for one, will be on the sidelines cheering for each and every veteran, fireman, police officer, boy and girl scout that generously turn out to participate. The sight of our flag flapping in the gusts of wind, and the smiling faces of all who participate and all who come to honor make my heart swell with pride that we have not forgotten those who put their lives on the line for all of us — those who protect our lives and our freedom!

OK — got on a bit of a soap-box there — but perhaps it is just the essence of the Vernal Equinox, with its ancient rhythms and cadence of times past, that move me to think about the bigger picture of life. How many of our ancestors had the strength of purpose and grit to leave their homeland and come to a new land where they hoped for a better life. They toiled for many difficult years — tilling the soil, protecting their homesteads, raising their offspring, and developing this country which today so many call home! America was called the melting-pot, and it seemed that no matter who arrived on this soil, no  matter where they came from, this country was big enough to absorb those who were willing to work hard and wanted to make this their country and their homeland. The diversity of race, creed or culture mattered less than their desire to better their lives and the lives of their families. For so many who worked on the land, the Vernal Equinox presented them with the opportunity to begin anew — they planted new crops with the hope that they would thrive, they brought children into this world with the idea that life would be good here, their family could grow and find that essential feeling of belonging.

The cadence and harmony of the seasons gave them a template for their year ahead — each sector forecasting the necessities and requirements that would be essential for them to be successful in order to move forward to the next seasons business. The primordial rhythms of the Earth have for centuries carried man on his journey of survival, existence and their ultimate  triumph over all the vicissitudes of life. Facing life with dignity and grace allowed our forebears to find their ultimate relationship with nature, and the beat goes on — although we are no longer just an agrarian country — the heartbeat of the Earth rumbles on — and we all would do well to hearken to the cavernous throb of the Universal harmonics that reverberates throughout our lives.

I sometimes long for those simpler times — yet I know they were not a panacea of delight and joy. Life was often short, and often tragic — but the sense of community, of family and of home seemed so much stronger and resilient. A man’s word was his bond, a handshake sealed the deal, honor – integrity – decency – morality were the norm. Perhaps I miss the camaraderie within a town, village, community, neighborhood — we are all so busy today.

So — take a moment during this Vernal Equinox as the Sun stands still — and feel the history, of those times long ago — and join in the ancient acknowledgement of our Earth’s synchronization as we move through the vastness of Space. Be still for a few seconds as you become part of the whole — breathe in the beauty and sacredness of life.


Mars Enters Taurus — March 9th 2017

Mighty Mars enters the sign Taurus at 7:34 PM EST on the 9th of the month, creating somewhat of a tug-of-war as Mars isn’t at home in this Earthy/Fixed sign. It will take Mars a little time to incorporate the strong and practical traits of the Taurus persona. However, once Mars decides he can work within the parameters of Taurus strong and determined identity, He will begin to use these qualities to set His own agenda. Working together, Mars and Taurus are an unbeatable combination of verve, passion, stubbornness, work ethic, practicality and a magnificent integrity to get the job done. No shrinking violet here, indeed this is a combination that brooks no interference when they have decided upon a plan of action. If there is any downside to this combo — it is that they may overwhelm others with whom they must work. A little respect and latitude will be needed in order for Mars in Taurus to not totally try to run the show!

Mars will at times try to push the envelope of Taurus slow and steady pace — but our Taurus folks have an intensity and inner core of self-esteem that will keep them in the game. No pushover for Mars bluster and bravado — Taurus will probably run the show by moving one step at a time — to whatever goal he is pursuing. As much as Mars will huff and puff, He will have to learn that Taurus has his own determined mind and a deliberate plan of action that he will not allow to go off the track. Mars will eventually have more sway over any venture with his over-the-top audacity that Taurus will see has its place in the scheme of things. Both of these entities need to feel in control and want the first and last word on the subject — however, when in concert — Mars energy and ability to lead may slightly overshadow Taurus staid and sedate manner. The end result of any cooperation will be a blending of these two very different entities using the best of each others superior qualities.

There is one other side of this pair — a Mars in Taurus who (believe it or not) hides his light under a barrel. These are usually sensitive and brilliant folks for whom the Taurus sedateness and humility have sway over their Mars need to be heard, seen and appreciated. They truly enjoy working behind the scene — whether in the lab, as a movie producer, or as a quiet artist whose work speaks for him/her. Able to take the most pleasure from their creative abilities, any honors they garner are usually attributed to “the team”! Not relishing the spotlight they will often work behind and with someone who is better able to speak publicly and enjoys the adulation.  I know — not what one would expect from someone with this aspect in their chart — however — there will be other indications within their chart that will uphold this dichotomy. This side of a Mars/Taurus person is forgiving, generous, charitable, loving and charismatic. They can steal your heart before you are aware of their true interest — how lucky to have this more mellow manifestation of a Mars in Taurus individual — they will be loyal to their loved one and family always.

Mars will remain in Taurus until moving on to frivolous Gemini on April 20th — use this time wisely while Mars is in Taurus — the strength of this combo can help all of us hone in on our goals with energy to spare, and also find a practical way to get moving towards them. Mars in Taurus has little interplay with the other Planets during this month, so has free rein to stick to his own agenda. On the 27th Mars meets up with Neptune in early afternoon — perhaps a good time for a business lunch or meeting someone you are interested in to getting to know better. Try to feel the intensity of this Cardinal/Earth duo and you will be able to use each of their strengths to further your own plans. There is nothing that these two cannot accomplish using cooperation, diligence,  patience and passion.

Mars in Taurus Love Styleas you can probably tell, this is not an easy combination to work with in a partnership capacity — whether business or romance. Still I believe that the pluses can outweigh the minuses with a little patience and certainly a lot of love. Our Mars in Taurus persona has passion to spare, determination never-ending, and a strong sense of loyalty, duty, and commitment. It’s when the determination is more stubbornness that can impede a relationship. Those who find they are in love with a Mars in Taurus person will have to be the epitome of integrity, patience, and forbearance. There will be times when our Mars in Taurus will have an idea that just isn’t going to work, and for the life of them — and no matter what anyone says — they just cannot see the truth of the matter. It will take someone of strength, mental and emotional decisiveness to handle that “head in the sand” kind of mind set.  However, the pros usually out-way the cons because of their integrity, work ethic and love of family.

Some of those with Mars in Taurus have a  well-balanced blend of determination, diligence combined with desire and conscientiousness — they are the Salt-of-the-Earth, those who give of themselves, and have a natural affinity for Nature and humanity. They always try to help, preserve and respect others and the natural world. They also have a flair that brings a bright enthusiasm to the usually staid Taurus — you can see it in the sparkle in their eyes and the exuberance of their generous smile.

We can look to the Zodiac House position of Taurus to garner even more information about these folks — in the 4th House of home they would be the Patriarch/Matriarch of the family, in the 10th House they could well be the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company! Their talents are many, as are their interests — grounded with a fiery need to succeed — practical with pizzazz — a homebody with a race-car —  and perhaps a world-class lover, combining passion and sensitivity! You can be sure your Mars in Taurus companion, mate, spouse, partner is in for the long haul; with a need to be needed, an unbounded loyalty, and the deep desire for a home and family.


A Letter to My Beloved Granddaughters — June 2015

Cleaning out some of the old detritus that collects in the dusty corners of my document file, and came across this, written at a moment when my granddaughters were both reaching one of those seminal moments in their lives. Today they have moved on — one is a Registered Nurse, practicing her craft — the other will be starting a new job in the communications field soon, that was her goal. Both have grown so much in the past two years — my eldest  granddaughter has given us the gift of a great-granddaughter — the sunshine of our lives, as was her Mother when she was born! The other having been working hard in the restaurant industry, now has the opportunity to work in the field which she has long wanted to achieve. Both are amazing (yes I am biased) — and have worked diligently to move forward to reach their goals. As I say in my letter — life is hard, and meeting it head-on tests all of us. I am so proud of their work ethic, their caring spirits, and their devotion to each other and our family circle. Just thought I’d pass this on to perhaps inspire those who are in the same situation, or at least give a heads-up so they know they are not alone in their quests and journeys. Good luck to all those just starting out and may you all find your own personal bliss!


My Dearest Loves,
You both are at a transitional moment in your lives, where changes are inevitable and life-altering. While traversing this time span, the decisions you make now can follow you for the rest of your days. A____n – you will receive your nursing certification by the end of this year and L___y – you graduated from college in May – I congratulate both of you sincerely and with admiration at your outstanding accomplishments. You both worked long and hard to get to this point in your lives – but now the really hard work starts – there will be new doors opening and new opportunities awaiting your choices. The world is not the most forgiving place – you must make your own way into the messy fray that is life in this modern world. I know deep inside my innermost soul that you both have what it takes to be successful in your chosen fields – but to be successful as a person will also take integrity, strength of character and wisdom. Along your pathway you will find those people who will champion your goals, those who will try to impede your forward motion, and those who will love and cherish you just because you’re you! (I’m one of those).
I am biased in thinking that you two are the greatest gifts I have ever received – our time together is precious and much too short. However, you must move on with your lives – I hope to inspire and encourage you to reach your highest potential – to realize what is really important – and to believe in yourselves, your innate goodness, your inner beauty (we can all see the outer loveliness) – your intelligence and perhaps most importantly, your family sense of humor (which will sustain you throughout your lives) and your solid grounding in “common-sense”.
1) Family is the most constant and important factor in our lives – they will be there for you in triumph and in failure, in sickness and in health, and will love you unconditionally forever.
2) Never allow anyone to define you – be strong in identifying your own strengths and weaknesses – only then are you able to work towards your goals using a clear and mindful idea of all your abilities – you are the best arbiter of your self.
3) DO NOT listen to naysayers – there are those who would see you fail – why? I haven’t got the answer to that one yet – but know yourself and disregard those who try to put you down – they may be insecure, needy, or just plain mean-spirited – you don’t need these people in your life!
4) Smile – a lot – it will draw happy people into your realm – and make others wonder just what you are up to! Either way it’s a win/win for you.
5) Be honest in all of your dealings with others, give the benefit of doubt to those you feel are trying their best, but most of all – be true to yourself! Use your intuition and common-sense in all relationships – if there is a feeling of doubt or worry – listen to your inner voice – it never lies! Get out of bad situations and toxic relationships and you will know a true feeling of relief and safety.
6) The one you choose to be your mate or partner is the most important decision of your life – you want someone who has your back, who wants you to succeed, who is not jealous or petty, who is loyal, who loves you unconditionally, and who would be a suitable and loving Father to your future children. Don’t settle for second best, your true love is out there (there are probably a few) and you will find each other, I know this from the bottom of my heart.
7) Opportunities will come and go – if one door closes another will be opening – you have time to find your most desired path – try a few different roadways – see what works best for you – you are meant to be a happy, loving and giving human being. Your choice of career, job or work will define who you are in large part because that is how we judge people in society. However, your job is not you – it is what you do – remember to separate the two – your true persona is your spirit, your ability to love, and your caring heart.
8) I know that there will be times when you are confused as to the right path to take, and you must know that there will be bumps in the road ahead – but bumps are different – some like speed-bumps are meant to slow you down for a moment to reassess where you are and if you are in the right place. Other bumps are from the falls we take when a decision we made was wrong for us – the best way to overcome these bumps is to get up and dust yourself off and try again. Now – bumps or lumps in our bodies (breasts) can be serious and need to be attended to at once – they are usually benign – the odds are in your favor – your job is to be able to see the differences in the bumps in the road of life! Some to be taken seriously – others – no big deal.
9) I believe that we here on Earth are meant to find happiness – and I feel that everyone finds some sort of happiness in a full lifetime – there will be pain and sorrow – but the happy times can assuage those with strength of character. I also believe that we are entities of light and energy – and we will survive this lifetime on Earth to go on to evolve into higher and higher beings. Life is a kind of test – it’s not pass or fail – it is a honing of our humanity to an ever higher level.
10) Life is short – after almost 80 years of living, I can attest to this as fact! No matter how long one lives, it is the quality of one’s life in total that gives it meaning – we will all have regrets, moments of doubt, questioning if it’s all worth the effort – my answer is absolutely! How lucky are we to have this gift of life – it is our birthright to become our best selves and to pass on to the next generation what we have learned.
Almost through (I can hear the groans) – some of life’s pain is through the loss of our loved ones – the sadness lessens but never goes away completely – you will lose your parents one day – so I would advise – appreciate them NOW! I know there are moments when they seem so incredibly difficult, angry, upset, and unreasonable – you will one day look back and think of those times and realize how much they loved you and wanted only to keep you safe. You kept them up all hours of the night as infants with teething, as teenagers when you finally got your license and could drive alone, and as adults making decisions they mightn’t have agreed with at all, but still, they allowed you to follow your heart and instincts. You won’t know how difficult that is until you, too, have children. Still they loved you unconditionally no matter what choices you made. Try to appreciate them because they are trying so hard to be the best parents they can be, and they will always be there for you.
These words are only the tip of the iceberg – there is so much more I want to say – but I lack the wherewithal to find exactly the right words, and if this is too long I am afraid you will lose interest. Know that you are loved, that you are absolutely enough just as you are, that no one has the right to tell you how you should be, and I (and Grampy) will love you till the end of our days and beyond.
Lovingly, Nana

March’s Astrological Activity — 2017

The Month begins with many of us still feeling the energy and power of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo on February 10th, and the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces on February 26th! The activity from these Eclipses can last several months and we can expect the unexpected. Especially if one or more of your Planets, Ascendant, Mid-heaven, etc. were directly involved — you may be reeling from some surprising happening, or overwhelmed with emotion and find it difficult to return to the norm. Allow yourself some slack as the month rolls forward, there will be time to settle down, and you will be able to get things back on schedule.

The 2nd of the month brings Jupiter in Libra in opposition to Uranus in Aries in the evening, the Zodiac House placement  of these two behemoths will give you some idea of the interesting and exciting manner in which this aspect may express itself. Jupiter in Libra is all about bringing balance in a good way into our lives, allowing us to “see” both sides of any situation, however, Jupiter almost always puts a positive spin on our outlook — but when opposite the quirky and explosive Uranus in Aries we have two giants pushing us to make decisions quickly perhaps without having done our due diligence. With Jupiter in Retrograde mode, we will be slowed down a bit in making rash decisions, still if you have a sudden unexpected happening that requires some major change in your life, take a few extra moments to calmly decide how any decision you make will affect you in the long run. Jupiter will provide a protective aura, but mighty Uranus will provoke the need for a fast response — breathe, listen to your inner voice of reason, and make sure the end results will satisfy all your short and long term needs !

On the 4th of the Month, Venus begins her Retrograde motion in Aries at 13 degrees of the sign lasting until April 15th, we may see an uptick in stalled romances, partners not communicating in a positive way, and generally a slowdown of those heartfelt desires we may have been looking forward to coming to fruition. Don’t give up on your dreams, but be aware that more work may have to be done in order for you to reach your goals. We also may find we are  reassessing some of our relationships — don’t be too precipitous to drop an old friend you’ve had a tiff with — and give yourself the gift of time to really understand what might be going on within any loving connection.

The Full Moon crests on the 12th at 9:54 AM EST at 22 degrees of Virgo opposite Mercury — think carefully about what you say — especially when at an arbitrary meeting or when you may not have all of the facts about the issues under discussion. Also, hold your tongue before maligning someone — specifically if your information is second-hand, consider the source! Try to be kind or at least open to those who may already be having a bad day. The 27th brings us the New Moon in Aries at 7 degrees of the sign at 9:57 PM EST (add one hour for DST). Riding along with Venus in the sky, it may be the time for any single to seek out that special someone — just remember not to overwhelm them with your robust and hearty persona — perhaps a little less self-confidence and more humility will work best. With the New Moon in the first sign of the Zodiac, this month’s New Moon bring that refreshing powerful Aries energy that  we can use to put forth our affirmations in a positive and vigorous way.  Start your Astrological year ahead with powerful and decisive affirmations to begin this year with an upbeat, fiery and sizzling hot list to stimulate your most desired intentions. On the 13th Mercury enters Aries adding to the Stellium of Planets in Pisces/Aries throughout the month. On the 18th Mercury meets up with Venus, spurring us on with extra energy for whatever the day will bring. Try to plan an important discussion over breakfast with a loved one for best results.

The Spring Equinox occurs on the 20th this year when the Sun enters Aries at 5:29 AM EST (add one hour for DST). The ancients revered this astrological moment as one of great importance — festivals, prayers, incantations, and rites of magic were performed to welcome the new period of growth and life. They marked this season with joyful ceremonies as the Sun grew stronger and warmer upon the Earth. Mother Nature was once again giving forth her bounty in Spring rains that gave rebirth to the soil. The cycle of sowing, growing, reaping and rest is once again in play, and the life-giving cadence that assures we humans will survive allows us to bring forth our own hopes and dreams for a better future. Take a moment to reflect upon this ancient ritual of our life — and thank those who came before us for their determination, sense of purpose, fortitude and faith that they would endure, nay — that they would thrive!

There is so much stimulation with so many Planets in Pisces/Aries that this area of your chart will be in the spotlight. Having so much Pisces influence can bring our intuition to the fore, giving us some idea of the way the future is unfolding — and Aries is in the wings, just waiting for the word to go on stage in order to get your agenda moving. This grouping is an opportunity to use both our spiritual and physical personae to truly see in a pragmatic yet omniscient way, where we are heading. Tune in to your spiritual core and peruse your options, and when you have a handle on what you want to do — put your Aries power into overdrive and get working on your dreams.

Mars moves into Taurus on the 9th, changing his persona from all action and bluster, to a more steady and determined goal-oriented demeanor. Use this time to get all of your ducks in a row — when Mercury enters Aries on the 13th you will have new and better ideas about your pathway ahead. Using both of these Planet’s better qualities you can make a definitive plan to further your objectives. Aim for a steady forward movement with brighter and more innovative ideas to increase your chances for success.

On March 1st later in the evening, the Sun catches up with Neptune perhaps stimulating our dream states and bringing us new ideas from our subconscious mind. Try to remember any innovative ideas that may have been hatched whilst under the influence of slumber, when our minds are free to roam freely throughout the Universe. The 2nd, of course brings that Jupiter and Uranus opposition — under the influence of these giants, give yourself a little time to “feel” the information that is being created in order to fathom its deepest meanings.On the 4th we have Mercury meeting with Neptune, with the alarm clock — your imagination may be running amok — so slow down in order to glean more information before acting. Mars and Saturn are in good aspects on the 5th in mid-afternoon, perhaps a luncheon or early dinner will prove to be productive and a source of interesting information. Mercury square Saturn on the 12th may prove to lead to timing issues as Daylight Savings Time starts on this day — make sure you have set your clocks 1 hour ahead, especially as the Full Moon in Virgo crests a few hours later adding to any confusion. During the evening rush hour on the 17th, a Sun/Saturn clash could lead to accidents or road-rage incidents, try to drive defensively. A Mercury/Venus meeting on the 18th might bring a productive early  breakfast meeting.Mercury opposite Jupiter on the 24th also at breakfast time may find you making big plans or have lofty ideas — allow these to simmer on the back-burner while you ponder all of the pitfalls.Venus conjuncts the Sun in early Aries on the 25th as we awaken — making us remember a warm encounter with a new acquaintance who may be worth pursuing.Mercury connects with Uranus on the 26th during mid-morning perhaps bringing a news story that gets you agitated or upset, don’t make any decisions until after the New Moon crests on the 27th in Aries, you will have a better idea of what to do for the best. Mercury and Saturn are jolly good friends on the 29th helping you to think clearly, with good information and able to make an experienced decision. The 30th has Jupiter irritating Pluto after the lunch hour, try not to get off balance as you may not have all the facts, don’t presume anything! On the 31st Mercury enters Taurus where a slower but steadier pace can be entertained. Reasoned thinking will be in place rather than opting for any half-baked ideas. Welcome Spring!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all !!!



New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces — February 26, 2017

This month we have a powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces at 8 degrees of the sign, cresting at 9:58 AM EST — if your birthday coincides with this day you will be enjoying a New Moon Solar cycle. Since this Solar Eclipse is riding along with Neptune (Pisces ruler), it will have just that much more oomph. We can expect vivid dreams, ESP to be enhanced, perhaps some telepathic connections with others who enjoy a strong Pisces or water sign chart. I feel positive vibes with this New Moon — although there may be water issues for some (leaks, flooding, or a rained-out celebration). We can use the energy of this New Moon to look deep inside ourselves to find a clearer picture of what it is we really want and need. This is a great time to move forward with confidence in order to remake ourselves in a new and more purposeful manner. Especially if you have been feeling like you were in a comfortable but worn out groove, that may have become a difficult rut. Now you can discover that fount of knowledge and self-assuredness that you know you have always had within.

Although the New Moon in Pisces brings intuition, insight, and perception into our realm, it also brings an acceptance of what we are able do and what is really just a dream. It helps to open our eyes to our own truths, and acknowledges that although we have our dreams — our reality is truly so much better. Living our innate truth is living without those rose-colored-glasses, and we know we can bring our creative and  inspired ideas into reality. The electricity and dynamism of the Solar Eclipse will influence our lives for the next few month bringing us courage and creative audacity!

Mercury will also be riding in the sky with our New Moon and Neptune in Pisces giving us the ability to get our point across in clear and concise language. Although, Mercury in Pisces can often get off course in focusing on the main issues. Keeping to your agenda and schedule will help you to bring about any changes or realignments you wish to make. Using this gift from the Universe can bestow harmony and accord with all those you meet on your pathway at this time.

Especially for those who are overworked, over-stressed and feeling overwhelmed — this New Moon in Pisces can help you to find your way to a calmer and more tranquil mind — a 10 minute meditation every day will eventually help you to quiet your mind — let you breathe easier — settle your racing thoughts. No, it isn’t easy for those whose minds are in constant turmoil — but finding a quiet place and breathing in to the count of four — and out for the count of eight — just focusing on your breath will bring relief. Keep your focus on your breath and if your mind wanders — bring it back to your breathing. It may take a week or more to be able to utilize the immense power of this simple remedy — but if you stick with it — you will find yourself feeling more in charge, and allowing many issues to just float away. Your work and stress will still be there, but you will be the one in control of those runaway thoughts.

You can write out your affirmations for anything you want — desire — or wish for — try to be precise in your effort to explain each entry. The Universe is listening and is willing to be of service  — writing out your affirmations allows your own thoughts to enter into the ether to become part of the Galaxy’s harmonics where they can take hold and start to become your reality.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces is at 8 degrees of the sign, and crests at 9:58 AM EST — so all day on the 26th is the strongest for writing out your list, but the energy will last well into the next day. Think of all the wonderful improvements you can make as you write out your list. Be present and aware as you put your pen to paper — honor your thought and wishes, they can be your new reality.