Hello world!

This site will bring you some interesting and timely posts about what is going on in the Heavens — I love studying astrology, and I enjoy passing on the information I have gleaned from the moving planets in aspect to the sun and moon and each other.  Even if you feel this kind of post isn’t for you — if you give it a try, you might find it amusing, informative, downright accurate, or just a good way to pass a couple of lazy minutes on your computer. 

I have found over the years that much of what goes on in the ether does affect the happenings here on planet Earth — much depends on the sign you were born under and what aspects are in your own personal natal chart.  You can get your natal chart free from many sites on the internet — and learning where your sun and moon are located, along with the sign that was rising at the time of your birth will give you a heads up as to what cycle you are now going through. 

There are many cycles that the planets bring to us, Saturn, for instance (I call it the “learning” planet — has a cycle of approximately 28 to 30 years) — by the time we are 30 we have experienced the planets influence in each house of our natal chart.  It’s no wonder that the Hippies of the 60’s quipped “Don’t trust anyone over 30″ — we are changed because of our having been through the many and varied, sometimes difficult lessons of Saturn throughout our charts.

Also there is a magnificent opposition from the planet Uranus at age 42 (give or take a year) that challenges us — can we say “mid-life crisis”?  This year is often fraught with changes that we might be less that anxious to have happen.  Yet the planet Uranus doesn’t bring a change unless it is going to build us a newer and stronger foundation.  It is part of the building blocks of our journey throughout this lifetimes path. 

We can accept and grow with the help of the Universal forces, or we can challenge the energies and find ourselves at odds with our true and natural path.  In astrology there is a saying “As above — so below” … this doesn’t mean we have no free will — it only shows us that by following the natural harmony of the galaxy, we can flourish and meet all of our expectations — or we can rale against the forces and be held accountable in many formidable ways.  The stars may impel, but they do not compel any actions or beliefs. 

The world is our oyster, there is so much for the taking, so much beauty, knowledge, fun and happiness to be garnered from our lifetime here, if we but choose to be aware and partake of its bounty.

I hope you will join me in opening up the mysteries and secrets of the Universe as we all travel on this tiny blue planet called Earth — it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to get it right, we have the choice, the right, and the means to become our best selves, and to find our place in the Universe.  Lets all gear up and promise ourselves we will choose to become the ultimate human being we are meant to be — awesomeness is an option — let it be you!

Welcome fellow searchers for the truth — it is out there…


New Moon — Solar Eclipse — Spring Equinox — March 20, 2015

I’ve decided to publish this post earlier than usual — it is such a powerful surge of positive energy with the Solar Eclipse lingering for several weeks if not months in some instances. The New Moon is in Pisces at the karmic 29th degree — and the Vernal Equinox also occurs with the Sun moving into the dynamic Cardinal sign Aries later in the day. All strong in their own right, together they are a magnificent force to be reckoned with. It might behoove everyone to really think about what it is they want to have manifest in their lives in the future — take notes, dream dreams, and find what you really want to affirm! Plan your New Moon list with thoughtfulness and a bit of awe and wonder at the majesty  of this Earth, Galaxy and Universe we inhabit. Draw toward yourself the joy, happiness, kindness and love you know you deserve. Blessings!

This month we have a “triple treat” — on the 20th the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces crests at 29 degrees at 4:37 AM EST ( remember to add one hour for DST), and the Sun enters Aries at 5:46 PM EST bringing our Spring Equinox into full bloom! That is a lot of energy being expelled all on the same day, and we can celebrate the end of the Winter Season with elan, grace and gratefulness. We can feel the rampant urge to create and we can tap into our psyches and imagination to wrest out those magnificent ideas we may have allowed to dissipate into the mists of time. Now there is a renewed power in the ether to stimulate and inspire us to dust off any old concepts and view them in a new light.

We must tap into the highest planes of love, spirit and the essence of our soul’s existence. We are here on a journey to evolve to a higher level of being — a being of light, energy, spirit and divine otherworldly transcendence! This is when we truly shine and become the entity of hope and truth that will bring us to total and final fulfillment on our karmic journey here on Earth. Breathe in the mighty forces of your ancestors and the infinite capabilities of eternal life. Begin your realization of forever and eventually arise into the ether as a completely evolved being of light and love. Use the power of the mighty Equinox along with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in mystical Pisces and make that personal evolutionary step toward infinity.

Just the idea that our days are getting longer and the sunlight is getting stronger is enough to make us feel powerful and transformed! Still we don’t want to go off on a tangent of unworkable deeds or impossible goals — rather we should take this infusion of the Galaxy’s energy to empower us to really look at what it is we want to do with our lives from this point on! The New Moon in Pisces at the karmic 29th degree is encouraging us to look deep within, and awaken our most humanitarian and spiritual ideas. If we choose to rise to our highest power, we will begin to feel the Universal ethos of brotherhood and the best of humankind. I feel there can be a fresh approach to our dreams, one that takes into account all of our loved ones and also their hopes and wishes for a brighter future.

On a more mundane plane — we all face difficulties, traumas, and life altering issues throughout our lives — still much of the time the human spirit will rise above the pain and disappointment to become a stronger and more malleable person. We learn to bend and not break through all of the storms of life. We are honed by our trials and we strengthen our resolve every day to keep moving forward. I am always amazed by those in extraordinary situations who can rally and look forward to overcoming any and all disasters that befall them. Humankind Rocks!

Saturn in Sagittarius will turn Retrograde on the 14th moving backwards entering the latter degrees of Scorpio until August 2nd when it turns direct and will re-enter Sagittarius on September 17th. Whilst in Rx mode, we may see a slow down in our own daily activities, and some plans may have to be recalculated in order to bring them to fruition. Work with the Planets movements, and you may be able to moderate any negative issues by being more aware and heading off any problems that might arise. Mercury moves into Pisces on the 12th meeting up with Neptune, this will pique our intuition and our ability to sense what others are really saying! Be open to subliminal messages that will help you to traverse these rocky times. Venus entering Taurus will bring us her most sensitive self, we will be more inclined to want to be pampered and petted — and we will be more attuned to our loved ones needs and desires. Both Mercury and Venus are moving quickly from sign to sign now, so we must be attuned to the vibrations they bring into our lives. These are the “personal” Planets and have a lot to do with our everyday relations with friends and family. Allow yourself to feel each subtle pulsation emanating from these significant Planets as they move throughout the Zodiac.

Now to our motivation to write out our affirmations and wishes with the power of the New Moon in Pisces — there are so many ways that we can use Neptune and Pisces for our innermost desires. Do we need to be more sensitive to others? Want to use our intuition in a more practical way? Are we merely allowing life to pass us by while we yearn to put our talents to work, but procrastinate time after time? Is there a negative person in your life who is holding you back? Are you intimidated by a bullying boss? — all of these and many other issues can be confronted by writing out specific requests. Want more beauty and peace in your life, want to help a friend who has some bad habits, need to release guilt, anger or frustration? The power of the New Moon in Pisces combined with the Solar Eclipse and the Vernal Equinox will give you that boost of energy to infuse your affirmations with a surfeit of positive vitality that will put your thoughts into the ether to begin to ripen and come to fruition. Use the goodwill streaming from the Universe and make it your own.

The New Moon in Pisces crests on the 20th at 4:37 AM EST (add one hour for DST) — write out your wishes with all the detail and specifics you feel necessary and also send these affirmations out into the Galaxial mists with proactive mental acuity. You may write out your list throughout the day for the biggest impact. Give yourself the gift of working with the Universal flow and find that everything seems a little less tiresome and dreary — you will feel the gentle warmth of loving kindness come into your realm. Positive thought can bring positive actions and results if sent out with love — it is the old axiom — you get what you give! And truly — good thoughts and deeds return ten-fold. Draw all good and kind feelings towards yourself — draw only those who have your best interests at heart.

I remember a quote I had on my refrigerator for many years — a pithy, tongue-in-cheek saying — “Life is a test – it is only a test – if it were your real life — you would have been given better instructions!” I still smile as I recall that little note bringing me to the realization that we all have to traverse our lives with its ups and downs — but we all can manage a bit better if we use a little humor. Peace!



March’s Planetary Activity — Spring Equinox — Solar Eclipse

March bodes well for bringing the end of the winter season to a close, still there are a few weeks to go before the Sun enters Aries, ushering in our Spring Equinox on the 20th at 5:46 PM EST.The Spring Equinox always seems to bring a freshening of the atmosphere that cleanses our psyches. Perhaps this is more noticeable here in New England where the winters can be severe, difficult and depressing day after day. A constant venue of snow storms, difficult driving conditions, gloomy days, and the cold winter Sun that brings little warmth. Earlier on the 20th the New Moon in Pisces arrives at 29 degrees  blossoming as a Solar Eclipse at 4:37 AM  EST. This New Moon degree is at a “world” point and carries some serious messages for those in charge. This near zero degree Full Moon touches on a sensitive Universal point that will bring public issues to the fore. There may be a need for crisis management for those in power, and perhaps some unwelcome changes will be on the agenda for many world leaders. It’s a wake up call for doing the right thing before devastating news becomes public. On a personal level, it is the opportunity to begin a new chapter in your overall spiritual health and your ability to connect with loved ones and friends on  a deeper level. Tune into the karmic and mystical vibes of this Pisces New Moon, and cleanse yourself of any angst, unhappiness or anger. Feel the intense emotional depths of your inner light, and allow yourself to become one with your spirit guides. Tap into the magnificent aura of you!

On the 5th of the month the Full Moon in Virgo crests at 1:06 PM EST, at 14 degrees, and brings with it all the intensity of a tidal wave of emotional angst! Virgo is a sign that likes precision, order and analysis — with the friction of our current planetary lineup, Virgo’s usual calm and ordered Universe is in for a major shakeup! If you have a Planet at or near 14 degrees of Virgo, it is a time span to be especially wary and keep an eye out for any disproportionate moodiness or anger issues. Keep a cool head whilst there is agitation and angst roiling around. Use Virgo’s common-sense approach to any situation and reap the satisfying rewards of being able to traverse the vicissitudes of life with ease.   On the plus side Jupiter in Leo is in good aspect to Uranus in Aries, so some of the exasperating vibes may be modulated a bit. These two dynamos can bring inspiration and creativity — so dust off those old plans, paintings, ideas, and projects in order to refurbish your concepts and make them happen. You may be inspired with renewed vigor and fresh ideas so that even you are amazed!

Mars our Planet of passion, energy and ire, conjuncts Uranus (Planet of the unexpected) on the 11th at 15 degrees of Aries which also squares Pluto (Planet of karma and intensity) in Capricorn! Boom! Lots of energy and power schussing through the atmosphere to keep all of us on our toes! It will be best to avoid any lunacy and/or unwise situations if possible — be alert to controversial activity that is spiraling out of control. Also avoid any dangerous activity and/or medical procedures on or around this date — be hyper-aware of things becoming totally unraveled. Mercury enters Pisces on the 12th and is under pressure as it meets up with Neptune — be aware that all may not be as it appears and monitor your communications so you won’t regret any outbursts at a later date (think before you hit send). Think before you speak, and be wary of any legal issues that may pop up unexpectedly that put you in an awkward position. We all must remember that there are consequences not only of our actions, but of our words.

As the Solar Eclipse and Spring Equinox arrive on the 20th, it is wise to recall that projects begun before these events usually don’t work out as expected. If you can — plan to implement any new ideas or ventures after the Eclipse has passed. Mercury will enter Aries on the 30th, and then  Mars will be going from Aries to Taurus on the 31st. Communications may pick up in intensity, and it might be difficult to change folks fixed ideas of what is right and wrong. A busy and intense month of unpredictable happenings worldwide, bringing  a need for wiser heads to rule.

On a more local level, we must be aware of our surroundings and be prepared to act when unexpected things occur. Planning ahead is always a good idea, however, we also must be flexible to any new information or situations that come along. Use your intuition, your inner knowing, and your ability to “see” what lies ahead. If we can instinctively plan our pathway throughout this life, with the ability and acuity to bend instead of break with unexpected changes, we will be able to reach out goals with aplomb and grace. The Universe is always giving us a heads-up as to what is going on in the World, the stars impel they do not compel — work with the energy and power at your disposal and make your way through this lifetime with precision and focus.

Break through your Winter blues to the magnificence of the Spring Equinox — refresh, renew, re-establish your true pathway, and work with the wonder of the Galaxial momentum and vitality to maximize your potential. Peace!


Infuse Your Food With Love — Jone Victoria — April 11, 2009

There are a multitude of outlets to practice your energy and healing work. One of them is in the kitchen. An important principle of preparing and cooking food is to infuse it with love. I learned this concept years ago when enrolled in workshops at the Michio Kushi Institute, then located in Brookline, to study Macrobiotics.

Being mindful when preparing food is not a psychobabble concept. It’s essential to understand that our thoughts are actually tiny electrical impulses. Therefore our thoughts can magnify and be impinged on others.

Whenever I prepare food, I make a conscious effort to be aware of my state of mind. Anger, sadness, envy, resentment or despondency can translate into the food you are preparing and serving. The puffy white gluten boy who said, “Nothin’ says lovin’, like something from the oven”, touched on a cardinal truth.

Your skill level as a cook is inconsequential. It is the intent of the preparation that gives the food an infusion of love. Select the finest of ingredients from the local grocer, then lovingly prepare them. If you’re slicing carrots, do so in an unhurried way and with a peaceful mind. Be in the moment of preparation and cooking your food. Think on how the food you prepare will sustain the physical body and feed the soul.

Jone was particular about how fresh and pure the food she prepared was for her family and friends, and she was conscious of how they would feel while enjoying the repast. She was an awesome cook, and I remember especially how she would bake her Sabbat cakes for us being concerned about using a Venus (love) hour to begin her task. As always — they were not only delicious, but when tucked under one’s pillow to dream about a future love — they were fun and entertaining also. She was a vegetarian long before it was trendy — and realized that she and her daughter had issues with gluten that she addressed with research and a whole new way of preparing meals. An innovator and visionary — she is missed every day!




Venus Enters Aries — February 20, 2015

Loving Venus will move out of her mysterious and illusory area of Pisces and enter the bold, passionate, and vibrant sign of Aries on February 20th at 3:06 PM EST! Going from a watery abyss to a fiery dynamo is quite the change for our Lady Venus.  The Moon enters Aries a few hours later, and catches up with Venus at 6:30 PM, making our dinner hour pleasant and a bit spicy! Later, the Moon catches up with Mars stirring up emotions, as Mars comes into contact with good old Jupiter in the sign Leo, bringing big ideas and a bit of bravado to the mix.

We love Venus in Aries although this isn’t her usual comfort zone — still she enjoys the deep and vigorous passions that powerful Aries brings to her demeanor. Venus in Aries is more aggressive and determined to find her true love. However, in Aries — Venus might be a bit obsessive and not be as in tune with their partners  feelings in the moment. Emotionally and mentally, Lady Venus in Aries is like someone who has tunnel vision — her mind is swirling in an eddy of hyper-emotions, fervent yearnings and impatient desires. Usually sweet and caring — our Aries Venus is sexier and a bit needier than usual. She enters a room with elan and elegance, but also with a touch of assertiveness and defiance! As always she is a “head-turner” and will immediately garner the attention of those of the opposite sex. Knowing her worth, she is abundantly confident and poised. Some might think she is too “full of herself” — and be repelled by her demeanor. Still others are drawn as a moth to a flame — helpless to resist her charm, charisma, and mystical appeal.

Heady with being in love with love, our Lady Venus is willing and able to capture the love of any whom she sets her heart on — many are helpless in the throes of a full-on assault by a Venus in Aries persona. Using overwhelming emotion, zealous feelings and over-the-top passions, it is a strong individual who can resist the siren call of this sensuous temptress.  Having a spirited beauty, an athletic inclination, and an appetite for excess — Lady Venus in Aries is a force to be reckoned with indeed.

For those who are willing and able to take advantage of a relationship with this emotionally charged spirit, they must be ready to give as good as it takes. No middle ground on the Aries playing field of love — it is all, always, forever! If you are ready for a once in a lifetime companion with a fiery and super-heated emotional love of life in all of the deepest and most meaningful human ways, then you might be ready for a Venus in Aries partner! Never a dull moment with this individual, always on the edge of excitement and vivacious activities. Cardinal Aries will bring the deepest of human feelings to our Lady Venus — often overwhelming her natural whimsical persona, but infusing her with passionate depths like no other. Lady Venus soon absorbs the complexities of Aries emotions and makes them her own, allowing true love to shine with a fiery halo. Careful not to allow a relationship to burn too hot — or you may be left with ashes — a slow-smouldering banked fire will burn forever with gentle care and a loving touch.

Hint —  Find your Venus in Aries love at any sporting event, taking cooking lessons, at a rave, at a film noir, in a hot tub, at a tropical resort, buying chocolates infused with spices, at a water-fire event, at a friends barbeque, in a hot-air balloon, at a race car show, driving a red car, at your gym, at a parade, at your hairdresser, getting a tattoo, at a fire-station!



Mars Enters Aries — February 19 — March 31, 2015

Mars will enter its own sign Aries on the 19th of February — changing from Mutable Water Pisces to its true realm Cardinal Fiery Aries will bring lots of fireworks to the fore. Delighted to be back into his comfort zone — Mars will luxuriate in his time spent within the passionate halls of Aries flaming desire. Now at home Mars will bring lots of energy and passion to whatever Zodiac house he resides within. Look to your chart to see where Aries lives and there you will find an explosion of power that you may do with as you will. Need to begin a new job, project or mission — Mars in Aries will give you that “get-up-and-go” energy to get off to a great start. Never shy or lacking in confidence, Mars will stir up lots of activity within the house wherein he will rule until March 31, 2015. Mars wants to ignite any new plan or idea you might have, and will bring his mighty vigor to the game. In Aries Mars is all powerful, full of excitement, ready to rumble and is always up for any major tasks that are put to him. The caveat here is that Mars is also very rambunctious in Aries and might not take the time to plan or even to think before jumping into the fray!

The secret to using Mars power is to channel the enthusiasm and zeal into a workable scheme before things take on a life of their own — blazing out of control and threatening to overwhelm your own ideas. Mars wants to move, to be active and to get things accomplished. Mars style is to crush the opposition without taking hostages — it’s our duty to control the massive urges of Mars with an intelligent use of mind over matter. We want to avoid negative conclusions that will hamper your end game and delay your true goals.

Mars will conjunct Uranus in Aries (both volatile Planets) on March 11th at 15 degrees of the sign — urging caution when engaging in any precarious activity — using power tools, electrical devices, or putting your life in danger with any over-the-top activity! Moderation and common-sense are the bywords to live with during the days surrounding this date. Especially if you have a Planet, ascendant or Mid-heaven at this degree — you are forewarned to be aware of what is going on in your vicinity, and to use all of your mental capacity to avoid negative actions and consequences!

Once again on March 20th we encounter our New Moon and Spring Equinox — we must remember anything begun the week prior to these aspects will probably come up against some impediments, and will have to be addressed again after the Equinox has passed. We are buoyed up by a positive aspect between Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries during the month that helps to expel some of the unfettered energy that is being expelled into the ether. We will be feeling the need to push forward, to get something accomplished — however, any unplanned precipitous actions will not work out as you wish. This month with all of the fiery energy being emitted, we must use our heads to make solid plans and work in a steady and moderate manner to get things done correctly the first time. Use the power of Mars, Uranus and Jupiter — but use it wisely to accomplish your goals with as little bluster as possible. Venus will also be in Aries until the 17th, try to tap into her less bombastic vitality, and her more individualized passions and loving emotions. Work within the boundaries of restraint and balance to achieve your personal goals without tromping on the feelings and sensibilities of others.

Mars in Aries is our enthusiasm, our passion, and our zeal for life itself — we love the feeling of Mars in Aries to give us that desire to accomplish our goals. Within the realm of Aries we have new ideas, the energy to begin new projects, and the enthusiasm to push for our goals. Aries is a great “starter” — but sometimes when the going gets a bit mundane — that eagerness wanes and we have to look to Mars entering the sign Taurus in order to regain the determination to finish what we’ve started. How wonderful is the Zodiac — giving us the tools to keep moving forward toward our ultimate desires with so many different ways to arrive at our bliss! Work with the wonder and miraculous dynamics of the Universal flow to arrive at your goals.

Mars in Aries Love Style – It’s all about the passionate feelings overwhelming any manner of common-sense! Love at first sight is definitely one of the sure signs of a Mars in Aries persona. They can be in love with love, and always seem to find someone who fits their idea of perfection. Yes, Mars does seem to require a certain perfection in their loved ones — and therein lies a problem. Mars requires lots of energy, passion, and excitement in a partner, yet they are easily bored! So the “perfect” companion for someone with Mars in Aries is one who can consistently find fascinating channels to keep their loved ones hyper-personality from becoming indifferent. They must always be engaging and ready to move on to the next project or interest of their partner.

Still — a Mars in Aries person needs someone to keep them from completely fizzling out with their constant motion and activities. Someone with a resilient and capable disposition that is willing to manage their continuous restlessness and perpetual need for something new and intriguing! The Mars in Aries persona needs balance and a measure of responsibility to reach their most ardent goals and dreams — it’s as if without some boundaries they are just motion for motions sake. A knowing mate can harness their substantial dynamism and help them focus on one thing at a time. Otherwise their usual disposition can be one of wasteful gadding about, accomplishing little in the way of progress, yet creating a voluminous amount of angst and disquiet in their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

If you have a Mars in Aries loved one, it will behoove you to try to persistently channel their energy to one project at a time, and try to enhance their ability to focus on the task at hand. Of course, you will have to give way to their peripatetic personality trait of trying to do too many things at once — or getting bored in the middle of a project. It will take a strong and loving persona to keep the mind and heart of a Mars in Aries person engaged in them and their lifestyle. It can be done because this individual knows they need a true love that will inspire, stimulate, motivate and encourage them throughout their life. With that “perfect” helpmate there will be passion aplenty, lots of excitement, and a forever deep and lasting love. Your Mars in Aries companion will be worth the effort!


New Moon Reminder — Aquarius/Pisces — February 18, 2015

This month’s New Moon is so unique that I hope all of you take advantage of this burst of ethereal  energy to write out all of your affirmations, wishes, desires or needs. New Moon power is cleansing and refreshing every month, giving us a needed reboot to start a new cycle and to contemplate where we are at the moment and where we want to go from this point on. Work with the natural vitality of the Planetary movements, and you will quickly find that your life becomes more orderly, smooth-flowing and organized. Fight against the natural order, and things quickly become unhinged and irrational. We humans need an orderly existence to work efficiently, and the Universe is always sending us messages through the movement of the stars and planets so that we might be in concert with the Natural world. Learn to go with the flow!

With the New Moon at 29 degrees 59 minutes of Aquarius we are spurred on to think of our loved ones and our fellow man — we know that our interconnectedness is Universal. There is a conscious and subconscious link between each and every one of us. Then as the Moon slips immediately into the sign Pisces followed by the Sun, our super-conscious is piqued as we immerse ourselves into the Watery abyss of  Pisces realm. Telepathy, ESP, intuition, perception, instincts, clairvoyance, premonition, and our sixth-sense are all being enhanced and stimulated, especially with Neptune riding alongside the Sun and Moon. Allow yourself to become immersed in the dynamism of all of this power! Feel that frisson make your entire body tingle with the realization that you have that ability of “knowing”! Do not just cast aside these actual manifestations of tuning in to the aura of all those around you, of being able to sense the love or friction that is crackling outward from those in your vicinity. Breathe in the tiny fragments of intuition and prescience that is your human heritage. You will instantly have the edge in any situation, because you will know that what you feel and sense is the naked truth. No filters or fillers will negate your “truth” — believe in your inner spiritual integrity.

What is our journey here all about? Why are we chosen to be here at this time and in this place? Is there some master plan that we are a party to? Are we just jetsam and flotsam awash in the ancient streaming timeline of infinity? My belief is that we are here to evolve into ever more “human” beings. That is not to say “perfect humans” — rather a more compassionate, caring and loving being that can encompass all of humankind in an empathetic manner. I also believe that our families, our closest companions and friends and any whom we contact on a regular basis are our immediate concern during this particular life. We must realize that our familial interconnections are the absolute most important matter in our lives. How we treat, care for, love our children, parents, close relatives, friends and companions of any ilk is the one truth we must come to know. We are with those who will bring the most loving and compassionate feelings out of us. We get to know who we are through our closest kin. Our psyche is totally immersed in our need, desire and yearning for the closeness we can only get from our loved ones.  Ignore this mandate at your peril, for you will have to replay this scenario over and over again until the lesson is learned. Face up to your responsibilities, your karma, and your fate or always be in the miasma of ignorance. Be true to yourself and your family and reap the rewards of evolving into the most extraordinarily super-human you can possibly be. Okay — stepping off of my soap box — and taking a deep breath!

I think the totally white snowy blizzard conditions of the last three weeks is beginning to take its toll — the snow drifts are approaching over the ten foot mark — the wind is howling at blizzard speeds — there are white-outs constantly — and what once was a beautiful scene has taken on a grim and cold reality — there is danger out there — however, I am safe, warm, well-fed, entertained by technology, and have to find my inherited sense of humor to overcome this amazing time-span of excessive snowfall. I will look back one day and recall the “Winter of 2015″ with some sense of fond reminiscence. But for now, as my husband is going out to check our heating vents to make sure they are clear — I worry about his safety in the face of drifting, blowing and excessively falling snow! We are no spring chickens, however — we are New England born and bred — and Boston Strong! We will not only survive this snowiest February ever but we will thrive — and look forward to our, however brief, beautiful Spring!

So to the mundane manner of putting our most ardent wishes out there into the ether. Since the New Moon crests in Aquarius at 6:47 PM EST we can use the energies of Aquarius realm to write out those affirmations that have to do with creativity, humanity, originality, and devising new ways to get our message out there. Also, as the Moon slips immediately into the sign Pisces, we can use the emotionally charged power of Neptune’s intense feelings to write out other categories of wishes and desires. With an interest in the magic of the Universe, we can tap into our inner spirit to that place of light to bring a plethora of mystical energy to our requests. Use your natural instincts and write freely just what you are feeling, even if it doesn’t seem like a request or affirmation.  Your innate consciousness will bring out your most fervent ideas and will present them in an appropriate way. Just allow yourself to “BE” in the moment — let there be a natural stream-of-consciousness from your soul to your hand and give yourself permission to let it all out! You will find your true needs and desires appear as if by magic — and you will begin to clearly see your perfect pathway through this journey we call our life. Believe!

 PostscriptHubby is back in the house safe and sound! It’s all good!!!