Hello world!

This site will bring you some interesting and timely posts about what is going on in the Heavens — I love studying astrology, and I enjoy passing on the information I have gleaned from the moving planets in aspect to the sun and moon and each other.  Even if you feel this kind of post isn’t for you — if you give it a try, you might find it amusing, informative, downright accurate, or just a good way to pass a couple of lazy minutes on your computer. 

I have found over the years that much of what goes on in the ether does affect the happenings here on planet Earth — much depends on the sign you were born under and what aspects are in your own personal natal chart.  You can get your natal chart free from many sites on the internet — and learning where your sun and moon are located, along with the sign that was rising at the time of your birth will give you a heads up as to what cycle you are now going through. 

There are many cycles that the planets bring to us, Saturn, for instance (I call it the “learning” planet — has a cycle of approximately 28 to 30 years) — by the time we are 30 we have experienced the planets influence in each house of our natal chart.  It’s no wonder that the Hippies of the 60’s quipped “Don’t trust anyone over 30” — we are changed because of our having been through the many and varied, sometimes difficult lessons of Saturn throughout our charts.

Also there is a magnificent opposition from the planet Uranus at age 42 (give or take a year) that challenges us — can we say “mid-life crisis”?  This year is often fraught with changes that we might be less that anxious to have happen.  Yet the planet Uranus doesn’t bring a change unless it is going to build us a newer and stronger foundation.  It is part of the building blocks of our journey throughout this lifetimes path. 

We can accept and grow with the help of the Universal forces, or we can challenge the energies and find ourselves at odds with our true and natural path.  In astrology there is a saying “As above — so below” … this doesn’t mean we have no free will — it only shows us that by following the natural harmony of the galaxy, we can flourish and meet all of our expectations — or we can rale against the forces and be held accountable in many formidable ways.  The stars may impel, but they do not compel any actions or beliefs. 

The world is our oyster, there is so much for the taking, so much beauty, knowledge, fun and happiness to be garnered from our lifetime here, if we but choose to be aware and partake of its bounty.

I hope you will join me in opening up the mysteries and secrets of the Universe as we all travel on this tiny blue planet called Earth — it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to get it right, we have the choice, the right, and the means to become our best selves, and to find our place in the Universe.  Lets all gear up and promise ourselves we will choose to become the ultimate human being we are meant to be — awesomeness is an option — let it be you!

Welcome fellow searchers for the truth — it is out there…


Lady Venus Enters Pisces — January 3rd 2017

Lady Venus enters ethereal and mystical Pisces on January 3rd at 2:47 AM EST staying only until entering Aries on February 3rd at 10:51 AM EST, this is quite a change from lively and quirky Aquarius. Although not her true milieu, Lady Venus finds sensitive and empathetic Pisces a comfortable place in which to find solace and peace. Having spent almost a month in Airy Fixed Aquarius our Lady Venus will have a little adjustment to make when under the Watery and Mutable sign of Pisces, however she truly rules as Queen of the Zodiac when blending with Pisces compassionate and benevolent milieu. Lady Venus is crowned with a halo of light and love when in Pisces realm — She glows with a lavender incandescent radiance that is soothing and calming. Lady Venus in Pisces is at the top of her game, bringing ardent yet spiritual emotions to the fore. Her magnificence is that of every blessing one can experience in this lifetime. Holy, sacred, pious but still earthy, with all the culpability of our  human frailties. Lady Venus in Pisces has a karmic component that can bring us our own true love.

Lady Venus has reign over all things beautiful and artistic — whether music, drama, dance or the fine arts, all phases of love — courtship, marriage and our social circles. She also delves into beauty on a practical level with beauticians, hairdressers and estheticians, and where would we be without her influence in fashion, flowers and all of the folderol we all love to collect. In the real world we can count tailors and dressmakers under Her influence, with an eye to proportion and precision.

Lady Venus also has control over our sense of touch, and whilst in Pisces that trait is enhanced with even more sensitivity and warmth. Our skin (also ruled by Venus) is our largest organ — bringing us so many messages from its surface — we can sense the cold of winter, the heat of summer, and the slightest breeze. When we are frightened we get goosebumps — with cold we shiver and when overheated we perspire — all from messages that our skin delivers in minuscule seconds. Lady Venus has realm over that part of us that protects us from outside damage, encasing us in an organic covering that can help us traverse each day with signals from its constant monitoring of our outer shell.

Be prepared to feel more both emotionally and physically with Lady Venus in Pisces — our senses are heightened  on every level by this enchanted pairing. The only caveat herein is that you may be overwhelmed with feelings that you feel out of control. Your mind can be whirling with so much input that it is difficult to settle down, and/or your emotions are touched in such a deep way that you may feel out of your depth in handling such an irresistible force. Allow some time to pass before making any major decisions if you experience some of these over-the-top emotions or passions. This is more enhanced by the fact that Mars is also sharing Pisces — and Mars may bring some deep-seated passions to the fore — but it may be wise to use some common-sense when experiencing any urges that might go awry. Being aware that Pisces is ruled by Neptune and can give us an unrealistic take on a situation should give us pause if we are about to go Off-the-tracks with a declaration of love, or an inappropriate connection that will never turn out well.

Of course, this month began with Mercury still in Rx mode until the 8th — so any decisions or new business you have would be better started after Mercury goes direct — and perhaps a few days later (10/11th). On the 8th at breakfast time, Lady Venus is annoyed by Uranus in Aries, and you might find that Oh-so-charming person you met — has feet of clay! Don’t become embroiled — just be glad you found out so soon. Lady Venus meeting up with Neptune on the 12th (Full Moon) later in the day may find you getting kudos from a superior, but don’t bask in the glow for too long — set yourself a new goal and form a new friendship. On the 20th Lady Venus and Pluto bring an early morning meeting with some overtones of attraction — you feel a strong magnetic pull towards a certain someone — and they to you.

The New Moon on the 27th in Aquarius also brings a Venus tussle with Saturn, there is high energy in the ether, and you may feel like you are looking in from the outside. Bide your time and you will prevail, you know more than you think you do, and your ideas are more practical and productive. Mars leaves Pisces on the 28th to enter Aries — Mars usual home where He feels powerful and almighty!

On February 3rd Lady Venus enters Aries — a venue that She would prefer to shy away from with its heavy passions and deep desires. Enjoy Lady Venus in Pisces while she is ensconced in Her favorite sign, where She can allow her senses to rise above the petty, mundane and humdrum everyday routine. In Pisces Lady Venus will find her ultimate and most exquisite place in the Zodiac! In Pisces Lady Venus rules all of her emotions, can reach deep into our psyches, and bring us a true and lasting love.

Hint — find your Lady Venus in Pisces love at a chick-flick, going to a fashion show, searching for sea shells along the ocean, swimming at a neighborhood pool, buying bath products, looking for organic produce, buying impractical shoes in blue or lilac, or buying two of everything pretty, having a pedicure, trying to find a scarf in an elusive color, buying seafood for dinner, eating Swedish fish, shopping for a gift for her Mother, trying to get to the gym 3 times a week, being your favorite aunt, at the library looking at books about the ocean, driving a blue or teal car, and taking art or sewing classes.


January’s Astrological Activity — 2017

Our New Year starts off with a mystical aspect early in the morning — Mars meets up with Neptune at 9 degrees of Pisces, stirring our imaginations and bringing us messages from beyond our five senses in dreams or psychic imaging. It may be to reawaken your innate spiritual wisdom or visions. Allow yourself to enter this realm of otherworldly knowledge, in order to glean those nuggets of higher understanding usually beyond our ken. Breathe in the sacrosanct communication as if it were your lifeline to better living, a more evolved existence, and greater empathy and acceptance of our place in this world.

On a more practical note — the Moon in Aquarius seems to point up our duty to our brethren (we are our brother’s keeper), those less fortunate and those to whom we owe allegiance because of karmic and/or past-life ties. That said, most of us realize that a New Year means new chances for success and a new leaf to be turned over if we have faltered in the last year.

HOPE — is what a New Year is all about — it is that shiny new chalk-board upon which nothing has been written, and it is up to us to begin to fill in the empty space upon its sleek facade. We have a new page upon  which to write our story, our saga, our lifetime, our hopes and dreams for our journey upon this tiny blue Planet.

Of course, we still have Mercury in Retrograde mode during the first week of the New Year impeding our resolutions with hiccups along our pathway — turning Direct on January 8th brings little relief as this powerful aspect seems to linger, throwing us off our routines and daily schedules. Patience and a sense of humor will help to get us through this time-span fraught with minor delays. The Full Moon in Cancer crests at 6:33 AM EST on January 12th at 22 degrees of the sign, giving us another period of confusion and disorder. Keep to your usual activities if possible, or just be ready to improvise if things become a bit tipsy-turvy. Allow a few days for Mercury to settle into its forward motion before beginning any new project — indeed if you can wait until the New Moon on the 27th in socially conscious Aquarius, at 8 degrees, cresting at 7:06 PM EST, thing will run more smoothly!

Lady Venus will enter the mystical sign of Pisces on January 3rd at 2:47 AM EST, bringing our psyches to a new level of consciousness. Lady Venus is Love personified — having all of the components of the best of human emotion, empathy, caring and of course, Love! The only caveat here is that Lady Venus in Pisces may have her beautiful head in the clouds of passionate euphoria, and not “see” that her beloved has feet of clay! Indeed — Lady Venus in Pisces will forgive almost anything — but, unkindness and verbal insensitivity of any sort will crush her soul. Having the strength and sense of the ancient ones, Lady Venus will extricate herself from any unsavory relationship before her spirit is dashed and her persona is embittered. Never count out our Lady Venus in Pisces — She is a stalwart fighter for the continued evolutionary forward motion for the advancement and refinement of humanity. Later on in the day, Mercury in Capricorn and Lady Venus in Pisces meet up to enhance a pleasant lunch or early afternoon meeting full of scintillating conversation — and maybe a love connection! Lady Venus encounters Uranus in Aries on the 8th at a late breakfast hour perhaps having tweaked our dreams or surprised us with breakfast in bed.

On the 10th the Sun squares the Planet Uranus, nearing the noon hour, bringing a period of unpredictable behavior within our realm — this will pass quickly — but better to be prepared. The 11th brings us a midnight tussle with the Sun and Jupiter, causing someone to think they are more able to follow through on a promise than they truly are — realize their good intentions — but don’t count on a positive outcome.  A Full Moon on the 12th during the rush hour can bring heightened problems on our commute — stay calm and drive defensively — especially as Mercury is changing signs — and the Moon goes into void-of-course mode until it enters Leo at 7:08 PM EST. A Moon-void-of-course is a period in which little of positive forward motion can be accomplished — better to wait until the Moon is fully ensconced in Leo before initiating anything of consequence. Saturday the 14th brings the Sun in conflict with Neptune — after all of the Holiday festivities you may be all worn out and ready to recharge your batteries — if possible, keep a low profile, and get to bed early for that restorative respite.

On Sunday the 15th Mars running into a quirky aspect with Uranus might make you geared up and ready to rumble — but you are still dealing with some fatigue — plan for a quiet day — and have an afternoon nap. The 19th again bring Mars into the fray by challenging Saturn in the early morning hours — stay in bed if you can and let the day play out in its usual manner. A pleasant breakfast time (or rush hour for some) aspect between Lady Venus and Pluto on the 20th may spur an intense romantic interval that stays with you all day — or perhaps a new acquaintance will become a more interesting “friend” in the days that follow. Mercury and Neptune, and Lady Venus and Uranus will bring us an active and sprightly afternoon, with an eye to enjoying the arts, and finding yourself making relationship decisions in your own best interest. You might find that you are meeting amazing folks who share your outlook and principles. Later in the week, on the 26th, Lady Venus and Jupiter connect to encourage us to take care of ourselves but don’t be too self-indulgent or there will be consequences. The next day Lady Venus squares Saturn during the lunch hour that may bring some conflict between loved ones — especially if you’ve been feeling left out. However, the New Moon later on will help to resolve any differences, but perhaps not to everyone’s liking. The New Moon in Aquarius will help us to determine our own agenda and just what we are willing to compromise on — you will stand up for yourself! Saturday the 28th has Mars entering Aries — home base is always a pleasure for Mars where he feels strong and sure of himself — but let’s hope not overly aggressive! The Sun later in the day clashes with Saturn in Sagittarius leaving us feeling we may be on the wrong path — take some time to think about where you want to be by the end of this year, and renew any plans that don’t seem to be working. Sunday (29th) afternoon finds Mercury meeting with Pluto in the afternoon, where you may see the “light” and be a bit bombastic in your views. Don’t try to change anyone’s opinion about politics or religion — you’ll find yourself overstepping your boundaries. Being circumspect will enable you to explain your ideas without challenging those of others, and hurting their feelings.

On the 31st later in the evening, a Mercury square Uranus aspect riles us up — we are cautioned to hold our tongues, and wait a while until we feel less provoked — a sense of humor can lighten the atmosphere. So our first month of the year comes to a close — and we can look forward to a February filled with the high-powered energy of both a Solar and Lunar Eclipse! Each will have its own agenda by urging us to make positive changes for a better outlook and transparency in our relationships, but with some emotional baggage  that will confront us in order to be handled with a constructive solution.

It will be a year of growth, development and advancement if we can work within the Universal harmony of the Planets, and coordinate our journey with our own Zodiac charts — find the positive and optimistic times when you can move forward with confidence and personal conviction that you are on the right pathway, in order to reach your own personal goals.

Good luck, good health, good fortune in 2017!


New Moon in Capricorn — December 29th 2016

Our last New Moon of the year crests on December 29th at 7 degrees of the sign Capricorn at 1:53 AM EST. How advantageous to have such a practical New Moon in steady and staid Capricorn to start our New Year off with the ability to think carefully and practically about what it is we really want to happen in this coming year. Indeed, it is our chance to look back at 2016 with unbiased hindsight in order to see where we may have been able to do better, and where we succeeded beyond our belief!

With Capricorn ruled by mighty Saturn we can realistically peruse our hits and misses of the last year in order to improve our chances of greater success in 2017! We have the opportunity to make our requests, wishes and affirmations with a jaundiced eye on our true accomplishments. Of course, we can also opt not to do any “resolutions” and perhaps make “UN”-resolutions this year. For instance — how about not hitting the snooze button and getting up that 10 minutes early to do something positive — like enjoying breakfast with your family, brushing your teeth for the whole two minutes recommended by the dentist, or loosening your muscles by stretching and bending for a few minutes, or drinking an 8 ounce glass of water before starting your day. There can be other tiny changes for our actual resolutions also, being on time, not complaining about trivialities, smiling more at everyone, paying it forward in small kindnesses, being more positive and upbeat, getting enough sleep, finding one thing each day that makes you smile or brings you wonder! Keep a proper perspective about what is going on in your life — a paper cut is just that — a minor happenstance — totaling your car — might have major ramifications! Try not to over-react to those minor things that we all face each day — and use your inner calm to handle those major instances that come along once in a while that may have a long-term impact on your life. As the saying goes “Don’t sweat the small stuff — and it’s all small stuff”.

Sometimes a small change can bring huge differences in our lives — noticing the small miracles of nature — feeling the texture of a baby’s cheek — observing an elder moving slowly but inexorably forward with dogged determination to continue to be their own person — finding that item you thought you had lost — remembering a loved one who has crossed over — allowing yourself to feel good about yourself! We must remember we are only human — we have our faults, quirks, idiosyncrasies, but also our strengths, our ability to care, to be of service, to cry, and to love. How lucky are we to be here on this Earth — at this moment in time — to BE, to grow, to evolve ever higher!

As we ponder our New Moon list of affirmations, we must remember that Mercury is still in Rx mode until the 8th in the early morning when it returns to forward motion in late Sagittarius, so — allow yourself some time to allow your wishes, resolutions, or desires to be flexible until Mercury has moved ahead for a few days. If, for instance, you’ve already blown your new diet within that first week, or already given up on finding that perfect job, or just don’t like the set-up of the gym you’ve joined — give yourself a break and begin anew after the 8th — you will then have more willpower and determination to stick to your goals.

The Planet Uranus in Aries has also been in Rx mode and will move ahead a few hours after the New Moon crests on the 29th — giving us an added impetus to make strong statements and to find a truly innovative way to change our lives. Uranus will be trining (good aspect) Saturn in Sagittarius the Planet of determination and learning over the next several months, helping us to move ahead with confidence and awareness. Use the motion and connection between the Planets to help you move ahead with ease.

The New Moon in Capricorn allows us to focus on our goals and helps us understand the importance of working steadily towards what it is we truly want, need and can accomplish. A no-nonsense combination of Earthy practicality and Cardinal know-how will impel us to seek out those who can help us move up on the ladder of success. We also will develop a better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses so that we might be able to avoid those problems we had in the past and be more amenable to the abilities where our strengths lie. We may have to give up some wild ideas of being that overnight superstar, and realize that our forte is one of balanced growth and steadfastness.

The power of a Capricorn New Moon is impressive because there is a subtle strength that underlies the Capricorn persona that can overcome any flash-in-the-pan scheme. Use the immense authority that Capricorn demands to bring your affirmations, dreams, wishes and resolutions to fruition.

Capricorn and Saturn its ruler are above all a disciplined pair — like a favorite teacher who brooked no nonsense in class, who was respected if not always loved, but who taught us the lessons we were supposed  to learn, those lessons that we remember to this day!

Allow yourself to think big, but with boundaries — think boldly, but with wisdom, and think bravely, but with brains. Write out your list all day on the 29th when the greater force of the New Moon is truly with you — but the next 24 hours will still have the solid energy of the New Moon in Capricorn roiling in the ether.

Happy New Year!



Free Your Mind — Jone Victoria — December 24th 2008

On the eve of Christmas, the only gift worth giving from me to you is one of perspective. Most of you know that great line in the song by En Vogue — Free Your Mind.

Free your mind and the rest will follow.

The New Year is approaching. Consider reprogramming your inner dialogue.

Instead of: “Things never go right for me.” Think: “I am in alignment with the Universal Plan.”

Instead of: “I can’t.” Think: “I deserve to have all the riches that a good life offers. I ask that the Universe shows me what to do to change my current situation.” (Then pay attention to your dreams or sudden thoughts that come into your consciousness.)

Instead of: “I’m sick and can’t go out: be with friends: no one knows what it’s like.” Think: “I take responsibility for my actions and accept that my behavior and thoughts have manifested some part of this illness. I will face my fears and anger and accept that I cannot cure my dis-ease alone.” (Then seek qualified help from a therapist, homeopathic doctor, religious leader, sponsor, etc.)

If you can think and visualize the life you want you must move towards the goals you seek. To begin moving forward eradicate negative thoughts, people and circumstances from your life. It’s difficult. It’s challenging. But what are the alternatives?

Life is about choices. What choices are you making?

We have all been at a low point more than once in our lives. It’s how fast you pick yourself up and dust yourself off that matters.

Negative thoughts can be addictive. Don’t feed it 24/7.

We are here.

On this planet.

At this time.

To help each other.






Jone had such insight and empathy for all of mankind — she suffered to see the “dis-ease” we all seem to carry with us. Her posts were always meant to help us move on from our own limitations, our inability to move forward because of our inner voices. Sometimes we are our own worse critics — never good enough! She understood how our own thoughts could become a whirlwind of negativity and become our mantra for failure. She wanted us to “Reclaim Our Light!”

I remember her bubbling personality, but also her angst as she tried to help those who were in distress because of illness or other negative influences that they could not seem to control. She herself would encounter her own battle with a devastating disease and although she fought the good fight — she would lose that battle two years later on Christmas Day. Her loss is still painful and seemingly senseless to those of us who loved her.

I know she lives on in the hearts and minds of everyone who knew her and was uplifted by her sparkling over-the-top persona. She was a force to be reckoned with while alive, and in death is a constant reminder of how wonderful life is — to be lived to the full. Jone did not complain about her lot in life, she lived every day breathing in every nuance of the good to be had, knowing how precious those days were with her loved ones. She kept a positive attitude as long as I knew her — and I miss her still.

Dear Jone — thank you for all of your efforts in helping those in need and for being such a good friend for 40 years. Rest in peace, and may your effervescent Spirit always be free, and your radiant Light everlasting!



Mars Enters Pisces — December 19th 2016

Robust and masculine Mars Enters the delicate and ethereal sign Pisces on the 19th at 4:24 AM EST until entering Aries on January 28th at 12:39 AM EST. Mars has been in the sign Aquarius for about a month and has managed to accommodate the quirky and humanistic sign to some extent — still a fixed air sign is not his happiest place in the Zodiac — however, Mars is in for a dash of cold water when he enters Mutable and Watery Pisces! Indeed he may look back on his interval with Aquarius fondly as he struggles to find a way to work within the murky and abyss-like domain of Pisces and its ruler Neptune. Water and Fire certainly do not mix and finding a way for these two mighty forces to come to an understanding will be a formidable task.

Also — just to throw us a little bit more off balance, Mercury in Capricorn turns Retrograde a little more than an hour later at 5:55 AM EST — it’s as if the Galaxy is testing our ability to adjust and find our true pathway. Mars always wants to be in charge and although Pisces and its ruler Neptune may seem an easygoing pair — they have their own fervent agenda within the Zodiac circle. There will be a clash of wills, our fiery Mars will bellow, bluster, and blow to create a great conflagration in order to make his presence known — but — Neptune will have none of his bravado — throwing her icy waters into the fray creating a steamy obfuscation that will distract everyone whilst these two find their way to an uneasy peace.

Neptune prefers things to be calm, if a little confusing, spiritual, and a bit magical — Pisces can  confront the boldest of the signs with its ability to “see” into their souls — all-knowing — all-encompassing — all-accepting — our Pisces will wear down any of the other signs, as water will eventually erode the highest peaks to create the deepest chasms. Mars really doesn’t stand a chance as powerful and dominant as he feels he is, temperamentally he is unprepared for the onslaught of our delicate but determined Neptune in Pisces.

So — will we have a stalemate — nothing ventured, nothing gained? No — that’s not how our Universe works — there has to be a give and take in order for there to be Order! As conflicted as things sometimes seem, there can be a melding of consciousness and spirit. Mars is above all a lover, a worker, and a leader — finding his niche within the Pisces realm will bring out his gentler side, his empathy for the underdog, and his true strength and honorable traits. Mars in Pisces is elevated to his most spiritual ideal — loyal — courageous — strong yet sensitive to others. Mars in Pisces will be the hero who saves the damsel in distress — the athlete who takes a moment to pray before a game — the soldier who sacrifices himself so others may live! They are truly karmic souls who will make an impact on many lives.

Working within Neptune’s realm our Mars becomes the epitome of humankind, strength tempered with kindness, courage with empathy, brave in the face of danger — and ultimately a wonderful combination of all the best qualities of our species. Our Mars in Pisces persona can reach the heights of our evolutionary growth. Still, there will be tears — sighs — frustration — and perhaps an extraordinary chance to view ourselves with a jaundiced eye — with all our human flaws — as we come to the conclusion, that with our faults — we still vie to improve, to grow, to become even better — we are human BEings not human has-beens. With Mars in Pisces we can rise to any occasion and be karmically in tune with the Universal harmony. Find your way to accepting this diametrically opposed combination and you will be stronger, wiser, more empathetic, and knowledgeable to many. If you have this duo in your chart — you are here for a reason and your options are limitless!

Mars in Pisces Love Style — I sympathize with those with this brash but sensitive twosome — it is difficult to feel such passion within your heart and soul, but be unable to express your feelings in a clear and concise manner. Seething with love and caring, bold and courageous, wanting to communicate your true feelings — but holding on to your stoic strength in order to project yourself as unflustered and always in control. This combination reminds me of the manly role our forefathers exhibited as head-of-the-family, as the ruler of their domain, as the patriarch of their clan! Their softer side was hidden in order to maintain that masculine role of protector and guardian of the family. How difficult it must have been to never show true emotion except in extraordinary circumstances. They had to be stoic, strong, and in control at all times — a proper and decorous demeanor was the sign of a gentleman of means.

It wasn’t too long ago that boys were told that they should not cry — whether hurt physically or emotionally — they had to “toughen up” in order not to be called a sissy. Thankfully, some of that bravado has gone by the boards today — still — I think many boys/men still have a difficult time in expressing how they really feel. We can do better today if we understand that we all are different in many ways and none of them is wrong — just different, we must applaud our differences!

I digress — our Mars in Pisces can be the truest companion, the most loyal lover, the greatest parent because of the duality of his emotional and genuine temperament. They can have the best of both worlds if they allow themselves to embrace both sides of their nature in equal measure. This is not an easy task and depending on the structure of their own chart — there will be forces that will tip the equation to one side or the other — here we may get the overly aggressive and/or totally artistic Mars in Pisces. A delicate balance is needed to draw the best of both the Mars and Neptune strengths that seethes within their persona.

If you have a Mars in Pisces mate or partner, you may need to coax the softer side of his personality out with understanding and warmth — getting them to share their deepest feelings will be a tour-de-fource but will be worth the effort. The Mars in Pisces has so much to share, so much to give and so much to admire, that they are always loved and cherished by their karmic connections.

You can have your forever love with a Mars in Pisces that will bring strength, caring, and a lifetime of commitment. Rock on!


Lady Venus Enters Aquarius — December 7th 2016

Lady Venus enters the sign Aquarius on December 7th at 9:52 AM EST, a change that has the power to infuse our delightful Venus with enthusiasm, a feeling of freedom and a little bit of anxiety! Indeed, after her stint in Capricorn — our Lady Venus is more than ready to kick up her heels and let her hair down! However — with the unique Planet Uranus in charge of this sign, there is more of the unexpected and surprise than our sensitive Lady can sometimes handle. It might take Lady Venus a few days to get used to the new cadence of the Aquarian effervescence. There is a major point of light, however, in that Aquarius is a most humanitarian sign, and that will appeal to our Lady Venus. It is here in this venue that there will be harmony and agreement. Our Lady Venus in Aquarius folks have a sense of duty and karma that makes them aware of anyone in need — they are drawn to those by an inner radar from their lives long ago. Compassionate and empathetic they feel much more than most of us — and they can be overwhelmed by their sense of duty. They must find a balance within their core in order to not become too fatigued — good nutrition and exercise are important to their well-being.

Lady Venus in Aquarius is everything new, fresh, and innovative in fashion, language, outlook and ideas — it’s like a baby seeing the world for the first time and everything is a wonder to behold. Every leaf, color, texture, person, shape, element, animal, form is to be examined to see what it is and what it can become! How lucky are we to be able to use our Lady Venus in Aquarius to see our World with new eyes! Lady Venus in Aquarius gives us the opportunity to review and  analyze everything we’ve ever know to be true! Is our World as we think it appears, or are we missing out on some subtle and elusive truths that have been hidden to our jaded senses? Open your eyes, your heart and your spirit to re-evaluate just what you are observing — feel the presence of the Sun’s warmth, the coolness of a breeze, the aromas surrounding you throughout the day, Be impressed by Nature’s wonder and glory in the natural shape of leaves, flowers, soil, the ocean and lakes and streams — the beauty of a butterfly, a bird, a chipmunk — a new babe — indeed any of the wonders of this World we take for granted — see them through the eyes of a child! See the beauty, artistry, and uniqueness in all things man-made and natural.

Be inspired and awed by a passing train, the lines of a car, the shape of an ice cream cone, a tree, a stone or any of the unimaginable number of things that we encounter every day! Bring your every sense to the fore and find something beautiful each and every day that gives you a sense of awe and inspiration! Also with Lady Venus in Aquarius — we have a quirky sense of humor that will ease our everyday routines, feel that perhaps improper inner ability to find the absurd in the mundane.

Lady Venus in Aquarius will bring us the ability to accept those who are different than us — to feel compassion for the underdog, to find the amusing and absurd in our everyday endeavors, to raise our consciousness to new heights, and will allow us to feel a freedom of choice and the ability to envision a brighter future.

Lady Venus in Aquarius can seem aloof, a bit outre, and able to disentangle themselves from any uncomfortable situation — but, their hearts are loyal and true, their minds are always active, and they keep their deepest feelings hidden because of their sensitive nature. That wall of indifference is just a safety barrier to keep secure their delicate interior. They can fall for a sob story and be taken advantage of with ease — and as adults they have realized this capacity in their psyche — hence their sometimes brash or even abrasive outer shell. Get to know your Lady Venus in Aquarius — and find that soft, feminine and oh so sensitive and delightful person. They can be your best friend, soul-mate, Mom extraordinaire, sister, daughter and mentor. Always ready to give of themselves, our Lady Venus in Aquarius is a human-being of wonder and delight.

Hint — Find your Lady Venus in Aquarius at a flea-market, at the laundromat, at a food pantry, reading to toddlers, at a farmers market, shopping for hand-made jewelry, at a consignment shop, shopping at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, at a garage sale, at a book store, having her tarot read, having her nails painted with Holiday colors, driving a four-wheel automatic or standard shift car, camping, looking for Native American jewelry, sitting on a park bench having lunch, volunteering at an animal shelter, buying organic produce, sky diving, and watching the Sun rise at the ocean!

December’s Astrological Activity — 2016

December begins with the Planet Mercury going into Capricorn on the 2nd, perhaps making our Holiday preparations a bit more practical and down to earth. Especially as Mercury turns Retrograde on the 19th lasting well beyond the Holiday season, we will have to watch our budgets, and be aware of delays and any transportation issues. If traveling during this time period — it will be wise to call your provider to see if there have been any alterations in their schedule. Weather is always a consideration during winter months, so be sure to follow any safe driving rules to assure you arrive at your destination hale and hearty and ready to party!

So we begin a busy month with a lot of energy being expelled with the Eclipses being triggered — indeed any issues activated by the September Eclipse may be brought to the fore — and you will have to wait until the February Eclipse of 2017 for anything to be resolved. During times when families gather, there may be some underlying issues that haven’t been resolved — do your best to remain upbeat and joyful — allow any negativity from the past to fade away and bring a new resolve to get along with those who may not have always been your allies. This is such a good time of year to let bygones-be-bygones — the freedom you feel from not having to seethe at the dinner table is worth any effort.

The Full Moon on the 13th in Gemini crests at 7:06 PM EST and stands at 22 degrees of the sign, creating a surge of hyper-energy that may overly frustrate us in our quests during this time of year. Stores may be crowded, traffic will probably be dreadful, and patience will be the “word-of-the-day” if we are to accomplish anything useful whilst this cantankerous pot is being stirred. Keep your cool on — and know that whatever has been forestalled will be able to be fixed.

The Winter Solstice arrives on the 21st with the Cold Winter Sun entering Capricorn at 5:45 AM EST! The Ancients venerated this time of year as it represented the completion of the harvest, of gathering their crops and  preparing their vegetables and meats for the long dark time ahead. It was for them a time of tranquility and respite — yet harsh conditions — they tended their stock, chopped wood for warmth and cooking, and hunkered down in the quiet time before they would once again be starting their circle of life. Prayers and incantations were offered in thanks, and in hope that the Winter would not prove too cruel. They kept close to their hearths and slept with warm and cozy comforters piled high upon their beds, waking to the cold light of day — they would crack the frozen ice upon the well and trek back home with the water for all their needs for the day. Their animals had to be fed and their barns cleaned — hands cracking in the cold and breath whooshing forth in steamy clouds, then freezing upon their beards and eyelashes — finally, chores done, coming into their keeping room where warmth and hot food awaited them. Reading by candlelight or oil lamps, it was early to bed for they would have to arise soon in a cold, steely dawn.

And so the cycle continues — we are lucky however, to have central heating, indoor plumbing and easily purchased foodstuffs. But for the strength and resolve of our forebears — our lives would not be so seemingly easy today — we all should take a moment to honor and thank those pioneers, Pilgrims, settlers, farmers, immigrants and forerunners of all our lives. Wherever you or your families originated — it was the tough and hearty folks who toiled through so many hardships to get us to this day! I am humbled by the imagination, invention, foresight, hardiness and hope that kept them going day after day — year after year. A Solstice is a time of stillness and contemplation — take that moment to be one with your ancestors — feel their spirit within you — touch the eternal rhythm of life that is you.  Find that spark of immortality within your soul.

Our New Moon in Capricorn crests on the 29th at 1:55 AM EST at 7 degrees of the sign, bringing an even more practical outlook for our year ahead. The Planet Uranus in Aries also turns Direct today offering us a renewed sense of purpose and hope for the future — perhaps in medicine, or technology. On the personal front we could find revamped plans coming to fruition  in unusual or unfamiliar circumstances or places. Opportunities may appear, but be postponed until the New Year is well under way — be patient if things seem slow — and keep your eye on the ball.

Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn face off and remind us to take our responsibilities seriously, also to see the beauty in the everyday — the uniqueness in the ordinary — and the worth in every human. Also there could be some relationship developments when we speak up for ourselves, let others know just what it is we want and don’t back down. Know your own needs and desires — and don’t settle for less than you are worth — this can be the theme at work too — you know your own worth — don’t let naysayers keep you from believing in yourself. Ignore those who would try to put you down — realize it is their problem — NOT yours! It’s time to take a stand for yourself and your loved ones — be strong and sure of yourself — there isn’t, never was, and never will be again — another YOU!

As in a previous post — Retrograde Mercury will put a spanner in the works if you allow it to happen — paying attention to detail and carrying on with your day-to-day work will keep you on the straight and narrow road to success. Rx Mercury in Capricorn runs from December 19th 2016 to January 8th 2017 in late Sagittarius — take this time to solidify your plans, work on future projects, and review your long-term goals. However — try not to implement anything new or untried until after Mercury goes Direct next year.

On the 12th the Sun in Sagittarius is in good aspect to Uranus in Aries stimulating creativity, starting the work week off with a surprise, allowing us to dream big dreams and enhancing any travel. The 15th has Venus meeting with Neptune stirring our dreams and making us aware of those in need — you could also find that perfect gift for that special someone. Mars will enter Pisces on the 19th giving our passions a sensitive turn — we will be more receptive of others needs and be willing to help. Those macho men who seem so aloof will be brought to tears with an emotional meeting or act of kindness.On the 24th Saturn in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries raising our consciousness and morality to new heights in surprising ways. Christmas Day — the 25th finds a plethora of pleasant aspects with Lady Venus in the fore meeting with Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn — softening any hard edges, bringing a charm and beauty to the day, allowing us to revel in our familial groups, and making us realize how blessed we truly are today. On the 26th Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries — bringing awareness of the Holiday’s truths — giving us the opportunity to accept the love we are given, the recognition we have garnered, the ability to envision, and the joy of being! Uranus goes Direct on the 29th bringing a more positive and imaginative outlook for the future. The Sun in good aspect to Neptune on the 30th gives us inspiration, intuition, and inflames our inner spirit to greater heights than ever before. Bathe in this divine light as it refreshes our souls.

New Year’s Eve has the Moon in inscrutable Aquarius — so we can look forward to the New Year with a bit of a quizzical eye — and perhaps a bit of mystery will surround you. You may have a psychic experience if you are open to the forces that will emanate. You may have a loved one who is trying to reach you through spiritual or supernatural fashion — be open to any occurrence that may not seem to have any logical reasoning behind it.

Be safe — be the designated driver — or call a taxi for anyone who seems a bit out of control — enjoy the revelry with all of the promises of tomorrow — and may the year ahead exceed all of our expectations!