Hello world!

This site will bring you some interesting and timely posts about what is going on in the Heavens — I love studying astrology, and I enjoy passing on the information I have gleaned from the moving planets in aspect to the sun and moon and each other.  Even if you feel this kind of post isn’t for you — if you give it a try, you might find it amusing, informative, downright accurate, or just a good way to pass a couple of lazy minutes on your computer. 

I have found over the years that much of what goes on in the ether does affect the happenings here on planet Earth — much depends on the sign you were born under and what aspects are in your own personal natal chart.  You can get your natal chart free from many sites on the internet — and learning where your sun and moon are located, along with the sign that was rising at the time of your birth will give you a heads up as to what cycle you are now going through. 

There are many cycles that the planets bring to us, Saturn, for instance (I call it the “learning” planet — has a cycle of approximately 28 to 30 years) — by the time we are 30 we have experienced the planets influence in each house of our natal chart.  It’s no wonder that the Hippies of the 60’s quipped “Don’t trust anyone over 30” — we are changed because of our having been through the many and varied, sometimes difficult lessons of Saturn throughout our charts.

Also there is a magnificent opposition from the planet Uranus at age 42 (give or take a year) that challenges us — can we say “mid-life crisis”?  This year is often fraught with changes that we might be less that anxious to have happen.  Yet the planet Uranus doesn’t bring a change unless it is going to build us a newer and stronger foundation.  It is part of the building blocks of our journey throughout this lifetimes path. 

We can accept and grow with the help of the Universal forces, or we can challenge the energies and find ourselves at odds with our true and natural path.  In astrology there is a saying “As above — so below” … this doesn’t mean we have no free will — it only shows us that by following the natural harmony of the galaxy, we can flourish and meet all of our expectations — or we can rale against the forces and be held accountable in many formidable ways.  The stars may impel, but they do not compel any actions or beliefs. 

The world is our oyster, there is so much for the taking, so much beauty, knowledge, fun and happiness to be garnered from our lifetime here, if we but choose to be aware and partake of its bounty.

I hope you will join me in opening up the mysteries and secrets of the Universe as we all travel on this tiny blue planet called Earth — it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to get it right, we have the choice, the right, and the means to become our best selves, and to find our place in the Universe.  Lets all gear up and promise ourselves we will choose to become the ultimate human being we are meant to be — awesomeness is an option — let it be you!

Welcome fellow searchers for the truth — it is out there…


Jupiter in Libra Through the 5th to 8th Zodiac Houses — September 9th 2016 to October 10th 2017

Heading into the Descendant side of the Zodiac Chart we encounter the 5th through 8th Houses — Jupiter in Libra will bring its unique combination of “More is Better” (Jupiter) and “Beauty and Balance” (Libra). Each has sway over some aspect within the rulership of the House wherein it will reside for the next 13 months. We also will take note of the opposite House — from whom we will hear! This should prove to be a year of whimsy, opportunity, and many good things happening in our lives — I, for one, look forward to enjoying this rollicking ride of Jupiter in Libra throughout the next year, so many possibilities — so little time. Enjoy!

Jupiter in Libra in the 5th House —  The Fifth House of the Zodiac has rulership over such divergent areas as speculation, gambling, romance, children, entertainment and artistic endeavors. Jupiter in Libra will enjoy their stay here because it beckons to them both in different ways — for Jupiter it’s the thrill of taking a chance, a love of the dramatic, and an affection for children (Sagittarians ruled by Jupiter, always seem to maintain an inner child-like quality). For Libra there is art to be revered and appreciated, romances that will possibly lead to marriage (a big Libra interest), and although games of chance are not her forte, she believes in balancing one’s hobbies or diversions, so that they don’t become an onus and burden not only for the participants but for their families.

Those who have strong or negative Planets in the 5th House can become hooked on taking chances — whether in the stock market or in Las Vegas. Libra will try to bring true balance whilst here, however, Jupiter is more a “go for broke” kind of guy! There will be struggles and a lot of back-and-forth as these two battle for a middle ground. Anyone who has the desire to take a chance with their money or any asset should think twice before allowing anyone to convince them of that “deal of a lifetime” — allow time before putting your hard-earned money into other peoples hands! Indeed, a sit back and observe attitude will serve you well while this duo resides in the 5th House.

The brighter side of Jupiter in Libra in the 5th House is that you may find that a longed-for child is on the way. The only caveat here is that there may be two! Also, a creative idea or artistic program will be sure to be successful — it’s time to find a way to express the inner you! Many opportunities may present themselves to you from friends who know about your talent, from acquaintances who have similar interests and the ability to help you introduce yourself to a gallery or playhouse, or you may find a way to promote your own interests on a larger scale to a larger audience. Don’t hide your light under a bushel, if someone compliments you on your innate abilities — accept the praise as your due — and find out how you may be able to stimulate more interest.

Since the 5th House is opposite the 11th House, we may also find some friends who are trying to undermine our good intentions to break a bad habit — or on the other hand you may have a lot of back-up in keeping on the straight and narrow. Either way by the end of this transit, you will know who your true friends really are. Now is the time to realign with your family if there is some separation, allow old issues to fall by the wayside, and consider creating a clean-slate for your familial relationships.

The cherry on top of the ice-cream sundae is romance — Libra will be bringing new love interests, and perhaps a soul-mate your way — the difficulty here is that Jupiter may proffer many romantic possibilities — and your job will be to choose carefully — and separate the wheat from the chaff. True love is out there and this may be the year you find that love of a lifetime. Be choosy but open to someone who isn’t your usual cup-of-tea! You might be in for a whirlwind romance! Enjoy!

Jupiter in Libra in the 6th House — This is such an important House that is often overlooked in the larger scheme of things. Our 6th House has rulership over our health (so important), our service to others (or our day-to-day jobs), our smaller pets, our dietary habits, getting the necessities of daily life, your co-workers, and those who depend on you for support, assistance or comfort. We can see that this area of our chart is complex and can sometime become overwhelming. Especially when there are health issues, and you are the one either ill or the caretaker of someone who needs daily care. The aspects in this House will influence much of your whole chart.

Now with the  beneficial Jupiter in Libra holding court here, we have a great deal of help in either coping with our issues, or in completely curing or clearing up what has been going on for some time. If you have been ill (or someone you love), there may be a silver lining in the situation being solved, healed, or mitigated while Jupiter in Libra beams their protective light down upon you. Also, if your job or work situation has been less than positive of late, this combo can bring you new opportunities for growth and balance in another field or area of interest. Be open to something you may not have thought about as a possibility, or been aware of, but is an prospect for you to pursue. If there has been an ongoing issue of ill-health, a new procedure or another point of view may be helpful in making inroads in improving the problem. Look into alternative ways of healing and dietary changes that may alleviate the issues.

Are work hours too long, too late or just grueling, look for other ways to earn the same or more income with less stress. There will be opportunities somewhere that you will find an alternative working environment that will be better for you both financially and emotionally. Of course, you will have to balance the facts about whatever openings are offered — you may not want to move to a different area, or you might feel that your skills won’t be used as effectively as you would wish. Take every new offer with an eye to the pros-and-cons of what you want out of life.

The biggest change that most anyone can probably make is to improve their diet and exercise routines. If you feel good, you can take on most any problem with a strategic plan to overcome the negatives and work on improving the positive things that will abound with Jupiter’s largess.

If you have small pets, or older animals — be sure to keep their yearly maintenance updated — and if you are thinking of adopting a pet — make sure that they will fit into the family dynamics in a way that will be beneficial to all who will be involved in their care. A pet can give so much love and affection to one and all if they are well-cared for and loved in return.

Opposite the 12th House, we may encounter some past issues that haven’t been resolved — our own limitations, our needs, past issues with family, jobs, or mistakes. Now is the time to clear out the detritus in our lives — but with an eye to not destroying everything we have built up over the years. Indeed, we must carefully begin to take responsibility for past mistakes (and if possible let them go or atone for them), find new ways to interact with loved ones if there has been a rift, and be aware that you may find yourself needing some help with a crisis of conscious or some underlying trauma you haven’t faced up to with truth and the actual facts. Clear your mind, heart and soul of any old sorrows you may be holding on to without real cause. Allow your body and spirit to be free of all past injustices. Free your soul — free your life! Let Jupiter in Libra bring you the balance you need and the beauty back into your life.

Jupiter in Libra in the 7th House — Our Seventh House holds our partners (both business and personal), teamwork, alliances of all sorts, and interaction with the public. This is a busy House and when a powerhouse of “alliances” like Jupiter in Libra land here you can bet that some change, improvement or action will be taking place. Sometimes when there is a negative Planet in residence here, one will find it difficult to communicate with one’s loved ones and partners, find that they choose the wrong partner over and over again. Often can’t seem to find that certain someone who will support them and love them with their whole heart. So often relationships are rocky when one of the more negative Planets are there in your birth chart and again if one moves there through transit. However, with Jupiter in Libra bringing their beneficial aura of beauty and balance, we could see improvements in our relationships, our business alliances, and generally in the people with whom we come into contact on a daily basis.

Since Jupiter is only in each sign for about a year every 12 years, this may be the best time for you to find a way to your best relationship. Think about your ideal partner and what their traits and habits would be like, and with the help of Jupiter in Libra, you could find that well-balanced and generous person sometime within this special year. Jupiter in Libra can bring an excess of largess, so you may find you have a few choices to make — be sure to take your time in really “seeing” the person you are interested in within the stark light of reality. Don’t allow yourself to squander time and emotion with those who are not worthy of your own high standards and morals. Libra brings beauty, brains and a certain joie de vivre into the mix, but we must be sure to “balance” this heady combination with loyalty, steadfastness, and truth! If you feel you have found your best match, it may be time to make a commitment to your future. However, be sure this is the right move — don’t dismiss a loved one’s protests if they have always had your back. Look deep into you inner spirit to find the truth — and only move on if all of your spidey-senses say it’s good to go! If you have any misgivings about the person you are thinking of committing your love to — give yourself the gift of time to figure it out. Don’t make any rash decisions — stick to the tried and true and Jupiter in Libra will help you find the balance and true direction for your future happiness.

In the business sense, we have those times when we and our partners are not on the same page and there is controversy. With Jupiter in Libra we have the chance to find the balance we are looking for in our dealings. Opposite the First House, our ideas and dreams are on the line — don’t give up on what you truly think is your best way forward, instead tap into the generous Jupiter in Libra vibes to give you that boost of energy that propels you forward on your pathway. With the help of this duo, you can realize your goals and then some. Perhaps you are wary of taking that leap into the unknown — with Jupiter in Libra lighting the way you can “see” how you can progress with the help of the Planets. Your partners will be more agreeable and you will be able to come to some amenable settlements.

Jupiter in Libra in this House can bring you rewards beyond your imagination, allow yourself to find that certain pathway that will bring you enlightenment and concrete advancement in your chosen field. Now might be the time to take a chance to move ahead with your plans and give yourself the credit for all your previous hard work. You know what it is you need, what you want and only you know how much getting to your goals will mean. Bring your A-game to the fore and make this your year to shine. By the end of this transit — you will find that you are far ahead of the competition, and in a good place to reach your bliss!

Jupiter in Libra in the Eighth House —   Herein lie the deepest and most emotional areas of our existence — Life, Death, Regeneration, Rebirth — not to mention taxes and other peoples money. This is such a sensitive area for most of us to deal with we often ignore how much it impacts our daily life.We often keep our secrets here and family business under wrap, and when there is controversy we sometimes find our loyalties stretched beyond our ability to successfully deal with all the angst. This can be a contentious House wherein financial issues are often a burden, and our allegiences are being tested. With Jupiter in Libra in this House it will be as if a shadow has been lifted. Things that were kept “under wraps” will be brought into the light of day. Some of our deepest worries and uncertainties will be released from our psyches.

Jupiter in Libra will give you a good idea of your financial health — you will be able to get a handle on what you have, what you need, and how to go about getting your financial house in order. Libra wants balance above all, and with Jupiter’s ability to bring more to the table, you will find at the end of this transit that you are in better stead with all of your money dealings. Also, any monies that are owed to you will be paid and if you are currently in some kind of law suit — the outcome will most likely be in your favor. You also may find a new source of income with an inheritance (opposite 2nd House) or input from a previously unknown source.

While Jupiter in Libra is in the Eighth House, it is also a good time to refresh your health routines, whether exercise or diet needs improvement — now is the appropriate period to get those areas in good working order. You will be happier and healthier by the end of this transit if you work with Jupiter in Libra to become more involved in your own future health strategies. Find that balance between work and play, indulgence and stability, and vanity and selflessness. Work on your inner and outer being to become whole and healthy. By the end of the transit of Jupiter in Libra you will find that you are more comfortable in your own skin, you are happy with your financial plans, and you are more aware of where you want to go and how to get there. Jupiter in Libra will help you reach your dreams!

Soon to follow — Jupiter in Libra Through the Ninth to Twelfth Houses.




Mars Enters Capricorn — September 27th to November 9th 2016

When Mars enters Capricorn at 3:07 AM EST (add one hour for DST) on the 27th, it’s as if a glass of cold water has been thrown into his face! After his lengthy and joyous stay in Sagittarius where he could roam freely, enjoy the extra power of another Fire sign and could generally create his own agenda, Mars now must contend with Earthy Cardinal Capricorn — certainly a different demeanor than in Sagittarius. Mighty Mars will have to find a way to blend Capricorn’s high standards and ethical senses with His own idea of overbearing control and passion. This is not easy for our stalwart Mars, as He is used to having His own way in the Galaxy — overwhelming others with His might, power and audacity!  Generally speaking, Mars is flummoxed by Capricorn’s pragmatic outlook on life, and slow and plodding method of moving ahead at a steady pace. This is not Mars style at all, and he feels stifled and restrained under Capricorn’s mantle.

However, it won’t take long for Mars to try to counteract Capricorn’s practicality — indeed, Mars will soon have gotten Capricorn’s number and will realize that slow and steady as this sign is, there is a deep desire to be successful. Ah ha! Mars can capitalize on Capricorn’s need for social standing, appreciation, and wish to be a mover and shaker in the world. After all — Capricorn is a Cardinal sign and no matter what — Cardinal signs really want to succeed. Mars will engage His own base of being the ruler of Cardinal Aries to connect with this more stable but relentless sign. Never underestimate the power of Capricorn — staying out of the limelight, making their plans carefully and practically, they burst out of the darkness to take over whatever was in their agenda — surprising even the most aware of onlookers.

So — what does this combo have in store for we mere mortals? Look to your chart to see where Capricorn lives and there will be your area of intense action and activity whilst Mars remains there. How can we best use these two dynamically opposite forces to help us on our journey here on Earth? We must blend Mars force and desire with Capricorn’s moral and ethical outlook by remembering that Capricorn’s almost always succeed in their quests. Now — Mars has the ability to draw others into his heady aura of intense emotion and zest for life! Few can ignore His irresistible call for action. We are drawn to Mars passion as a moth to a flame, and while He is in Capricorn — Macho Mars becomes more an elder statesman than an action hero! Still there is that Mars deep-seated urge for reaching a goal —  the dynamic swashbuckler becomes the suave and savvy adventurer. Not so quick to action, but having that smoldering inner need for winning, and knowing that He doesn’t need all of the “free-for-all” commotion to reach the gold ring. Mars in Capricorn is a bit like having the best of both worlds in one vibrant and vigorous package without all the angst!

Mars enters Aquarius on November 9th at 12:52 AM EST, another about face for our Mighty Mars — how will Mars fare in Fixed Airy Aquarius?  Time will tell!


Mars in Capricorn Love Style — With this heady combination we find deep emotional connection without any maudlin pandering. Mars in Capricorn still retains his vibrant need for intense love and passion, but with a more mature and traditional aura surrounding His choices. Capricorn tends to modify Mars usual over-the-top Rambo style of wooing and winning his mate — to a more controlled and yet blistering desire to find the perfect helpmate and lover. Mars in Capricorn blends two Cardinal signs that never give up on something they truly crave as a necessity to their health and happiness.

Capricorn moderates some of Mars power, but hones it to become that underlying banked furnace ready to burst forth with white-hot flames. Mars mighty power can never be fully extinguished, but in Capricorn — Mars learns to control those outrageously overwhelming instances where He loses control — indeed — Capricorn is a buffer of sorts keeping Mars more bizarre actions in check. Mars in Capricorn is a more organized Mars, a more competent Mars and a more meticulous Mars — this is Mars all grown up and ready to take on the responsibility of a company, a country, a family!

Mars in Capricorn knows what he wants out of life and has the demeanor to get it without fanfare or commotion. When Mars in Capricorn finds his true love, there is nothing He would not do to make the connection permanent. Mars in Capricorn wants that foundation of family, tradition, and bonding. Steady, passionate, intensely committed, loving, longing for that forever connection to another — our Mars in Capricorn will be true, loyal and devoted to his loved ones. A good provider and a steady partner, Mars in Capricorn will reach his goals and will bring a forever love to his one-and-only!

If you want steadfastness, deep passion, family tradition, and someone who will cherish you well into your dotage — Mars in Capricorn is your soul-mate — a forever lover and friend.


New Moon in Libra — September 30th 2016 — Conjunct Jupiter in Libra

Our second New Moon of September crests at 7:13 PM EST on the 30th of the month at 8 degrees of Libra. This gives us another chance this month to write out our affirmations, dreams and desires. Check your list from the 1st New Moon of the month to see what may have manifested and what still might need to be sought. I’m writing this a little early to give everyone a heads-up about this brand new chance to get your wishes into the heady ether of the Galaxy as Jupiter in Libra is giving us a big boost being conjunct the New Moon.

Just think of the power of giant Jupiter spewing out his positive dynamic energy through affable Libra — Jupiter is always thinking that more is better, bigger is better, and extra is the cherry on top of the sundae! Combined with the vitality of the New Moon we have an extraordinary opportunity to have all of our affirmations and desires enhanced with the innate enthusiasm of this aspect. The New Moon always helps us get our ideas and wishes into the Universal ether, where like any thoughts they become whole and able to manifest here on Earth. Our thoughts are a powerhouse of positive vitality that can come back to us when properly stated and written out. Jupiter in Libra adds a unique additional source of strength that we can use when writing out our affirmations.

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to get your deepest and most ardent wishes and desires into the ethereal mists. Think about those things that would enhance your life and the lives of your loved ones at this point in time. Search your inner spirit for inspiration in choosing wisely and well those issues that really matter to you and yours. Libra is a Cardinal Air sign that has reign over beauty, marriage, the arts, decor, social standing, flowers, but also incorporated with Jupiter — the law, judges, sports, physicians, religion, higher education, and banking. So many ways to combine these two entities into our New Moon wish list.

Let your imagination soar as you think about what would improve your life right now! No matter what you can think of — it isn’t beyond the realm of Jupiter in Libra power, connected to the New Moon in Libra spirit to bring them into your reality!

Whatever is on your agenda can be written down as clearly as possible in order to be put into the Universal Harmonics of our world — there to be manifested in a solid and real possibility for you to experience. Prepare some of your thoughts now, and refine it as we get nearer to the New Moon on the 30th –want a new or re-inspired relationship, need to hone your ability to reach out to that special someone, want to improve your ability to negotiate when seeking a new job, a new home, or a new car, do you feel you should be receiving more appreciation for your work, ideas, help — think about what would work for you. We can also put anything on our agenda — more free time, more luxurious life-style, better and more vivacious health, easing of current angst or worries, good outcomes for legal issues, getting into the school you wanted,  feeling in control, embracing others lifestyles, being open to others about what you really want — whether a job, relationship, or more freedom!

Only you know what will work in your best interests — think carefully and long about exactly what would improve your life right now, and go for the gold. You are deserving of all the good things life has to offer, and not only are you worthy — you have earned it! Long hours working, studying, helping, being a good human being — not a perfect human being — but doing your best.

The New Moon in Libra crests at 7:13 PM EST on September 30th — the most powerful time to write out your affirmations and wishes is right as the New Moon crests! Of course, this intense power can last into the next 24 hours — but hedge your bets and write out your affirmations as soon as possible after 7:13 PM EST for the best and most helpful results.

Good Luck on your journey — Peace!


Lady Venus Enters Scorpio — September 23rd to October 18th 2016

Lady Venus in Libra is our enchantress, our natural beauty, our girl next door — however, when She moves into Scorpio our Lady Venus becomes the sultry temptress and a coquettish vamp. This abrupt change often swamps our Lady Venus’ delicate sense of balance, harmony, and kindness. For a few days Lady Venus may feel quite heady, totally out-of-control, and overwhelmed by the emotions she is experiencing. Feeling quite vexed by this sudden change, our Lady Venus tries to subdue her racing mind, her insatiable emotions and her yearning hunger for love.

Still — our Lady Venus is above all ladylike in all of Her guises — within a few days, our Lady Venus begins to control those excessive emotions and begins to be able to control the enormous psychological changes in herself and her persons. Lady Venus begins to revel in her new sexuality, passion and sensitivity — indeed being in the sign Scorpio has opened a whole new area and depth of desire. Lady Venus will make this sign her own — bringing her warmth, calmness, and sensibility into the equation.

Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign known to be profoundly moved by all of their experiences, this is an intensely feeling sign that most cannot quite begin to imagine. Often seen as insular, perhaps maudlin, overly stirred by their strong emotions — our Scorpio brethren seem to always keep some part of themselves to themselves. One feels that they might never truly know their Scorpio friend, cohort, family member, or lover. With Venus residing in Scorpio there is more connection to others — more openness and transparency. Not that they will be an open book — but with Lady Venus giving them some sense of calm and control, it is as if they “see” people in a new light. Many of our Scorpio’s are committed to helping others, often working in the social fields — or volunteering at shelters or food banks. Lady Venus gives all of us that empathy for those in need — and in Scorpio the intensity of their natural feelings is enhanced ten-fold.

We all can use this transit of Venus in Scorpio — look to the House position of Scorpio and there you will find your emotional quotient heightened. Allow yourself to “feel”  all of the intensity that fills you whilst Venus is in Scorpio. You may find that you have deep feelings for someone you have thought of as a friend for a long time — or you might find that you are attracting suitors that aren’t your usual choice. Try to expand your innate ability to accept a wider variety of folks that are out of your typical comfort zone. If perchance Lady Venus in Scorpio has landed in your 5th or 7th House you may be fortunate to find the love of  a lifetime. Just be  sure it isn’t the intoxicating presence of our enchanting Lady Venus in Scorpio tweaking your longing for that fantasy lover. Let Lady Venus move into Sagittarius (on October 18th) where she is more playful and spirited — and not overtly intense — and if the feelings are still there — you may have found your forever soul-mate.

Moving quickly, Lady Venus has a limited time in Scorpio before heading into more agreeable and light-hearted Sagittarius. Use the immense passion of Lady Venus in Scorpio to raise your passions in all areas. Enjoy Lady Venus in Scorpio and get your sexy on!

Hint — find your Lady Venus in Scorpio love — at a poetry reading, at an avant-garde art gallery, using the internet at a coffee shop, at a dark drama, helping at a food pantry or shelter, having a tarot reading, enjoying their high-speed car, buying red and black clothing, creating their own business, enjoying a jazz session, in church, or at a charity auction.



A Joyous Autumnal Equinox — September 22nd 2016

Everyone seems to have some opinion when the short New England Summer ends and our glorious Autumn begins. Many are saddened by the shorter amount of daylight, others revel in the cool crisp temperatures that come with this season. Whatever your view, this magical day has been celebrated for centuries by our ancestral peoples — knowing a harsh winter would soon be upon them, they gathered their crops, picked berries, stored firewood, stored root vegetables in their cellars, made preserves, salted their meats, and prepared to survive another long and cold “dark” season.

Today, it’s a much easier existence, and we look forward to hay-rides, apple picking, local fairs, the multitude of autumn flowers bursting forth with their bright russet, gold, orange and maroon hues. Pumpkins appear on doorsteps, and in the fields ready for choosing, the children with ruddy cheeks enjoy the carnival rides at the fair, we bring down our heavy coats and clothing for the bitter winds that will come, and there is a sense of timelessness, of antiquity, of a shared ritual from ancient folks. This is our eternal cycle of reaping, storing, renewal, and rebirth — each time-span reminding us of times past, of those who have crossed over, of our own mortality — the fragile world upon which we live, and our duty to one another in order to survive — and our duty to keep this world strong and safe for those who will come.

Through the mists of time, many have celebrated this day as sacred — the Druids honored the Green Man — the earth keeper, the followers of Wicca celebrate Moban, a feast of sharing the bounty of the harvest. With incantations to the Gods and Goddesses, they welcomed the changes and prepared for the next cycle to come. Knowing that this was the way of the Earth from time immemorial. It was their karma to continue the progression of the yearly rotations, in order to thrive and become whole, become one with the Earth, to Be!

We all have some treasured memories of this changing time of the year, sometimes bringing warm thoughts of hearty foods, stews, hot-pots, roasts and turkeys with all the fixings, enduring favorite desserts — apple pie, ginger cookies, pumpkin muffins, berry cobblers, all washed down with tart apple cider. How wonderful to look back and rejoice in our bounty!

One of my treasured Autumn Equinox memories was brought to me by my friend Jone — who wrote the blog (Reclaim Your Light) — she would unexpectedly burst into my kitchen with her Autumnal robes flowing behind her like a tornado of mystical energy — autumn leaves strewn throughout her clothing and hair, smiling and glowing like a conjurer just appearing in a puff of smoke! She would proclaim a “Joyous Equinox” to all, and lavish my table with vegetables from her garden or some delicious delicacy that was home-baked with fresh fruits from the local farms. Before I could actually acknowledge that she was there — she would disappear with her robes flaring and flapping out behind her, not waiting for a thank-you — her jubilant and triumphant laughter wafting back to me on the air as she drove away! (And – no – she wasn’t on a broom!)

We all should hearken back to some of our treasured memories of these wondrous times of change — it brings back those good feelings of family, friends and fun times.

As the Sun moves into Libra — we prepare ourselves for whatever is to come, with Jupiter now in residence in Libra we will have a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the innate beauty in ourselves. Resolve to live every moment to the full, connect with family and friends, and revel in your unique existence. This time is now, this time is yours, this time will never be again. Immerse yourselves in the power of LIFE.

Peace – and a Joyous Autumnal Equinox to all!



Jupiter in Libra Through the 1st to 4th Zodiac Houses — September 9th 2016 to October 10th 2017

Jupiter in Libra is a different entity than when he was in Virgo — whilst influencing  Libra, our big dreamer Jupiter  becomes more suave, elegant, and exceedingly charming! We also are the recipients of  Jupiter’s largess matched up with  Libra’s love of beauty, balance and brains! Sounds like a win/win in our lives — but there may be some controversy as Libra, a Cardinal sign, likes to be in charge (although with charm and grace) and Jupiter feels He has control over the entire galaxy with His size, optimism and bravado! This might prove to be one of our most joyous and lively transits for some time! Lets all sit back and try to enjoy Jolly Jupiter’s stroll through Beatific Libra’s realm. But hold on to your hats — excitement and revelry is on its way, which at times may make us feel a bit unbalanced!

Jupiter in Libra will influence each Zodiac House according to its specific rulership, however,  the House that it opposes will also have its say in how this next year will play out. So many possibilities and adventures to be had, so many opportunities coming to you according to the House position and any Planets within or in aspect to Jupiter, and how Libra will bring more awareness of the beauty surrounding us, and the beauty within. After Jupiter’s transit of stern Virgo — I think we all are ready to allow more optimism, whimsy, and fun into our lives. Of course, great strides can be made with this combo — in work, career, marriage, partnerships and possibly a magical moment that will enhance your life forever.

Jupiter in Libra in the First House —  Those who enjoy having a Libra Ascendant (cusp of the First House), will find so many opportunities that they may find (because of Jupiter’s more is better philosophy) that their heads are spinning as they get used to this new energy that has appeared on their doorstep. Indeed — so much may be changing in your life that it might take some time to realize this whirlwind surrounding you is all to the good, as long as you keep a cool head and some semblance of balance in your life.

The First House has rulership over how folks “see” you — no matter your Sun sign, you appear through the guise of Libra’s mirror image — beauty, charm, kindness, a love of life, and also a deep empathy for others will be your signature whilst Jupiter is in the House. People will start to ask if you’ve lost weight (be careful not to gain any) — had a new hairstyle, had a makeover, or just say how healthy and energetic you seem. Now is the time for you to push your agenda in any field — if you are looking for a better job, more money, trying to get a new project under way, feeling as if you can be a leader, and finding those who are willing to be of help to you in your endeavors. Also — Jupiter in Libra gives you the ability to see your problems from both sides of the equation. While under Jupiter in Libra’s beneficence you should realize that all offers are not equal — you must still be diligent in finding all the facts about your needs and desires before making any major decisions.

Since the First House is opposite the Seventh House, there may be some discord between partners, friends or even family. Do not make any knee-jerk decisions — if there are differences of opinion and/or some difficulties in coming to mutually agreeable decisions, take your time and make a Pro and Con List of all the possibilities for future growth. Where do you want to be in the next year, 5 years, 10 years — too overwhelming? Just make the best plan that will serve you and your family responsibly for the near future. Nothing is written in stone — things can always be changed, as long as good will is in the picture. Also, don’t feel that your way is the only way (Jupiter can give us a big ego) — ask, question, and research any offer whether seemingly good, bad, or indifferent — learn to listen to your inner voice that will usually give you some common-sense advice. You and those you are responsible for will be so much better off by the end of Jupiter in Libra’s transit if you are aware of your true needs, your most ardent desires, and by using the truth of what your instincts are really telling you — believe that you will achieve your goals with the help of your family, true friends and new found mentors.

Jupiter in Libra in the Second House — This could be a major year for those who have Libra in the Second House — herein lies our earned monies, and new ways for finding more income. With Jupiter in Libra allowing a channel to flow into this House you can expect to find an uptick in your income through your own hard work or through gifts, inheritances or bonuses. This coming year will bring many opportunities for growth both materially and spiritually. The Second House is opposite the Eighth House of combined money, other peoples property or estate, taxes, death and rebirth, your savings, and money owed to you. You will do best in being moderate in expecting any windfall of cash to fall out of the sky, however, Jupiter in Libra will bring opportunities for growth and expansion  — you will probably do best in seeking professional guidance in any financial dealings. Jupiter likes to spend, so clearing up debt will be most advantageous especially with Libra, making sure your finances are well-balanced.

If you find you have an opportunity to increase your income, be sure to research all of the possibilities — do you have a special talent, idea, ability that is needed in a specific field — check out any prospects that others bring to you — can you work from home?  There will be some wonderful chances for you to increase your income, perhaps because your partner or mate manages to bring in some extra cash. You also may find that decreasing your outgo will help in balancing your budget — look for ways to decrease your expenditures that won’t interfere with your current lifestyle. Bask in the glow of Jupiter in Libra’s giving nature — prepare for some unique and beautiful happenings that will bring you joy. Opposite the Eighth House can bring to light where money is escaping your grasp — check your monthly expenses with an eye to cutting any extra and unnecessary expenditures. Do you really need that ultra-deluxe blender when an average one would serve your purposes? Also be pro-active when the holidays are near and give bold hints to your family and friends about what you really want — most of us don’t need another pair of winter gloves or scarfs — need a small appliance — just ask! At the end of this transit — your finances and your ability to live better and wiser will be fully implemented if you follow a common-sense plan whilst under the jubilant umbrella of Jupiter in Libra’s protection and generosity.

Jupiter in Libra in the Third House —   Are you thinking of taking a short journey? Well, Jupiter in Libra will enhance your chances of a wonderful trip or visit to loved ones. The Third Zodiac House has rulership over our siblings, close relationships, our neighborhood, correspondence, and nearby journeys (today, nearby is a relative term since air travel can get us almost anywhere within a few hours). So if planning a trip, you will have lots of help from Jupiter in Libra in getting just what you want. Jupiter is our wanderer and in Libra will want to heighten His journeys by adding some facet of beauty, brains and bountiful excess. Perhaps you have a child who has gone out of state to college — and you might want to visit when there is a parent’s day or some occasion for celebration. Jupiter in Libra will enhance your experience with not only a joyous visit but by making you aware of how beautiful the campus and surrounding areas are within that town or city that has so much to offer.

Also, your correspondence may pick up with notes and letters from distant relatives who would like to get together, Jupiter in Libra may find you invited to several family get-togethers throughout this next year, try to arrange your schedule in order to take advantage of visiting some of these venues for happy times and good memories. The one thing that we cannot get more of is time,  this precious commodity is limited and we all must realize our own time has an “end date”! Not to be maudlin, but sometimes we get so busy with life’s busyness, that we don’t take into consideration how quickly time is slipping into the future, make every moment count by being aware of how precious they are. With Jupiter in Libra in the 3rd House, we should take a moment to reflect upon our past, present and future. Are we just marking time — not really living OUR lives? Family, friends, neighbors, and close acquaintances are really what life is about. Don’t ignore those closest to you whilst you are intent upon minutiae, remember the truly important folks in your life! If we disconnect from our family, we disconnect from the karma in our lives They are our reason for being here — our lessons to be learned and to be taught are in this arena — don’t settle for less than quality time with your loved ones.

The 3rd Zodiac House also has rulership over siblings and opposite the 9th can have you traveling to visit an older brother or sister. Also the 9th House has to do with the law, religion, and higher education, so any of these areas may be highlighted whilst Jupiter in Libra transits the 3rd House. If any litigation is in the works you may find there is a positive outcome — just be sure to have all pertinent information at your fingertips to prove your point of view. Also, you may find a spiritual awakening is enhancing your life for the better. A pivotal moment of inspiration may help you realize what has been missing in your life, and you will proceed to search out a higher meaning for your own unique pathway throughout this lifetime. By the end of this transit of Jupiter in Libra, life will have new significance for you, and you will pass on your new-found motivations and beliefs to others who are open to your message, enlightening all those who cross your path.

Jupiter in Libra in the Fourth House — Herein we have our foundations, our beginnings, and our earliest lessons in life. We don’t like change in this area of our chart — however, we all must at some time, leave our family homestead and move on to our own lives. With Jupiter in Libra in residence, there may be internal changes wherein we totally renovate our living space. Indeed Jupiter in Libra may bring a home improvement project into play that you have been hoping to implement for a long time. Or you may just be sprucing up a few rooms with a new coat of paint and reupholstering the sofa. Whatever plans may evolve, you can be assured that Jupiter in Libra will expand the project, and Libra will insist upon classic choices overflowing with charm and grace.

Another possibility is that children will be leaving the home (or returning), to try to make their own way in the world. The biggest change may be that you are actually moving to another home yourselves. Whether because of downsizing, retiring to another area, or moving because of new job opportunities — with the help of Jupiter in Libra in this House there will be good vibes surrounding every possibility. Of course, the angst of change is always difficult, but when you know the end result will be a positive one, it makes the decision that much easier. Go with the flow with whatever ensues and you will find that at the end of Jupiter in Libra’s transit it all is better than ever.

Opposite the 4th House is the 10th House of social standing, career, parents, government, and any honors you may have garnered. How does this come into play with Jupiter in Libra in the 4th House, well — if your parents are older, you may have to plan on them coming to live with you — or see to it that they are in an assisted-living area where they are safe. A great job opportunity may come your way but you will have to relocate — a new zoning law may mean that there will be either new roadways or perhaps a large complex being built in your area. Also, an expected promotion may not come through as expected, but some other compensation may be planned. Also, this may be the year that your hard work is noticed and you get the acknowledgement you have been seeking. Working within the guidelines of the Planetary movements will help to get you to the goals you want — Jupiter in Libra can bring those well-deserved honors that you merit for all your hard work.

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Jupiter in Libra Through Zodiac Houses 5 through 8 will soon be posted.

Jupiter Enters Libra — September 9th 2016 to October 10th 2017

Happy to be moving on from restrictive Earthy Virgo at 6:19 AM EST on September 9th — Jupiter feels more at home in Airy Cardinal Libra where his big ideas can be executed with the help of Libra’s love of luxury, beauty and self-indulgence. Jupiter’s extravagant plans during the last year were played down by the very conservative philosophical ideals of Virgo. Moving on into more outre Libra will give Jupiter some leeway in presenting and rearranging some of his more outrageous concepts. Of course, being a Cardinal sign Libra has her own agenda and will not back off from a challenge if she feels strongly about a goal. I have found over the years that Libras are often not given enough credit for their intelligence and fortitude. Their outward sweetness and agreeableness usually hides a tough inner core of determination — with the caveat that balance is always an issue — and staying on a steady course will ensure that Libra has a say in any expansive platform. So bold and audacious Jupiter will have some things to learn about accommodating lovely Libra — but they indeed will form a partnership of sorts during the coming 13 months, in order that each might get their own way in certain arenas. Libra’s forte is more artistic, relating to beauty and luxury, loves to be in love, enjoys food and drink, wants to always look her best, and loves to indulge in the theater arts — music and drama. Libra rules marriage, so look for some surprising nuptials in the coming months.

Those lucky ones who have Libra Rising will be entering a new cycle with Jupiter’s bounty, it would behoove them to be aware of all positive offers or opportunities coming their way, of new people coming into their lives who are willing to mentor or educate them in a specific area in which they specialize. They will look their best (be careful of gaining weight), be more eye-catching to others, be able to move their own agenda ahead, and be alluring to many who meet them. Opportunity will be your by-word! Don’t let this year end without getting your most ardent wishes fulfilled. Job, career, home, parenthood, promotion, new companion, better physical and emotional health (Neptune in Pisces in 6th house), your soul-mate, marriage, and/or freedom from whatever is holding you back! This is the year to move to the beat of your own drummer and cast aside those who would impede you from reaching your potential. Lay the groundwork of your success whilst under the umbrella of Jupiter in Libra’s largess. You should begin to see the fruits of your labor by the end of October. Go for the gusto!

Jupiter’s bailiwick is certainly the law, courtrooms, and those who ply their trade therein, also those stalwarts of industry, medicine, religion, higher education, sports figures, and the banking industry. Certainly Jupiter has a lot of influence when it comes to these important areas that are at the heart of our economy and all financial dealings. Jupiter is all for “bigger is better”, he revels in big deals, giant conglomerates, big Universities and Colleges, how our money is handled, big religious rites, and is a huge sports fan!

Look for changes in the way money is being handled, lots more technological usage to pay, spend and send monies of all nations. Also — possibly say goodbye to such low interest rates, Jupiter always wants more! Medicine may find some new cures for currently deadly diseases as Libra brings balance into the mix — perhaps someone reviewing an old tossed-aside study will find an interesting clue to a new pathway to follow! Colleges will need to find ways to be more inclusive in giving grants and financial aid to students — indeed if we are to continue to educate the next generation properly — we will need to draw from many areas that have currently been under-served. If, as the political candidates are promising, we find they are putting more of our tax monies into the infrastructure, there will be more good paying jobs available for so many who are now underemployed or unemployed. Jupiter  who has the travel bug, will want major changes upon the land whilst He is in Libra — roadways, bridges, tunnels, and all forms of transportation should be improved. Actually air-fares may drop a bit as businesses send their emissaries cross-country to ply their trade. Jupiter in Libra can instigate many new ways of doing business, and can bring in more trade from overseas. Jupiter loves travel — and is most happy being in new places and finding new avenues to follow — there is a bit of wanderlust in our Jupiter in Libra — but first-class accommodations only — please! Jupiter in Libra will also give us an opportunity to connect with some of the countries we haven’t been in agreement with for some time, with Libra’s abilities in diplomacy we may indeed change the face of who our true “friends” really are within the World community. Libra can negotiate with the best of the best, and often will come out on top — much to the surprise of those in the debates. With mighty Jupiter cheering her on — there is no stopping our amenable collaborator when she decides to allow others to “get” her personal point of view! Jupiter in Libra — a dynamo of diplomacy in action!

In Jupiter in Libra’s 13 month traverse of the Zodiac, Jupiter’s new persona will interact with the slower Planets as the aspects between them change during His time here. Saturn will remain in Sagittarius and since Jupiter rules Sagittarius there will be some common connection, however Saturn is not Jupiter’s cup-of-tea — Saturn delays, finds fault, can be slow in changing, likes to teach, and is usually not the most easily led. While Jupiter was in Virgo there was a definite sense of unease between these two mutable signs, now in Airy Libra there will be a change, as the sign Libra is sextile to Sagittarius within the Zodiac wheel there may be a lessening of stressors. Both Sagittarius and Libra tend to often go-with-the-flow, however Libra being a Cardinal sign likes to be in charge — and for the laid-back Sag. that might work alright for a while — but Saturn certainly won’t want to take a back seat to Libra, so there will be some kind of tug-of-war between the two. We may see some  major agreements in the legal field, we certainly will see some new Supreme Court Justices being named after the inauguration, depending on who garners the most electoral-college votes — the White House may become an overly ornate, lavish arena for entertaining with sumptuous amounts of food and drink, or a venue for those in need, better education, a more modern military, and a stronger middle class.

Pluto will remain in Capricorn and this may be a thorn in the side of our usually jolly Jupiter in Libra — since both signs are Cardinal — there will be controversy on a world wide scale! We can only hope that somehow the clashes between these two strong signs may uncover corruption, illegal activity, banking misrepresentation,  Wall Street drama and any nefarious ongoings within the business, legal, or investment fields. Pluto, although small, packs a powerful punch when bringing to light any schemes from the dark side — and in Capricorn whose integrity abounds, will see to it that any transgressions are properly taken care of and handled with instant condemnation. On a smaller scale, we should be wary of any get-rich-quick schemes and make sure our monies are in safe and secure investments.

Uranus in Aries will also give Jupiter in Libra a run for the money — truly enjoying creating havoc, Uranus will be tweaked by this opposition of Jupiter. Let’s hope any clash between these two will perhaps break down some crumbling worn-out habits or practices in order to rebuild them on better foundations with resoundingly new ideals. Uranus the Awakener may have some wonderful surprises in store that will bring about a new tide of spirituality and bliss. This combo may also bring about more earthquake activity, new archeological discoveries, and possibly begin another journey into space. The economy may be on Uranus agenda with a major correction on Wall Street happening sooner rather than later. We may find that promised jobs are not appearing and more of the Boomer generation are finding they have to work longer than expected before they consider retiring comfortably. There may also be a volcanic eruption that wasn’t expected within Jupiter’s clashes with Uranus that will compromise air quality and normal flight paths in many areas. It would appear that the Universe will be giving us notice about where we are going wrong in handling our Earth. I, for one, hope the powers-that-be will be listening!

Jupiter in Libra will bring about some Karmic activity when He encounters Neptune in Pisces — there will be a spiritual component to any exact aspects between these two — there will be adjustments to be made! Libra and Pisces both need balance but have the ability to seek out truth, although Neptune sometimes obfuscates the issues, Jupiter in Libra should be able to cut through the fogginess to find the true story. If these two can find a way to work together — they could rule the World — Libra’s bounteous optimism with Jupiter can be the most positive diplomatic persona, and Pisces otherworldly knowledge and instincts can help allow Libra to find those areas of negotiation that will assure that She wins any political conclave. It’s all about working with and within the harmony of the Planetary movements wherein we can capture the energy and possibilities of our own future. Jupiter in Libra can and will make changes to your world, it is your duty to be ready to take advantage of His bounty!

Jupiter in Libra will also be square Mars in Capricorn when Mars enters Capricorn on September 27th until Mars enters Aquarius on November 8th. There will be clashes when these two Cardinal signs decide that they want their own way! Mars doesn’t like to give in to anyone else, and in Capricorn has a lot of grounding and earthiness that can give Him some semblance of control. Be aware that some conflict may come about in the home, and you should remember that those who have always supported you are the best ones that you should count on now. Mars will stir up controversy just for the sake of relieving boredom with stodgy old Capricorn — don’t let any annoyances get out of hand — take a step back and realize that this too shall pass! From January 28th to March 9th 2017 Jupiter in Libra will be opposing Mars in Aries — try to keep an even keel and don’t go overboard with anger or frustration. Any knee-jerk reactions can lead to a break in a familial relationship that has been supporting you and your lifestyle. Don’t lose someone who really means the world to you because of a unthinking remark or action. Let compromise and conciliation guide your relationships with those closest to you — never allow your family to come apart at the seams — Family is all — family is Karma!

All of us can benefit with Jupiter’s transit through Libra — Wherever Libra lives in your chart is where beneficent and generous Jupiter will hand out his munificence. Libra will influence Jupiter’s planning by making sure everything is in good taste, has beauty and brains, and has an artistic flair in whatever format is being encouraged by lusty Jupiter. We can find our bliss under this magnificent duo, we can find our own persona – individuality – character – uniqueness and truest identity! We can find our strength and boundless optimism, our courage and unlimited zeal, our inner beauty and our outer loveliness. Jupiter in Libra will open many doors, encourage us to push the envelope of our talents, and bring us rewards that a long-lasting, beautiful to behold and that will give us a solid foundation of personal power.

Jupiter in Libra — boundless fortitude, eternal beauty, stately elegance, daunting balance, and spiritual bliss! Who can ask for more?


*Look for the post “Jupiter in Libra Through the Houses” — (coming soon)…