New Moon — July 30, 2011

New Moon – July 30, 2011

Wow – our second chance this month to put forth our desires, wishes and affirmations and it’s in the sign Leo – go for the gold – and let your imaginations soar with the most outrageous and lively hopes you can garner from your psyche. This New Moon is over the top with possibilities – the only thing stopping you is you!!! Give this New Moon a try – you will be pleasantly surprised to find how quickly you can influence your future and your quality of life… use Leos magnanimous aura to fulfill your dreams!

I always look forward to the Leo New Moon each year because it gives us a “bump” up in feeling good. Perhaps it is the fact that Leo is ruled by our sun, and also rules our hearts that it has a bigger than life persona. This second New Moon on July 30th, is at 7 degrees of Leo, and it crests at 1:40 PM EST– remember to add an hour for daylight savings time. Also this year, it is close to the Planet Venus which gives us a new appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us and piques our creativity and awareness of the little things in life that make our day-to-day living more fulfilling.

Leo likes to be the center of attention, even while trying to appear humble and folksy – they yearn for the spotlight. A compliment can keep them glowing for weeks, and a generous acknowledgement of their brilliance will have them strutting their stuff for months. We all have a Leo (or Leonine-like) person in our lives—and they make our existence more dramatic, fun, lively and theatrical in many ways. They usually are upbeat, and have a way of connecting to each individual in a manner that is unique to them and only them. “Hale fellow –well met” – reminds me of the Leo personality. Always ready with a quick smile, a hearty handshake and a bubbling personality. OK – the Leo in your life is moody, sensitive to any slight, dislikes crowds and really just wants to stay out of the limelight – these individuals probably have a greater Cancer influence or a Rising Sign on their Ascendant that makes the usual Leo personality fizzle out, especially if it is one of the water signs. Nevertheless, that Leo persona lies within, and they feel they deserve to be acknowledged as the special individual they truly are.

So – those folks born near this New Moon will feel the elemental flow more than the rest of us, but remember, we all have the sign Leo in our charts and it is here we have the chance to put forth our affirmations. Leo and its ruler the Sun have dominion over children, big business, authority figures, society figures, and strangely as we are in the middle of our “Debt Ceiling” debacle – it rules public announcements – are we all aware of the rhetoric coming out of Washington at this time? The overblown and partisan statements made from both sides of the aisle are influenced by the Leo Sun and Moon – but be sure – there will be an announcement about these tortured times… there will be a plan, and probably several compromises that won’t satisfy anyone completely – but there will be some form of plan proposed and voted upon. But not until the powers that be have “swaggered and professed” their pro-party dogma – sigh!!!

OK – to the nitty-gritty of our ability to sway the Universal flow and to bend it to our own agendas. All afternoon and evening hours on the 30th will be the best times to write out our wishes, desires and affirmations – to keep in line with the Leo theme at this juncture, you might want to include some requests for a more compatible relationship with your children, to have more fun with them, and to find ways to have more quality time with them. You may also want to create more confidence in your life, and to move forward in your chosen field with courage and diplomacy. More simply – you might want to find a way to enjoy a fabulous summer vacation with your family or friends – any and all forms of leadership can be covered under Leo’s auspices – there are a plethora of choices with this Leo New Moon. Don’t waste any time in preparing your list of desires – write them down – think about what it is you truly want to come to fruition – with the help of this month’s second New Moon we can enhance our chances to progress to our highest ideals and move into a brighter (dare I say Sunnier) existence. This is your life and your responsibility to make it as positive and productive as possible – give the Universe a chance to help you help yourself.

Use this moment in time to truly manifest your deepest needs – and never forget all those others who are on this journey through life with you – we all have our separate pathways, yet we converge on our route with so many that will help us or need our help. Do not neglect those in extremis, someday it might be you.

I have faith that we all will find our truest way throughout this lifetime’s trek – sometimes the journey is all uphill, sometimes we are on the rolling seas of progress, life changes – and we change with our experiences of life – yet we remain human beings, entities of energy, indestructible souls with the spirit of the Gods. We are at this time unique on Earth – for now – for the foreseeable future – let us bring our greatest self and selflessness to be witness to our times.


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