Once again, our favorite aspect (OK – not so favorite) retrograde Mercury begins on the 2nd of August and tries to interfere with our every day life until the 26th. We all know that we have experienced this aspect before and we have survived – sometimes with more aplomb than others. And this retrograde period, coming right after the New Moon energy of the 30th will make it seem as if we are a little out of control and confused. Let’s find ways to traverse this erratic time period with a bit of humor, planning, and most of all some patience.

This Rx Mercury period begins in the sign Virgo – and Mercury is Virgo’s ruling planet, so this isn’t the happiest combination… the planet quickly travels back into late Leo for the remainder of its Rx rotation. There are a few caveats for all Rx Mercury periods, especially if one is traveling, sending or hoping to receive payments, working on computers, or trying out a new multi-functioned phone.

The planet Mercury has rulership over communication, electronics, new purchases, and all forms of transportation. Therefore, it can impact any or all of the above activities we may encounter during the next few week. Yes, if you are driving any distance – make sure your car has been checked out, the tires are OK, and you have your cell phone with you in case you need it. Also, beware of opening any odd looking or unknown emails, they could contain a virus. Make sure any contracts or official and legal papers are absolutely perfect before signing them. Also, if you must purchase something during this period – do your homework and check out all of the features, drawbacks, and cost of whatever it is you need. If you can put off the purchase until Mercury goes direct on the 26th – do your research and plan on buying the item after this date.

We have all had instances during a Rx Mercury span in which everything seems to go wrong, is delayed, or is delivered late or damaged. You can only do your due diligence in trying to cover all the contingencies. Then let it go – and if you must — fix whatever went wrong after Mercury is advancing, and more able to help us with our issues and our communications on any and all fronts.

Venus the planet of romance and those we love and cherish is riding alongside the Sun and Mercury for the first few days of the month – so we will have a kind of “seeing the world through rose-colored glasses”. But there will be opportunities to connect with a loved one, or a new interest – however, beware of moving too fast, Mercury will be sure to confuse communications and/or timing when it begins to retrograde.

Mars the planet of passion, surgery, physical activity and courage will move into the sign Cancer – so there will be a topsy-turvy burst of energy that can throw one off balance. Mars is not happy in this watery sign and will let off a lot of steam at times – so patience is going to be of utmost importance when there might be any discussions that get a bit “hot under the collar”…. Stay calm and in control, and all will be well. Those born within the early cusp of Virgo and those born from August 12th to the 26th will have a bit more uncertainty to deal with than others, but we all have Leo and Virgo in our charts and depending on the house location, our lives too will feel the confusion of this time period.

On a more positive note – Rx Mercury periods often give us a chance for a do-over! If we have missed the boat on some activity, job or relationship issue and we wish we had the opportunity to revisit these areas, we often get the chance now! There is always a plethora of transits, and actions going on in the Heavens – some more positive than others, and we must learn to bring together the most positive vibes we can. Always look to the beauty and good that revolves around us – and don’t dwell on the drab and mundane. Allowing ourselves to draw the most positive sensations will go a long way to bringing the best life has to offer our way.

Devote your energy to being happy – keep a smile on your face – and your spirit will celebrate…


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