Saturn in Libra —



I especially want to give everyone a heads up on the planetary teacher SATURN — which has moved from Virgo into Libra for an approximate 2 1/2 year stay. Saturn is kind of the hour hand of the Zodiac — moving through each quadrant of the circle in a little over 7 years — making it come full circle in 30 years — We will have experienced Saturn in all of the signs by the time we reach our 30th birthday, hence the Hippies warning not to trust anyone over 30! Indeed, we are (or should be changed) by experiencing Saturn in every degree and sign in our chart. There are always lessons to be learned, and growth to be experienced, and Saturn is the one who leads us on our pathway. This transit started last July and so is a little less than halfway through its tour of Libra…  At the present time it will be affecting those born from the second week in October through those born on the 22nd — until the end of the year.  Just be aware of all the changes going on around you and be congnizant of the lessons it is trying to impart.  Learn these lessons well and Saturn will bring the rewards you so deserve.

If we do not learn the intended lessons, we will be in for an immediate wake-up call by having to endure some sort of difficulty, that will insure our becoming aware of what it is we need to do. However, if we are listening to Saturn’s instructions, there will be rewarding experiences, and a feeling of moving in the right direction.

Saturn rules the sign Capricorn, (and co-rules Aquarius) — it is the planet of patience, old age, endurance, and on the mundane level, workers like plumbers, landscape architects, farmers, gardeners, realtors, leather workers, and those who tend to the elders of the tribe. Saturn is serious, steady, a no-nonsense patron of education of the highest order, and has rulership over our bones, teeth, knees and sense of hearing.

In Libra Saturn is less sure of his ground and isn’t very happy in an air sign that needs to constantly be trying to attain balance (although for Saturn — true balance is a good thing). This just isn’t a happy combo on so many levels — yet if you have passed your 30th year, you have experienced this transit before. Just look back at 30 years ago to remember what was occurring in your life — there will be different aspects from the other planets — yet Saturn will be going through the same area of the Zodiac that it did 30 years ago… Saturn might bring restrictions to that area, opportunities, extra work or responsibilities — it also may bring a health issue depending on what planets it might be in opposition to, and in what house it appears in your personal chart. Yes, some of the “lessons” it brings might be onerous and long-lasting, but here is where you will be learning a karmic truth, about yourself, or of others who are close to you.

You can run, but you cannot hide from Saturn’s impact in your life — it is so much better to face the truth of whatever the situation is and correct it, deal with it, improve upon it. Saturn’s rewards are some of the greatest and best we can expect throughout our lifetime. Dealing with distress, sadness, unfairness, ugliness, responsibility, hard work, hours of study, menial tasks, necessary caregiving, illness, unnecessary anger, rebuke, unkindness — with a sense of self, a sense of caring, a sense of responsibility — will in the end give us our personal rewards, and our karmic payback, with joy and freedom. Meet Saturn’s challenges with élan, love, and genuine feeling, and you will be rewarded.

Now — how will this impact me? The only way I can give everyone a sense of how Saturn might manifest in your own life is to go around the Zodiac, house by house and hope you realize that if Saturn is in opposition to any of your Aries planets this will be a meaningful transit for you. Also if Saturn will be in negative aspect to any of your planets in the other Cardinal signs Capricorn and Cancer, the issues it brings up will have to be addressed. My rule of thumb during any Saturn transit is to look to those who are being impacted the most i.e., Librans, and offer to take them to lunch — it is sure to be appreciated and might just alleviate some of the pressure they might find in their lives at this time.

Saturn in Libra in the 1st house:

If you have a Libra ascendant, Saturn will be up front and personal for you during its transit — since the first house rules our own wishes and needs, you may find some kind of hindrance in attaining just what you want, and it may throw you completely off balance. And if you have any planets opposite in the 7th house in Aries, your partnerships may be under fire — whether business or personal, you will have to be aware that any unresolved issues must be faced and corrected in a fair and impartial manner. Keep a cool head and don’t react to any negativity thrust at you that isn’t deserved — deflect those who would blame you for their own omissions, and take the high road in clearing the air and setting the record straight. On a positive note — you could find that a dream of yours has indeed come true, perhaps a new home, a clean bill of health, or that college degree or wedding, is about to become a reality.

Saturn in Libra in the 2nd house:

This is a very important transit for those with Saturn going through their 2nd house which rules our money — there may be restrictions with your income, or perhaps you have become overloaded with credit card debt, you are experiencing difficulty in paying your bills, or have had a sudden drop in monies that were due to you, that are not being paid in a timely manner. You are in great need of a balanced checkbook during these times. Also look to your 8th house of other peoples money and if there is a planet residing there it will be under duress too — depending on the planet, there could be an extra amount of outgo that cannot be ignored. On the bright side of Saturn’s rings, you could be in for an inheritance — or a new opportunity might open that will bring you some income from a hobby or skill you possess, that until now you haven’t shared openly. Be aware of all that is going on around you and if you sense there is a new outlet for you to bring in some extra cash — go for the gold!

Saturn in Libra in the 3rd house:

Saturn in this area brings our dearest and closest friends and relatives into the action, indeed if there is something going on in your family, or neighborhood that requires some time or interest from you — please pay attention. It could be an elderly neighbor who needs a daily call, or your closest kin might need you to help out in a caretaking role. It could also be that there is some kind of construction around you that is annoying, and requires you to go a different route than your usual way that takes longer, or there is a delay in certain areas you were hoping would be resolved by now. Since Saturn will be opposite your 9th house, any planets that lie therein will also be affected — so a delay in educational goals, a longed for travel plan, or some spiritual crisis may rear its head. The reward side of the equation could be that you will be able to visit relatives from afar that you haven’t seen in years or visa versa, they will visit you… or your college loan or scholarship is approved and it is much better than you could have hoped. There will be some kind of balance achieved during this transit that will have long term advantages.

Saturn in Libra in the 4th house:

Here we are dealing with our foundations, our home, our upbringing and where we learned the tenets of our moral grounding. When Saturn crosses our 4th house cusp, we often have the urge to move to a new location, or we are forced to do so. We may also find that a parent needs extra help either healthwise or financially for an extended period. Since this house is opposite our 10th house of social standing and our work area — there could be delays or restrictions in our moving up into a new level of management, or it is proving to be much more difficult to maintain our jobs without adding new aspects to it that are going to be time consuming and tedious. As the corporate world reshuffles to bring itself into alignment with the new streamlined economy, many of us are finding our positions changing and not always for the better, thus upsetting the status quo and keeping us off balance. Any planet in this area will give you a hint as to what the experience might be — keep your nose to the grindstone, and you will withstand this assault on your abilities and patience. Now you might just find your dream home under this aspect, and/or your business acumen could soar and you find yourself in the upper echelons of your company like magic. If you have paid attention to Saturn — you will succeed and be rewarded.

Saturn in Libra in the 5th house:

Aha you are saying, the 5th house of romance, children and speculation — why I could win the lottery — well I guess there is that chance in several million — I could meet my soulmate –yea, but there may be some problems that come with that package –or this is the year we will get pregnant — maybe, but don’t count on it… It is great to speculate on all of the rewards we might be due — Saturn is generous to a fault if something is deserved. But let’s face it — most of our lives are quite ordinary, with the occasional extraordinary occurrence — this might be your time — or not, life has a quirky way of balancing out the positive and the negative. Perhaps it will manifest in some creative form and will bring you a sense of satisfaction. This placement of Saturn is opposite our 11th house of hopes and wishes, and friends. Any planet residing here will be stimulated and bring some slewing of the energy that is affecting the 5th house. You might find that your soulmate is an old friend — you just hadn’t thought of them “that” way before. Perhaps a friend will have an attractive business offer for you — or maybe attending a wedding of a friend will bring that one special someone into your life. Be aware, be open, and be willing to go that extra mile when you know it is the right thing to do.

Saturn in Libra in the 6th house:

Our 6th house rules our everyday health, small pets, the health field in general, and service to others. With Saturnine energy here, we are suddenly aware of our “being”. What are we doing to enhance our health, or on the other hand — what the heck are we doing that is lessening our natural immunities? Are you still smoking? Eating badly? Not getting enough exercise? Letting stress and anxiety fill your life? Being angry and upset all of the time, have no balance in your life? Well — STOP — right now! Saturn can help you find the right way to enhance your well-being and can help you quit your bad habits. Saturn has the strength to give you a long-term plan of action that will be perfect for you to follow. Go with the flow of the Saturn energy and improve your life for the better — you can also help your pets with any issues they may have — especially older pets with bone or eye issues — look for new methods of medical care and you can improve their later years. Since this house is opposite the 12th house which is the house of self-undoing and hidden enemies, any planets here will have an impact on your eventual success in turning around your health issues. You must work with what you have — bring all of your energy to the fore and realize that good health is your greatest asset. With Saturn’s help here in the 6th — you could find yourself in the best shape of your life.

Saturn in Libra in the 7th house:

The 7th house has reign over partnerships, both business and personal — this is the time to be aware of any fractious feelings that might exist. You might find your marriage or business partner is more aloof lately, or is being somewhat less than open about his/her feelings, or is keeping some distance from you. There could be so many reasons that this is so — it could just be fatigue from more responsibilities at work, to health issues that they are ignoring. Or there could be some more serious issues that have to be brought out into the open, and discussed without rancor or accusatory innuendo. Have both of you been under more pressure lately, taking more of your time away from the relationship? Communication is key here, especially at this time of economic stress, and an unstable job outlook. We all have some anxiety about what the future will bring, but if you are in a relationship that is being tested (and Saturn will indeed be testing), you must talk about what is bothering you. If necessary get professional help to get you through this period, and to bring some balance into your life. This house is opposite the 1st house of hope and dreams and ego — try to keep a level head, and a quiet but strong persona while you uncover whatever secrets or angst is affecting your relationship. With the help of Saturn you can uncover the underlying problems, and restore your partnership with more respect, love and caring that will last for a very long time to come.

Saturn in Libra in the 8th house:

So many folks are wary of the 8th house because it has rulership over death, regeneration, other peoples money, and many of the mysterious, not well-understood areas of our deepest selves. Saturn is quite comfortable here in the 8th house, there is a symbiotic meeting of the minds between this house and Saturn’s efforts to get us to a higher level of evolution — to have no fear or anxiety about our lives and futures, to achieve a balance that works. Whatever you believe, Saturn is here to validate your experiences, and give you a long term outlook that will serve you well. We often think of Saturn as an aggravating thorn in our sides, that makes us ornery and keeps us on edge by making us aware of our shortcomings. And yet, Saturn will, if allowed — bring us the best that is humanly possible. With Saturn’s help we can and will successfully traverse this world and the next. Opposite the 8th house is the 2nd — our income, our beloved personal belongings, our savings, and we might find challenges in this area — especially if there is a planet situated here. This will be the time to conserve our holdings, work hard, and protect those in our care, and any treasures from the past. We could have a spiritual renewal while Saturn is in residence in the 8th house, but whatever it brings, you will have the strength to persevere and overcome the challenges.

Saturn in Libra in the 9th house:

Ah the joys of education, travel, and religion — all rolled into a package of 9th house opportunity — Saturn will make us aware of where we should put forth our greatest efforts. Or on the other hand it might delay that long planned journey, whether to the college of your choice, or that trip of a lifetime. Saturn will bring some challenges in these areas, and will make it quite apparent where we must put our energy. Have you really prepared yourself for what lies ahead — are you ready for the change that leaving for a far off college will bring? Are you sure that this longed-for trip is being planned at the appropriate time? Are you finding roadblocks in your path that are making you rethink your goals? Saturn will bring common sense to whatever you are planning to do for the next few years. Perhaps putting off college for a year or so will make sense to you — working to help defray the costs of education today. The trip you so desire might look a lot better in a couple of years when the kids will be older and better able to appreciate the journey. Whatever you decide, Saturn will be there to help you better understand your motivation and abilities. There also might be a new interest in your own or another religion — you may be intrigued by the faith someone you just met follows. This could be the time to pursue any interest you might have in studying or just refreshing your knowledge in all things spiritual. Opposite the 3rd house you may go far from your roots in discovering a new inspirational path. Or you could find just what you want from your old neighborhood church. Be open and be ready to be amazed at the depth of your experiences in this area.

Saturn in Libra in the 10th house:

Social standing, workplace, career, all are represented here — and here is Saturn’s natural home. We all know that to be successful we must work hard (Capricorn) and keep up with the times (Aquarius). Especially today, with technology advancing at lightning speed, we have to be aware that our knowledge is always being tested. Since Saturn is the co-ruler of Aquarius, we can see that Saturn can be beneficial in keeping us up with the latest and greatest of gadgets. Aquarians love the newest of technologies and can’t wait to get their hands on the best that is offered. Use the innovative persistence of Saturn to get you up and running with the most skilled of your “nerdy” co-workers. Leave behind the wishful thinking of the past and get with the program, today’s best employees must be tech savvy. Take that course, learn that new system and be competitive in the best sense of the word. The opposition to any planets in your 4th house could bring a conflict between home and work priorities. You may have to walk a fine line in serving two masters — and you will have to work smarter and faster to reach your goals. The saving grace may be that you will be able to do some work from home and hence be literally in two places at once. Balance will be of utmost importance — as will being flexible and willing to take on new areas that might be uncomfortable for you initially. There will be opportunity to climb the ladder of success — just make sure you are on a firm foundation.

Saturn in Libra in the 11th house:

Everyone loves the house of friends and acquaintances, future hopes and dreams. In this house Saturn will bring a splash of cold water on any relationships that are not in your best interest. It will bring a reality to what your long term dreams should be, not what you think they should be. Saturn brings a clarity to you about those people who have been in your life for a long time, and allows you to see just where they fit into your life now! There are some relationships that go on for years, yet they are not fulfilling in any sense — and though you may be used to them, you might want to rethink just how much time you actually spend with them. And as for those dreams you want to follow, Saturn might shine a light on why you haven’t yet moved forward with your plans. Sit down and make a new list — what you truly want to accomplish, who you truly want in your life, and start anew to build toward what it is you want in the here and now… This isn’t the making of a bucket list, just a review to keep you on track and to release those who may not sincerely be a part of your future. Since this house is opposed to the 5th house, there might be some issues with loved ones about children — and also, there might be some confusion about an older pet whose welfare you may be inclined to take on. After this transit you should have a clearer, more balanced picture of where you are going and who you want to take along.

Saturn in Libra in the 12th house:

Self-undoing, that is what we face here — not always the easiest thing to do — but a sometimes necessary task to keep us on our true pathway. Where are we letting ourselves down? Is it in our minds where we hear a constant rhetoric about our failures — all self imposed? We must clear out all of the negative comments we are carrying around from years past. We have to replace the criticisms of others, with the reality of who we are now in the present. We all have, with the help of Saturn grown each year — we have become more our true selves and we cannot allow ourselves to wallow in a miasma of self doubt or pity. There are here also hidden enemies — these are not necessarily actual people, but ideas or harsh memories from our childhood or from a particularly difficult time we had to go through that made us feel less about ourselves. Break out of this unfriendly place and reach for the person you are today — stronger, smarter and with a maturity that can overcome any trespass that was ever done to you. Saturn can help — use this strength to free your psyche of any leftover harm. The opposite house is the 6th house of health — many of your health issues can be directly caused by not addressing your own self-limiting behavior. Become your best self — move on to a new and better balance in your life. Be the you, that YOU know you can be.

The Planet Saturn is teacher, mystic, psyche, friend, parent, facilitator, factotum, helper, critic, and so much more — we must learn to listen to the lessons it brings. We must learn to work with, and not against its magnificent power. We will be taught, it behooves us to be ready to accept what Saturn is offering. Life will be better, more balanced, and more in harmony with the Universe whilst Saturn takes its turn in beautiful Libra.


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