Virgo New Moon — August 28, 2011

New Moon – August 28, 2011

Here we have the work horse of the New Moons – at 5 degrees of Virgo, it crests at 10:04 PM EST on the 28th of August. After a month of confusion, mishaps, delays, and petty annoyances – our Virgo New Moon will give us the ability to reconnect with our schedules, get things organized and will help us to move forward with any projects or plans that have been put on hold during the 3 week long Retrograde Mercury aspect.

The sign Virgo is a stickler for perfection – an analyzer of tremendous focus, and our nagging conscience of getting things done well and in a timely manner. Wherever Virgo resides in your chart, this is the area you are usually most concerned with getting right. If it is in your 7th house – your partnerships are uppermost in your mind – whether business relationships or personal relationships – these areas are of utmost importance to you and you will want to “get it right”! If Virgo is in your 10th house, your job and social standing is where you will put your most intense efforts. It should be obvious that knowing how your personal chart is set up will give you more insight into what cycle you are going through, and what pressures, activities and needs are being highlighted at this time.

Virgo is Mercury ruled, and has been, therefore, much perturbed with the month’s delays and unfinished tasks that were unable to be finished or simply scrapped. Since Mercury-ruled Virgo rules such areas as correspondence (did you miss a payment, or not get that check in the mail?) — Was getting the kids ready for school this year a bit more onerous than in the past – less products on the shelves, more crowds, less conviviality? Were there instances of confusion in filling out forms, delays in transportation, or some disconnect with getting the right directions or meeting places right? All influenced by our Rx Mercury for the last 3 weeks. Now – with this New Moon it is a new slate to be written upon, and we can move forward with some confidence that for the next few months our lives will be less conflicted and our goals will be more clearly observed and able to be completed to our satisfaction.

The outer Planets are still in Rx motion, Uranus in Aries, Neptune returned to Aquarius, and Pluto in Capricorn – all lending a rather esoteric and mystical blurriness to our dreams, psyches and extraordinary senses. Have you been having strange or extremely vivid dreams lately, or seem to sense or know who is on the phone before answering, or have that uneasy feeling of an impending issue you will have to handle? All of these areas are being stimulated by the outer Planets and they are giving us the chance to become aware of our natural instincts and even our ESP (extra sensory perception) to be used to enhance our ability to deal with life on an everyday basis. This isn’t some spooky or occult issue – merely the mundane abilities many of us ignore most of the time, but those talents that will serve us well if we but take the time to listen to our inner voice.

With Mercury in Rx motion, we were able to reevaluate our goals, desires, and plans with a deeper understanding of what it is we really want. It does sometimes help to keep an observers eye on the action – distancing ourselves from these on goings can help us maintain our sense of humor and realize that sometimes we are not in total control of ourselves, our environment and our lives. There are wheels within wheels turning all of the time and more often than not – we can but react to any given situation. Being prepared helps, and when you know how the Universal flow is affecting us, we can more readily be able to affect a positive outcome.

On the 30th of the month our good luck planet Jupiter goes into Rx mode until just before the Christmas holiday. This gives us the opportunity to observe what we have garnered in good karma for the past few months. Jupiter is in Taurus, so our focus might have been on getting or receiving some luxury item (new car, jewelry, high-end pampering – spa treatments, massages, etc.) and this might have been just what you have needed. However, Taurus also rules financial concerns – and you may have overdone on the spending spree – if so – now is the time to let Jupiter in Rx help you get control of any excesses you may have engendered. Now is the time to put your mind into saving and creating a nest egg for the future. Jupiter gives us confidence and a positive outlook, and we can be confident in our abilities to make our lives better and with the Virgo New Moon, we will have the laser insight to keep on the right path, and Virgo gives us the ability to organize all of the areas in our lives that currently seem out of control.

With the Virgo New Moon our affirmations and wishes might be in the fields of health, exercise, getting organized in our homes, offices and any area that is now of concern. Virgo gives all of us the energy and ability to hone in on those aspects of our life that aren’t working as well as we would like – and easily make those changes that will be the most effective. Virgo is a powerhouse of getting things done and getting them done well. All of those Virgo folks in our lives help us be better at what we do – the often have a keen insight into the shortest route to the best solutions. We should listen to their guidance, and if it seems a bit extreme – we should take what works best for us and I think you will find it fits the bill. Virgos are awesome in getting to the nitty gritty of any situation with common sense and a simple plan to make things better.

The Virgo New Moon is at 10:04 PM EST – so during the late night hours on Sunday and the early morning hours on Monday are the most suited to writing down your affirmations and wishes and desires. Be specific (a Virgo necessity) – and be succinct in detailing your deepest wishes. The Universe is willing to help you be your best self and will lead you to your most fulfilling life with just a little input from you! We all can’t have the Virgo flair and élan – but we can draw from the sign its most positive traits – become an astrological Ninja and keen your abilities with the help of the stars –the energy and abilities are within you – find your way to using these talents to the best of your ability and you will reap the rewards every day for the rest of your life.


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