A Joyous Autumnal Equinox — September 23, 2011

Our New england summer is about to end with the entrance of the Sun into the sign Libra — hence welcoming the Autumn season! This seems to be a particularly difficult time for some folks, the sun is lower in the sky and giving forth less warmth — the days are shorter creating a more somber end to the day — and we all know that the Autumn season will eventually bring us into our cold and snowy Winter. Astrology is about cycles — and the Autumn Equinox brings us to the cycle of reaping what we have sewn. It is the bountiful harvest to which we look forward  — gathering in the fruits of our labor. Usually it brings us to joyous family times when we come together to celebrate our good fortune and we give thanks for all of the good thing we have. Our family and friends work together in order to share in the bounty!

These days of changing colors in the landscape, and the crisp feel of cool dry air beckons us with overflowing baskets of ripe fruits and vegetables. We go out into the fields to pick apples, blueberries, pumpkins, squash, and the last of that wonderful local sweet corn… We rejoice in all of the Earth’s generosity in giving us a harmony of gifts.

What does the Sun in Libra portend we ask — as oft-repeated, Libra is the sign of balance — and we are reminded that we need our lives to be balanced to keep moving in the right direction. We need the lessons of sharing, and not overdoing in any one area. Harmony is our goal under the Libra Sun — a chance to heal old wounds, repair old animosities, and bring a new outlook of holistic kindness and love. This Earth we live on is amazing, and so willing to give us everything we need to thrive and become more whole and complete. With the Libra Sun shining down upon us we must try to balance our lives, and keep a happy and kindly thought for all those we love and cherish — Venus rules here — and will not deign to allow meanness or pettiness to rule. With the abundant harvest we must do our part to bring abundant happiness, kindness and love to fruition.

If we all learn to share our bounty with others, to allow ourselves to become true keepers of the Earth, to learn to balance our lives, then we have achieved so much to help this World we live in become a more spiritual and healthy place in which to live. This is the only World we have to live in for this lifetime — treat it well and you will be rewarded in kind, with such bounty as you have never imagined. This is the time to practice little acts of kindness upon our brethren — you will be rewarded ten-fold.

So — Happy Autumnal Equinox to all — harvest all the good things life has to offer — and you will find the joy in balance and harmony!


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