New Moon — September 27, 2011

This month’s New Moon is in the sign Libra at 4 degrees, and crests at 6:10AM EST — so for all of those who were born near or on the New Moon date, you are beginning a new cycle that will last for a few months. This is a wonderful time to take a look at where you are and where you want to go. So cuspal Librans this message has more importance to you — although as often said, we all have the sign Libra in our charts and it depends on what house Libra lives in that determines how the New Moon will affect your life.

As we surely know by now — Libra is the sign of balance both mentally, (it is an Air Sign), physically (moderation in all things), and mundanely in our day to day existence. All of these areas need to be balanced and if not equal then definitely in some sort of order. However, Libra also has rulership over a multitude of other areas –being ruled by Venus, we also can attend to our marriages under this aspect, we might want to beautify our homes or even our office space, we will seek out those who want to cooperate with us and those who bring some form of harmony into our lives. Diplomats and those who will arbitrate on our behalf are also under Libra’s broad umbrella of influence. A very savvy and usually beautiful persona will reign here — bringing a circle of calmness, beauty and fairness for us to share.

A patron of the arts, and all things of beauty, those of this sign must be aware that their sensitive area is the throat, which must be kept warm in the winter cold — the lower back can also be an issue with strain, so be sure to take care when lifting or twisting and don’t move abruptly if you can avoid it.

Right now Saturn (the Planet of learning) is about halfway through the sign Libra — and many Librans are going through some difficult stressors in their lives. If you know any Libras — you might want to check and see if they would like to go out for lunch, or just meet for a cup of tea and a good chat. You might make their day by taking an interest in what is going on in their lives now.

This past month has been rather hectic and many of us have been a bit topsy, turvy with so much to do and so little time to do it all. Try not to be too impatient, wether waiting in line at the supermarket, or in a line of traffic — take a deep breath and know that things will soon be getting smoother — calmer, and more orderly.

Since Libra rules partnerships, marriage, and relationships in general — you may be finding that your interaction has been a bit stifled and you are not “getting your point” across to people as well as you would like. With several Planets conjoining Saturn this month there might be some restrictions in your ability to truly get what you want from someone. If there is something of major importance to you that you really want or need to happen, you must do your homework and know just what it is you want to say in a clear and concise manner. Present your case without a plethora of addendum — be brief, succinct, and purposeful. This way you will be sure your point is taken, and understood well — and you have done your best to explain what it is you wish to happen. Perhaps you should bring a list with you, so that you don’t forget any of the salient points you wanted to make.

The Libra Sun meets with Saturn from October 5th through the 22nd — during this time you might find yourself stopping to smell the roses, and letting some things slide without getting annoyed or upset. Time will seem to be moving a bit more slowly and you will be more aware of your surroundings and be more open to what others are saying. However, there may be some delays or roadblocks in any projects you have planned to do in the next few weeks.  Plan ahead — cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s — and all should go well.

You may find that you are more creative and willing to expand your horizons in renewing a few areas around your home — it might just be putting a few throw pillows in new fall colors onto your sofa — or completely painting vast amounts of wall space in comfortable warm tones. Or you might just be updating your wardrobe for the winter months ahead — your taste will be excellent now, and you’ll be an efficient bargain hunter to boot!

Be aware of what it is you want or need, and really dig deep into your psyche to express the real you. No more hiding your light — you want to glow in the aura of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Since this months New Moon crests at 610 AM EST (add one hour for DST) — all day on Tuesday the 27th is perfect time to write out your affirmations, dreams and/or wishes — you might want to seek the path of least resistance when trying to convince someone of your ideas, or you may want to let someone know your real feelings without being self-conscious or shy.  On the other hand, under Libras influence — you just might want to find some smashing new outfit that will set you apart from the crowd when job searching, and it is a good time to organize your closets and remove all of those clothes you haven’t worn in a couple of years.

Libra puts beauty and fairness into our lives, things we cannot live without. The sign of balance will always be there to help us find the right path and will keep us on level ground, if we are aware of our inner needs. Libra is a bellweather of our not acting in a common sense and practical way — especially with Saturn currently within her realm.

Move with the harmony of beautiful Libra — take the time to embrace the true beauty that surrounds us every day — and you will have gone far to connect with your true self. Bring beauty into you life this month — and share it with others — you will find yourself moving better, looking better, and feeling better. Now isn’t that worth some effort — be well, be fair, and be the best person you can — Life will be good!


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