New Moon — October 26, 2011

New Moon – October 26, 2011

The year 2011 is rapidly moving into the future with an amazing amount of zeal and élan! Soon we will be in the throes of the Holiday season, and we will be making our lists and plans for gifts and food, that will be offered to our friends and families with love and care. Somehow the next couple of months seem to fly by because we have so much to accomplish and so little time to do everything on our lists.

Of course, there are those super organized folks (Capricorns and Virgos) who have already started to do their Holiday shopping, and will be done with it before most of us have considered starting – but, for the most part – many of us enjoy the hectic, energized pace that leaving things to the last minute engender. There is always one more gift, one more recipe to try, one more detail to be attended to, that will find us careening into the Holidays with our psyches in flux and our attitude in overdrive – and that is just the way we like it… Speeding through the malls, food markets, and toy stores – lists in hand, and the need for accomplishment in our hearts!

Perhaps it all won’t be finished, or consummated without some mistakes or missing factors, but we will be able to say we went for the gusto, and did the best we could. Somehow it all seems to work out – and everyone has a wonderful time, creating magical memories that will be discussed at family times for years to come.

But, now – the New Moon information that will help us traverse the next few weeks before the dare I say “lunacy” begins… this month’s New Moon is on Wednesday the 26th of October at 2:57 PM, in the sign of Scorpio at 3 degrees. All of you early Scorpios will be in the aura of this energy beginning a new cycle. It behooves you to seriously look at where you are and what you are trying to accomplish – and use this influx of Universal power to enhance any and all of your plans.

As stated in other articles, Scorpio is ruled by that little powerhouse Pluto, and has reign over transformation, rejuvenation, regeneration, wills, taxes – hmmm, (death and taxes) – how important is that? Also within Pluto’s realm are astral projection, the underworld, and on a more mundane level – the reproductive system and the gall bladder. Of course, its metal is the exotic Plutonium – used widely in this atomic age!

The next month is one in which we should attempt to use our intuition in moving ahead – and we all have some form of ESP, or just an innate “knowing” when something is right or wrong… These senses are to be used to enhance our chances of moving forward in the truest direction for us to accomplish our Karmic role in this lifetime. We can all remember when our intuition was telling us NOT to do something – but we went ahead anyway – and paid the consequences – still, if we learned some lesson from these erroneous times – it is all to the good. However, how much luckier would it have been to have declined to get mixed up in those slight blunders… would our lives still be on the same pathway that it is now?

Hindsight is often 20/20, and we can look back and wonder “What was I thinking?” Using all of our senses is our right and our duty to ourselves. Hone these precious abilities and keep your senses as keen as possible, you will be able to use them to your own benefit time after time. You can think of them as your “Spidey” senses – that tingle, creepy feeling on the back of your neck, that “knowing” without any other noticeable input. You all have this ability – be aware and in the zone, and you will be able to move forward with self-reliance and confidence.

On November 9th, the Planet Neptune will once again start its forward motion and many areas of confusion will start to clear up – it takes a few days for these outer planets to begin putting out the positive vibes when reversing from their Rx motion. So – put your sensors on alert to the new vibrations emanating from this mystical and illusory planet. You will begin to see with clarity where your path lies, and what decisions you should embrace. The Planet Saturn will be in good aspect to Neptune whilst it is still in Aquarius – so there will also be a practical component that will add to your sensing your true direction.

Also, prior to the next Mercury Rx period that begins on the 24th of the month we will have the benefit of the benefic Jupiter in good aspect to Scorpio’s ruling planet Pluto – so much can be accomplished before Mercury throws us its usual curve ball of delays and miscommunication. Since Mercury will be in Rx until the 13th of December, you would be wise to keep good track of what you want to accomplish and what you must have in place before the Thanksgiving Feast, and any complicated gift selections you might need to be shipped before the Christmas holiday.

There is a lot of energy being set loose this month and one will have to curb any impatience, and be aware of speaking out of turn. Having patience, and holding one’s tongue will go a long way in keeping the Holiday spirit alive and well. Again, use your intuition and make sure that what you say or do is exactly what you meant, and all will go well.

Now to our ability to influence the ether with our affirmations and wishes, and with Scorpio’s energy and power we will be able to make our desires known. Scorpio has so many facets that it encompasses, and so much force and authority, it can have an instant impact on our lives. You might want to include some of the higher manifestations of Scorpio’s supremacy into your affirmations, transformation courage, integrity, being your best self, seeking out the purest and most loving form of power. Leave behind the negative emanations of jealousy, vengeance, and retribution. Take the sunny side of the street and bring forth your inner angel of mercy – the beneficent bearer of love and kindness. You cannot go wrong when serving your higher self and you will be rewarded in kind.

The best time to write our your affirmations, desires and wishes is during the afternoon and evening hours of the 26th – the New Moon crests at 2:57 PM EST (add an hour for DST) at 3 degrees of Scorpio, so those hours will be the most beneficial in getting your own personal wants and needs into the Universal ether to become real. Take the time to think about what it is you really need to happen in your life right now – and succinctly describe each facet of your requests Believe you have the power to change your life for the better – and you will indeed begin the journey you are meant to travel during this lifetime – include all of your loved ones in the positive vibes of this month’s energy – may the force of the Great Pumpkin be with you – and have a Howling Halloween, and a magical, mysterious, and miraculous month ahead!


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