New Moon — November 25th, 2011

New Moon – November 25th, 2011

November’s New Moon crests on the 25th at 2 degrees of the sign Sagittarius, at 1:10 AM. All those fabulous Sagittarians who were born within a few days of this dynamic partially eclipsed New Moon will find that it influences the next few months in a positive and upbeat manner. After all the sign Sagittarius is ruled by our beloved jolly planet Jupiter, the bringer of abundance and all good things. The downside of Jupiter’s benevolence is that there might be too much of a good thing… whether it’s guests, a plethora of activity, or perhaps just too much rich and tasty food during this holiday season. Just be aware and ready to partake of all that is offered during the remainder of the year. This, of course, is true for all of us depending where the sign Sagittarius resides in our charts. If it is in our 4th house of home and foundations, we may experience much activity and busyness at our home base – or we might be questioning some of our longest held beliefs with some new information that has been revealed. If Sagittarius is in our 10th house, our social standing and/or work experiences may become overwhelmed with unusual and curious activity that we have to attend to on the spur of the moment.

It should be quite obvious by now that a good working knowledge of our own chart and perhaps the charts of those we love should be clear in our minds, it we are to understand how the transits and actions of the planetary movements affect us during these crucial moments. Where the planets lie and in what house they live, will give us so much information in planning or preparing our goals. A little knowledge will enhance the way we react to sudden changes, or old grudges that have been simmering for years. Take charge of your future by getting to know the true you! And be able to chart your own course throughout your lifetime, the power is in your hands.

We have a bit of extra luck with Saturn in Libra in good aspect to Neptune in Aquarius until February of next year. These two planets bring together our dreams and goals, and a practical way of moving forward to make them come true. Work with the energy of practical Saturn while it is favoring the creativity and imagination of Neptune. You will be able to visualize your goals in a no-nonsense and reality based manner, and you will be able to make your dreams come to fruition. Again, be conscious of all that surrounds you and be ready to take advantage of the rewards Saturn will inevitably bring when we are prepared. You can make this holiday season the one everyone remembers with fondness and love. Sagittarius welcomes in this gregarious time with glee – they love all the details and action that the next 6 weeks inevitably brings. Joy is the operative word, along with family, fun, caring, love, memories, sharing, and good tidings. The blessings of this season bring us all together in a cloud of wonderful baking smells, the warmth of a busy kitchen, smiling folks wishing us radiant good health and meaning it , everyone in sync with a natural feeling that all will turn out for the best. Tune into the aura of love in the air – and in turn – give forth your best feelings to others. We are all in the human family, we are all hoping for the good things life has to offer for ourselves and our loved ones, let’s go one step further and wish for Peace for one and all.

Now to our usual forewarning about Retrograde Mercury which starts on the 24t h at 2:19 AM, (yes — Thanksgiving Day) and lasts until December 13th. We must try to be prepared for any contingency – have all of our Thanksgiving strategies in place, and our dinner plans set to the best of our ability. There are always small emergencies during these hectic but fun, family holidays – just keep a sense of humor, and a couple of handy extras around and all will be well. I remember one year when my Mom was doing the cooking and her oven had a melt-down – went off, and the turkey was only partially cooked… she calmly took the bird from the oven – carved those areas that were the most done, and finished them off on the stove top! We all might not have gotten our favorite parts of the turkey, but with all the “fixin’s” that accompanied the meal – we were all very satisfied, and may have had more room for those delicious home-made pies. With love, and a little ability to think on one’s feet, all will be well.

The other caveat, is to be aware that any gifts bought during the Rx period may have to be returned – so keep all receipts and make sure to have them where you can find them if needed. All in all, we have been through these times before and when looking back – most of the hiccups in our holiday plans were able to be made right – so be of good cheer and all will be well.

As always, the Rx Mercury period gives us some time to look inward and become better associated with your sixth sense and the deep beliefs that you hold dear. Listen to that inner voice and heed its message and you will be ahead of the game when the New Year begins by being more in tune, calmer, and better able to handle all the opportunities that await you in 2012.

This time of year often engenders a more spiritual and serene sense in all of us, and we can be empowered by tuning in to the beautiful feelings that are flowing all around us. We will be helped by the forward movement of Uranus next month that will help us be more positive and eager to make our dreams a reality. You will have decided who you are, and what you want. This is big folks – tap into your core and realize how unique you are and how amazing your life can really be.

Jupiter ruled Sagittarius has sway over the law, higher education, religion, judges, bankers, doctors, and in a way new starts! So we can incorporate some of these areas into our affirmations, or wishes on the 25th. Remember to be clear about the specifics of your desires, and focus on each aspect that you want to manifest. You may want to allow a Higher Power to guide you in your future, perhaps you would like to be more optimistic in considering what direction you would like your life to go, maybe you long for more adventure, or you might be ready to proceed with a new educational goal – all of these would be under the Sagittarian New Moon. Be creative and push the envelope of your wants and desires. Allow your thoughts to manifest and flow into the ether to become your new reality. Now is the time to act, and start getting the life you want and deserve. You do have the power, you do have the ability, and you do have the right to fulfill your dreams.

The New Moon crests at 1:10 AM on Friday the 25th, so all day long will be apropos to write out your affirmations and send them into the Universal flow.

Be prepared to find yourself with new opportunities, abundance in all things, and a calmer and more optimistic disposition. Life will be good!


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