December Notes

Since this is such a busy and hectic time of year, I thought perhaps a little encouragement from the stars would be in order. Even though we have been stifled by the Rx Mercury for a couple of weeks now, it will turn direct on the 13th and its more positive energies will be helping us to finish our projects — whether Christmas shopping or preparing for a holiday trip home… If you have found that every little thing you do or try to get done has been an effort — you are right on track — Rx Mercury does influence our everyday chores, work and life in so many irritating ways,… But help is on the way with several positive planetary transitions… the Planet Uranus will turn direct on December 10th bringing us more enthusiasm and energy to complete those bogged down issues, and to spur us on to renewing our efforts to make positive changes in our lives. This is also the day of the full moon which is also a total eclipse (not visible to us here on the East Coast — but very powerful with masses of energy expelled, this full moon is at 18 degrees of the sign Gemini — so there will be Fun and Good Spirits! Just remember to keep some control of yourself, the fun-loving Gemini aura might make you push the boundaries of your usually staid social coda. Have fun, but be aware there is a lot of swirling energy in the air, and it might go right to your head! Also be a defensive driver — many on the road might have indulged a bit too much in the liquid holiday spirits….

Another change this month is that the Jolly Planet Jupiter ends its Rx movement in Taurus, on Christmas Day — opening new opportunities well into the new year for job growth and money-making ideas. It’s time to broaden your searches and keep up with the fast-moving technologies that are constantly changing and becoming ever more complex. If you are a whiz in this area, the field is wide open for jobs — the only caveat, is that they might not be in your own backyard — be willing to look afar for the best opportunities!

The New moon is actually on Christmas Eve this year, sure to give us plenty of energy for all of our plans — in the practical sign Capricorn — we will be organized and ready to put our holiday plans into action.

The New moon in Capricorn also will bring an intensity to your long-held traditions and beliefs — strengthening your ties to family and friends. It’s all good!

Just a note for those who might be looking for a special gift for a special person — I’d like to recommend one that is a little far out — but one I am enjoying and find it might bring some positive outlook during these recent difficult times, and for those who are concerned about the coming bugaboo of December 21st 2012 — so if you have an esoteric-minded friend think about getting them:

“The Source Field Investigations” by David Wilcock (Amazon)

It’s quite the read — and I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful Holiday Season — and many exciting new opportunities in 2012 — Peace!


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