New Moon — December 24, 2011

The last New Moon of 2011 crests on December 24th, at 1:07 PM EST in the sign Capricorn at 2 degrees. The moon in Capricorn is ambitious, steady and tries to be organized, all good for our usual foray into making resolutions. However, there is much going on in the ether that will enhance or delay any plans we might have imagined would be workable. If we but go with the positive energies that are available — our positive outcomes could be greatly increased with so little effort.

First Capricorn and its Planet Saturn have rulership over those chores that require patience and endurance. They also cover such mundane jobs as farming, plumbing, working with leather, gardening and landscaping — all requiring manual labor and planning. On the human level, our teeth and bones are covered by this duo, along with our knees, spleen and hearing. Under negative Saturn aspects we might find we have a tooth that needs attention, or our knees have become arthritic and we are limited in our ability to get around. All within the realm of Capricorn — the positive and noteworthy claims of this sign are its tenacity and unwillingness to give up, its dogged determination to do a job and do it well, and the patience to climb the ladder of success slowly and with purpose. Our Capricorn friends keep us on the straight and narrow paths to success, and they are willing to help those they admire and love to move upward with them. You can always count on the Capricorns in your life to be there in times of need, and to be in the cheering section in times of success. They are self-deprecating and often humble in their demeanor — but truly know their own self-worth.

Those born in or around December 22nd to the 26th are in a new lunar cycle for the next few months, and they will have opportunities handed to them — and knowing how organized these Capricorn folks are, they will be ready to take full advantage of them.

Of course, we all have the sign Capricorn in our charts, and depending on the house it is in, will show you where this new lunar energy will display itself. For instance if it is in your 11th house of friends — you may find yourself running into old acquaintances or relatives you haven’t seen for some time, if it appears in your 2nd house of earned money — some chore or task you did for someone and have forgotten about, may be recompensed with a timely check in the mail. Get to know where the signs are in your own chart and you will be ahead of the game in advancing your goals ten-fold.

There are a lot of connections to that tiny powerhouse Pluto this next week from the Sun, and early next month from the Planet Uranus — so a veritable whirlwind of energy and excitement will unfold.. The Capricorn Sun will square Pluto next week and that might set off a power struggle for those with strong opinions about the world and where it is headed, but on a more personal level — we might find ourselves at odds with an upper echelon manager or boss who is adamant in their opinions. Tread lightly and have all your facts at hand if you must engage in a testy debate with someone who has the power to have the last word. With a Capricorn aura — common sense should eventually reign.

Early next year, Uranus in early Aries will square Pluto also, and since Uranus is the Planet of the unexpected, what we think might happen may not! So it will be best to be prepared for all contingencies — and even minor emergencies. Again look to where these Planets live in your own chart to see what the ramifications of these aspects might bring — and be aware that quick decisions might have to be made. This aspect also puts forth a huge amount of energy swirling around for the New Years celebration — don’t let too much celebrating go to your head. Keep your feet on the ground and all will be well.

Later in the month there will be some pleasant feelings emanating from the loving Planet Venus that will put us in touch with our true feelings and give us an overview of what is really going on where other people are concerned. When Venus enters Pisces on the 14th, you will be feeling a lot more loving and have a feeling of being loved in a true and timeless manner. Make sure that those you care about and cherish know exactly how you feel about them, Even in the workplace, you have the opportunity to create and improve relationships with coworkers and others . Take advantage of this period to enhance all the relationships in your life. You will be happier in the long run when clarity and honesty are truly noted.

The Planet Mars, our passions and inner fire will be in Retrograde motion late in the month for an almost 3 month period in the sign Virgo. This might enhance the pickiness, neatness, cleanliness aspects of our psyches, and we will have the urge to clear out any and all detritus in our lives, homes and offices. Make sure that what you are discarding will not be something you will need in the future. What we need here is a surgical strike — to eliminate that which is truly unnecessary and is just cluttering up our atmosphere. You will be feeling a tad more rebellious and need to be in control of your environment. And this will probably be true throughout the world with protests and events making known how unhappy people are with the current regimes. Let us hope level heads will be in charge and that non-violent actions are all that is necessary to get a point across to those in power.

These are changing times, and to be able to extract the best from the energies available we must tune ourselves into the Universal harmony and keep our actions in line with the best that is possible. And so to that end —

Our best times for writing down our affirmations, desires, dreams and goals will be all afternoon and evening of the 24th. Since Capricorn has sway over such things as success, taking charge, responsibility, patience, and steadfastness, some of your affirmations may be to improve your life by be being more proactive in seeking out resources that will help you reach your goals. Or you might want to improve your health in some direct way through diet and/or an exercise routine. You can also look to enhance your clarity about a current situation, and be able to use your own common sense to help restore some semblance of structure to your daily life. After the 1st of the year there will be greater opportunities for employment — but you must think outside the box — and dig deep into all of your abilities to find where you could start anew. Plan on success this year, plan to be your best self, and plan on being in a better place by the end of 2012. A few simple but direct affirmations will increase your chances to be the person you are meant to be in this lifetime, go within your psyche to find your true desires, create a pathway to follow, and you will be on the road to more success than you could ever imagine.

May your Holidays be bright and merry, and may 2012 be the year of YOU ! Be bold, be brave, and be surrounded by bountiful goodness… Peace!


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