January 23, 2012 — Chinese Year of the Dragon

We will enter the Chinese year 4709/10 on January 23rd. This is the end of the Wood years and begins a new cycle with dynamic and dramatic events throughout the year! This is called the Year of the Black Water Dragon, which signifies more energy, passion, and perhaps confusion. But let’s get  a feeling of what this Dragon means — the Dragon is the most important of the animal symbols in the Chinese Zodiac — being the emblem of the Royal Family. The Dragon is a powerful and over-the-top presence who makes itself known with force and personality. The Dragon is good for business, the arts, and all things technological. There will be advances in every form of money dealings, creative venues, and technological systems throughout the world. Many countries will be trying to get an advantage in this new world order, and there will be much controversy in who will be the victor in all phases of the reorganized business landscape. Things will be changing with economic and physical happenings throughout the world and only those who position themselves in steady and secure positions will endure into the next cycle of human growth and potential. The Dragon spurts flames, shakes and rattles his massive scales and shakes up the status quo — his desire is to bring about all things that will make for a better and more productive future. Lacking in a Dragon Year is the quiet and meditative necessities of the human spirit. We must take the time to be contemplative and dig into our psyches to find the deep inner core of our future evolvement, or there will be pressures to bear on all forms of our egotistical ideas that we rule the Universe!

When the Chinese build a home, they have a priest or astrologer look at the land to see where the Dragon is sleeping — Heaven forfend if the house is built in the wrong direction — for then there will be bad luck! Dragon power is all encompassing and very direct. What we need in a Dragon Year is a calm head and a good dose of common sense to get through the year with good luck, profits, and good outcomes in all our endeavors. Work with the Dragons amazing energy, and since this is a Water Dragon there will be more emotion and creativity evoked throughout the year. Become one with the cycle, and sinuous movement of the Dragon and you will be well on the way to a successful year ahead —

Now for a short preview of the East meets West zodiac signs:

Aries Dragon —

Wings flapping, fire-breathing, glistening red scales shining in the sunlight, this dragon must beware of speaking before thinking! These are our movers and shakers of the Dragon community and they will bowl you over if they have their way. Not that their ideas aren’t good ones, but they might be premature. The Aries/Dragon has too much energy, and would be advised to learn some calming methods to soar through this year of good luck and bounty.

Taurus Dragon —

Massive and majestic in its shiny, bright blue scales, breathing smoke and ash, bellowing to be heard. This Dragon will make its presence known with his staid and steady brilliance — this one can be a winner this year with a little less blustering and more studying. Make sure your plans are able to be put forth in a careful and reliable way, and all will be well for this bullish serpent.

Gemini Dragon —

Iridescent and sparkling, sailing gracefully into the sky, breathing plumes of soft gently falling embers into the misty air. Playful, gregarious, and friendly, this Dragon will endear himself to all who admire and smile at his charm. Flirtatious, fickle, and fiery elan will emanate from this beautiful creature who will have good luck if they can just stop and smell the flowers for a moment.

Cancer Dragon —

Silver, pearl and opalescent scales make this Dragon a spectacular sight. Shimmering like the Water Dragon he is in the light of the wintry moon. Business will be good for this dragon as long as he stays on course and doesn’t get bogged down in some side channel where the weedy growth can snag his forward motion!

Leo Dragon —

Ah — here we have the Imperial Dragon with scales of gold and red, glowing in the golden glow of the Sun! Proud, courageous, and immortal, this Dragon consumes all the air around him. He is the one you notice entering the room, and his light shines with and incandescent glow. A good year for the Lion, if he is willing to share his good luck with others in a kind and gentle way — not easy for the King of Beasts!

Virgo Dragon —

Particular and persnickety, this ephemeral white and silver Dragon will get the job done in the year to come. It must be sure not to be waylaid by too many details, and to open its horizons to include others who are not as lucky. A wise and ancient Dragon who will do well this year.

Libra Dragon —

Beautiful in its lavender and silver tipped scales, breathing good will and love throughout the land. But be careful — all is not as it seems in the world today — and many pitfalls await the unwary. Tune into the cycles that abound and be on your way to success.

Scorpio Dragon —

The epitome of Dragon Spirit — this black and deep red Dragon will scour the earth for success and value. A knowing and wise Dragon with centuries of experience will know just where the bargains lie — and will swoop in flames erupting to singe anything that gets in its way! Beware an out of control Scorpio Dragon, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Sagittarius Dragon —

Here we have the fun-loving and forward seeking Dragon, with wings outspread, flashing its indigo and red scale in the deepening daylight. This Dragon will have good luck if he follows his highest ethical goals. No shortcuts in using less that honest methods to get ahead for him, he must stick to the true path and follow only the highest good to be fulfilled this year.
Capricorn Dragon —

Not as brilliant on the outside as some Dragons, but slow and steady in its upward mobility — this Dragon in his white and blue scales will be a winner this year as he plods carefully to his goal. There is no stopping this determined individual when their mind is made up. This Dragon will complete the race, and surprise everyone when they emerge as the leader.

Aquarius Dragon —

Using all the colors in the rainbow, this gorgeous Dragon will try to enhance life for all of mankind this year. He knows well the dangers that lie ahead in this chaotic year. But with great love for his fellow-man, this Dragon will move Heaven and Earth to make life better for himself and everyone else.

Pisces Dragon —

Serenely calm, gliding through the ether like a will-o-the-wisp, this lavender and iridescent Dragon can barely be seen. One must lift ones psyche to feel the presence of this mystical creature who will be in good stead tis year by bringing love and kindness throughout the world. Magical and ethereal this Dragon becomes the hope of tomorrow for us all.


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