New Moon — January 23, 2012

This month’s New Moon is in the sign Aquarius at 2 degrees, and crests at 2:40 AM. Since many of us have had our New Years Resolutions fall by the wayside by now — this New Moon gives us a “Do-over”! Yes folks — we can now think back and see what the trouble was with our original resolutions, and perhaps tweak a few things to make them work to a greater degree. The New Moon this month is our second chance to make changes, and resolve to become the person we can glimpse in our future.

Best of all, this month is a powerhouse of positive vibes — Jupiter the Planet of good luck is in good aspect to our tiny energy Planet Pluto. This combination can empower us with dynamic motivation that has lasting clout. With Mars in Retrograde motion until mid-April, it is a good time to review all of your plans, including your financial outlook for the rest of the year. Now is the planning stage, and after Mars goes direct on April 13th, you can then implement your overhauled strategies.

We also have the energy and blessings of the teaching Planet Saturn in good aspect to Neptune — this is the time to let your creative juices flow and bring them into reality with down-home wisdom. We all will be better off using our instincts and inner feelings, but with a practical twist. No flights of fancy — without some stable grounding done first. Yes — let your imaginations soar, but bring any grandiose ideas  down to the ground before acting on them in a precipitous manner. Partnerships can flourish during this period of sharing and understanding. However, you must truly listen to what is being said and grasp the underlying messages that are being put forth. Try to understand on a gut level what your friends and/or partners are really saying.

Saturn will be turning Retrograde early next month and will make sure we appraise any situation in a common sense way. There will be shifts in our “take” on our relationships, and we might find some that are holding us back — whereas others are helping us to move forward in the direction we are meant to follow. You must decide how you want to move forward with each relationship — it’s your choice.

The Moon in Aquarius has a love of all mankind, and its ruling Planet Uranus will be shaking up the status quo with its conjunction with Venus from early to mid February. There will be the chance of exciting new encounters and social activities that spark your sense of fun. Allow yourself to indulge in some of these social times, but remember — Uranus is not a long-term partnership sign — rather it brings excitement and noveltyand infatuation into your life for a brief moment — so don’t get too involved, and keep your options open! If you have the chance to influence your future plans, in a safe and practical way — by all means do so — but your best bet for forward strategic movement will be to wait until the beginning of March when there is more clarity, and your viewpoint will be obvious. As we all know — the New Moon is a Power Day for writing out our affirmations dreams, hopes and wishes for right now and the future! The Universe is swirling with refreshing energy that will help us put forward our deepest desires. Why not take advantage of this unique time frame to advance and enhance our own future and the future of those we love! Reach out with all of your psychic intuition, and dig deep into your psyches to truly tap the depths of your needs and wants. Feel the power of your requests as a force to be reckoned with — not in an egotistical or narcissistic manner, but with a gut feeling that this is doable — this is attainable. You can influence your own future, and that of others whom you care about. Now is the time to bring out our most intimate thoughts and desires — and bring them into the light — let them join with the massive energies of the Galaxy and bring you the future you want for yourself and your loved ones. It can be done — it is in your power to have your dreams come true!

Since Aquarius has rulership over friends, love of all mankind, selflessness, the unexpected, practicality, new ideas, you might want to wish for, new and compatible friends, a sense of fairness in all your dealings, using common sense, Peace on Earth, and on a mundane note — with snow and ice abounding in the northern climes, beware of injuries to your ankles or lower limbs. Watch where you are walking and be aware that with the Sun glistening on the sparkling snow — one’s vision may be compromised when crossing streets, or driving around corners. Just being conscious of all that is going on around you will help to avoid unexpected events!

This Aquarian New Moon peaks at 2:40 AM on the 23rd — so early morning hours and all day long will be appropriate for writing out your affirmations, resolutions, hopes and wishes.

We have this unique opportunity to renew our resolutions, bring our wishes into reality with the force that is in the ether now — don’t hesitate to take advantage of the help you can garner from the Universe during this period — work with the cycles and harmony of our world and Galaxy, and you will find yourself in the winner’s circle of life! Be inspired, be intuitive and be enthusiastic about You!!!


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