Cupid Chronicles

Thought I’d have some fun in sizing up the various ways in which men vibrate to Mars energy — they might not be from Mars — but the warrior spirit and fiery energy of their persona resonate with the deeply passionate and adventurous elan of Mars.

Perhaps you will recognize a few traits that will tickle your fancy — or it might be a total miss! It’s just for fun — so enjoy the scuttlebutt.

Is your man classy, charming, controlling, cute, chivalrous, cranky, cautious, or clever? Maybe it’s because of the sign the Planet Mars is positioned — in his natal chart (to find where Mars was on a certain date — go to your favorite search engine and type in “Mars ephemeris — and the date and year” a chart will pop up that’s pretty self-explanatory) . When you know what sign Mars is in — go down the list and perhaps you can read all about him!

MARS in Aries — aah — Mars is in its own sign here — fiery and feisty, raring to go, always busy! Passionate — but can be distant, extremely sexy and confident — might be quick to anger — but equally quick to get over any angst. These individuals are often the first to jump on any bandwagon that proposes something new and adventurous. Love competition in sports or business. They can be pushy and a bit overbearing at times — they are sure they are right — so one might need a little finesse to counter their certainty… Once they have chosen their love — they bring much heat and warmth to the relationship — but ladies — let them have their heads — and be sure to keep the home fires burning.

MARS in Taurus — Mars is not too comfortable in this sign — too stodgy and slow for his usual quick reactions. However the sign Taurus can moderate some of Mars energy and precipitous enthusiasm. Taurus makes Mars take that extra step to be sure a proposition is on a solid foundation before leaping into the fray. Also, Taurus brings security and determination to the mix. Perhaps a bit too much determination if they cannot compromise easily. They will be dogged competitors, and physically very strong — they love beautiful surroundings, and their home is truly their castle — and you ladies can be their queen! Not a lot of fireworks here — but a slow and steady pace forward to their goals. Slow to anger, BUT — very slow to forgive and forget. No worries about this Bull roaming — he is committed to the vows he makes.

MARS in Gemini — In Mercury ruled Gemini, Mars becomes a little flustered, and a bit scatty at times. There is just too much diversified energy for Mars to handle. The quick wit of Gemini works well with Mars fiery disposition, however — Gemini is often too easily distracted for Mars to get much done. A charmer for sure — handsome in a Devil-may-care way — and well aware of his attributes in his physical framework. Flirty, having a light-hearted persona, it’s hard to pin down this easygoing, charismatic guy! If you are looking for a magical and momentous fling — he’s your man — but if you want a steady and secure mate — you might want to check the rest of his planetary structure for some more responsible traits.

MARS in Cancer — Here we have the sensitive side of Mars — the touchy- feely guy who can steal your heart. Emotional and family oriented, he has lots to commend him — but Mars is not really at ease with a watery sign — and the steamy confrontations may make him less than appealing in the long run. Mars in Cancer can be moody, and often has his feelings hurt, when no disrespect was intended. If they are a more highly evolved individual, then they can overcome the pettiness of always feeling put upon. Once Mars in Cancer decides to bring someone into his realm — he has the tenaciousness of the crab in holding on. Some can be Mother’s boys — but they are warm and loving Fathers who have the best intentions for their families. Just don’t hurt their feelings and you will be theirs always.

MARS in Leo — I am Leo — hear me roar!!!! The sign of the King of Beasts, and Mars are in sync in their fiery kingdom. They know how beautiful and strong they are and how intensely they feel about their loved ones. Yet — there is an ego here that needs attending to. Compliments go a long way in making this relationship work — and on the opposite side — denigrating his abilities will be the end of what might have been beautiful. Free-spending, eager to share — this Mars position brings lots of heat and passion. Might be too hot to handle! A strong will that can make things happen. Hang on for an exciting ride! Match his ego and you will be the one!

MARS in Virgo — Can we say opposing forces here? Mars is wary of the earthy aura of Virgo’s sign — and is not in tune with the close inspection of every detail about everything! Virgo is much too analytical for Mars — and there is only a modicum of closeness here. Picky, anal, unwilling to see the forest for a tree! Not Mars usual style — still there is an earthiness that engenders some warmth — kind of like a banked fireplace — ready to burst forth in flames when stirred up. Virgo puts the brakes on Mars impetuousness — and manages to keep him on a steady path most of the time. Cranky, when stimulated without notice — doesn’t like surprises! this would be good for a gal who wants some deep-seated passion, but with a steady and practical approach to goal setting. good luck with this one ladies!

MARS in Libra — Mars likes the airy quality of Libra — and truly appreciates the beauty within, however these two can be at opposite poles of the Universe at times. They share a passion for the finer things in life and can find compatible areas where they will enjoy each others company. Still Libra needs balance and Mars isn’t about staying on any one level. Also, Libra has difficulty making decisions because she sees both sides of any situation. Whereas Mars is always sure of his opinion and “knows” he is right! These opposites can be extremely attracted to one another — and with two highly motivated folks — this could work — for each wants to please the other. Mars values Libras ability to surround herself with beauty — but Libra can truly frustrate the eager Mars to get things done in a timely manner. Loving the good things life has to offer — these opposites might find they can build their castle in the air — and be happy there.

MARS in Scorpio — Here we have the two most passionate entities in the Galaxy — and yet they are in entirely different elements –Fire and Water. herein lies the problem — yes, we have the deepest of emotions here — the darkest of desires. Mars is sometimes quite overwhelmed with the intensity of the emotion here. Desire rules the realm, and the need for secrecy is also of great importance. Cynicism might be a flaw here — and an acid tongue to boot! No one can tear down an argument like a Scorpio — they are fierce competitors, and will not flinch in battle! Emotions can engulf any and all normal responses to ideas, tasks or feelings. Everything here is over-the-top in emotional response. Only the easiest of beings will find a way to traverse this darkened landscape. It can be done — for there is a need for those who would never give up — who would fight for their beliefs, and would give up their lives for their fellow-man. Warriors of the ether — they find it hard to be mere mortals going about the everyday chores that most of us encounter. If you have the passion of your convictions — this may be the man of your dreams. Life will be interesting!

MARS in Sagittarius — Happy, outgoing, taking the long view of things — Mars is content in the fiery house of Sagittarius. Even more they are so compatible, they often engage in roaming long distances to see and explore their vast estates. with a love of animals, and an honest outlook — Mars becomes the great outdoorsman and traveler here! always ready to get out and about — Mars in Sagittarius will find new ways to expand his knowledge. Friendly, and loving — if your man has this combo — you will have to keep him on a very long leash and let him roam to his heart’s content. Hobbies, sports, learning and growing — this gent will sweep you off your feet, and want to resettle in some adventurous place where thier  many interests can be honed. Enjoy the journey — it will be fun!

MARS in Capricorn — Since Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, we know this is the teaching planet. Now — Mars is not generally amenable to being given advice or having someone think they know more than he does. So in this earthy abode — Mars feels a little squished –not able to put forth all of his immense energy in his usual haphazard way — no — Capricorn insists that he use his immense power in a steady and constructive manner. These two Titans can work together, but there is always an issue about who is in charge. Steady, determined and stable, Capricorn puts the reins on Mars combustible energy. Still steady Capricorn can and does use the fiery Mars persona to spark up his own dowdiness — not that Capricorn doesn’t have his own charisma — just that it isn’t the flash of Mars brilliance. They are both competitive and will engage in the battle — and Capricorn with Mars ensconced in his sign will be the winner in the game of Love!

MARS in Aquarius — Oh No! What have we here? Mars in an airy and quixotic sign that has a Love of all mankind! Not really compatible with Mars ego… Indeed — unless Mars can become more involved with humankind — this will always be a battle royal! Aquarius wants to allow everyone their space, their beliefs, and their identity! Mars wants to control all of the above — and can get miffed when things aren’t going his way. In this fixed sign Mars can become quite aloof and seem not to care about anything. He wants to bring passion and oomph to those he cares about — but not to everyone! Selective and rowdy — Mars prefers to be in control of his power — and Aquarius wants to share all of the Love and caring to one and all. Quirky, unsettled, and even a bit scatty — Mars will only be content here if he is given a chance to be unpredictable at times — and Aquarius is willing to allow him that possibility. It will be a roller coaster ride!

MARS in Pisces — Sigh! This could be such a wonderful combination — magical and ethereal Pisces with the high energy and passionate power of Mars — sadly — this watery sign makes Mars fizzle! there is warmth here and passion — but on an emotional level that Mars cannot sustain — Pisces needs to believe in themselves and Mars just makes everything seem too intense and needy. If Pisces can reign in the power of Mars, and Mars can ignore the watery emotion of Pisces — the two might survive. But they might not thrive! Too emotional, too needy, too changeable in her watery realm — Mars is a like a fish out of water here. The need to control overwhelms the delicate senses of Pisces and there will be tears. There is also the mystical and hidden side of Pisces that may not sit well with Mars who needs honesty and openness. In a perfect world — with perfect human beings, this could be a winning combination if each could reach out and appreciate the other. We may eventually reach this idyllic time — and the artistic nature of Pisces would only enhance the vitality and talent of Mars.

Well our jaunt through the Zodiac with Mars is completed — hope you find a few items of interest within — Enjoy!


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