New Moon — February 21, 2012

I thought that I might start out this post with a little information about the phases of the moon — I don’t usually write about the Full Moon because most people are aware of it from observing the waxing moon in the night sky — and we all can feel the impact of this astral occurrence as it traverses through the signs of the Zodiac. The Full Moon brings excess in all things, everything is a little more exacerbated when we are under the influence of the Full Moon — now — what is the Full Moon? The Full Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are in opposing signs. Thereby creating opposing forces — we all know the moon phases affect the tides — and if the strength of this aspect is strong enough to do that, then it is reasonable to assume (since we humans are about 90% water) that it will affect us also. And it surely does. Of course, depending on what signs the Sun and Moon are in — will determine how it relates to each individual. It will be more apparent if the Sun and/or Moon are in your Sun  sign or if it hits close to one of your Planets… So it would appear that knowing where your own Sun and Moon, and planetary setup are, is a necessary component of understanding how the effects of the Full Moon will influence you personally.

Now — the New Moon is not so apparent, because it does NOT appear in the sky at night when it crests! We don’t see it because the New Moon is the conjunction (same sign, same degree) of the Sun and the Moon! And depending on where it is in your own chart, will give you the information about how it might affect your own life. I often give a heads up to those whose birthdays are near the New Moon because it signals a new cycle for those individuals. But — it affects all of us depending on where it appears in your individual charts. Every one of us has all of the Planets and the Sun and the Moon in our Birth Charts. And this is our guide to understanding our personhood in this lifetime, and how the movement of these Heavenly bodies will influence and sway our pathway during this lifetime.

OK — enough of “Astrology 101” today — let’s get on to this month’s dynamic and creative New Moon.

This month’s New Moon is at 2 degrees of the sign Pisces, and it crests at 5:35 PM. the Moon in Pisces is sensitive, creative and mystical. And this month it is in close aspect to Pisces ruling planet Neptune! So all of the Piscean energies and characteristics are enhanced. Those born on or near February 19th to 22nd will be more impacted by this month’s New moon and will be starting a brand new cycle of creativity and enhanced psychic abilities. Also — those born in the early days of Virgo will be influenced by being at the opposition of this New Moon — and depending on where Pisces lives in their charts this will be the area where they might find new ideas and more creative ways of boosting their individuality! Now — Pisces has a place in all of our charts — and this area will be stimulated by this month’s New Moon — it will bring more sensitivity, creativity, psychic experiences, and even a chance to bring a new level of awareness to you. Tap into the inner core of your psyche, be open to everything around you, and within you. The Neptunian abilities of magic, ESP, intuition, knowing, being aware of illusion, and perhaps on the negative side, enhancing the power of drugs (legitimate or illegitimate), might be difficult to control. However — if we all tune into the positive and magical powers of Neptune in Pisces, we might begin to understand how our abilities can affect the world around us. We can — through our positive thoughts bring about positive changes in the physical world. Never doubt your ability to have an influence, on not only your own life — but that of others. Yes — you can help improve the lives of yourself and of  those you love — just by “thinking” in a more optimistic and hopeful manner. Try it out — you will perhaps be amazed at your own power! It may be in a small way — but your intention to be a more outgoing and confident person, will bring more cheerful and ebullient people your way.  And so grows the beauty and happy circle of your own world!

Now as always, there are some interesting aspects that will get our juices flowing — we had the exciting connection between Venus and the unpredictable Uranus — so some of us may have had an unexpected romantic glitch, or opportunity to reconnect with an old love. Don’t act precipitously — but allow yourself a little time to process these new happenings — and only then decide which way you want your relationships to go… Uranus is not always a steady and devoted companion in romance, but it is always exciting! Let the initial excitement wain a bit before moving headlong into what might prove to be a temporary match or rematch! Your head will be in a more stable place if you wait until after March 3rd — to make any major “love” changes.

Mars and Saturn are still in Retrogracde motion and so should help keep us from moving ahead too quickly in our decision-making — taking time to process all of the aspects of any situation is often a good way to go. These powerhouse Planets are telling us not to bully our way through life in order to get our own way — but rather to use diplomacy, and our innate ingenuity to gently convince others of the truth and honesty of our convictions. We are all feeling the extra energy that Uranus in Aries is bringing to the fore — and we are feeling more confident in our own skins — more true to ourselves. Your mind is working at high-speed and your ability to out think the competition is well underway — just be sure that the goals you are heading for are really exactly what you want — we can get caught up in the moment when our logic is swayed by the illusion of what we “see” as our future. Be doubly sure you are seeing clearly, and not through the smoke and mirrors of Neptune’s fantastic illusions. We can all get so enchanted with our dreams, that we lose sight of the real world forces that are also at hand. Be sure of your goals, and be sure you have built your castles on a firm foundation, and not on some fanciful “pie in the sky” assessment.

Since this New Moon is in the sign Pisces, you may want to include some affirmations or wishes that will bring you a true love, to have more empathy for others, to avoid all forms of addiction, to become one with the Universal flow, to fasten onto your most creative pinnacle, to find your bliss — you might also want to ask for more Spirituality to enter your life — now is the time to tap into your highest and most divine center. You will find a whole new outlook when you are connected to your most amazing self.

Since this New Moon happens at 5:35 PM on the 21st — the best time to write out your affirmations are the evening hours of the 21st and the morning hours of the 22nd!

We can all use more creativity and spirituality in our lives — and this month the Planets are working in concert to help us tap into our most remarkable and most sensitive selves. Take this opportunity to become your most altruistic and sympathetic self — become one with the Universal ether — bring your most positive and happiest energies into the world — you are making a difference in helping the human species move toward their highest realm. Never underestimate your own power in this lifetime — you are the World! Live your Bliss! Become the star in your own life — now is the time — this is the place — let the positive changes begin with you!


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