March Memo

March this year has a lot of swirling heavenly energy — thought I’d give everyone a little notice of what to expect! Among the pros and cons will be our ever (not so) favorite Retrograde Mercury, which will begin in the early hours of the 12th. beginning in the sign Aries and so crossing paths with Uranus in the early degrees of that sign– also Neptune is now fully ensconced in its own sign Pisces for a lengthy stay until the year 2025 — (might have to devote an entire article on this one) — Mars and Saturn continue their Retrograde motion in the respective signs of Virgo and Libra, delaying some of our plans and putting us on notice that we must use every ability we have to move forward on the right path. These planets are giving us the time to dig deeper into our psyches, and in doing so — we will see our path forward in a clearer and more concise manner And so we begin to unravel all of these activities and how they might impact us here on Earth!

If you are a Libra or have a Libra ascendant you will be pleased to hear that Saturn (our learning and teaching planet) will be leaving your sign and going into Scorpio on October 5th of this year. No Librans you will not be totally off the hook of Saturn’s influence — but things will be easing a bit for you. If you have followed the urgings of Saturn through your sign for the past couple of years, you will be stronger and more able to handle any negative energy that is thrown your way. Indeed, you should feel pretty good about yourself for having been able to plow through this transit with Elan and fortitude. And yes, Scorpios — start to prepare now for your trial period when Saturn enters your sign for a stay of two and a half years. Now — we have all been through the orbit of Saturn in our charts, but when it is in our own sign it does present a few more challenges. Think about your life now and where you want to go in the next couple of years. Also… the opposite signs i.e., Aries and Taurus have been and will be in the opposition mode to this powerful planetary titan! So it will serve them also to be cognizant of what is needed in their lives to fulfill their highest goals.  These planets give us the stepping-stones to progress in our journey here on Earth.  Take advantage of their urgings to make your life complete in every way.

Once again we face the sometimes annoying or frustrating aspect of a Retrograde Mercury — starting on the 12th and continuing until April 4th. In the sign Aries to start with, then moving into Pisces — it will be in close proximity to the Planet Uranus, the Planet of the unexpected (2nd to the 22nd)! You might find yourself in upsetting or fractious situations that will throw you for a loop. But you can be prepared with just a little thought ahead of time — are you planning any events or is there a situation you are waiting for? Make sure you have all of the facts, and if any legal or professional agendas are going to be in the limelight — have all your information at your fingertips. Do make those car repairs ahead of time, mail those invoices a few days earlier than needed, make sure of meeting places or the times they are to be held, and back up your files folks. Any and all preventive measures will help to insure smooth going during Rx Mercury.

Both Neptune (in Pisces) and Pluto (in Capricorn) will be in these signs until 2025 and 2024 respectively. these are generational Planets that move slowly and bring about change to everyone in a steady and eventful manner. These are not the Planets of quick change, rather they will steadily and enduringly move us all toward a better and more spiritual and practical lifestyle. However, we must be open to the subtle urgings of these two powerhouse planets, to sway our energies to a righteous and more humane path. Right now, today, our humanity is in flux — the powers that be are pounding the drums of war, of violence, of earthly destruction! We can go along with their agenda or choose to create our own pathway towards a more peaceful and reasonable existence.Both of these major planets are willing to help us achieve our ultimate wish for peace here on Earth — but we must listen — not only with all our senses, but with our hearts and our spirit. We can opt for chaos — or we can select the tranquil future we want for ourselves, our children, and our brethren.

This is a unique time in our existence — and the future is up for grabs — we can influence the outcome of this era by raising our spirituality, our humanity, and our compassion to include all of mankind. It’s our choice folks — let’s not sit by and let the tide of negativity, fear, and violence encompass us. Let’s fight the good fight for equality, peace, and harmony for one and all.

Now I don’t want anyone to feel this will be a period of total gloom and doom — but there will be challenges, and not only personally, but also worldwide — as always there are some powerful eclipses this year that will influence our lives and those of the powerful people throughout the world. It behooves us to be aware of the messages the stars are giving us — it’s as if the Universe is shouting “Pay attention” — and thus we must, in order to have some influence over our own existence. Let’s all take a deep breath, and vow to raise our consciousness to its highest state — to become aware of those who are truly in need, and do something about it. No longer is standing by to let “the other guy” take care of things acceptable — we are the other guy — and now is the time! If we do not listen to the urgings of the Galaxy — there will continue to be upheavals, both physically on Earth, politically, and personally —

If we all can but take a moment to settle our minds, reach out to each other in a loving and caring manner, we will have gone far to change the aspects of violence, poverty, and ruin that could be in the offing.

A major eclipse will happen on May 20th (Gemini) — the energy from this is in play now and will be niggling at our psyches until it crests — bring the most positive thoughts and energy that you can to intercept any negativity that will abound. We have the power, we have the ability, now we must go forward and use our innate spiritual consciousness to affect change for the better. We can do it, if all those people of good will are prepared to move forward in a positive and optimistic manner.

Just a note — the full moon is in the early hours of the 8th — be aware of your surroundings, and listen to that inner voice that lets you sense any negativity that might be around you.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day — and enjoy the green beer!!!



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