New Moon — March 22, 2012

Happy Spring! The Sun entered Aries at 12:15 AM EST on the 20th — officially ending the Winter season and bringing us to the Spring Equinox — with some vibrant energy thanks to the Suns close proximity to the Planet Uranus!. This week will bring lots of ideas, new choices, and perhaps some challenges. It all depends on the house where Aries lives in your chart. Also this months New Moon will crest on the 22nd at 9:37 AM EST at 2 degrees of Aries! So — can we say “lots and lots” of fiery energy is burning brightly for several days. The caveat here is not to act precipitously — spur of the moment ideas seem to be right, but if you give some time to pondering the wisdom of them — you might find they just won’t work out the way you first envisioned.

The sign Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac wheel — ruled by Mars, there is always a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and eagerness at the ready. Our job is to use this Universal gift wisely and well.  Aries loves to speed ahead, often without thinking of all the consequences of their actions, but they are our motivators, and mentors when it comes to getting projects off the ground — they will keep us moving ahead with zeal. Remember, Aries and Mars have rulership over our troops, police forces, those high steel workers– all positions requiring courage, determination, and often some audacity of spirit. However, all of these professions have strict guidelines that help to make them safer, and helps to protect them in times when there is chaos, confusion, or uncertainty. When Aries and Mars are in control, we must be sure that some kind of “time-out” is in place for us, so that we do not overreact! Compare a raging brush fire with the gentle heat from your fireplace — we must learn to use the unbridled energy of Mars/Aries with care. It is there for us to use, but we must use it wisely.

Mercury is still in Retrograde mode until the 4th of April, so all of the usual cautions should remain in place. I have noticed that I am making many more silly errors than usual. From dropping utensils, to flying by the entrance to the place I was going, and having to retrace my steps… All in a Rx Mercury day!!!  Since the Sun will be in close aspect to Uranus until the end of the month, it will behoove us to tamp down our egos a bit, and take the time to truly listen to what someone else is saying. You will feel freer, and be more inclined to put your opinions out there. Just remember to do so in a friendly and non-confrontational manner, and all will be well. If you have been feeling frustrated in moving your projects or dreams forward, remember Rx Mercury is one of the best times to prepare your plans, and get your ducks in a row. Then when it moves forward once again — you will be ready to implement your plans with sureness.

Now is the time to be aware of your future goals, and how your plans fit into the big scheme of things.  Moving ahead during this time frame will require patience and a fundamental “knowing” when the time is right to move ahead. The Sun is in a negative aspect to Pluto for the next couple of weeks, so there will be roadblocks, and perhaps some obstruction from a higher-up.  Patience is the lesson here, as your ideas will be heard and implemented given time.  Allow yourself the same courtesy you would allow a co-worker or friend, and let your ideas seep into the consciousness of those around you, until they see the brilliance of your strategy.  You may be pleasantly surprised to hear that your plans have been scrutinized in the lofty towers of management, and the outcome was positive.

The Sun will also be opposite our learning Planet Saturn from April 7th until the 22nd — since Saturn is in the sign Libra, which rules the beauty in our lives, our marriages or partnerships, flowers, sense of touch and the throat and lower back — we should be aware during this period to take care of any issues in these areas as quickly as possible.   Be careful of any heavy lifting or any sign of a scratchy throat — also pay attention to your partner when they are trying to make a point. Don’t put aside those little truths that are niggling at your conscious — rather be aware of the aura surrounding you. Are you getting the silent treatment? Have you been ignoring that sharp pain in your lower back for more than a couple of days? Do you sense that everything is not well with your significant other? Pay attention! Improve your own life by honing in on what might be going awry.  A little time spent in acknowledging that not all is well, will go far in starting you on the path to correcting the situation.

The Aries New Moon this month will be perfect to energize your affirmations and wishes — you might want to think about places you could use more courage, action, and/or strength.  Since it is still during a Rx Mercury time span, you might want to revisit some of your older affirmations or dreams.  It is always a good time to review, and think about your most desired outcomes.  Perhaps you would like to have more imput in the office, or you might want to initiate a whole new schedule for yourself, whether business or personal. With Aries leading the charge, you might want to spruce up your exercise regime to include more outdoor activities — perhaps by joining a running group, or practicing Tai Chi in your driveway… it is, as always your choice that counts.

Since this months Aries New Moon crests at 9:37AM EST you can write down your wishes, dreams and affirmations all day long! Remember to add one hour for Daylight Savings Time.

Give yourself the benefit of believing in your own future — allow yourself the ability to move forward on your true pathway — all of Nature is awakening — growth is accelerated and bursting forth with new life! Be part of this burgeoning time, and take advantage of the Universe swelling with innovation, freshness, and creativity — Let your imagination soar to new heights, and reach for the stars — they are within your reach if you believe in your own power! Beautiful, bold and bountiful — this is the time to dare — to be brave — to succeed!


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