New Moon — April 21, 2012

As the blossoms of Spring flowers are exploding with color all around us, so too is the Galaxy regaling us with Solar flares of magnificent hue, beautiful evenings of starry wonder, and a feeling that we will be able to better understand our goals and pathways here on Earth.

This month’s New Moon is in the sign Taurus at 1 degree, so early (cusp) Taurian will be enjoying the blush of a new cycle — not that most Taurus folks like change, but this time the Planets are in harmony to help move them forward with hope and practicality.

The New Moon crests at 2:20 AM EST at 1 degree of Taurus, quickly moving toward a lovely trine (positive aspect) with Mars our mover and shaker! Kind of like a little extra push to get us to start the day with energy to spare. Venus is the ruler of Taurus, so all things beautiful are being brought forth; art, music, drama — marriage, decorating ourselves or our homes, and anything that will enhance our lives with more splendor and love.

There are some conflicting energies in the ether this month, Neptune in its own sign of Pisces is giving us some vague unease about what our future will hold. We need to take our time to really understand our own needs, and the needs of those we love and cherish. There must be a blending or merging of just what the best action is, that will give us all the most benefit. The lone-wolf mentality just won’t cut it this month — we must be aware that our actions will have an impact on others in our realm. Yes, we must follow our conscience, with the understanding that our pathway is intimately joined with those in our immediate family or circle of friends. A more homogeneous outlook will be essential in reaching our goals while enhancing those of others. There is also a practicality with our teaching Planet Saturn, still in the sign Libra — tweaking us to become more balanced and self-aware. We are being made more attentive to all of the factors that are within our ability to influence. I guess the “No Man is an Island” saying is apropos to this time period. If we don’t act in concert to enhance our own future — but to improve the future for all of mankind, we aren’t doing our job! All of our family, friends, acquaintances, are intimately connected, and Universally and spiritually bound together — we are mankind, we are Homo-Sapiens, we are the World. Nothing more and nothing less, than our best efforts to correct the ills of the World will do during these turbulent times. We all must step up to the plate and become our Brother’s Keeper. This doesn’t mean we ignore our own journey forward, just that we must consciously include the impact our decisions make on those in our circle. Weighing all of your options, and choosing those that will be long-term solutions is the only way to go right now.

Ouch, you’re saying — I don’t have or want that much power — nothing that I do will be of great import to anyone else! Well, you have to rethink that mentality. It’s kind of like dropping that pebble into a pond — the ripples ever-widening circle begins to impact all manner of items along the way. Everything is connected, everything is influenced by one action. Lets get real folks — you know how your decisions have affected others before — there is no other option than to conclude we are all linked, and we all must do our best to make every choice a good and righteous one for our own well-being, but also for the well-being of everyone.

OK — enough of the soapbox today — The Sun will join up with the good luck Planet Jupiter from May 4th to the 20th, we will all feel a need for some pampering, or little luxury to make us feel good. Especially those born between May 11 to the 20th will feel more inclined to seek out some special way of making themselves feel coddled. Most Taurus folks have a sensual side that isn’t always obvious. They love good food, exquisite objects, and all things that titillate the senses. So indulge in your favorite pastime; gardening, cooking, traveling, spa treatment, or just relaxing with a good book. The industrious Taurus deserves to take a break once in a while — let it be during this period.

Now let us hone in on the ways we can influence our lives by writing down our affirmations, desires, and wishes, in a forthright and clear manner! Since the New moon is in the sign Taurus, we can focus on all things of beauty, comfort and indulgence — but also finances (did you get your tax return in on time?), rethink your budget for the coming year, real estate, (you can move forward with selling or buying a home, or income property). Or, knowing the Taurus inclination to being stubborn or determined — you might want to try some exercises to become more compromising, or at least open to others opinions in a hospitable manner. Also include any wishes for a luxury item or vacation you have longed for in the past. Need a new look to go with a new job — now is the time to refresh your wardrobe, and perhaps even your hairstyle and makeup. This can be the time to move forward with a clean slate, and begin to write your own future. Since the New moon arrives at 2:20 AM EST, (remember to add 1 hour for DST), you can write out your affirmations all day and night on Saturday.

Use this time to enjoy and explore all of the bounty that Nature is bestowing upon us. Indulge your senses with the aromas of the fresh Spring air, the warmth of the strengthening Sun, and the promise that soon the lazy days of Summer will be with us. Let your imagination allow you to see the beauty and majesty of all of Nature– this is such a splendid World, soar to the greatest heights that your mind can envision. Be there in body, soul, and spirit — renew yourself with the help of the Galaxy’s Spring cleaning — shiny, bright and beguiling can be your new facade! Smile, the stars are enhancing all that is beautiful…


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