New Moon — May 20, 2012

The New Moon in Gemini on the 20th at zero degrees will begin a 6 month period in which we can use the energies of the Universe to enhance our forward moving  journey to exactly where we should be in this lifetime. Gemini is ruled by the quixotic Planet Mercury and therefore, we can look forward to our communications, education, and all literary proceedings to be brought to the forefront. Also, this time period will highlight business dealings, and any influence that advertising or news items might have on our decisions. Under Gemini’s rulership are our appendages (hands, arms) our lungs and our nervous system. Gemini has energy to spare in both mental and physical vigor. Especially for those cuspal Gemini and Sagittarius folks this Solar Eclipse event will enhance your abilities for the next 6 months. However we all can use this time period to solidify our plans and see things more clearly through the auspices of the ever bright and alert Gemini New Moon.

I look forward to the Gemini New moon every year because it brings an endearing and childlike energy to all of us. We can look at the world through new eyes and senses that are being stimulated both in our imagination and in the reality of everyday life. Gemini being an air sign is very much into using the abilities of the mind in a fast and heightened manner, however, because of its ability to think quickly and delights in out thinking all others, there is sometimes too much going on in too fast a fashion to really grasp all the details of a current situation. Still — we are all enhanced by the multifaceted qualities of our Gemini placement. Look to your own chart to see where the sign Gemini lives — and you will find your humor, joy in living, sense of wonder and awe, and all things that delight you. This is where we play, can act silly, see the absurdity of much of life’s quirkiness, and where our imagination can take us to the heights of innovation.

I’d say this is a pretty important area to explore — just for a moment tune into your Gemini house and find out where you can play, dance, sing and just let go of your everyday issues. Breathe in the soul of your childhood innocence — and renew your spirit — do it now, while the Universe is in harmony with all that is wonderful.

Now to the brass tacks of practicality — not a Gemini strong point — but necessary nonetheless… This month we see Saturn the planet of all seriousness helping to lend a practical hand by being in good aspect to the transiting Planets in Gemini during a good part of next month — at the end of May, we might have some irrational confusion over issues where we have to make long-term decisions — try not to overthink what is going on and rather count to ten, and use a practical approach to the issues surrounding your decisions in a practical and clear-headed manner. After the 29th there should be some clarity that will help you find the answer you are searching for in a way that you will “feel” is right for you. Use your intuition and don’t go with any action that doesn’t feel right in your gut! You know what is right for you — and you can influence the future plans you make by being aware of all the facts, and by tuning in to the little signs that are being picked up by your natural radar. Meditate, listen to your inner voice, and trust that you will choose the best path that will enhance your potential.

The Planet Neptune will begin its Retrograde rotation on the 4th of June — so we must be aware that our thinking could become muddled — still we can intuit what our needs are and can move in the right direction. Relationships will be confusing and might be a source of conflict if both parties aren’t honest with each other — on the other hand, we might just meet up with a person who it seems we have known for a long time — and who has a Karmic connection that is positive and helpful. This could be a platonic and/or affectionate relationship that should last for some time to come. Enjoy the ability to connect with another person who has nothing but your best interests at heart — and take advantage of their knowledge and expertise, which they will happily share with you.

Now to our usual consideration of writing out our affirmations, dreams, desires, and wishes for this month’s New Moon — the Gemini Moon brings forth such subjects as communicating with those we love, using the intelligence of your mind to connect with others in a way that they will easily understand, enhancing your educational goals for a brighter future, being able to fully connect with what others are trying to impart to you for your own well-being, listen with your heart and spirit.

The New moon crests at 6:48PM EST (add one hour for DST) on Sunday the 20th — therefore the nighttime hours of the 20th and the early morning hours of the 21st are the most advantageous for you to write out your affirmations — dig deep into your soul for your true desires and wishes — look at them with a sense of destiny. Life shouldn’t be all serious work and grueling labor — tap into the joy, curiosity and bubbling elation of childhood memories. What made you happiest, as a child, a teenager, a young adult? Tap into the psyche of those past times to find the true character of your deepest loves and ecstasy. You can find your bliss — you should be capable of reaching the maximum potential of your existence here on the Planet Earth — use all of your instincts, soul-knowledge, and heartfelt desires to advance to your ultimate goals. This is the opportunity to reach out to touch the face of your own future with all of the beauty inherent inside and outside of your world. Don’t lose this moment in time to actualize your dreams — be strong in your efforts, and believe in yourself — put your agenda into the ether with fortitude, fierceness, and hold fast to that which is most important to you… you will be amazed at the results you can engender — may happiness and joy follow all of you throughout this lifetime — and may you all enjoy the blessings of peace.


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