Full Moon early Monday!!!!

Just a heads up to let you know the Full Moon is on Monday, June 4th, early in the AM — so all of this weekend, and especially Sunday evening will be affected… this is a partial eclipse, therefore a bit more powerful than the “normal” Full Moon. It is a Sagittarius and Gemini opposition at about mid-point in the sign. Being a mutable Full Moon really revs up the energy with Fire and Air involved — and the onus is that there will be a lot of too fast reactions, or speaking without really thinking beforehand. So — as usual be aware of your surroundings, of the temperament of those around you, and use your intuition to let you know if there is negative energy swirling about you — Do not ignore your gut feelings. Drive defensively, and keep your cool if things get a bit out of control. Also, if near the ocean — there will be higher tides than usual — so be prepared.

All will be well, with a little foresight and awareness! It could be a fun weekend with lots of laughs and frivolity… so enjoy — have a happy time, and make sure all is well. Go for the gusto! or maybe the ribs, hot dogs, and burgers!!!


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