Jupiter in Gemini

Here is some welcome news for all of our beloved Gemini folks — the good luck Planet Jupiter will enter the sign of Gemini on June 11th, and will remain in this sign for the following year! Now, we all know that good things come with our Jolly Sagittarian Planet Jupiter — and sometimes, too much of a good thing. But most of all, Jupiter in our sign brings optimism, good health, a feeling of hope, and many opportunities that will further our journey here on Earth. Of course, this will relate to Gemini’s especially, however, we all have the sign Gemini in our charts somewhere — and it is well to know where in our charts it lives. Here will be our chance of finding a positive and upbeat area, that will blossom with possibilities throughout this next year. Hence, the necessity to know how your personal chart is set up!

There are lots of internet sites that will give you the information about your birth date, and you can find your ascendant — and as we all know (don’t we) that the Zodiac signs will follow in order after that sign. The best way to let you know how this bountiful Planet will impact your life is to let you know what Jupiter will stimulate in your Gemini house. Jupiter has rulership over the legal system, i.e., judges and lawyers, also those in banking, doctors, men (and women) of the cloth, our educators, sports idols, and alas — our politicians! (Maybe this is where the excesses of Jupiter come in big time!) Jupiter is also important physically, in ownership over our blood, liver, thighs and hips — and it also has much to do with our sense of smell! A veritable cache of various and sundry areas to keep an eye on this coming year. You might begin to see more royal purples, indigos, and reds in fashion, and lets all try to bring more beauty and fun into our little corner of the world. This is the time to make your move, go forward with future plans, and let your imagination help you realize the bounty that is available to you in this world of wonder in which we live.


The first house is our personal outlook on life, and our dreams and hopes reside here — so brush off those old plans you had, and rework your ideas into a new updated form, and begin to push forward with whatever tweaks your fancy. The only caveat here is that while Jupiter brings bounty — it can also bring weight! So monitor your diet and make sure to dine royally, but with deliberation. You have your choice of where you want to go this year, choose wisely, and you will be in the winner’s circle at the end of this positive passage. Also remember to pack your sense of humor — Jupiter in Gemini can make us laugh — at ourselves, as well as with others. Enjoy this will-o-the-wisp passage, and allow yourself to feel the freedom of just being you!


In the second house, we have our earned monies, and that garnered from others. Also, here are our beloved possessions and keepsakes — so what will Jupiter bring? If you have been running low with finances, this could be the year of a windfall (not the lottery perhaps), but you could land a new job, find you are the beneficiary of a tidy sum, or garner a new possession for your already ample collection. Also, you may just find that things are slowly improving in the financial area for you. The only onus here — is not to depend too heavily on any speculation, and don’t go overboard on amassing too much in the way of personal belongings (How many shoes or handbags do we really need)? Stay within your means and you will find at the end of this Geminian Jupiter year, you’ve had fun, found new ways to earn money, and made several good choices for your future.


The third house covers our neighborhood, our close relatives, especially siblings, short journeys, communications with those we love, and is Gemini’s natural home in the Zodiac lineup. It will behoove us to take special note of what is going on with our dearest kin, be sure to include them in any family times, and be solicitous of our elders. Also make plans to visit those who are not living as close by as you would wish. All intellectual undertakings will be stimulated here. You might want to take a course to enhance your computer skills, join a book club, or volunteer at your local library! You will find you are busier than ever, but be aware of any injuries to hands, arms and legs — make sure you are always on steady ground. By the end of this bubbly year, your outlook will be sunnier, you will have bonded more closely with your family, and become more erudite and fascinating!


Here lie our foundations, home and family, so there could be lots going on during this transit.  You might be looking for larger quarters in which to live, or you might decide to expand your current abode.  All within Jupiter’s boundaries of unrestrained largesse. Or — since this house is opposite the 10th house of work and social standings, you may have the opportunity to work from home, or start a business out of your home.  Also, you may have folks leaving your home or moving back into it — there could be a lot of coming and going during this time span, keep your funny bone working so all this chaos will be more amusing than onerous.  Perhaps you just want to get back to basics — the things that meant most to you as a child. Just be sure whatever plans you make are not just “Pie in the Sky” dreams.  Lay strong foundations for your plans, and be sure you can carry them out — emotionally and financially.


This is the house of speculation, gambling, children, and romance… a sprightly house that Jupiter can have fun with.  But don’t expect that lottery windfall — possible — but not probable!  If, however you are considering adding to your family — now might be a good time to give it a go! But be prepared — remember Jupiter is noted for escalating the job — consider multiples! In the romance department — we could meet the love of our life — or perhaps just a loving tie that will be with us for a short, sweet time. And the possibility exists that we might just join a club that brings us new friends and a lifelong interest.  Try not to be too temperamental during this transit — things might get a bit out of control. Of course, Jupiter isn’t into doing things on a small-scale — so be aware of letting your feisty spirit get the best of you, put your energy into something awesome and meaningful, and have fun.


Our sixth house is the house of health, service to others, small pets, and also can influence contracts and literacy.  Since this natural Virgo house will be influenced by Jupiter this year, one should be sure to keep up with your regular medical visits.  Especially if the nervous system, or lungs are involved.  Although Jupiter here will tend to give an aura of protection, it still will be your duty to be aware of any feelings of ill-health. We would also include the health of those in our household, and those of our beloved pets.  An older pet may be at risk — particularly in the extreme hot or cold weather…but for the most part — Jupiter will bring opportunities to be of service, and will give you a sense of how much you are really needed and wanted. Make sure to keep some time apart for yourself to renew your spirit and body Be sure to incllude “me” moments in each and every day –and be sure to laugh.  After this transit, you may find you want to go in an entirely new career direction. Be prepared to be amazing!


The seventh house has rulership over our partnerships, both business and personal. A very important area, especially if new business opportunities appear, or you are contemplating an upcoming wedding.  Jupiter in Gemini will bring a frisson of excitement and a bubbly enthusiasm into your realm.  It’s always exciting to begin new enterprises, be aware of the economic aura, and plan well, and be sure those with whom you will be partnering with are honest and above-board in all respects.  On the marriage or engagement front — there will be lots of exciting plans, and they may become overwhelming… take the time to sit back and decide what it is you both want to do.  Each of you should write down a list in order of importance and then compare! You might be surprised how compatible you are, or how different your goals. Either way it becomes a base to begin a conversation, and to begin to iron out any disparities. Remember variety is the spice of life!  Embrace those opposite, but complimentary traits, and combine them into an original unit.  There is beauty, love and fun in diversity!


Oh dear — the eight house of regeneration, other people’s money and death (probably taxes, too), what can possibly happen here? Well, the good news is that you might come into a tidy sum from an inheritance or long-forgotten savings plan.  You could also find yourself finding a new meaning to your life by becoming more aware of the shortness of our time here on Earth. Jupiter is usually bountiful and generous, and just because he will be living here for a year doesn’t make his nature change. So — learn to garner the benefits of Jupiter — open a savings or retirement account — and be sure it is one that will give you the most benefits. Also, remember to “pay” yourself first! When you get that paycheck make sure a sum goes into a savings plan rather than just your debit or credit card.  Once in a safe place, you will find you can live without that extra $50 or $100 — and it will be there when there is a need.  You also might decide to try to enhance your ESP during this reign. There is so much more to this world than we are aware of through just our six senses. Let your natural abilities to perceive the aura of what surrounds you become enhanced, to become attuned to every whisper in the wind. This is the time to be aware of more than is available to the eye. Set your goals for more fun, more laughter, and more pleasure.


This is Jupiter’s natural home to rule, however in the sign opposite its natural sign — there will be quirky differences in what will be happening.  since this house rules education, religion, long journeys, traveling with the mind, and a childlike optimism about the future, Jupiter here will surely have some fun! However, there may be some serious changes going on also — for instance, if you are thinking of altering your career because of desire or economics, there will be  challenges.  Jupiter will try to be of help — just don’t bite off more than you can chew! You might have to make a long-term plan to get the right training, or you might have to relocate to get the opportunities you truly want.  Only you can decide if the outcome will be worth the effort. Also, this might be the year for that long-awaited trip you always wanted to take — be open to any new and outrageous happenings as a learning experience and go with the flow.  And — be sure to seek out the truth in any new spiritual journey you may be about to embark upon. Use your natural instincts to keep you on the right path, and all will be well, and perhaps simply magical.


Herein lies our social standing and our income-producing career.  Jupiter will be sure to bring new experiences into these realms in an unusual manner. Perhaps we find ourselves in line for a big promotion — but there are issues we are not comfortable with — there might be too much being offered, without substance. Only you can seek the bottom line and find the truth. Be aware of any subterfuge going on beneath the surface — and dredge up all of the facts. Check out the numbers, and make sure that they are accurate and make sense. Don’t blindly take everything at face value — once you are sure you know all the facts, then make your move with confidence. You also may be in line for some notoriety in the public realm — perhaps a community accolade, or some local issue you have been involved with that makes the papers! Your star is on the rise and you can take advantage of this year by being open to the new, accepting praise with modesty, and not taking yourself too seriously.


Hopes and wishes reside here, along with our friends and acquaintances — a pretty important area for Jupiter to enlighten. In the sign Gemini, there should be ample opportunities for you to meet and greet newcomers into your realm, have good times with your oldest and dearest friends, and push forward any dreams that have been on hold. I’d say that you should let the good times roll — and allow yourself to be entertained and treated to lavish parties and galas. Don’t say no to any invitation, and bring along your sense of humor — relax and bask in the love and kindness of your nearest and dearest. Also, be attuned to any new and unique offerings that come your way — something you never thought possible could be on your doorstep in the near future. Enjoy the bounty of the friends you have made and those you have yet to meet. Smile and keep up a genial front to all who cross your path — there might even be a special someone who will change your life forever.


Ah, the house of self-undoing, false friends, and secret enemies, prisons and hospitals. What will Jupiter bring here?  Well, surprise — Jupiter will bring protection and warmth to areas where there was nothing but cold. It will open new pathways into your own psyche, and into those of people who are seemingly against you. You will appear in a new light to them and their opinion of you will change for the better. Also, with typical Gemini flair and Elan — there will be more opportunities for laughter and merriment. Doesn’t sound like 12th house on-goings — well — it’s a new season, and you will be able to find advantages here and opt to clean out any detritus that has been dogging you for years. Open up to the reality around you and be prepared to let those people and situations go that are holding you back. It’s time to put an end to any restrictions that have been in place — now is that special moment in time to move forward with confidence. You can become the person you want to be, not the image someone else has of you. When Jupiter is ready to move on — you will realize that you are now a more complete and decisive individual, with your own agenda. Be brave, be strong, and you will prevail.

If you have a planet in the house where the sign Gemini resides, there will be more intensity when Jupiter gets to that planet’s degree! For instance, if it is Mars that will be conjunct Jupiter — the intensity is revved up ten fold. And you might have to hold onto your hat! If on the other hand it is Venus that will meet with Jupiter, you are assured good feelings from friends and lovers — and you could find yourself with more suitors than you want! It all depends on the planets involved and the oppositions to those planets… Generally — Jupiter brings good things, more (whatever) than you need, and has a protective ability to insure your safe being.

So to recap — Jupiter in Gemini will bring more openness, more quirky opportunities, more laughter and fun, but most of all this aspect will allow us to see things in a new light, and will stimulate our imaginations with wildly different ideas. Be open and curious about all that is swirling around you — let your psyche awaken to new feelings and sensations.  At the end of this Jupiter in Gemini year we should all look back and say with delight — “What a ride it’s been”!



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