New Moon — June 19, 2012 — Summer Solstice — June 20, 2012

This month’s New Moon is in the late degrees of Gemini on the 19th at 10:02 AM EST. Riding along with the Sun and the Moon are Jupiter and Venus in the early degrees of the sign — so there is a lot of activity where your Natal Gemini house is located. The sign Gemini is ruled by the quixotic Mercury, and has a flirty, childlike outlook on life. Usually upbeat, playful, and possibly a bit scatty at times! Without the sign Gemini, we’d have lots less laughter and mischievous ongoings. A delight to know, and an ever-ready friend who will take joy in going off with you in a moment’s notice, to any adventure you can contemplate. And — they will always be okay with any of your quirky habits. Fun-loving, bright, curious, and cheerful — those are our Geminian folks — seldom judgemental or biased. They love humanity, and want to share every moment of life to the fullest with all of their family, friends, and acquaintances.

Gemini’s ruling Planet Mercury reigns over much of our new technology, any messages no matter how they are sent (perhaps a note of caution) — because it is so easy to click a key and send your message via email or texting in a nanosecond — be sure you send only what you mean, and not carry on with vituperative or offensive words, that you might wish you had never written, never mind sent! Also under Mercury’s realm are writers, editors, and contracts. Physically, Mercury rules our solar plexus, nervous system, the ankles, arms and hands. A veritable warehouse of interesting, exotic, and everyday manifestations.

There are two Planets that have been in Retrograde motion for some time, and will be going direct later this month — Saturn in Libra on the 25th, and Venus in Gemini on the 27th — this will bring about more positive energy from these two bodies, and we should find that our Summer plans move ahead more easily now. Also, you might find that a stalled romance is steaming up and moving forward.

With all of this Gemini energy swirling about in the ether, you might find yourself spinning your wheels, and unable to make a decision. When the Sun enters Cancer on the 20th, there will be more emotions and sensitivity along for the ride. And into the mix, comes along our friendly foe — Retrograde Mercury on July 14th, in the sign Leo! We might be tempted to spend unwisely, to impress or garner accolades from some special person, but take care — this is not the time to be audacious in spending your hard-earned cash — rather, take a moment to decide what it is you wish to accomplish and remember that quality can rule over quantity. Uranus in Aries will be trining Mercury in Leo — can we say lavish, over the top ideas, and a bigger is better mentality? Well — this is just what you might be experiencing, so take a step back, and think about what you truly want to accomplish. Will your plans get you to the goal you actually desire? Our minds might just be in overload for a while, enjoy the miasma of the moment, but wait a bit before committing to a definite plan until you have more input. Allow you ESP, instincts or any other form of enlightenment help you through the murkiness of the moment. There is a silver lining just out of sight.

Right after the New Moon on the 19th, we will experience the Summer Solstice as the Sun moves into the sign Cancer — can you hear the vibrant carillon of our short sweet summer moving in to bring us the warmth and excitement of a new season? Listen closely — there is music and magic in the air, and it will bring us joy, hope and lightheartedness. We hardy New Englanders look forward to this short special time, when we can move about with ease and enjoy the outdoors with abandon.

Since this New Moon is in the sign Gemini, we might want to write down an affirmation to keep us on an even keel, reduce the anxiety in our lives, restore a relationship with an old friend or family member, learn something new about your computer, Iphone or tablet. The New Moon crests at 10:02 AM on the 19th EST (add one hour for DST) — and write out your affirmations, dreams, hopes and wishes, during the daylight and evening hours, so that your words will enter the ether with power and authority, or more bang for your buck!

With the combination of the New Moon (19th) and the Summer Solstice on the 20th, there will be additional energy spewing forth creating a veritable whirlwind of joie de vivre! Partake of this moment, and truly think about what it is you want to materialize — you have the power to move mountains, if only you will believe!  Life is full of periods of transition and change, and it is those among us who can adapt and become acclimatized to the churning eddies who will begin to distinguish wherein their path lies. Awareness, observation, and instinct will always lead you in the right direction. If you are experiencing any doubts, questioning any facts, or just have a gut feeling that “this is not right” — listen!

With hope comes opportunity, with love comes acceptance, with change comes possibilities — have hope, let love in, and welcome change, these are the pathways to your true future.  Be fearless in your journey — and you will be rewarded ten-fold!  Happy Summer Solstice!


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