New Moon Reminder– June 19, 2012 — Summer Solstice

Just want to remind all of you folks that today is the day to write out your affirmations under the auspices of the New Moon in Gemini. Any wishes, dreams or ideas you wish to put into the ether will be more likely to have an impact with the energies created by the combination of this New Moon and the Summer Solstice working together.

Astrology shows us that the Universe is a place of cycles, and if we learn to use these cycles in harmony with the Universal flow — our lives are kept on a more even and steady level. Less anxiety, less stress, and more time to take a moment to smell the roses.

This Summer Solstice, on June 20th,  opens up a new cycle and a new season — the energies that envelope us now are constructive, and will help to move us forward with positive and happy strides. Allow yourself this moment in time to truly see clearly where you belong, and where on your pathway through this lifetime you actually are now. Each of us has our own Karma and past histories that have brought us to this moment. Embrace the uniqueness of who you are in the Galaxy.

Learn to move within the cycles of the Planets, and listen to the songs of the Universal harmonics, and your pathway will be made clearer.

Saturn has its 30 year cycle, we are changed after experiencing this Planet’s trip around the Zodiac — and the Uranian opposition to its original placement in your Natal Chart at age 42, brings about a subtle reshaping of our foundations. Envelop yourself with the idea that change can be beneficial, if it is moving us forward to reach our destiny.

Enjoy the wonderful synchronization of the Universal flow — breathe in the beauty of each and every moment you are here upon this world of wonder. Be amazed, and be inspired to be your best self in all that you do. Celestial blessings to all.


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