Busy Week Ahead — June 24th to 30th

The Titans are clashing — with Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn — there will be challenges in deciding who will have the power in relationships, both personally and worldwide. Cooler heads should try to prevail during this stressful time. Uranus can bring sudden and explosive actions and responses, and in negative aspect to our tiny bombshell Pluto there will be ramifications if things are not thought out properly. Take the time to pick your battles, and have all of your facts at hand to prove your case. Rhetoric will not work — and the truth will out.

Another caveat, will be the negative aspect between Jupiter and Neptune — actions may be blown out of proportion, and there may be a hidden agenda to any ongoings, personal or national. This is a good time however, to start to use your instincts and ESP to give yourself an edge in your dealings. Listen to that inner voice that will let you know if you are perceiving the situation clearly. With Neptune in its ruling sign Pisces for several years to come, we are all being given the opportunity to improve our intuition. None of us living today was around 150 years ago, the last time Neptune was in Pisces — so with the changing Planetary movements we are all learning just what magic this will bring into our lives. The caveat here is that we must try to be practical and truly see any situation as it is, not as we wish it to be.

The Planet Mercury will be entering the sign Leo on the 25th, where next month it will begin its Retrograde motion on the 13th. Now is the time to use the bounty of a generous and outgoing Mercury to set up those plans we have for the next few weeks to be sure they will run smoothly, and be on the right track. On the 27th Venus our Planet of love, those we care for, and all things beautiful will resume its forward motion, allowing us to use the positive attributes of this charmer completely. Enjoy the aura of loving kindnesses that are bestowed upon you from friend and foe alike. And it might be time for a makeover both for yourself and for your home!

On the 29th the Sun will oppose both Pluto and Uranus — so don’t tilt at windmills, choose your battles wisely and try to keep a cool head at all times. There is a bit of Jupiterian protection with a positive aspect from Mercury — all benevolence you give out will be returned to you in a loving manner. If in areas that you are unfamiliar with, keep an eye on unusual traffic patterns and anything that appears out of control. Steer clear of hostility, and be the peacekeeper for any minor clashes that might pop up.

Tempers may flair, but it will be your response that will either escalate the action or deflate the intensity. Don’t hide your head in the sand, when you feel there is something underhanded going on — seek the truth and all will work out for the best.

The first week in July looks to be a calmer and more fun-filled time, especially on the 4th — with many good aspects and family fun in the offing. Be the most optimistic self you can be, look to what is beneficial in your life and keep your eye on your ultimate goals. May the force of our Founding Fathers and Independence Day be with you!


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