New Moon — July 18, 2012

Our July New Moon crests on the 18th at 11:25 PM EST in the sign Cancer at 26 degrees. Late born Cancerians will be entering a renewed cycle that can help them move forward with their plans and any agenda they might be working on. However, the presence of Retrograde Mercury in the mix will insist that plans be made accurately, and all contracts or schedules be precise in their execution. Just be sure you know exactly what it is you are going for and plan, plan, plan ahead! There has been some confusing energy in the ether, with Neptune occasionally making our minds a bit fuzzy, and the combo of Mars and Saturn in the sign Libra, keeping us a bit off-balance.

Still, the energy level of a New Moon brings the opportunity to move ahead and make things happen. In the sign Cancer, the Moon is in its natural habitat — and gives forth the most positive of vibes that can enhance family fun, and help to renew or improve family connections. At this time of year there are probably many family parties, cook-outs, and reunions in the works, and you can use this warm punch of power to enhance your bonding with your nearest and dearest.

There is also a beautiful combination of Uranus in Aries and Mercury in Leo that can magically bring those who were estranged together in a loving and caring manner. Also this aspect might be able to help you bring new and unique thoughts that will inspire, and move you in the direction that is the most beneficial for your journey here.

This time period is enhanced with an inner knowing, intuition, and having faith that where you are, is where you are supposed to be. Be aware of opportunities, and those folks who are willing to help you move ahead — make sure your smile reaches your eyes — therein lies the spark that others will pick up, and feel motivated to lend you a hand up the ladder of success. Don’t forget your foundations in your pathway forward, it is the basis of who you are and what you truly believe. Look to your chart to see where the sign Cancer lives, and see what area is being stimulated by this New Moon. Knowing just a few things about the particular house will give you advanced knowledge to help plan what will come next. Life is about cycles and trends — if you are bucking the fluidity of the Universal flow, you will be awash in an eddy of redoing things over and over, without any forward motion. Break free of the comfortable rut you are enmeshed within, and start to form a positive and optimistic scenario that you want to follow. Breathe in the fresh air of a new start, and go forth with renewed vigor and purpose.

With Mercury in Retrograde motion, our logic may not be all we want, so remember — it’s not the destination that is of utmost importance, but to enjoy what is along the pathway in getting there.

Uranus has also gone into retrograde motion, and this period will last until the 13th of December. This aspect may help to clear up some details of the past few months that seemed to come out of left-field. You will experience more transparency, and be able to better understand the impact of your decisions as they relate to your future goals.

Since this New Moon is in the sign Cancer — some of your affirmations, dreams or wishes, might be about enhancing your relationships with family members, you might also want to be more forceful in standing up for yourself when challenged, another area of interest might be in looking at real-estate with the idea of purchasing a new home, or remodeling your current abode. Since the Moon rules such things as short journeys, you might want to plan a weekend escape, especially if it is near the water. And since the Moon reigns over feminine health issues, it might be time to have that annual physical, or mammogram! Emotions can also be found under Cancer’s auspices — so if you feel more melancholy, moody or introspective — look to the area around your Cancer house — is there a Planet there that is being stimulated by the energies of this New Moon– get to know your own profile, and use that knowledge to enhance your life for the better.

Since this New Moon crests at 11:25 PM on the 18th, the best time to put your affirmations into the ether will be all day on the 19th. Remember to add one hour for DST.

Every month we get the opportunity to avail ourselves of a burst of Universal energy that can bring a punch of positive power into our life — learn to use these unique moments to increase your reputation and to restore your confidence in who you are and what you are about. You are your own Guiding Star — you are your own Master of the Universe — you are your best bet for becoming the most compleat and perfect YOU there could ever be! Don’t waste another moment — go for the gold ring on the carousel of life — there are circles within circles — and we can work with the cycles without spinning out of control. Let the harmony and magic of the Universe work for you — be extraordinary — you have it in you!


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