End of Month Musings

Just a few ideas about the end of July and the early days of August — there are a lot of mixed signals being sent — with Mercury still in Retrograde mode we aren’t getting a clear picture of what is going on in the ether. Still there are some nice aspects we can look to for enjoying our weekend — with the moon in jolly Sagittarius on Saturday, we will want to have some fun in the outdoors. Sagittarians love to commune with nature, any sporting event, and short trips to anywhere — as long as there will be fun to be had at the final destination! Also Mercury is riding with the Sun to enliven our conversation and repartee, that will bring laughter and amusement for whoever is in the vicinity. The moon doesn’t go void of course until later on Sunday  afternoon — so enjoy the casual entertainment that you find available.

Monday when the Moon enters Capricorn, we are ready to get back into our work mode, still we must remember our friendly foe Mercury might have a few more hassles for us in the transportation or computer areas to overcome. We end the month with two nice aspects, the Sun trining Uranus in fiery Leo/Aries respectively, making us want to be free — and Venus trining Saturn in Gemini/Libra — keeping relationships on a steady keel. Take advantage of the positive aspects as we turn the corner into our first August Full Moon on the 1st,  in the sign Aquarius opposite the Sun in Leo!

Since Leo rules business, social standing and authority figures — and since Mercury is still in Rx motion, we should be aware that your actions will be noticed — so keep everything above-board, and all will be well. Also be careful in traffic, there will be delays and erratic drivers — drive defensively, and you will get to where you’re going safely. Mercury goes into Direct motion in the early hours of August 8th — it will take a few days for the positive vibes to re-enter the ether. So be of good cheer, the topsy-turvy actions, emotions, and unpredictable happenings of the past few weeks will slowly dissipate and you will be able to get your life back on an even pace once again.

Being tuned in to the ongoings of the Universe will bring about a sense of control, peace and balance — go with the flow, and you will be in the driver’s seat of your own life. Take charge now and see how far you can go! Enjoy the journey!


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