New Moon — August 17, 2012

Our New Moon this month is in the sign Leo at 25 degrees — so later born Leos will be receiving a burst of energy that can help them in their personal quests for the next few months. The sign Leo is in the realm of the Sun, and rules the upper back, the heart, social standing, authority figures, children, promotion and growth. The New Moon crests on the 17th, at 10:54AM riding close to a lively sextile with Saturn in Libra. This air/fire combo will bring more intensity to the energy emitted during this aspect. In point of fact Mars, will be conjunct Saturn on the 15th to add to the fray! So there is extra support, and more stability during this time frame, along with more of a rollicking bubble of energy than we see in most New Moons.

Some of us might still be shaking off the effects of Retrograde Mercury which went Direct on the 8th, but seems to have engendered enough snafu’s that those slip-ups are still being attended too, be assured all of these annoyances will be corrected within the boundaries of this month!

We must keep in mind that Neptune is still in its own sign Pisces, and many may be having little insights from unknown origins, vivid dream states, and a new ability to intuit or sense thing–  we must remember to allow these insights into our psyches, and learn to trust our instincts. This unique time span should be preparing us to become more evolved, and begin to be in harmony with a new and higher spirit, that the Galaxy is preparing. Opportunities are abounding within the harmonics of the planetary and star cycles — and by raising our consciousness we will be prepared for the innovation that will be our brilliant future!

Here are a few days to take note and perhaps prepare to observe how your day progresses with the aspects that are ongoing — there is a lovely trine of Mercury with Uranus in the fire signs on the 18th — no hasty moves but rather use the intellectual stimulation to present new ideas, or get yourself on the path to a new experience! Try something out of your comfort zone — it’s a quickly passing flame that will fizzle in a few short days — so enjoy this spurt of energy. On the 21st, Venus in Cancer semi-sextiles Jupiter in Gemini — can we say loving kindnesses abound with family and friends… use this time to connect with those loved ones near or far! And on the 23rd Mars will trine Neptune — a potent Scorpio/Pisces combination that will stir emotions, and bring us a bounce in our creativity and Elan! These are brief moments during the month that will keep us from getting too stodgy and boring — use these aspects and all of the New Moon energy to meet or exceed your goals! The only bone of contention, is that the Sun in Virgo will be opposite Neptune in Pisces toward the end of the month, you may experience a little fuzzy thinking — so be sure of your agenda and immerse yourself into the swirling eddies of the Universal forces that are ever ready to stimulate and encourage.

As the month of September begins we might be having a strong feeling of angst as two of our big powerhouse planets square off against each other. Uranus and Pluto will be in a square aspect, in the Cardinal signs of Aries and Capricorn. This aspect will bring energy within the material plane, and we will feel like making abrupt changes — but take the time to really study your plan, and remove the need to move quickly with a more steady and thoughtful pace. There also may be physical happenings here on the physical, earthly plane that will shake up the status quo. Be conscious of the ebb and flow of feelings, and the intensity of emotion that surrounds you. Keep your head above the fray and you will move through this temporary spell with ease.

Now to our usual efforts to put forth our dreams, affirmations and ideas into the Universal ether– Since this New Moon is in the sign Leo, you might want to pursue a heart healthy diet that will lower your cholesterol, or help you lose that extra pound or two. Also within Leo’s realm is having fun with children, having confidence in your pursuit of romance, perhaps planning a late Summer holiday for just the two of you! Whatever is in your wish list, write your affirmations in a precise and clear manner, the more detail the better — Use this time to enliven your life, expand your interests, and improve your attitude. The best time for you to get your wishes into the ether is on the 17th — when the New Moon crests at 10:54AM EST (add one hour for DST) — and throughout the rest of the day and evening.

Use these precious moments to ensure that your dreams and wishes are impelled into the Universal flow.

You can enhance your spirit, enrobe your psyche with new instincts, and emerge into a new and wiser human being with the knowledge that the power is within. We are all evolving — let us be those who are going to bring the greatest good into this World — let us be the shining flame of hope to all we meet. Love, healing, inner-knowing are all within your grasp — be the best You, be the most perfect You, become the highest, and purest You!


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