Blue Moon/Full Moon – August 31, 2012

Tomorrow we will experience the second Full Moon of August 2012, usually called a Blue Moon. It will crest at 8:59 AM EST, in the sign Pisces, at 8 degrees. We will not have another Blue Moon until June 31, 2015!

In mundane terms, a Blue Moon is the second Full Moon in the same month, or an older version is that it is the third Full Moon of four in a single Season. There are years when there will be two Blue Moons (usually February won’t have one) — the last time that happened was 1999, and it will happen again in 2018.

There is a lot of folklore about these happenings, but all in all, it is only a Full Moon, some might attribute the fact that there will be 13 Full Moons this year and that has to mean it is somewhat unlucky.  Just tales passed on to those who are prone to look for omens and portents of things to come. As with any Full Moon, there probably will be excesses in feelings, needs, and desires.

With this Moon in the sign Pisces opposite the Virgo Sun, we might be having more lucid dream states — a boost in our natural intuition, and a general feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop. All within the Full Moon’s usual parameters. Emotions are hyped up, our energy level is enhanced, and we are impatient to get to our tasks, goals, or just generally uneasy that things aren’t moving fast enough for us at this time. The most intense energies are in place just before the Full Moon crests. Once the Moon has passed its total opposition, the energy begins to wane — and what was so extreme a few minutes before, becomes lessened.

As I always try to convey, keep a cool head — try to see any situation in a calm manner, and allow yourself to step back from any controversy for a few minutes to really assess what is truly going on.

These are challenging times, and any force that influences our day-to-day lives becomes larger than life — yet we must remember to take the time to ground ourselves in common sense, and observe any situation as it is — not as we wish it to be. Allow yourself to move in a steady and practical upward motion, with proper planning — and allow for those occasional disconcerting contingencies that will appear.

There will be an excess of Universal forces in play prior to this weekend — prepare to sail through the turmoil with Elan and confidence that all will be well, and your weekend plans are going to be full of fun and friendship.

You can be at the helm of your own life — prepare to be wowed at your abilities to move through the storms that life can engender, and come out as a leader and a voice of level headedness.

Be aware, be calm, and be the most sensible advocate of even-handedness, and the World will be in the palm of your hand.

Soon the Autumn Equinox will be here, ushering in a new Season of hope, energy, and joie de vivre  — Peace!


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