New Moon — September 15, 2012

I always look forward to our Virgo New Moon, although it is in my opposite sign — it creates an atmosphere of focusing on what must be accomplished, and it gives all of us a boost in concentration, so we can get to our tasks and clean them up. Virgo can be the cleanser of our Zodiac — this sign dislikes clutter, and can enhance our lives by making us aware of when our lives, homes, closets, or offices need to be cleaned or neatened up.

This New moon will be at 23 degrees of Virgo cresting at 9:10 PM (add one hour for DST). Those folks born within a few day of this aspect will begin a new cycle for the next few months. But — we all have the sign Virgo in our charts and this will let you know where its influence will be felt. If in your second house of monies, you might have to attend to a banking error, or perhaps a small gift of money will come your way — in the 9th house, that new class you are attending might help to set you on a new path, or you might meet someone new at church who will become significant in your life!

Virgo has realm over many Mercurial areas, correspondence and messages, close neighbors and relatives, everything bookish, and contracts with financial institutions. So all of these areas can be stimulated by our Virgo New Moon, in ways large and small. We are also feeling the potent effects of the Uranus/Pluto square — these two powerhouses are in the sign Aries and Capricorn respectively, and we all know that the Cardinal signs can strongly affect our lives by urging us toward action! We might be getting impatient waiting for things to gel, for our lives to be more predictable and calm. However, this isn’t the vibe we are getting from the Universe — there is almost an overwhelming desire to make changes — to start something new — to chuck all of our accomplishments and achievements, and go for broke in a more speculative scheme. Think long and hard about what you truly want to manifest, because you may not be thinking as clearly as you should. Everything seems a bit out of control right now — the economy, the government, the costs of living, our jobs (or lack thereof), and even our daily life patterns may have been shaken up recently. All within the template of these generational and volatile Planets. Yet — take that moment to count to ten or one hundred if necessary — embrace the changes that are being forced on you, and begin to embellish those changes you want to happen. Work with the massive forces of the Galaxy — and bend their vibrations to your needs and desires.

Soon the Planet Saturn will be changing signs, and some of us will be facing challenges from that corner of the Milky Way! Change is the order of this World — and to learn to embrace the sometimes chaotic discord is to find that a new door has been opened, a new opportunity is manifested, and by being open to the changes, we will move ever forward on our true pathway.

Jupiter will go into Retrograde motion on the 4th of October lasting until the end of January of 2013 — this will give all of us time to take a step back and reflect on how we are relating to others, and whether or not we are listening and hearing what they are trying to impart. Less ego and more compassion will go a long way in healing and enhancing our ties to one another.

You may find that a period of personal versus partnership conflicts seems to be making itself known. Remember that balance is the true friend of any relationship — one-sided efforts just wont work in keeping two people in harmony. Relationships take work, and effort on the part of both parties — but the rewards of knowing you have a unique and wonderful partnership can be the icing on the cake! Work together to form a more perfect union — (I think that has been said before, and more eloquently).

The new Moon is our time to show the Universe that we know we can influence our lives for the better — simply write out your affirmations desires and wishes down on paper! I feel handwritten lists are the most effective — and since the Moon is in Virgo you might want to specify that you would like to clean out any detritus in your life that is holding you back. Also you could desire a complete makeover, from buying new clothes to a professional make-up session — just in time for your new job! Or perhaps — it’s just the little things you wish to happen — learn to eat the best foods for good health, engender respect from your friends, co-workers, and family — truly start and maintain a new exercise routine that you will enjoy! Any and all of the areas ruled by Virgo or Mercury can be tapped into during this time period. Make the list personal and meaningful to you!

Since the New Moon crests at 9:10 PM on the evening of the 15th, the best times for you to write out your affirmations will be the evening hours of Saturday, and the daytime hours of Sunday the 16th.

As the New England Summer wanes and the Fall Equinox strides rapidly forward — our mindset changes, and we begin to plan for the new seasons to come. Greet each and every day, week, month and year with Elan and joy in the knowledge that we are incomparable entities, with the ability to know and understand the vagaries of this World we live in and the Galaxy we are from — embrace your unique oneness! Be astounded by your amazing beauty!


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