Saturn Enters Scorpio – October 5, 2012 Reprint and Update 4/7/14

Saturn is now at 22 degrees of Scorpio in Retrograde mode — and will turn direct on July 20th 2014 at 18 degrees of Scorpio, then resuming direct motion until it enters Sagittarius on December 22nd. While Saturn is in retrograde mode, it allows us to reconsider what has happened in the past few months, and whether or not we need to correct or improve on our activities. While in Rx mode it will be affecting those most strongly if born between November 9/10th through the 14/15th, or anyone having a Planet at the noted degrees. They will have the best ability to have a look back at what they need to correct or redo. Or perhaps they have been ignoring Saturn’s lessons, and will be given a bracing heads-up to get them back on track. We must listen to the messages from the Planets — especially Saturn, the no-nonsense teacher of the Zodiac. With Saturn we learn our most basic lessons of humility, patience, steadfastness, duty, and all of the ponderous and moral issues we must deal with during our stay here on Earth. No it isn’t the jolly news of Jupiter, or the loving essence of Venus — yet we cannot survive without the moral and ethical grounding that is Saturn’s duty to bring. From July 20th when Saturn turns direct, the energies expelled will be more positive, yet still bringing lessons along its path. The last few degrees of Scorpio born will be feeling the effects of Saturn as it speeds through the final degrees of the sign. And yes folks, then it will be Sagittarius turn to be introduced to Saturn’s insistence on doing what is right. More on Saturn in Sagittarius later in the year. We all have Scorpio in our charts — and it is this area that is being challenged and we should be enlightened when it is finished. Grow in the harmony of the Universal teachings, and you will be given your rewards.


Saturn’s move into the sign Scorpio on October 5th, 2012, will impact all of us in some area of our chart. This transit of Saturn will last approximately 2 1/2 years until moving on to the sign Sagittarius on December 22, 2014. The usual reaction upon hearing that Saturn is moving into one’s Sun sign is often one of anxiety and unease. Yet if we remember that Saturn — although the teacher and taskmaster of the Zodiac, will bring us needed lessons, it also brings the greatest rewards, when those lessons are learned. At this time, with Pluto (the ruler of Scorpio) in Capricorn, and Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn) in Scorpio — we have an unusual relationship in that these Planets are in what is called, mutual respect. Of course, Saturn will be moving in a much speedier pace than tiny Pluto, but there is now a dance macabre between the two. The balance of these two “dynamic” titans will be interesting to observe. Scorpio and Capricorn are in a moderately beneficial sextile within the Zodiac. Still, both such serious and intense signs will impact our outlook, and create an aura of digging out secrets, revealing any underhanded activities, and bringing  deceitful behavior to light. Pluto in Capricorn wants the moral high ground, and Saturn in Scorpio will insist that any false desires are exposed. During this time of Saturn’s transit through Scorpio, we should all remember to try to achieve our highest ethical standards. If not — the dark underworld will be opened to the light of the day, and we will all be able to determine the truth. This will be especially noticeable while Saturn is approaching its sextile to Pluto within the first nine degrees of Capricorn. Basically these two are in contact until the end of this year.

Saturn will enter the sign Scorpio on the 5th at 3:34 PM EST. Initially this will impact early Scorpios, moving from 0 degrees on October 5th to 9 degrees on the last day of 2012. So those born from October 22/23 until early November will feel this aspect in various ways until the end of 2012.

I know many Librans are breathing a sigh of relief — thinking — at last, I’m off the hook of Saturn’s insistence on order, limits, and duty! Hmmm, not necessarily so — as many Libra folks have a Scorpio Planet or aspect in their chart. And truly — we should all know by now — that we all have the sign Scorpio in our chart somewhere. Yes fellow Earthlings — there will be some ongoings from Saturn that will affect each and every one of us. I, for one, am a big fan of the Planet Saturn — it gives us a level playing field, it knows what we need to learn, and it is ultimately fair in all of its dealings. So what is our job exactly? We must listen with our hearts, minds, and intuition to hear what we are being told. For the younger set, this is often a more onerous time to deal with Saturn’s insisting on our complete compliance — but we wouldn’t be human if we caved in to every whim Saturn seems to bring to us. So we test our skills against this massive Planetary encounter and we are often brought down to Earth with a bang! What are some of the lessons that Saturn might try to impart to us? One of the toughest is patience — Saturn does restrict our aspirations, especially if we are not ready to “own” what we have reaped. It also requires us to be orderly, and work hard towards our goals — but if Saturn has declared that those goals we have set for ourselves are not worthwhile, it will hit the reset button and make us reconsider our future. After the age of 30, we have lived through one entire encircling of Saturn around our chart — it has entered each of the houses, and tried to bring us some understanding of our pathway, our Karma, our journey here on Earth, at this moment in time. Yes we still have free will, we can and do choose our routes — but we must realize that there are roads that are bumpy and treacherous, and there are those beautiful thoroughfares that are smooth and easily passable. It is your choice to choose which path on which you wish to travel. There will be by-ways and off-shoots that bring us on short detours of our eventual goal — and those might have more danger and pitfalls than our usual path. Yet with the help of the Planet Saturn, we are given the opportunity to choose our own path and our own pace. But as now, with Saturn changing signs we are thrust into a new dimension and area of our chart, where fresh decisions must be made, and to find wherein our destiny truly lies.

We have all had those moments of truth — where we want to go in one direction, but our instincts or intuition is telling us not to go there! Sometime we listen to that inner voice, and other times it is just too tempting for us not to take a chance. All of these opportunities are giving us our life lessons — many work out just fine — others can, and will end in tough lessons we must endure. With Saturn, when we “Get it right” — there are rewards of great magnanimity and nobility. We must strive to be on the receiving end of Saturn’s recompense. It is worth the effort — the toil — the hardships — the turbulence, to justly learn all of the lessons Saturn has to offer.

Scorpio is a Fixed/Water sign, and so when we pursue the straight and narrow path of Saturn in this sign, those lessons are woven into the fabric of our psyche. Many times one can look back on a transit and remember with amazing detail the time you actually had your eyes opened to a Universal truth brought by Saturn. You will never fall back into old behaviors when you find yourself using the information from the teacher of the Zodiac. It will hold you in good stead throughout your lifetime, and you will pass on these basic principles to the next generation. Saturn believes in truth, patience, hard work, endurance, and sticking to your highest ideals. Never give up on yourself, or others within your auspices. One doesn’t break under Saturn’s power, rather one learns to move within the boundaries of its moral and ethical realm. Truly, Saturn is our moral compass and without this dynamo, we would be lost. Use the power to enhance every aspect of your life– become that person you will be proudest of throughout your journey during this lifetime. You can be that beacon of light to all who know you — let your individuality, and strength of purpose encourage and inspire!

Perhaps the best way to understand how Saturn will impact you individually is to let you know what it will bring to each house of the Zodiac. Each of the twelve houses in our charts has its own special area of interests and physical possibilities. Lets just see what Saturn might have in store for us during the next two and a half years. It will be a time of significant action, and a learning curve for one and all — greet the challenges with optimism and confidence in your own ability to meet and indeed flourish throughout this transit. And if rewards are in the future — enjoy your time in the glow of the Universal aura — it will sustain you with the knowledge you passed the test!


You are probably something of a mystery to most folks, Scorpio rising can manifest with so many facets that are not necessarily apparent when first meeting someone. Scorpio is a complex and deep sign, with many far-ranging manifestations. So what will Saturn’s turn here beget? You might find you are more intense and focused on your work or goals. You may find yourself becoming impatient with the pace at which your career is moving, and you might meet with some barriers during this time period — however, sticking to what you know is the right way to do things, and the proper way to proceed, will keep you grounded and moving forward.  Don’t give in to sudden flare ups of despair — know in your heart that you are on the right path, and do your utmost to maintain your forward motion, no matter how slow you feel it is going. Also your important relationships might be going through some rocky times. I guess “Hang in there” should be the theme for all who have Saturn transiting their first house. You will find after this time period, there are good things happening in your life, some that you may not have expected, but are delighted to have occur. Believe!


Our second house is where we find our earned income, our beloved possessions and keepsakes — and where you might find monetary bonuses, monies from others, and the way you earn your living.  Of course, Saturn’s presence here will bring some changes in either how you earn your money, or where it comes from. You might be facing a job change, or a move to another area which will engender changing over accounts and addresses.  You may be moving up the ladder of success because you have “earned” the opportunity to rise to a higher level of your company. Still there may be some delays in accomplishing all you want in this area. the best advice is to stick to your individual plan — don’t become involved in speculation and chancy situations. Keep your eye on your goals, and try to attain the good graces of any mentor or superior that can help you get ahead. Also you may be the recipient of some small inheritance — perhaps a memento from a friend who knows you enjoy certain baubles. Look to any openings for advancement, and be ready with knowledge about your field of interest, or be sure to know all the details a new job might require. This could be a time of personal growth and monetary stability.


The third house controls our short journeys, our neighbors and neighborhoods, our close relatives (siblings, aunts, uncles, etc.) and that old-fashioned talent, letter writing! Saturn in this house could bring some concerns about one’s siblings, or other close friends — whether health related, or just because of their present situation. Also — if you have planned any short trips to local areas, be prepared for some delays and perhaps even cancellations. There might be some issues with new neighbors moving in, or older neighbors needing to be checked on every day. You might find that things are changing, and you don’t much like what is going on — we have to remember that change is the natural order of the Earth and our lives. The ability to adapt to what is new and perhaps upsetting is what it’s all about. I guess that “Go with the flow” will be the motto here — try to see the opportunities in whatever changes are being made, and allow yourself to work with the new format. Don’t hide out and ignore what is going on around you — life is always bringing us new challenges, and when we meet them with Elan and confidence, things usually work out for the best. Bring your “A”-game into the fray and be a leader in taking charge and moving things forward. Transform the words change and challenge into “opportunities” for improving your pathway.


The fourth house is such an important house because it is the foundation of our lives — it’s where we learned our first words, how to walk, and who we could trust. Here are our roots, and so we don’t like anything to mess with this area. However, when Saturn crosses the cusp of this house we are almost forced to make some changes. We may be planning to do some restructuring of our homes, or we are looking for larger quarters, or perhaps if we are very lucky — we are looking for a vacation home. Saturn wants to bring us to the realization that sometimes change is good, necessary, and opportunistic. Some might be going through an empty-nest pathway when young adults are going off to college, or actually moving to new locations for job opportunities, and will be leaving their childhood homes. Also, since this house is opposite the tenth house — you, yourself, might have to find new quarters, because your job has been moved to another state. There will be some kind of unanticipated occurrence that will get your juices flowing. Move with the confidence that this is your destiny, and the more positive you can make the change — the better. Keep your highest ideals alive and well, and move forward with the assurance that this will work out for the best. You can and will thrive in the aura of knowing you have been true to yourself!


The fifth house is the house of speculation, gambling, children, recreation, hobbies, and romance — quite the mixed bag as it were!  Saturn here will surely delay any previously made plans, probably because a flaw or some impediment has been noticed. However this would be a good time to try to get a handle on just what your romantic “partner” has in mind — perhaps that ring could be on your finger by the end of this transit. This is a good time to strengthen the bonds of any relationship with an eye to a long future together. There may be a difference in age that has to be considered — and the interests of both parties must be a factor in any decision. Also, if there has been any gambling issues in the past, now is a good time to try to get out from under that burden. With Saturn’s help one can overcome any negative habit with solid help and a true interest in being free of this onus. Those who are thinking of adding to their family might find a few delays, yet in the long run it will work out as planned.  You also might meet with an old friend, or an older person, that will pique your interest, and give you a new outlook on life, with some unique ways of spending your leisure time. Not such a good time to get into the Stock Market, for most individuals this is a risky proposition as best. You might get the most from this transit by finding new ways to use your personal time off. A new hobby, which might have you finding a fresh source of income.


This is such an important house for our well-being! The sixth house rules our health, service to others, and small animals, our dependents, and the necessities we need to live happily and healthfully. Diet and exercise are of utmost importance here — and a planet located in this area must be paid close attention to, for it will enhance whatever is going on in your life when Saturn is in conjunction. If your Sun is located in this house — when Saturn passes over it, you might find you have some minor condition that has to be attended to day-by-day for a while. Or you might find that your new diet is working well, and you are at the top of your game, a new exercise regime might be in the offing, or maybe some addition to your old routine will fill the bill. Your gym might be offering new classes that look interesting to you — go for it!  Make sure your pets are well cared for, and attend to any health issues they might be having. The devil is in the details in this house, don’t ignore any odd feelings, or unexplainable changes in your own, or any of your loved ones health. A quick checkup will always be the best way to be sure all is well. You know how to keep your life in order,  meet each day with a renewed sense of duty. But, don’t forget to find at least one beautiful moment in each day, it will sustain and renew you.


Our seventh house is the house of partnerships, marriage, teamwork, alliances, and cooperation! Saturn in this house can bring a lack of communication between partners, husbands and wives, and friends. It is best to be prepared for someone to be out of sorts, and a bit on the defensive for seemingly no reason. Of course, there will be a reason, and it might be up to you to dig deeply to root out the cause of the problem or issue. It may be something banal, that can be solved with a few insights. Or it may be an issue that has been festering and is now a difficulty that will take some work to figure out and solve. Communication is the key — we all know during these troubled economic times many folks are having a hard time making ends meet — their jobs might be at risk — anxiety and fear fuel so many concerns that talking about them can help to find a way out of a situation, or fix it completely. Where there is a will, there is always a way to solve one’s dilemmas. Be aware of how your spouse, business partner, or best friend is feeling — take the chance and open a conversation with them — it may lead to a deeper and better understanding of your relationship. Just a note — giving of yourself might be the best gift someone has ever had. Take a Scorpio friend to lunch!


Our little dynamo Pluto rules this house and it is the natural house of Scorpio! It rules rebirth, regeneration, death, other people’s money, secrets, and taxes (especially estate taxes). With Saturn within this realm, we will find that we chafe under any new taxes or tariffs, responsibilities or tasks, that are placed upon us. We might also find ourselves realizing that our parents or grandparents, are getting older and are in need of some extra attention. You may also realize you are having more lucid dream states, or are more intuitive in sensing the aura of the people around you. Allow yourself to take a moment to “feel” the mood of your surroundings. Let your natural instincts blossom and you will find that any underhanded or secret dealings are made clear to you. Check on your retirement plans, and adjust the amounts that you put in as necessary to meet your goals. Make sure any deeds, wills, and other important papers are in good order, and easily accessible. You also may want to be sure that your door remains open to any who might need your counsel at this time. At the end of this transit you will find you are more capable, and imminently aware of any mysteries that are swirling around you. Magic is in the air surrounding you now!


Long journeys, higher education, religion, philosophy, distant relatives, and making long-range plans are all included in this busy house. This is Sagittarius’ natural realm, and Saturn is not at home in this fiery kingdom. There will be hiccups in planning journeys or vacations, perhaps some sabbatical in your educational endeavors, and lots of conversations about the future, and where you are going to be in 10, 20, or 30 years. Retirement might be on the agenda for some folks, and determining if you will have enough of a financial cushion to do all the things you truly want to do will be under discussion. You also might find that you are becoming more deeply involved in your church or other spiritual undertakings. Perhaps you just realized that there is more to this life than what is apparent in the here and now.  You may be waxing philosophical over a new idea or insight that suddenly made sense to you, and you can’t wait to share it with others. On another tack, you may have some concerns over distant friends or relatives who are not as young as they once were, and you will make an effort to keep in touch with them, if not actually choose to visit in person. This house is all about shooting for the stars, and so much expectation of good things to come, that you should be of good cheer, and hold only positive and blissful thought throughout this time of change.


Once again I must mention how visible this house is to the outside world. This is your social standing, your career, the government, honors you have attained, and upward mobility. So Saturn here will bring some notoriety to what you do, and how you do it. You may be thrust into a position you don’t feel quite ready for because of corporate changes. Be confident that you were chosen because you can do the job! You may find yourself looking for a change in your career, because you can see that things are shifting, and if you don’t move now you might miss an opportunity. Be hyper-aware of all that is swirling around you now, whether in the office, or at your gym/club, or just when you are at lunch. Listen, feel, intuit what is going on — it is then that you will be able to plot your course, and find your way to true fulfillment. You also might find yourself being torn because of having to put more time in at work, and you feel the loss of not being with your family. Find a way to make the time you spend with them, quality time! Use your most brilliant ideas to make every moment count. Or — you might be one of those who now finds themselves working from home. This can be a two-edged sword unless you are extremely motivated and conscientious — you must plan your “office” space, and make definite hours that you will be working. NO interruptions! We all know the workplace has changed, often not for the better — but it is up to us to adapt and modify our responses. It might also be our responsibility to try to make things better and more fair. We all have our Karma, and if Saturn is at the top of your chart — this can be the time for you to triumph!


Hopes and wishes, friends, acquaintances, social contracts, large animals — all within this humanistic realm. Saturn might make you open your eyes to those “friends” who are really “frenemies” — we all know who they are, and we put up with them in our lives for various reasons. But, now you might want to purge yourself of these hangers-on, whom you know are doing nothing for you, and may indeed be hindering your advancement. Whether in work or socially — there are some toxic folks in our lives that we would be better off without. You will find how much lighter and more in control you will feel when you choose to have the most positive, and optimistic folks around you. You also might have the chance to go to a class or family reunion where nostalgia will reign. You will have so much fun rehashing those “good times” that you will feel upbeat for weeks afterwards. Think about what it is you truly wish for, and allow Saturn to show you the way to your dreams. Be proactive in making sure you are doing what you want, in the way you want to do it. You know yourself best of all!  Be more creative, intuitive, and bold in moving toward your future!


The twelfth house is arguably one of our most Karmic areas — we can determine past life issues here, we are often our own worst enemies here, and it holds sway over hospitals, and other confining institutions. It shows where our personal limitation lie, and also hints at those folks who don’t really have our best interests at heart. A seemingly dark and perilous area — but — most of our doctors and medical workers will have a strong twelfth house, as do our prison guards and wardens, also psychiatrists and therapists. So — as there are two sides to every coin, there are two sides to every Zodiac house! This house can be the one to teach us self-control, to be aware of our true power, to remind us that our journey here is indeed a Karmic one, and those murmurings we try to ignore will not go away! Saturn may bring some harsh lessons, but they always will be something we must learn in order to evolve into the supreme entity we truly are meant to be. Fear not the changes that may be forced upon you — use this time to do some unbiased self-examination. Be as positive in your daily activities as possible, and bring optimism with you wherever you go! You will be changed for the better after this transit — and you will be better prepared to meet your future in a confident and self-assured manner. This just might be your year to shine!

We must be aware that this is how the Universe works, with cycles and elements of change. The more we can get in tune with the harmony of the Universal flow, the better able we will be to move through this lifetime with ease and equanimity. Summing up —  we will all be a little wiser, a little stronger, and a little more compassionate and caring, after Saturn’s sojourn through Scorpio. Karmic blessings to all!


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