Saturn in Scorpio Relating to the Sun Signs

Seems many folks are looking to see how Saturn in Scorpio will affect their Sun Signs. We must remember that the Sun is of great importance, but not the only facet in our charts. And depending on what other Planets are near or relate to the Sun, these characteristics will modify Saturn’s impact. That said — here are a few thumbnail sketches for you to ponder.

Aries Sun — Saturn in Scorpio will possibly influence you spiritual interests, and any questions you might have about the meaning of life, and perhaps whether we survive after death. It will bring more intensity and emotion into your life — and may make you a bit more passionate than usual. Be careful of investing monies with someone you don’t know well. Feel the power around you — and partake of its energy to move you forward.

Taurus Sun — Saturn in Scorpio will be opposite your Sun sign sometime during its 2 and 1/2 year reign — depending on the degree of your Sun. In opposition it will bring some difficulty in your decision-making abilities, and you will find a few roadblocks in the way of some of your partnership projects. Be sure that everything is above-board and you will be able to move ahead. You may find someone more stubborn (determined) than yourself. You might make quite the pairing!

Gemini Sun — Gemini folks will be given a chance to “fix” things in the house where Scorpio lives, and they may find their health routines are undergoing some intense scrutiny. Now is the time to be sure your annual check-ups are up-to-date, and you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so that you are on a strong footing, and know just where you are heading for your future. Stay on your course to the future you want to manifest. It will happen!

Cancer Sun — although these water signs are quite compatible, Saturn in Scorpio brings too much intensity for Cancer. So be prepared to find yourself adrift in emotion on occasion, especially where your children are involved. You might find a romantic connection  in an older individual, or perhaps an old friend. You both might be surprised to find how compatible you are.

Leo Sun — Saturn in Scorpio will enhance anything happening on the home front, whether relocating or refurbishing your home. It will bring some anxiety, and you should make sure you are on a strong foundation during this transit. Keeping true to yourself will get you through this period in good stead. Keep your eye on your goals, and strive to live up to your ideals. You are always a winner!

Virgo Sun — Virgo’s do not like change, so if their neighborhood or job locations are being renovated or renewed, it will bring some angst to these folks. Also, any cares or worries about siblings or other close relatives might be brought to the fore. Virgo can and will prevail with common sense, and the ability to use practical methods in all their dealings. Try to relax, maybe by reading a good book, or taking a yoga class.

Libra Sun — Saturn in Scorpio will have you paying attention to your finances, and any possessions you really treasure. A steady and even-handedness will serve you well, reject any speculation until this transit passes on. You might find a new source of income, but it will take some effort on your part to put it into action. Stay balanced with diet and exercise.

Scorpio Sun — Saturn in Scorpio will bring needed lessons for these folks, and whether they will be assimilated and used with intelligence is up to the individual. Remember Saturn rewards those who learn the lessons that are imparted with magnanimity. This transit is all part of our own web of life — embrace the beauty of the path you are on throughout its duration, and you will be ahead of the game.

Sagittarius Sun — This might be a time of introspection for some Sag folks, not their usual demeanor. Saturn in Scorpio will make them review their journey here, and help them to determine if they are on the right pathway. A more serious look within, that Sagittarians aren’t used to — might be just what they need. Don’t be surprised if you see a new more serious Sag friend — they are just growing up!

Capricorn Sun — Saturn in Scorpio will have Capricorns scratching their heads about what it is they really want — what they really wish for their future. They might look to their oldest and dearest friends to seek some answers. And they might be moved to clear out any false friends they discover in the process. They will find an entirely new outlook after this transit.

Aquarius Sun — Saturn in Scorpio doesn’t sit well with our Aquarian friends, and they might find their job has gotten much busier, and they have to work harder. The silver lining here is that when they hang in there, they will most assuredly be rewarded with a generous bonus, or a substantial raise. That’s if they can stay the course. These fixed sign people are known for their ability to determine their own pathway, don’t try to impede their forward motion.

Pisces Sun — Our Pisces friends don’t mind Saturn in Scorpio, as long as it doesn’t bring us more sensitivity than they can easily handle. They might find their long-term plans are being challenged, and any educational plans or journeys they are looking forward to, are being delayed due to a variety of causes. They will find solace in their spiritual outlook, and their intuitive abilities in seeking out the best pathways. A mutable sign that can adapt when necessary to any glitches. They will prevail.

These paragraphs are just an inkling into the majestic and intense transformations that Saturn in Scorpio can bring. It is our duty to be aware, attentive, and adaptable to all of the pathways that Saturn in Scorpio can manifest. We can and will be able to make the most positive, and courageous decisions when we work with the harmony of the Galaxy. Be alert to all of the energy swirling around you now, and take advantage of the opportunities being presented. The best things you have to gain is self-confidence, and the ability to forge you own pathway throughout this special lifetime. Peace!


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