New Moon in Libra — October 15, 2012

The New Moon this month crests at 7:02 AM EST (add one hour for DST) — in the sign Libra at 22 degrees of the sign. So those born within a few days of the 15th will be entering a new cycle that will last for a few months. The New Moon energy is a positive and exhilarating energy that will help all of us renew and liberate some of our plans, and impel us forward to reach new heights in our journey here on Earth. Libra rules all things of beauty, art, music, theater, our sociability, marriage, all those who enhance our personal comeliness, or the areas where we live — physically it covers our lower back, skin, touch, and by opposition the throat. Balance is the key word to remember when dealing with Libran issues — anger, controversy, unbalanced views or situations, are all antipathy to our Libran cohorts. They seek a calm, even, and tranquil existence in most instances. Of course, there are the exceptions to the rule — and being a Cardinal sign they do have an innate ability to dig in their heels when challenged, or confronted by opposing forces. Indeed — although usually rather unable to choose sides, or make a decision — when there is an issue they feel strongly about — they are fierce competitors, and will quietly and secretly move behind the scenes to garner their way into a top position, usually before their foes realize they have been outdone. Never underestimate our dear and gentle Libran friends — they have a heart of gold, surrounded by a solid cast iron will. They are the original iron hand in the velvet glove!

Where would we be without these creative and influential lovers of beauty and art? Our lives would be much less vibrant and interesting, for sure — they bring us all of the beauty of Nature and the bounty of our world, to use as we wish — to enhance and color our lives with some of the exquisitely unique gifts of the world. Need fashion help, interior design advice, relationship counseling — seek out your Libra brethren — their multi-sided outlook will give you an all-round viewpoint of your issues, and they will open your eyes to new avenues to explore! Fair-minded, usually with a pleasant visage, and with a dry wit, that will surprise and delight those of us who are lucky enough to count a Libra as a friend!

With the Libra Sun stimulating the Uranus/Pluto connection at this time, we will come to the realization that we desire more balance and solidity in our present status. We truly want to embrace the changes that are in flux right now, still there are lingering doubts that change will serve us well. We will for a time want to retrench, and stick with the tried and true, that have served us well in the past. Our routines that seemed to be ruts are now more appealing during these days of buffeting opposition from all sides. Our psyches want some measure of stability and calmness — without all the furor that may be swirling around. We can look to the Planet Jupiter in its retrograde phase to give us the time to study our mixed emotions, and truly find our way through the morass of changing viewpoints, and battering opinions. Breathe in deeply, before setting upon any new path, and take a page from those who have gone before, to maintain a steady and balanced outlook into your own new and amazing future.

Now that Saturn is in the sign Scorpio, and Neptune is residing in its own sign Pisces, we are presented with a chance to hone in on our relationships to discover just where we stand. If there is deceit or skullduggery, Saturn in Scorpio will wrest it out. Neptune in Pisces might be trying to keep a mist of mystery, and is piquing our interest with an idealistic haze, but we must try to see beyond the veil of Neptune’s desire for all things to be beautiful and loving. Allow the detective of our Zodiac, Scorpio to oust any secretive and underhanded on-goings to be brought into the Light! You will instinctively know, you will have an inkling, of any deception that is within your relationship — be brave in weeding out the dishonesty or cheating that may be there. Don’t hide your head in the sand, and ignore what you know in your heart is true — you deserve to be treated with respect and with openness. Do not settle for less!

These aspects have not only a personal, but worldwide effect on where we are going, and how we will fare in the future. Practicality, balance, eyes wide open to the dangers that might lie ahead are all on our plates now, and our decisions will bring about a steadiness and stability to our lives, or we will be tossed into a chaotic realm of dishonesty and deceit. Use all of your instincts, ESP, intuition — let the truth seep into your consciousness and change only those things that no longer work for you. Be precise and particular in honing in on all of the pathways that are open to you. This magical energy that is at our disposal right now will help you begin a new chapter — use it well.

Our best time to write down our affirmations, dreams, wishes and hopes will be all day on Monday the 15th! To use Libra’s power in the most desirable way you might want to comprise your list keeping a Libran outlook — for instance, you may want more stability and balance between your work and home life, or — you might want your relationship to become clearer and more positive, also — your home might be your focus — with improvements that beautify, and bring harmony into your realm. Cooperation, working with others, being able to get your point across, and engaging in respectful dialogues with friends and coworkers are within Libra’s forte. Use the power of the Universal forces, and forge your way into the life you want and deserve. Don’t settle for second best, when it comes to your future. You deserve to be treated with respect, listened to with deference, and valued for the unique individual you are. We are all here to learn and teach — it is our karma to try to become the absolutely best we can be, to fulfill our highest goals. Be aware of your value, and demand your tribute — we are all equal in our humanity — we all deserve to be loved for ourselves. Be kind and accepting of one another — for that is Libra’s true way.


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