Full Moon on 29th — Halloween on 31st !

This year the Full Moon and Halloween almost coincide!  The Full Moon crests on the 29th at 6 degrees of the sign Taurus, at 2:50 PM EDT. So on Halloween, the Full Moon will rise high in the sky to light the way for the tiny “trick or treat” crowd. The Full Moon will oppose Saturn in Scorpio earlier in the day, so it will be important for us to be hyper aware of any dangers that may cross our paths. With a Category 1 Hurricane bustling toward the Eastern coastline, there may be more angst than usual, and preparations should be in place to avoid any of the usual difficulties that come to this area with a Nor’easter. Most folks that live near the ocean are already cognizant of the hazards that can befall them. We are all in a hunkering down mode from now until this system passes, with whatever challenges it cares to throw our way. Along with the Full Moon are a few other aspects to be aware of, that might come into play –Mercury will enter Sagittarius which brings a lighthearted joy — and Venus has entered Libra, bringing beauty to the fore. These will help to alleviate some of the issues that might crop up. With the Sun and Moon in opposition on the 29th, there may be a clash of wills, and we hope compromise will be the answer here. We will be experiencing a Rx Mercury period beginning on the 6th of November and lasting until the 26th. The Sun and Saturn are riding in the sky close together until the end of the month — so all emotions will be enhanced. As always a cool, calm demeanor is the best way to stay balanced and in control. Let’s all plan on being the voice of reason and good will — there are heroes among us!

We do only hope that any damage will be minimal, and most of the children can proceed to get into their carefully chosen Halloween costumes,  make their way along the neighborhood streets, to be rewarded with yummy treats dropped into their goodie bags. I love to see the excitement in the eyes of all the children, as they radiate enthusiasm with the magic of being out after dark, and seeing all of the ghosties and ghoulies that are participating along with them. Childhood is such a short period of our lives, and there is so little place nowadays for imagination to soar, for magic to be believed, for the enchantment of childhood to reign. Halloween is that night of wonder, and awe! How wonderful to keep this simple practice going — for I always remember this time as special, and all of my children and grandchildren were so beguiled by the ability to become that special spectre — ballerina, ghost, pirate, pumpkin, witch, fairy, cowboy, or hobo! Hand made or store-bought, the costumes brought a tiny bit of magic into our lives, and made us greater than the sum of our parts. We could imagine and wonder and be amazed at the beautiful, the creepy, the scary, funny, and the bold!  Superhero or dastardly villain, prince or pauper, Tinkerbell or Captain Hook, whatever we could imagine — we could transform into for a few hours — and be admired, looked at askance, or able to frighten those meeker souls, and laugh together as we both were in on the fantasy. Then home to count out our cache — trade with brothers and sisters for our favorite treats, and be sent off to bed with a flurry of mysterious images to hold in our hearts forever. Happy, scary, mystical, funny, quirky and beautiful — Halloween is all of these things and more — it is childhood to the tenth power. It is bliss! To all a Happy Halloween, and a Joyous Samhain to those in the craft, and Peace above all.


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