Retrograde Mercury — Nov. 6th to 26th

Mercury begins its retrograde motion on the 6th in the sign Sagittarius, so we might feel the need to break out of our current situations, we will want more independence and autonomy. Our personal needs might be thwarted by unexpected occurrences, and we will have to rethink our plans and forward motion. We must be sure to include our partners and loved ones in any changes we are trying to make, in order that there will be compromise and help along the way. Mercury enjoys the forward-looking ideas of Sagittarius, but often will try to exploit the jolly giants casual demeanor. Mercury loves action, the faster the better, and although Sagittarius also enjoys moving ahead, they truly want to enjoy the journey, and take the time to smell the roses along the way. So plan ahead, check the details, and have a secondary route ready to be implemented if those first plans are interrupted.  Mercury leaves Sagittarius on the 13th, and enters the latter degrees of Scorpio, retrograding until the 26th when it is stationary, and once again begins its forward motion.

While in the sign Scorpio, there may be secrets uncovered — and you will want to dig deep into anything that is on your plate right now. There will be no casual glance at what you are into, rather an in-depth perusal of all the details — and during a Rx Mercury transit, that is just what you should be doing. There will be some push and pull, when it comes to your deepest desires and what you are willing to do to make them happen. You should be aware that just going for the gusto, without thinking of those your actions might impact just wont work. If you try the “I’m going to do, what I want to do” route — there will be consequences and regrets. Balance your needs, with the needs of those you are committed to, and find a way to make sure everyone is prepared, and on board with the changes you want to make.

There will be some help given by the Planet Neptune when it turns direct on the 11th in its own sign Pisces. You will feel a sense of connectedness to your loved ones, and you will be attuned to their desires. There will be a spiritual quality to much of what goes on, and if you can tap into the beauty and peacefulness of the aura surrounding you, your intuition will kick into high gear and you will have a clearer understanding of how you both want the future to evolve. Neptune in its own sign of Pisces, is a once in a lifetime happening, we are all learning lessons of humility, patience, love, acceptance and discretion. Become wiser, and more in tune with your inner persona, find the “you” that is the highest form of humanity.

Nearing the Thanksgiving holiday, there is a nice aspect from the Sun to Uranus, that will bring us a lot of activity, will keep us moving on the right track, and can help our family get-togethers be more spontaneous and lively.  Remember, family is of utmost importance in our journeys here on Earth — we are with the people who will bring us the farthest on the evolutionary scale; challenging, loving, quirky, feisty, spiritual, or worldly — they are our karmic ties with the Universal flow — the yin and yang of our existence. It behooves us to learn the lessons of the interplay between all of our family members, and to make sure they know how much we value their imput in our lives. You never have to take back saying “I love, respect, and honor” my parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts/uncles, cousins, etc. there is no regret in loving unconditionally — in respecting what earlier generations have been through, and enjoying the beauty, and encouragement of our nearest and dearest!

We hope this Rx Mercury span is not too onerous, that we can sail though the usual blips, interruptions, and unexpected delays with aplomb and Elan. The New Moon will crest on the 13th in the sign Scorpio, and is a Solar eclipse which has a longer and stronger impact. But for now, let us just look forward to this busy season of loving kindnesses — and be in harmony with the cycles of the Galaxy! We can all hope for Peace on Earth!


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