New Moon — November 13, 2012

The New Moon in Scorpio this month is a Solar Eclipse, and will therefore have more impact, and its consequences will be in effect for several months to come. The New moon crests at 5:09 PM EST, at 21 degrees of Scorpio — so all those born within a few days either side of this day will feel the vibrations a little more than the rest of us — also those Taurus folks whose birthdays are opposite this aspect, will feel the brunt of the energy being released more strongly

Scorpio is a complex sign, moving from extreme benevolence, to harsh criticism — all while keeping secrets of their own and others completely off the grid. With Mercury in Rx motion until the 26th, and Saturn in Scorpio for the next 2 and 1/2 years, keeping secrets, or trying to be less than honest, just won’t work out for the best. The truth will out — and in many cases will completely change the status quo of several lives and relationships. Be aware that if you are not completely honest in your relationships, there will be consequences to be answered. Now if this sounds dire, remember that we reap what we sow, and the best way to handle the overwhelming power of a negative Scorpio aspect, is to stay above-board, keep to your highest ethics, and be open and honest in your relationships — both personal and in business.

Power can be the mantra of a negative Scorpio personality, yet benevolence and empathy are the hallmarks of a positive Scorpio. There is a dichotomy in this sign that is more diverse than in any other sign of the Zodiac — strong, persuasive, seductive, secretive, compassionate, sly, sarcastic, deep, thoughtful, emotional — all of these are Scorpio, and it rules the reproductive organs, poisons, underground waters, the gall bladder, transformation, rebirth, and the underworld. A veritable mixed bag of powerful images, and compassionate energy. Our Scorpio brethren can be our most amazing friends, or our most dedicated foes.

Shortly after the New Moon, there is a potent aspect involving Mars, Pluto and Uranus — this powerful combination may inspire some folks to become emboldened, and they will try to bully their way into positions they really aren’t qualified for — their actions might be embraced for a while, but their tactics will inevitably become tiresome, and they will abruptly be counted out! Only through mutual agreement will there be a solution to any current situation that has two parties at odds with each other. The truth will out!  There is no place for subterfuge when the energies of the Galaxy are insisting on honesty and compassion. We will want to push forward with our heart’s desires, but if they do not include those we love and cherish, it is a dead-end. We must remember that our loved ones, and our closest allies are the most important people in our lives, and we must always be aware that our actions will reverberate within their lives — raise your standards to the highest that humanity can encompass, and know that you will be recompensed ten fold. The Universe has its way  of rectifying any wrongs, and rewarding all that is good.

During this time, when we are planning for the holidays, emotions often run high — family get-togethers are often filled with angst, and our lofty expectations to create a level playing field, may not be as realistic as we would like. We must be ready to compromise, and be aware of the feelings of others, in order to navigate the roiling waters of any emotional pitfalls that might ensue. If we could all plan to bring only our best intentions and happiest memories, we may find that any petty annoyances will fall by the wayside — and we will find that we are more in tune with the karmic flow that surrounds us. To be of good cheer, should be our mantra during these familial celebrations. We all need the support and love of our families, they are the glue that keeps us true to our earliest values.

We humans have a need to bond, to our family, a clan, a group, a tribe, a pack, a circle of friends — we need the interaction of each other to become our highest and most evolved selves. Never underestimate the value of your personal acquaintances, family or partners. They are helping to move you forward on your pathway during this lifetime. Positive, negative, or neutral, our interplay with all those we come into contact with teaches us lessons we need to learn — it serves us well to listen to all those whose words resonate within our souls. Listen with your psyche, your heart, your soul to the truths being passed on from generation to generation. Do not ignore the quiet voice of reason and compassion within you — bring out the best you have to offer, and you will be on your most noble course in preparing for your future.

How lucky are we to be able to sway the course of our own lives with the New Moon energy that encompasses us each month — we do have the opportunity to put our affirmations, visions, dreams, and wishes out into the ether to take hold and become reality. This month the New Moon in Scorpio digs deep into the recesses of our minds, and may recover some ideas we had put on hold for whatever circumstances. Revisit those dreams, and bring them into the light of your consciousness to be entered into the Universal flow! This month is especially important, because it is a Solar Eclipse, and therefore has more power and impact than other New Moons. Dust off your imagination and be prepared to shake up the status quo with a wonderful array of opportunities. Since this New Moon is in the sign Scorpio, you may want to bring more personal power into your realm, in a positive way.  Or you might want any burdensome secrets that are holding you back to be brought to light, and have them cleansed in the pure current of truth and openness. Perhaps it is courage you need, to be able to face any adversity that has befallen you of late, or to be able to forgive yourself or others for inadvertent mistakes. We are only human, and with all that encompasses, we are prone to error — but we have the ability to rise above all of the petty and penurious faults of our personhood to become so much more evolved and empathetic to all those we encounter in our day-to-day lives.

The best times to write out your affirmations, dreams, and wishes will be in the 24 hours following the New Moon cresting at 5:09  PM EST on Tuesday the 13th.  Take this opportunity to put forth your deepest desires — for yourself, your families, and even your friends who may be experiencing difficulties at this time. You have the power at your fingertips to change things for the better, and you will find yourself feeling a sense of satisfaction, that you were able to influence the times of your life!

I want to take a moment to sincerely acknowledge all of those veterans who have selflessly served our country to their highest standards — thank you for your service!


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