Time to Give Thanks

I love this time of year — there seems to be more good will, and a sense of hope within each and every heart. We look forward to gathering with friends and family, in order to count our blessings and give thanks for all that is positive and good in our lives. Sometimes it is difficult to be as hopeful and positive as we would like, but it is the very act of hoping that puts the Universe in motion to help bring us our deepest desires. Hope is that beacon of light in a dark and often stormy world, where there is often so much strife and sadness. Look to those wonderful times that gave you pleasure and a sense of anticipation. Keep your mind focussed on all that is good and happy in your circle. We can’t always be upbeat and go around in a haze of optimism like Pollyanna, that just isn’t what life is all about — there is stress, struggle, confrontation, at the best of times, and in the worst of times there is war, hunger, destruction that eats away at the core of the human spirit. Still — the human spirit is a resilient entity, brave in times of emergency, kind in times of stress, giving in times of loss, understanding in times of sadness, caring in times of woe. Nothing in the Universe can compare to that core of empathy embedded in each and every human soul. It is enduring and faithful, aware and able, cognizant of what needs to be done, and there is a willingness to do the hard work of making things better. We perhaps forget sometimes that the spirit within each and every one of us is a magical and miraculous gift — given to each of us at birth, as a right of our humanity. If we but tap into a small portion of our soul-being, this world would start to mend and become the Eden of our dreams. Let each and every one of us — during this time of family celebration and joy, try to take a moment to reach into our psyches and bring out that reflection of our truest and most loving selves, and send our love and kindness throughout the land.

Astrologically, the stars are trying to help in their usual way by bringing our Thanksgiving holiday several positive and happy aspects. The moon is in the sign Pisces, so peace and creativity, love and caring will be in the forefront. Venus, our planet of those we cherish and love, will move into Scorpio just prior to the 22nd, blending with the Sun to make sure we are fully aware of all those in our family, circle of friends, and neighborhoods are what is most important in our lives. Personal relationships are what moves us forward on our own pathway throughout this lifetime. Mercury, the planet of communication is also in Scorpio, so we might want to monitor our conversations and stay away from those subjects we know are controversial within our realm. Choose another day to chew over your political, governmental, religious, or any other source of controversy that you know will create stress and conflict. Stick to some wonderful memories of the past, remember those who are no longer with you — honor their journeys that helped you become who you are, and what components you care about and are willing to stand up for. Everyone has some good memories of past occasions, that will always bring warmth and comfort into their heart. Make sure it is those events you keep at the forefront of your mind during these upcoming weeks.

There is a beautiful trine between Venus and Neptune in the afternoon that will bring us emotional support, and a feeling of belonging, and a knowing that we are loved. We all deserve to be loved and treated with respect. We all need the closeness of family and friends to help us accomplish our tasks here in our worldly plane. Be sure to access your inner being, wherein your true nature lies, bring out the very best you have to offer, and relax and enjoy all of the bounty and beauty that surrounds you. Give in to your higher self, and let your light be that beacon of hope!

May Celestial blessings abound, may you all be able to partake of the bountiful harvest of Nature, and may each and every one be inspired to be their most evolved self throughout this Holiday Season — We are the World — each and every one of us! Believe in your personhood, believe in your future, believe that you are here for a noble purpose — choose to be that miracle of life that is full of wonder and spiritual hope!




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