Full Moon — November 28, 2012 (Lunar Eclipse)

The Full Moon this month is also a Lunar Eclipse, which brings a stronger emphasis on just about everything, especially since it is in the sign Gemini. The Full Moon crests at 9:46 AM at 6 degrees of Gemini — so early Gemini’s might want to take note!

The good news this week, is that our dear frenemy Retrograde Mercury has gone direct as of 5:50 PM on the 26th! I don’t know if this phase of Mercury has affected everyone as much as it has my family — but I for one am glad to see it go! Yes — we had to cancel a trip to see our son and daughter-in-law, yes my husband ended up in the hospital (he is on the mend), yes — it seemed everything I undertook — had to be redone, or rescheduled! Really! I say with all due respect — “goodbye, and good riddance” to this odious Retrograde Mercury span.

Now — on to the Full Moon in Gemini — since Gemini is such a mentally active and busy sign, we may feel overwhelmed by the tasks that lie ahead during this holiday season. The best way to handle these chores, is to be methodical and only do one thing at a time (not Gemini’s forte). Gemini will give us lots of creative ideas and lots of impetus to move quickly, but usually Gemini is not the best planner! So it is up to you to take charge, and only do what is in your best interest at the moment. Use the blast of energy to hone in on the best way to handle all of your obligations, break them down into compatible portions, and move on from there. Also we will have a very nice combination of Venus with Saturn on the 26th that will give us a boost to bond with family, friends and lovers — and the vibes will last until the end of this month.

The Moon moves on into the sign Cancer on the 30th, bringing family to the fore, and beginning our countdown to the end of the year — where festivities reign, and our psyches are put into overdrive. Take a ME moment each and every day to gather your thoughts and just breathe — OK — go to your Happy Place! Just Zen out for a few moments and let the Universal energy that is always present cleanse your mind and body. Let the Galaxy help you to get through the coming weeks with energy to spare and a happy heart.

As with all Full Moon times, be aware of your surroundings, keep an eye out for impaired or aggressive drivers, and envelope yourself with white light — this will help ensure that the holidays will be merry and bright! You will enjoy the busyness, and even the chaos of each and every moment with Elan!

May these busy times be full of joy, love, and random acts of kindness wherever you go — look for that silver lining where you might least expect to see it — and bask in the glow of your greatest gift — the magic of your humanity! May the Force be with all of you!


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