The Mayan Calendar — December 21, 2012

Well, I suppose the Mayan Calendar mysticism must be addressed — those that profess the chaos theory  are always looking to rile everyone up with yet another doomsday scenario! I for one, do not buy into these “end-of-times” themes. If truth be known, there are a number of Mayan Calendars, and this one is called the “Long Count” — but their methods of calculating times and places is quite different from what we use today. I will say that the level of their mathematics and knowledge of astronomy was extremely advanced, yet we cannot rely on any of these numbers today. Yes, the 21st is the Winter Solstice, and more energy and power are produced — this happens every year and brings us into our Holiday Season with a boost of practicality, and an opportunity to raise our consciousness for the better.

A few years ago, I had the privilege to go to Mexico, and on a side trip to Pont du Sur, our driver turned out to be Mayan on his mother’s side, and 1/2 Mayan on his father’s side. He was an ex-soldier, and quite an intelligent guy to talk to — and we got along well, as he explained many of the odd mounds on or near the beaches that were hundreds of years old — these mounds were hollow, with openings facing easterly, and on top of these hollow mounds were large conch shells — they were an early warning signal for storms coming in from the sea! As the winds would change, the air would rush into the mounds and come out the conch shell with a wailing siren sound — alerting the Mayans to move to higher ground inland! A brilliant piece of construction, illustrating the intellect of these ancient people — and as we chatted, I mentioned the Mayan Calendar with its abrupt end!  He just kind of smiled, and said that in listening to his elders — they mostly felt it was foretelling a change in consciousness for humankind. Not disaster, not the end of the world as we know it, but kind of a “reset-button” — a wake-up call, letting we humans know we had to raise up our consciousness, and begin to treat all mankind with respect and kindness. Not another big bang — no ultimate disaster — rather a mental resetting of our psyches.  I felt then, and I feel now that this was a practical, and probably quite sensible outlook. It had the ring of truth to it, and I believe the Mayans were above all, in touch with Nature and the nature of man.

Will this Winter solstice be of more importance than that of any of the others? There are those who will point to the fact that there will be an alignment of planets that interact with the “dark” center of the galaxy. Does this mean disaster — I think not — however, if we are aware of the current natural activity on the planet right now, we can see there is certainly some attention-getting commotion going on. Tornadoes, typhoons, tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes!  A veritable montage of crises — not to mention the man-made difficulties such as civil conflicts, famine, and wars! Sigh! What are we to make of all of this dismaying news? Should we perhaps take away the fact that we haven’t been doing our best work in our time here on Mother Earth? Well, sometimes we humans get 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chances to get thing right! It truly is up to each individual to raise their own consciousness, and in turn help another to do the same. If but half of us were to tune into the glorious energy of the Universe — tap into the unlimited power of the Cosmos, there would be a dynamic shift that would bring about a new beginning — a new era — of Peace and Prosperity for all.  The ability is within each and every one of us! Perhaps, on this particular Winter Solstice Day — we can all try to tap into our most empathetic foundations and bring forth the love, caring and devotion we should have for our fellow-man.

Quite frankly, I don’t see this happening in the near future, with so many greedy, rapacious individuals still so unaware of the harm they are doing to themselves, and others. There seems to be a disconnect between the do-gooders of the Earth, and the takers. How long can Mother Earth function in a stable, and compassionate way, when every day there is an intolerable devastation of her bounty. There seems a lack of knowledgeable consequences from using up the last resources in so many quarters. Yes, people must be allowed to make a living, but there should also be a balance of giving back or re-distributing the assets of the Earth. Of course, there are so many better informed and more erudite folks out there than myself — but even I can see that our casual use of all of the Earths resources must be handled intelligently, and with an eye to the future of the next generation. OK — no more soap box assertions from me!

The bottom line is that with all of the trauma and disasters of the past few years, the 21st will not be the major reset button for us to come to terms with our fragile and frail attempts to control our world. We can influence our own life paths with positive and loving thoughts. We can bring our best game forward and give back as much as we have received. With the Sun in glorious Sagittarius until the 21st, we should all tap into the childlike and jolly feelings that our generous Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius brings to us. Live each day with a ray of hope, a feeling that all will be as it should be, and stretch your imaginations to embrace the essence of magic that is in the air!

No — in my very humble opinion, the world will not end, nor have a major apocalyptic happening on the 21st. Instead, it will bring us into our Holiday Season with a sense of renewal, a positive outlook, and a feeling that anything is possible with a happy spirit, and a surfeit of love in your heart.


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