New Moon – December13, 2012

As always we look forward to and welcome the last New Moon of the year– it kind of sets the tone for the holidays to come, and since it is in Sagittarius we know it brings a good-natured energy to the fore. This month’s New Moon crests at 3:42 AM at 21 degrees of Sagittarius. Those folks who were born between the 11th and the 16th may feel more of the giddy liveliness than others, and the opposite sign Gemini, also may feel a positive bounce! The Sagittarian outlook is always far-reaching, and looks for the adventure and joy that can be had in living out your dreams. Sagittarians are often our good sports, our buddies, our BFF’s — and we rely on them to bring us out of our funks, to show us the way to enjoy what we are doing, and how to get more out of the daily chores we all know must be completed. They are ready to take off on an adventure in a moment’s notice, and will bring their hyper-energy along for the ride! Know a grouchy Sag? Look to another planet that is affecting their Sun by conjunction or opposition — perhaps Pluto with his staid and sober demeanor. Or maybe the enigmatic and inexplicable Uranus is shaking up his outlook! Underneath is the amenable, and jolly Sagittarian we look to for our sense of humor, and our ability to lighten up any serious or dark moment. Not that they don’t have their somber side, it is just that their usual demeanor is that of an upbeat, and generally happy fellow human.

There are a few Planetary changes this month that will alter the landscape a bit — Mercury enters Sagittarius on the 10th and will be in wide opposition to Retrograde Jupiter in Gemini. This might mean we should monitor our conversations with an eye to keeping our comments light, and a bit neutral when with folks we don’t know that well. Also, Venus enters Sagittarius late on the 15th, which makes for a lively bit of cheerfulness and lighthearted flirting! High spirits abound, and they will take us right through the Holiday season! You might find yourself being a little more generous with your gift-giving this year, but be sure to keep within your budget, and you won’t be surprised by the bills that arrive after the first of the year. Venus brings those we love more prominently into the light, and we will have the opportunity to truly bond with all of our nearest and dearest. Make this the holiday season in which you connect with all of those you care deeply about — and be free with the “I love you’s” — let them know how much you really care!

We will all reap the benefits of our Sagittarian New Moon, we will have a happy heart, and the knowledge that our holiday celebrations will bring us closer to our loved ones, will raise our spirits, and will create a foundation of love that will keep all of us looking to the future with a positive outlook. We will all feel the power that Sagittarius brings about, we will be ready to enjoy the company of family and friends throughout this time of optimism and joy!

We know that is with the influence of the aura of the New Moon that we can initiate the forces of the Universe to put forth our wishes, desires and affirmations, in a positive and concise manner in writing, that will enter the ether and begin to manifest those things that are the most passionate of our heart’s yearnings. You might want to include some Sagittarian ideals in your wishes: May I encounter more adventure and spontaneous moments of joy, I wish to take more control over my own life in a happy and generous manner, Might I find spiritual guidance in everything I undertake, May I feel more comfortable in accepting help from others, I want to be the best ____ that is possible, I want to travel!  All of these and so much more are under the auspices of Sagittarius — higher education, religion, distant travels, sports, nature:  let your imagination soar, and all wishes will be in the realm of possibility!

The best time to write out your affirmations will be all day on Thursday the 13th — be bold and brave in honing in on exactly what you want. Be as audacious as you dare in putting your ideas into the Universal flow — you have everything to gain! May I make my holiday wish for all of you — may all your dreams and wishes come to fruition, may you all enjoy good health, may you all have kindness and love throughout your lives, and may the tranquility, harmony and peace of this magical season stay with you throughout the coming New Year! Peace!


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