Winter Solstice — December 21, 2012

The Sun moves into the sign Capricorn at 6:12 AM, ushering in our winter season with an undercurrent of peaceful energy that will carry us into our Holiday Season. Capricorn is a Cardinal sign that provides a great deal of emphasis on the practical and the proper. Our forebears realized this time had to be prepared for much earlier in the year, to survive throughout the harsh winters of New England, one had to have enough stores to provide for their families and their animals. Preceding this Solstice, the larders were filled with those foods that would last throughout the winter. The hay had been baled, so that the animals would be fed heartily throughout the dark days of snow and blizzards. Our ancestors planned, and worked hard to make it through the difficult days ahead. And now our Capricorn Sun gives us the ability to make our own plans, and to proceed forward with them in order to complete all of the tasks we have allowed ourselves to take on. If you are like most folks, you have taken on a lot more than you probably should have! Gifts for our loved ones, tokens for teachers, neighbors, the mail carrier, doorman, friends, and any other person we might feel we should acknowledge during this time of giving. We are baking, sewing, knitting, pasting, frosting, arranging, cooking, and generally driving ourselves quite batty with all we have to do — or what we feel we have to do, to make this Holiday as special as those we remember from our childhood — when magic reigned, and we were the recipients of the wonder and beauty of the season without the duties! Now it is our turn to provide those moments of childhood bliss and delight to all of our children, friends and family.

Our Capricorn Sun will help us navigate the roiling seas of our commitments in a practical and realistic manner. The energy from our Saturn ruled Sun will enable us to plan to perfection our agenda, and it will enable us to move forward with a clear and concise idea of what we must do and how best to do it. Fortunately this mundane approach will not take away the mystical and ephemeral beauty of the season, rather it will enable us to be aware of all the reasons we have taken on these responsibilities. We are in a way paying it forward, as did our parents and grandparents before us. We are a part of the greater family of man in the knowledge that no kind or selfless act will go unnoticed. We are allowing our hearts to be filled with the innate goodness of the human condition at its best. We are wrapping not only our gifts, but our psyches with the basic tenets of hope, wonder, love, and joy that keeps humankind a small step ahead of the daily struggles that each of us has faced. We are entities of light, optimism and trust in our faith, our convictions, and our anticipation that things will work out for the best. We are often challenged by circumstances beyond our control, but if we can embrace the fact that there is a master plan for each of us in the Universe, we can accept our often insecure pathway, secure in the knowledge that we are moving forward, we are learning the lessons we are meant to learn, and we are ultimately heading towards our eventual homecoming and reunion with Universal consciousness and unending love.

The Sun in solid and even stodgy Capricorn lets us know there is the perfect reward for all of our suffering, and angst in this lifetime. It gives us hope that there is a balance in the Galaxy that is infinite. Man is not a whim, a momentary mixture of evolution and happenstance — we are an imminent component of all that is meant to be good, and hopeful in the Universe. We are love, kindness, compassion, caring, innately empathetic and always concerned for our family, friends and all others of our ilk.

With every act of violence there are hundreds of random acts of kindness, and although we sometimes have to be shaken to our core in order to come together in the true spirit of our humanity, we rise to the occasion in force and with all of the best components of our humanity. We are the force, the reason, and the hope of this world. We can and will prevail, when we use our abilities to be the best that we can be — we are the World. We are hope, and we bring the optimism of our beliefs and faiths to the future.

Our indomitable Spirit and our ability to be charitable will carry us forward into the New Year with all of the most idealistic dreams we have for ourselves and our children. Keep you eye on the what it is you truly need, you really want to manifest, and be assured that your good intentions will be rewarded. Keep communications open, allow yourself to see the wonder of what this world can be when all men and women of good faith are willing to stand up for what is right and true.

We are looking forward to our Holiday celebrations, and we hope and pray for Peace within our lifetime, for all mankind to come together in love, and for each and every one of us to be able to fulfill our highest ideals.

May I wish everyone a Happy Holiday, a Year ahead of good health and dreams come to fruition, a tranquil and serene consciousness, and most of all Peace!


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