Christmas Day — 2012

This year Christmas Day begins with the Moon entering the sign Gemini — sure to bring us lots of energy and a sense of fun, but also a measure of angst  We are all a little bit on edge that our plans come to fruition as we envisioned them — perfectly prepared food, happy and compatible guests, swirling pithy conversations, and good cheer all round!  Our Gemini Moon will help to insure all of these coming together as we have planned! There are a few snags along the way, but for the most part — they are over early, and things just get better throughout the day!

I think the credo here should be to take a deep breath, know in your heart that you have done all of your planning, and kept fussy details to a minimum. We gather together not to judge, not to be confrontational, but to enjoy each other in the companionable aura of the wonder and beauty of this special time of year.  We just want our families to come together in harmony and peace — to let the love we have for each other  shine brightest, amidst the garlands and sparkle of our decorated homes. It is the Spirit of the day we want to share — to bring together our most loved and beloved, deep into the cozy center of our homes, our hearts, and our world.

Our hearts are full of love and kindness — we want to share our bounty — we want to embrace the miracle of this day of days! Let all of us become immersed in the harmony and magic that is ours to behold. Venus and Mars join in helping us have the energy and ability to let our love shine through the darkest of moments, and emerge in the astonishing light of hope, optimism and self-confidence that we are here for a purpose.  Later on towards early evening, a beautiful blending of the Moon and Jupiter brings us an atmosphere of delight — we are sated with our rich meals, and the numerous desserts we have been offered — our minds have combined in the spirit of wonder and joy — we look around, and can believe in the elegant mystique that enfolds all of us. With Mars entering the humanistic sign Aquarius, we will embrace the whole of mankind in our hearts.

We will feel the Universality of man in each and every cell of our bodies, and we will instinctively know how perfect it is that we are here, now, in this place! Let your psyche embrace the wonder and emotion of the Spirit of this time of year, and give in to the beauty and symmetry of the rightness of your existence.  Blend with the aura of all that is good and sacred —  you will then be able to review this day with the knowledge and memories of a joyously well-planned holiday, full of love and respect for one and all.

My deepest hope for all of you, is that this holiday will bring great joy — a surfeit of love — and the knowledge that we are all of  the family of man!  Peace on Earth!


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