Full Moon — December 28, 2012, and Aspects for New Year’s Day

The last Full Moon of the year crests at 5:23 AM on Friday, December 28th. The Moon is in the sign Cancer opposite the Capricorn Sun at 7 degrees of the sign — so those born during the end days of December or June might have the spotlight on them — or if you have a planet at seven degrees of Capricorn or Cancer, you also will feel the energy bump! You may find your emotions heightened, but with the Capricorn Sun there will be the ability to keep an even keel, and a  level head. There might be an emotional aspect to this year’s end, and you may find that something you have been looking forward to has finally come true.

We might be waxing nostalgic with the memories of the current holiday season, or we may be hearkening back to those of long ago. Try not to get too maudlin about times past, especially if you tend to dwell on the negative things that might have happened through no fault of your own. Hold tight to the happiest of memories, as every day, month, and year, we are creating a brand new past for ourselves! The Sun is conjunct Pluto, so some old grievances may be revisited by those who cannot let go of the past — be the stolid and calm voice, in what could be a bitter rant from someone who is still centered on past disappointments! Try to bring comfort and an alternate reality to those who feel pain and sorrow during these family times. Perhaps their memory of things past isn’t the reality you recall — try for a balanced outlook and empathize, but don’t be drawn into anything negative or abrasive. Be upbeat and tout the positive side of life! On a practical note — the usual caveats are in place about being an alert driver, especially here in the Northeast, where winter snows and woes can bring us extra burdens in being safe throughout these cold and stormy months. Also — imbibing to excess will create dangerous situations — if you are going to indulge  — please choose a responsible person who will be happy to drive!

Use this input of Full Moon energy to ramp up some oomph for your weekend, and New Year’s Eve plans. On Sunday the Moon enters Leo — so we know that our New Year will begin with elegant and even glitzy plans. Leo enjoys all things golden and shiny and over the top — so the more sparkle and bling, the better for this year’s celebration! Literally — “Go for the Gold”!  Our Leo Moon will surely bring families, friends and acquaintances together for a rollicking good celebration, ushering the old year out and welcoming the New Year! Spirits will be high, and our outlook — although economically fragile — will be one of moving forward in a positive manner.

There is a lovely Moon in Leo trine Venus in Sagittarius (very nice aspect) in the late afternoon of Monday, which will give us an upbeat feeling that will last into the night! And we end New Year’s Eve with a Mars sextile Uranus (positive aspect) — which will bring us some unexpected but happy news, a noticeable improvement in our options for next year, and perhaps a new love connection that you never saw coming! Keep an open mind, and a happy heart in all your celebrations with family or friends, and you may be pleasantly surprised at the life-affirming transformation you might encounter.

New Year’s Day comes in with a dazzling aspect between Mercury and Neptune — giving us the right words to use when chatting with friends and family, and also creating an aura of beauty and peace around all of us. We can dream big dreams, we can become more than the sum of our parts, and we can make 2013 the year everything comes together for our success! The Moon changes signs, and moves into Virgo later on New Year’s Day — giving us the practical and worldly outlook that helps us move forward with the sureness that we are on the path we should be on — Believe in yourself, believe in your journey, believe in the power of you! Believe!


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