New Moon — January 11, 2013

Our first New Moon of the year is in the sign Capricorn at 21 degrees, and crests at 2:44 PM on the 11th. For those who have been putting off their New Year’s Resolutions, this is the time to move forward with a practical and well-planned approach to anything you want to attain. Our Capricorn Moon gives us a no-nonsense approach to whatever it is we want to manifest. The Planet Venus is riding along in the sign Capricorn and will help us gain the support of our loved ones in all of our plans. Those born from the 10th to the 12th are in a new cycle for the next few months. so it is especially important for these folks to tune into their deepest objectives and make definite plans for their future! Of course, we all have Capricorn in our charts, look to the house it lives in — and there will be the focus of this New Moon energy. Use it wisely and well — and there will be nothing you cannot accomplish.

However, there is one caveat to this New Moon day — after the New Moon crests, the Moon goes “Void of Course” — this is when the Moon no longer makes any major aspects to another Planet, and this time period lasts until the Moon enters the next sign — Aquarius! Whenever there is a Moon Void of Course aspect, very little that we try to influence will come to fruition — so unlike most New Moons, our best times for writing out our affirmations wont be until 4:02 AM on the 12th — but the rest of the 12th will be fortuitous for creating some new ideas, being innovative in finding better ways of stating any wishes, hopes, and affirmations. Usually it is best to write out affirmations when the Moon is still in the sign it crests in — but this time it would be better to wait and gather your thoughts, and prepare a wholly inventive way of presenting your requests and dreams. There is a lot of energy wafting through the ether — and it is both practical and far-reaching in allowing you to better explain your desires. Use this moment in time to fully reveal and clarify exactly what it is you wish to manifest. Be as detailed as you can, and go for the maximum reward. It is within your power to realize your dreams — and our Capricorn New Moon will give us the spirit to push us to our highest pinnacle.

This month will be a good time to consider where you want your finances to be over the next few months — time to be practical, pay off any credit card debts, and start a savings or investment plan for your future needs. You may still feel the desire to go off on a tangent and create chaos in some area of your life, but sit back and try to get some perspective on what you are trying to accomplish — if it is just to break out of what has become a mundane rut — rethink your journey — do not be precipitous in just chucking everything you have worked for up until now. Do not throw out the good with the bad — pick and choose your battles in a calm and measured manner — take the time to get a broad perspective on just exactly what is going on in your life — and then and only then, proceed with a deliberate and precise plan to move forward without the debris that is no longer useful and relevant.

You might be feeling impatient and want to just bull your way ahead, this is not the time for that kind of approach. Capricorn gives us the ability to work out our best forward motion in a steady and secure manner. Listen to your intuition — and do not be maneuvered into any precipitous actions. You hold the power of your own existence and what you want your future to be. Our jolly Planet Jupiter in Gemini is giving us the ability to think outside the box — we will better be able to use this energy when Jupiter’s Retrograde period is over and it moves direct at the end of the month. Again, plan ahead — and be ready to make your move when it is the most opportune. By going with the flow of the Universal harmonics, we can pick and choose when and where to make our stand — be the one who is willing to blend and immerse yourself into the positive vibes that will be in the ether. Keep negative people and situations at bay — as much as you possible can! Just say no to those who are trying to undermine your forward progress. Eventually they will get the hint and back off!

Now to our usual process — after careful consideration it is important to write out your affirmations, dreams and wishes within the realm of this New Moon — and since it manifests in Capricorn you might want to think about those things that are ruled by Capricorn and Saturn its ruling Planet. One of the most important lessons of this duo is patience — learning to bide one’s time, until the moment is right! Also — this dynamic duo gives us the ability to persevere through those tough times — we can endure — and we will be better for our ability to hang in there. You might want to have more control over your life — make sure you present your request in a positive and optimistic way. Or you may want to get a foothold in a new endeavor you have been keeping on the back burner — strike while the iron is hot — but only if you have planned for all the contingencies. Keep your goals high — and make sure you know the pitfalls that are included in any pathway you want to stride onto. You can make your way forward with Capricorns help — and the beauty of this sign is that any rewards are usually long-lasting.

Make this the year you stick to your New Years Resolutions — live each day with a sense of wonder at how beautiful this world can be — breathe in the positive energy that surrounds you — and keep to your highest ideals. There is magic in believing in yourself! Peace.



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