January 11, 2013 New Moon Reminder

This is such a strong and steady New Moon, that we all should take advantage of its magical energy to write out our affirmations in this New Year. Since this Moon goes Void of Course from 2:44 PM for the rest of the 11th — until 4:02 AM on the 12th — our best times for writing our desires and wishes isn’t until that early morning hour, and the rest of Saturday the 12th.

Actually around the noon hour on the 12th there are a couple of very positive aspects that will serve us well in bringing our innovative and creative mind to the fore, in truly choosing those things we especially want to manifest into our reality.  Dig deep into your psyche to dredge up those super special affirmations that will enhance your life, and the life of those you love and cherish. This is such an opportune time to begin this year with life-affirming declarations. Your pathway is unique unto yourself — and no one else shares exactly your karma — yet we are all connected — but each on our separate journeys. We can, and indeed must be aware of all the intricacies of our existence here on Mother Earth — our daily interactions with our closest connections, and those casual encounters we have with our coworkers, and any other persons who cross our path on a regular basis, have a destiny. We have business to handle in these associations.

Of course, our karma with family members, neighbors, and close friends are the strongest in our lives — however, even those occasional meetings with your morning coffee server, the mail delivery person, or perhaps your child’s caretaker are of  importance — perhaps your smile, simple thanks, or just a nod will help them through their day! We cannot imagine the impact our behavior has on each person we encounter during our lifetime. There will be those who we really don’t remember, yet they will remember us — a kindness, a moment of shared sorrow, a fun encounter that made us truly laugh out loud!  Be aware of all those moments in your life — they are the blessings that might be missed or negated by an overwhelmed mind, schedule or task…  Bring your consciousness to the fore and live each moment fully, with deliberation. Choose to participate in all phases of your existence here — not just walk through the days in a haze of busyness and self-absorption.  You are not alone!

Whew — that was a bit of a tirade — still, I hope it helps to explain how interconnected we all are, and we must use our minds to become the evolved human being we are meant to be. We are all unique, yet in so many ways the same! We all need love, appreciation, kindness, and hope! We are of the family of Man — and we must make it our business to become our brothers keepers if this world is to survive, and become the beautiful place it can be — breathe in the positive energy of the Universal ether and become that shining star in your own circle of life!

Delve into the deepest recesses of your consciousness, and reach out into the etherial rapture to bring about all of your wishes, dreams and affirmations to fruition! You do have the power and ability to use these forces of Nature to bring those changes into your life! Do this for yourself, for those you love, and realize that you are the light — you are the hope– you are the magic!



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