Chinese Year of the Black Water Snake — February 10, 2013

Chinese New Years begins on the 10th of February this year — it brings forth speculation that the year will be good for businesses, and a slow but steady progress in all things pertaining to family wealth and health. A deep and complex persona, these folks are intriguing, and always a mystery to those around them. Usually quite attractive and beguiling, they are sought after for their beauty and brains.  Yet, for many Snake people — they seek solace in quiet times and times of solitude — not that they don’t enjoy company (at times) — they do have complete social schedules and lives, and will generously give of their time to others when they feel it is needed. Ever happy to indulge in a good meal, or family get-together — they still keep to their own counsel for most of their lives. They have an innate understanding of themselves, and give up few of their secrets. As parents, they form close bonds with their offspring, and will do anything to keep them happy and healthy.

Here in the USA, the Snake is not always an object of beauty or warmth — indeed we often hear the phrase “Snake in the grass” to reveal our feelings about a sneaky person, or we remember that it was the Snake who tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden — we are uncomfortable with this creature who can slither and disappear in a moment before our eyes. But in the Orient, the Snake is considered a lucky sign — and if there is a Snake person in the household, that home will never be without sustenance, both of the edible kind and of the emotional genre.  Snakes are very family oriented, and will always sacrifice, and work hard to keep their loved ones in good stead. Never  cross a Snake however, they will never forgive or forget — and they just might want to get even! A proud creature, embarrassment and losing in any venue is anathema to them — their deep feelings will be sorely hurt, and they will have a hard time coming to grips with any fault or mishap that comes their way. You might never see their true feelings however, because they seldom give in to open displays of anger, hurt, or distress. They could be totally crestfallen, and one would never know it — more sensitive than you can imagine, these noble individuals are often misunderstood. Especially in this year of the Black Water Snake which is aligned with deep waters and dark nights — think of the abyss — ever mysterious and holding many ambiguities.

So — in the Year of the Snake what do we have to look forward to? It will be different from that of the Dragon year that preceded — less fanfare, drama, and chaos! Or so we can hope — the Snake is subtle, charming, and can be a problem solver (Wow — could we use that this year) –they prefer steady growth, and don’t usually leap into any financial or personal deals without doing research in-depth. Although — the female Snake may upon occasion go on a major shopping spree! Snakes can become anything they want, from scientists or nutritionists, to artists or counselors! They love detail, travelling, telling others what to do, they hate being mislead or lied to, they enjoy fashion and prefer royal colors — so purples, blues, reds and golds are often their favorites. Their best bets for compatible partners are the Oxen and the Rooster, never the Tiger or Pig! Mondays are their best productive time, and their organizational skills are substantial. They dislike dull routines, and yet avoid chaotic scenes also. They need ample sleep to be their best, and require regular periods of relaxation in order to thrive. As workers they are diligent, conscientious, and analytical in all sectors.

This Snake year will have more opportunities to make money — but the second half of the year will be more likely to bring greater monetary rewards. Lack of money will bring tension in partnerships, but the ability to quickly size up the situation and start to correct it will also be in place. Snake people are passionate, can be jealous and suspicious, remain calm on the surface, but roil beneath, and are perceptive and honest.  Working hard, and keeping all controversy at bay will lead to a banner year for these perplexing folks.  They must use all of their amazing talents to find the best way to proceed, and they must keep their eye on the future!


ARIES SNAKE — The Aries Snake will find themselves wanting to rush into a lot of new and interesting areas this year, but they must first do their homework and plan carefully. No bounding off on a tangent this year — that will not work. Steady and even strides will serve them best as they flash their red striped sinuous body through the tall russet grass — their goal is just ahead, and keeping their eye on the prize is of most importance! They will, with their motivation, energy and zeal be able to attain their highest aspirations.  A year to reach for the gold ring!

TAURUS SNAKE — Determination will serve our Taurus brethren well this year — they will develop an extraordinary ability to remember the tiniest details, and will make use of all the information needed to reach their destination. The Taurus Snake is deep blue-black and has a steady forward motion. This Snake loves the good life, good wine, good food, and all manner of luxury –they enjoy art, music and theater. If careful and defensive, they will find that many of their desires will come true this year. A year of bounty, beauty, and honor!

GEMINI SNAKE — An intriguing year for this Snake — writing, speaking, and corresponding will be in the ether. They do have the ability to talk on just about every subject. Their intellectual acuity will be in the forefront of all they do — ever interesting and beguiling, they will enchant all those within their range. An elegant slender, blue and silver Snake — everyone will be spellbound by their exquisite demeanor. They can and will be able to achieve their highest goals — this just might be the year to rattle those scales and demand your due. You have worked tirelessly toward your future — your reward is  just around the corner!

CANCER SNAKE — Always family oriented, this Snake year will bring many occasions to get together with loved ones and bond even closer. Money should be ample in all of your endeavors, you must be aware of how best to handle your assets. IRA’s, trusts, savings accounts, stocks, will all need your undivided attention throughout the year. This wily shimmering opalescent Snake will be able to sort out the good from the bad, and defuse any difficult situations. Cleaning house will be the rallying force behind their forward motion — out with that which no longer works, and in with the latest and greatest gadgets that make life easier. Usually staid, and a bit old-fashioned, this year will mark a decided difference in attitude for this Snake, always with the idea that whatever path they choose — it will be best for their family. Be prepared to amaze!

LEO SNAKE — The Leo Snake is always a big presence wherever he (or she) appears! The spotlight loves this individual, and they are usually able to make the most of any adulation. Needing to be appreciated and loved, this Snake will do what it must to keep the compliments coming their way. A bit of an ego, yet a very sensitive psyche — don’t hurt their feelings — they will be devastated. The Leo Snake will move forward in great bounds this year as his golden sinuous body moves freely throughout his realm. Make way for this leader and organizer who has their agenda planned, and will move Heaven and Earth to make it come true! the world is their stage, and they know their place in the Universe — they rock!

VIRGO SNAKE — This well-disguised  Snake can move stealthily through their neighborhood without making anyone aware of their presence. Slightly mottled and sage green, this Snake can control their environment through their amazing ability to quietly move folks to do what they think is right. Analytical, precise, and a bit prissy — they can size up any situation in the blink of an eye. a natural to become a leader in a subtle way, these soft-spoken Snakes can and do influence their brethren. Seldom mistaken in their outlook, they can get caught up in minor details that really don’t matter. Given time, they will sort out any anomalies in any situation, and be able to correct their viewpoint. Listen to their sibilant whisper, they have the answers to many of life’s questions.

LIBRA SNAKE — Beautiful, lithe, sexy (in an understated way), both inside and out, these lavender and periwinkle colored Snakes will enchant and delight whomever they come into contact with. Always seeking balance, and able to span two different worlds, these creatures will carefully and delicately move into our lives and become a major presence without fanfare or fireworks! Suddenly they are an intimate part of our everyday existence. And we are better for their being in our lives — bringing beauty, art, love, kindness and joy wherever they wander. Be careful of their impact — they are a force to be reckoned with!

SCORPIO SNAKE — Here we have the ultimate of the species! Hidden, guarded, and quietly stealing into our lives with the deepest of emotions and the greatest of ease — this Snake with its deep indigo and red pattern will appear out of the blue, and then make its presence known, and perhaps leave just as secretly as it arrived! With little guile, this magnificent Snake will wind its way into your heart, and become a steady and positive force in your life. It has the innate ability to coil itself around you with a force that will always stay with you. Seldom are these wondrous beasties forgotten. Clever, emotional, deep, intense, and filled with genuine caring — they will be true throughout their lives to those they love!

SAGITTARIUS SNAKE — Now we have the adventurous and sometimes dangerous Snake with its gold and purple design, ready for any quirky plan one can imagine! This is our “Hail Fellow Well Met” pal, who is always happy to accompany us on any of our escapades, Having the taste for the good life, and for whatever the future will bring — this Snake is everyone’s friend. Ever an idealist, they go for the highest goals, and the truest aspirations. No willy- nilly bystander, this Snake will take life on in any form — and if you’re in on the fun — it could be the ride of your life!

CAPRICORN SNAKE — Careful, steady and cautious, this grey and dark brown Snake is hard to see! Comfortable in its easily hidden skin, this smart and wily fellow will slowly build up his fortunes, and keep his secrets secure. Don’t ever doubt this slick and willowy will have its way — no trumpets and flourishes, just a strong and sure forward motion to their goals. Follow this Snake on his pathway, and you will be sure to find fortune and security along the way. They will reach the pinnacle of success before anyone knows they are even in the race. Happy in their quiet way — generous to those in need, this Snake will surely make the year ahead a winner!

AQUARIUS SNAKE — Easily spotted, this intriguing turquoise and coral creature will beguile all within their locale. Intelligent, open-minded, restless, and independent — they will move quickly from place to place — making friends and acquaintances everywhere they go! What they need is a partner who is willing to share them with the world. Non-judgmental, and caring about all of their species, this Snake will move mountains to help those in need. However, they like to keep on the move — and get easily bored. Variety is their spice of life, and the more intricacies, the better. Don’t try to keep these free spirits tied down to one routine! It just won’t work for them — keep the romance and intrigue going with lots of different adventures and some quirky surprises. Always loyal, empathetic and mysterious — they will steal your heart!

PISCES SNAKE —  Now here is the Snake that is at home on land or in water — deep lilac and black, sleek and sinuous — they will weave an aura of mystery and magic around you. Sensitive to a fault, compassionate and kind, somewhat scatty at times, but always loving. This ethereal creature will entwine itself into your psyche, be present in your dreams, and will bring the most rewarding friendship and love into your life. Beware of hurting their feelings — they will never understand your insensitive words. They always try to be kind, truthful, caring and forthright in all their dealings. However, they can keep their secrets and yours to themselves. Never underestimate the power of these gentle souls, like the water that represents their spirit, given time they will root out any negative and poisonous intentions. Let them bring you up to your highest form — breathe in the positive and joyous aura that surrounds them — mimic their optimistic outlook. You will both be on the winning team!

So ends our message on the Year of the Snake in 2013 — be brave and bold in finding your own magical path throughout your lifetime here on Earth! Be aware of your own power and the force for good that you can be — don’t settle for less than the best.


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