New Moon — February 10, 2013

Our February New Moon is in the sign Aquarius, at 21 degrees of the sign and crests at 2:21 AM EST. The Moon in Aquarius has so many applications because of the quirky and sometimes eccentric nature of its ruling Planet Uranus. Our boom in technology, many of the medical advances, and certainly our  adventures into outer space have been inspired by an idea materialized from a far-seeing Aquarian mind! Where would we be without these future-minded folks — they are our scientists, missionaries, seers, revolutionaries, reformers, and inventors. Ever searching for the new, the better, the breakthrough in whatever field has piqued their interest. We all have the sign Aquarius in our charts, and to find your unique and original side, look to the area of your chart where Aquarius lives! This is one of our  most imaginative areas — we can imagine the most wondrous things, and sometimes be able to manifest them into our lives. Not feeling the inspiration? Perhaps you have the Planet Saturn muffling your creativity in this arena — or maybe with Neptune in aspect to your Aquarius house, you are often in never-never land — all of your ideas are too far out for this time period! Try to pull together a more practical usage of your ideas — or use that Saturnian element of patience and steadfastness to implement your ideas and desires into the real world.

Right now we are being stimulated by the Planet Neptune in Pisces, along with Mars on the 2nd, Mercury on the 6th,  and Venus on the 25th — our ideas and imagination along with this New Moon in Aquarius, should be revving up our mental engines to the max — allowing us the ability to think outside the box, to use all of our practical senses and extrasensory abilities to root out those ideas that will bring us fulfillment and joy! Yes — JOY — we have the right and the capacity to be that extraordinary person who can bring about new and exciting thoughts into the main stream. Inspiration is at a high peak in the ether, and it is there for us to use in any and all ways that appeal to us. Get ready to rumble with the forces of the Universe on your side! Don’t be shy about letting your light shine onto the stage. Don’t hide your light in the shadows of humility or shyness!  Break out of the doldrums and act — be bold in your search for the best pathway during this lifetime. If you have an unusual idea, product, plan — get it out there into the public domain. Now is the time! There is so much energy for all things bright and new, open-mindedness and progressive attitudes are out there. Make your move, but be sure you are prepared and ready to share all of your methods in a clear and concise manner. The caveat here is that our Planet Mercury will be turning Retrograde on the 23rd — so make your presentations before that date — or wait until after it resumes forward motion on March 17th.

Actually this Retrograde Mercury period may be good for you to fine tune any new proposals you might have. As always with a Rx Mercury period, it is time to carefully look over any documents that might have to be signed, make sure any correspondence is clearly labeled and sent in a timely manner, be careful in everyday activities, driving, working with dangerous elements, or speaking without forethought. Have you had something on hold or delayed? Now might be the ideal time to push forth and restart whatever it was you put off in the past. In Pisces, Mercury is somewhat hasty and befuddled all at the same time — not a good combination. However, our spiritual, intuitive, and extrasensory abilities might be on high alert. Dream states are enhanced, and it is wise to be tuned in to whatever is going on around you. Be aware of any intuitive inkling you might have during this period, and you might just “see” an answer to some of your questions.

There is a lot of “water” involved in this month’s activity — therefore your “Spidey Senses” will be activated to a high degree, you will feel more empathy and compassion for those in need — and you will be getting more vibes from those around you if you but listen to that quiet voice. The Planet Saturn also turns Retrograde on the 18th in the sign Scorpio — lasting until the 8th of July — this is a good time period to take stock of where you are in work, in relationships, in life! Are you learning the lessons that Saturn is trying to impart to you? Look to the house where Scorpio lives, and there you will get a hint of just what you are here to learn and teach! This is the basis of our existence here on this Earth — to learn — to pass on what we have learned — and to feel every emotion that is possible for a human to feel; joy, sadness, fear, humility, love, caring, kindness, anger, envy, hate, empathy, greed, — all of these and more are our heritage — and we must learn to bring only those positive and helpful feelings into our lives to stay — the others we must control and eventually weed out of our lives as toxic and unnecessary to our best selves. As an old Native American saying goes “There are two wolves inside each of us — hatred and love — the one who is fed will be supreme.” Feed the positive and good wolf, and let the hateful and angry wolf perish.

Since this New Moon is in the sign Aquarius, you will want to include wishes about your friendships, any new ideas you might be considering, furthering your education, becoming more intuitive, using your skills to help those less fortunate, or becoming more in tune with the ebb and flow of the Universal harmonics. You may be inclined to reaffirm your most intimate relationship, take a course in a metaphysical science, reconnect with old friends and relatives, and volunteer at your local food pantry. All within the realm of Aquarius — take your time to write out exactly what it is you wish to manifest with the New Moon energy — be precise — make sure your mind-set is in a positive and hopeful mood, and most of all feel that what you are affirming is the best way to keep you moving forward on your pathway. Be assured that what you write will enter the ether, and will begin to come to fruition. The Moon crests at 2:21 AM EST on the 10th , so you can write out your desires, wishes, and affirmations all day and night to get the best results, the evening hours will be most conducive to bringing forth your dearest desires.

Use the natural forces of the Universal energy to enhance and better your life! Believe in the power within yourself — let your natural instincts lead you to the right answers for you and your loved ones. There is magic and beauty in the very essence of our existence here — find your internal and eternal enchantment — and make your life as mystical and full of spiritual splendor as you can! Believe!

Open your mind, open your heart, and open your eyes to the possibilities that are being offered to you — with the Aquarian outlook and fixed determination, the options you have are unlimited in scope, and significant in their complexity. There is nothing better than trying something new and exciting — strive to reach your own pinnacle of success! There is no one like you in the Universe — we are all superlative individuals, with innate abilities and learned talents — share your own unique and amazing skills with others, and you will be recompensed ten-fold. Be that magical being who brings a smile, a moment of peace, or a fresh breath of air, to all who encounter you.


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