Retrograde Mercury — February 23, 2013

Our first Rx Mercury cycle for 2013 starts on Saturday the 23rd in the sign Pisces at 19 degrees of the sign, not turning direct until March 17th at 5 degrees of Pisces. Those born within these degrees  may feel this transit a little more than the rest of us. However, we all have the sign Pisces in our charts, and it is good to know what house it is in — then we will have some idea of the impact that Rx Mercury will have. A Retrograde Mercury in Pisces may bring strange dream states, a boost in ones ESP, and flowery or poetic language (perhaps over-the-top exaggeration or too much emotion). A watery Mercury in Pisces is not the usual analytical and staid Mercury it would be in the Earth signs. Of course, I hope we all remember that Mercury rules correspondence, the written and emailed variety — really any form of communication. So we do have to monitor our unthinking responses, or angry outbursts, lest we have reason to regret an unfortunate tirade.

Mercury also has reign over our solar plexus, lungs, appendages, and nervous system — so take care of any flu or cold symptoms quickly, so they don’t escalate into a more serious illness. Keep your hands and feet warm in the colder climes, and be aware of just how you are feeling physically to be sure you don’t allow a winter cold to get you down. Keep warm and toasty, and try to make sure your immune system is up to par to ward off any relentless germs that are in the air.

Also here in New England, and any northern clime, we should be aware of icy or snowy driving conditions during this transit. Always err on the side of caution, and if conditions are treacherous — use common sense and stay off of the roadways if possible. The sign Pisces rules the feet, so if it is slippery underfoot — beware of the consequences of slipping and falling. Better to be a little late and safe, rather than rushing and having some unfortunate happenstance occur. Safety first!

We all know that electronics and other modern forms of communication are troubled by Rx Mercury — as are any computer generated modules in our cars! We have to check on all of these systems to be sure they are kept in tip-top condition. Contracts will need to be especially monitored, because with Pisces in the mix — there could be deception or incomplete information involved.

As always remember this too shall pass — take any delays, mistakes, and confusion in stride, it’s just a part of our friendly foe Rx Mercury. It occurs at least three times a year — and somehow we manage to work our way through the angst. It can sometimes be a blessing when something that went awry earlier may have the potential to be fixed during this time span. There is always a silver lining in any difficulty that comes our way — it’s our job to figure out just what we are meant to learn, and to put those lessons into play.

Just the usual caveats for our Rx Mercury events. May the “Groundhog” be right and we will have an early Spring — it can’t come soon enough for me!  Peace.


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