Full Moon — Monday, February 25, 2013

First Rx Mercury on the 23rd crosses our path — and right on its tail comes along the Full Moon on the 25th! Sounds like a conduit to confusion, misunderstanding, and bewilderment! Yet we can handle anything the Cosmos is able to throw our way — this Full Moon is an opposition of the Sun in Pisces to the Moon in Virgo. And Rx Mercury is in the sign Pisces, adding to the frustrating mix. Also, during the day on Monday, just after the Full Moon crests at 3:26 PM it barrels into a square (negative) aspect to Jupiter in Gemini. What is the energy involved in all of this?

We will have to be aware that things are probably not as they seem — there will be misunderstandings, and some confusion in where we are to meet someone, what someone is trying to convey to us while upset or befuddled, or even purposeful subterfuge in order to fabricate some kind of underhanded scheme! Just be aware that what you see, hear, or feel is going on may be misconstrued. Take a step back and truly observe everything, and everyone that is involved. Be super conscious of the emotions and state of mind of the person who is giving you the information, or who is conveying some instruction for you to follow.

Now — it’s not all deception and misunderstanding — we ourselves may be at odds with what is expected of us, and we may rebel against someone elses ideas. We all must think about where we are going and what we want to accomplish during this time period. Be sure you don’t speak out too harshly over small snubs, or snide remarks that are not meant in a mean or petty manner. People may be unthinking and outspoken in giving their opinions. You do not have to be drawn into a hectoring fracas. Be the calm voice of reason during these few hours of conflict and uncertainty.

Along with the usual caveats upon a Full Moon, make sure you drive defensively — keep your cool if stressed — and in the Northeast, where we are expecting yet another snow storm — use common sense in driving, shoveling, or just being in the freezing cold. One positive and promising aspect is that Venus — the Planet of those we love and cherish moves into Pisces — defusing some of the angst that prevails with the Full Moon. Perhaps it will just be in enjoying the beauty and mystic quality of the softly falling snow, and the changing landscape turned into a fairyland of glistening wonder!

This, as always, is a short time of controversy and confusion — Rx Mercury will extend it a bit — but we all can learn a lesson from all of the feelings and emotions engendered by these situations of angst and unease. Learn the lessons being brought by the Universe, and become the well-rounded, evolved human being you are meant to be. We are the truth that gives legitimacy to our world — we will prevail and become the evolved entities we are destined to be!


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