New Moon — March 11, 2013

Our New Moon this month crests on the 11th, at 21 degrees of the sign Pisces at 2:52 PM. With the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Neptune in watery Pisces, and Saturn in watery Scorpio, we have the makings for lots of emotion, and frustration in the works. Top all of this off with a Retrograde Mercury, therein lies the possibility of an assortment of mini-misfortunes. Our computers might fail, we might lose electricity in a storm, our cars may develop problems (mostly minor), and any meetings, dates, get-togethers, might have to be canceled or rescheduled for a variety of reasons. Here in New England, the winter weather is always a constant, in delaying and postponing whatever had been previously planned. Is there a silver lining in this daunting set up of Planets — well, yes there is — Saturn in Scorpio, is in a good aspect to our little dynamo Pluto, and with Pluto in Capricorn, there is a foundation of stability and calm to be garnered.

These two Planets are in a kind of dance-macabre by being in each others ruling sign.  What the heck does that mean — well it is a positive for all of us if we can tap into the energy that this aspect delivers. We can use our imagination, our creativity, and also be practical, and use our common sense in planning our goals, and  any future dreams we want to fulfill. This is a practical and useful combination, and it lasts throughout the month.  Look at your chart and see where the signs Scorpio and Capricorn lie — the houses they are in will give you a clue to the best areas of your life that can be acted upon. Use the awesome dynamics of these Planets to enhance your life for the better. Be inventive, and also be tuned into the reality of your own existence.  Open your heart and mind to the inner workings of those you love and cherish, now is the time to bring the beauty and respect in your relationships, to a fully balanced and loving rapport. The Yin and Yang of loving someone is being brought into a unique equilibrium. So much can be  accomplished with a little purposeful desire.

We are still (until the 17th) dealing with Retrograde Mercury, so any decisions that can be put off until after this date, will have a better chance of coming to fruition in a timely and proper manner.  If you must make certain plans or decisions before this time, make sure you have all the details, and especially the place and time of the event clearly in your mind. Also, it doesn’t hurt to double-check with other participants to see if they are on the same page as to the details. It is so easy to mistake addresses, times, and even days when Rx Mercury holds sway over us during this period. After the 17th, give yourself a few days for Mercury’s forward motion to be established, and you will find communication, transportation, and other onerous delays can magically clear up. If you have been putting off some serious conversations, you might want to pickup the threads of the issue now that the Rx phase is over.

Another caveat is that while all of this is ongoing, Jupiter in Gemini might be giving us a false sense of courage or boldness, that can make the reality of some situations unclear. We might just be seeing the surface of a problem, and not see the underlying causes. If we react in an audacious manner, there may be a backlash that we aren’t expecting, throwing our equilibrium off-balance. Hence bringing us to a state of affairs we hadn’t anticipated at all. Just a word to the wise — look before you leap, and don’t speak without forethought. Take that 24 hour respite before a premature outburst, that then must be worked out in remorse. Still, Jupiter in Gemini can bring us some lively times with friends, and a jovial connection to our inner child, don’t miss out on the joy that our jolly Planet Jupiter can engender.

Now to the nitty-gritty of our monthly ability to connect to the Universal flow, and the energies of the New Moon, to write out our affirmations and wishes to enter the ether, and find their way to influence our current reality. This month’s New Moon is in the sensitive sign of Pisces, a mutable water sign that is much misunderstood and misconstrued. It is the nature of Pisces to be mysterious and ethereal, and now that Pisces ruling Planet Neptune is lodged in the sign for several years, we are all learning the manifold ways that Pisces can influence our behavior, and bring us an awareness of the mystery and beauty of our loved ones, our surroundings, our world, and ourselves. This sign can bring us into a new level of personal understanding and awareness, by allowing us to tap into our inner consciousness, and our ability to sense the aura of people and places around us. Dream states may be enhanced, intuition is raised to a new height, and a delicate sense of knowing   infuses our entire being. Open your heart and mind to the new emotions and sensitivity you are experiencing — breathe in the unconditional love that encompasses you. Feel the overwhelming power of a higher order in the ether — tap into the Universal consciousness that will open your psychic potential. There is nothing “supernatural” about these abilities, rather they are a part of our humanity that has been largely forgotten, and sadly ignored . Use all of your natural talents to be the most evolved entity you can aspire to in this lifetime. Fulfill your destiny and become your most revered self.

Since the New Moon crests at 2:52 PM on the 11th in Pisces, you may want to wish to become more conscious of a Higher Power, or you may need to find your most ardent confidence level, also you might want help in defeating some habit that has become onerous to you, and if you are not the most timely of people you might want to find a way to improve your scheduling abilities. The late afternoon and all day on the 12th will be your best times to write out your list. Dig deep into your psyche, to unearth the most powerful and practical desires you have. Be precise in explaining the finer details in your affirmations, the clearer the better.

Bask in the glow of this magical time in your life — allow the Universal forces to bring you the necessities you require, to make the most of your lifetime here and now. You can absorb the magnificent power and energy of the planetary gifts to enhance every area of your being. Try opening up to the ethereal bounty of the Galaxy — you have nothing to lose, and a never-ending reward of enhanced abilities to enjoy. Indeed, reward yourself for just being you — unique, incomparable and without equal. Peace!


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